This particular area in the gorgeous forest area was most certainly pretty. The sun was fantastic, and the mist made it all the better for setting the scene.

Helena had no idea why she came down to this little spot today, she just wanted to wander, try and find out more things about the place. She definitely wasn’t new, but she loved to explore certain areas. This area, in particular, she loved to explore.

Her dress allowed room for some of the greenery to tickle her legs. The lavender invaded her sense of smell, it was great.

The lycanthrope twirled slowly around, looking at all the other plants and beautiful pieces that have been taken care of. They looked fantastic, and it is shown that someone really cared for them. Admittedly, Helena couldn't help but stare at them more. At another patch, she spotted a bed of mixed flowers. They looked beautiful…

But why were they here?? They were usually never in the forest unless they were only recently planted.

Now, Helena started to get suspicious, but there was nothing she could really… do about it?? There was no point in doing so anyway.

“I wonder who has been here recently…” Helena mumbled before she began to lose her balance.

“Woaaaah!” She exclaimed to herself.

One of her legs was in the air, her two arms were flailing everywhere and she was bent backwards! This was not going to go down well.

“Of course this has to happen now, oh gosh, my poor arse if this happens!” Helena spoke out while trying to go back to her standing position.

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Enzo rolled out of bed before sunrise making a cup of coffee and moving outside and turning his blind gaze up to the sky, letting the sunrise, the shift in light and warmth fall along his face. He took a deep breath and raised the mug to his lips and took a long drink from it before he began his walk from his home. Rocky his seeing eye dog following behind him. While in the privacy of the woods he didn’t see the need to keep up the front of not being able to see just in a different way. Using vibrations and his earth element he moved his way to the meadow where he was growing flowers.

He paused though short when he heard a voice and felt the vibrations being thrown back towards him of a person standing there. Though she wasn’t standing long as she felt her hit the ground. Enzo moved slightly quicker and looked down towards her. “Are you okay?” he asked holding a hand his hand out towards her. “Why are you out in the woods alone?”

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