There were times in Theo’s life where he had to swallow his pride. After being on this Earth for centuries, Theo couldn’t count the times that he had to so but to say that it got easier every time would be a lie. Especially when it came to asking for assistance from someone that has made a bad impression with his family or the Ailwards. He pledged loyalty to the Aspects and he has always been loyal to his family, however his duties as a guard led him to unfavorable paths. One of the names that he knew that tried to take someone from the Manor was something that he became familiar with on the mission he was currently working on. He made his business to know what was going on under the Manor’s roof and also in Evermore to ensure a safe home.

When the mission required of breaking into a high secured place in France, something that was once stolen from one of the aspects, Theo knew that the guards that knew their way into breaking into a place would already be out of missions of their own. However, being a guard had it’s perks at times and with that, the resources that were gained over the years, it was easy to ask around for someone who knew who had the skills that he was asking of. He needed someone with enough stealth and skills to be able to break into this place to retrieve what was needed. He would even offer a payment for the help to whoever was willing and he asked his resources to put out the offer. He put down a time and place for them to meet. One of the many bars around the city, near where the human faction resided at 9:30pm.

While the bar seemed cliche, Theo knew it was better to hide in plain sight when doing these meets up instead of going to an empty spot somewhere in town in case of an ambush. He always tried to think ahead of these situations after much experience of being there before. Besides the slight paranoia that clung to his subconscious from the time he was magister of the tribe in Romania during the war with the Phoenix made him cautious despite the collected exterior he presented to the outside world.

As he sat at the booths, sipping at his glass of whiskey under the dingy lighting of the bar’s lights. It was dim enough in there to make him feel relaxed and under the sounds of cue sticks hitting against the billiard balls, and the rowdiness of the bar already in full swing despite it opening the night hours just thirty minutes prior. He knew whoever would make their way to sit across from him that they would be the one that is willing to do the job.

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Taylor could almost hear her fathers voice taunting her, telling her that he told her so as she leaned over the railing surrounding her balcony, smoke circling around her as she held a lit cigarette between her fingers. It'd only been a few months since her family had abandoned her, basically leaving her behind to fend for herself even though her grandfather had loaned her a good sum of cash before they departed. The money had gone towards her apartment and other essentials she needed to survive but now that she'd spent the last of her money on a pack of cigarettes instead of food, she was in need of money. Her piercing green eyes roamed over the shops below, wondering which one would be more beneficial for her to rob at this time of the day. She could easily get her hands on something with just a swipe of her fingers and a gas station had already caught her attention. That is, until she was notified of a job a member of the Ailward Guard needed done, a job she knew she could perform with ease and the payment being offered was just a huge added bonus to her.

Hopefully no one else was accepting the job because just as the clock hit nine, Taylor was dressed and ready to go. She'd had a few bad run ins with the Ailwards, seeing as their manor was her favorite spot to rob even though they'd caught her in the act multiple times. Hell, their leader had once offered her a job instead of having authorities escort her out, a job she was still debating on whether to accept or not and yet here she was, on her way to meet a Guard who she probably wouldn't be meeting with if it weren't for the payment.

The female Diviner wasn't one for working with others, she liked doing things on her own so accepting the job meant she'd have to swallow her pride in order to help the individual out otherwise neither one of them would be getting anywhere. She entered the bar, noting how busy the inside had become as it got later and later into the night. Taylor let her eyes roam over the many faces, ignoring the eyes that were already on her, practically seizing her up before her own hues landed on a male in particular dressed in a suit, seated by himself in a booth. That had to be him, right? She could only assume as she approached, taking the seat across from him. "Hello there." She simply greeted.

As he was already sipping at a glassful of bourbon, waiting for whoever was willing to take the job, he felt phone vibrant against his chest in his jacket pocket. Pulling out the sleek black phone, he glanced at his informant that he’d be meeting someone the last name of Birsch. The name struck a familiarity in the guard but he’d simply brush it off until he met the person. He had come across many people in his line of duty so he’d have to put a face to the name. He much better at remembering faces than names.

He droned out the loud and rowdy noise of the bar, the stirrings of bar fights ready to happen over others losing bets over a game of pool or darts and just the drunken shenanigans. A feminine voice fell on his ears as his dark hues flicked to who approached him.

“Hello Ms. Birsch,” he greeted back as he observed the woman that sat from across from him. “I believe that you might be quite familiar with the name ‘Ailward’.” He stated flatly, now that he had seen her in person, he remembered seeing her picture in some of the files that the tech team had. He had no worries of saying things too loud. Which is part of the reason why he choose this place. The constant chatter would drown out any possible eavesdroppers within hearing distance.

“Please, order yourself something. I’m sure that we much to discuss if we’re going to be working together,” he stated before taking another drink from his glass. “I believe I may have came across your file before within our own records. So I have no doubt that in what your reputation has said about you. Though, I’m sure you may have your own terms.” He finished off his glass and flagged the bartender down with a grin. Though, he didn't have much of a problem working with others. The exception of some of the guards calling him too hard headed, but he just had his way of doing things. “I should probably introduce myself. I’m Theodor Dimitreu,” he extended his hand across the table.

The corner of her lips curled upwards into a more amused grin when he spoke up because by the flat tone in his voice and look on his face when stated the obvious of her being familiar with the Ailwards, he knew just how familiar she truly was with them. Her and the Ailward Aspects had never gotten off on the right foot, seeing as she stolen from them a number of times. However, what most weren't aware of was the fact that Venetus had given her a job offer already and it wasn't necessarily wrong to keep her options up, was it? Even if the only job offers she had at this point were from the leader of the Ailwards and one of his guards.

"And I believe you already know who I am at this point." Taylor was sure the Ailwards had her picture up somewhere in the manner at this point, seeing that she'd not only gotten away with some valuables, but she'd also been caught trying to walk away with said valuables. She wasn't liked but then again.. Did she really care? Her grandfather would probably be angry with her if he'd known of what type of reputation she'd caused herself to have in the Eternal City. Her father would surely have a field day and her mother, well her mother usually just did whatever her father did and followed his lead no matter how bad or good his actions were but nowadays, she cared little about what he thought. The only individual she wanted to be proud of her was her grandpa and knowing he'd be furious because of her actions, she felt bad but she'd grown up doing this type of thing and he knew it so what else was she really supposed to do when this is what she was brought up doing in the first place?

The Diviner waved over a waitress so she could order a glass of whisky, knowing she'd at least like to have a little alcohol in her system if she was going to discuss actually working with someone. When the drink was brought up to her, without a thank you from her, she took a sip before setting it back down on the table before her, her fingers wrapped around the glass still as her green hues returned to the male who sat before her. Glancing at his outstretched hand, she reluctantly placed hers in his, giving it a shake before her hand returned to her side. "Pleasure to meet you, Theodor. You obviously already know who I am." She mused.

When he mentioned that she may have some terms of her own, Taylor gave a quick nod. No way in hell was she going to team up with him for whatever he needed her assistance with without letting him know of her own terms. She wasn't the type to listen to others, after all, especially an Ailward Guard. "I do actually have a few terms." She admitted. "Firstly, I don't take lightly to listening to others so if we're going to work together, you don't get to act like the boss." She was probably letting her bitchy persona show through now but did she care? Not one bit; nor was a filter enough for the mouth of hers. "Secondly, I want to know how much I'm getting paid for this because I'm taking a bullshit amount." And there was her no filter. With a small shrug, Tay drank the rest of her whisky, waving over the waitress again for a refill while she waited to hear his thoughts on her 'terms'.

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