Evermore was a strange place. No one spoke with an accent, the culture was cold and dry, the murmur of the city was mechanical, and the creatures that crawled the streets were strange and magnificent. For someone who was blind, relying on consistency with a ear to the heartbeat of the metropolis the whole thing was disorienting. Every day was different, the rhythm shifting and morphing from one moment to the next it was hard to get bearings. How anyone stayed grounded in a place with such a shifting identity and dangerous feel was beyond even the boisterous imagination of the Celestial.

Wade Thornbrook had only been in this new city for a little over a month and he had decided almost from the start that he didn't like it. His heart and soul yearned for New Orleans, his lifeblood crooning sadly for the slower, jazzier streets if the Big Easy. There was nothing for it though, he wouldn't be leaving Evermore for quite some time. His present was rooted here, his future rested here, his people were here. So he would stay and endure as best he could. Thankfully the Wayfinder, Ambassador, and leader of his people had helped him find a way to cope, assisting in securing an abandoned nursery and flower shop. Sitting still and listing loose with no moorings wasn't in his nature. He needed occupation and work or he would go crazy.

It had taken some good old fashioned hard work to turn the place around. Cleaning out the old debris left behind when the previous owners had left and shifting things around in a way that made sense. Next, he had planted rows and rows of vegetables and fruits, flowers and trees, nurturing them all to grow and thrive. Ophelia had surprised him with a sound system and a tablet, technological implements that he could handle blind and made business transactions easier. The sound system had been for aesthetics, jazz, and blues constantly playing for his benefit and so far to his customers' pleasure. It was a lot of work, keeping him busy before sunrise and well past sundown which helped to keep him out of trouble.

Humming along with the trumpet ensemble that warbled over sweet notes his head tilted as Tink gave a small warning bark. His guide dog shifting next to him but didn't move, her body tight against his leg. Placing the trowel down the Male dusted off his hands and reached over to pet his jet black German Shepard as his blank gaze turned in the direction of the footsteps coming his way. “Afternoon friend. What brings ya in today?”

Rising fluidly he took a step forward, smelling masculine notes of birch and oak as well as the muffled click of male shoes. Whoever this person was they walked with a shuffle, almost like his body was pulling him forward instead of the other way around. Curious.

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It’s been a long time since he’d actually made a place his home. The time that he’d spent on earth from falling and dying in between, Atticus had spent his life going from one place to another. Used to being a Nomad with never no permanent place to stay. Ever since all all the bad things that happened with both Emilia and Anastasia. Part of Atticus couldn’t bare beng in situation were he could be place of putting those he cared for in harm's way. Yet Atticus knew he couldn’t run anymore to face all his problems and enemies first hand. Atticus was a guardian once again to the Wayfinder Ophelia this time, it was strange to think of him being a guardian to two Wayfinders. How times had changed. With the way how everything was different. Still amazed how he could get hold of someone in just the push of a button even if it took him a handful of attempts before doing so. A constant struggle that many celestials like him struggle with. At least now he could be reassured someone could get hold of him when and where needed.

Atticus was given the choice whether to go and live with the other Celestials yet he choose not to. Back then he just arrived in the city. Practically showing up on Ophelia’s doorsteps with the news he was guardian and all his past. Atticus was old and noble in his ways, choosing to want to earn the trust and respect of the celestials. Rather than be given everything on a silver platter. That was not who he was. Choosing to find an apartment in the city instead. Yet he know was finding it was much more different to how things were. More expensive. Even with the single bedroom apartment rent was high. Thinking maybe he’d had to find some sort of finance as well as he was starting to get bored. He did have painting to keep himself occupied but he weren’t able to see the pieces as easy as before. Not able to sell his old pieces as Aurelia collected and had them up in her own art gallery. Putting him back to a dead end.

Few days back he some advertising somewhere of help needed for a labour job, to with farming. It was still a job, something he had done similar to when he first fell in Russia. Helping out on the land, doing his part. Thinking whether or not to get back into it. It was a job and all, one that not many people these days choose to do. Too hard work and all. Pusing Atticus towards it, deciding to to and check out the job. Hoping that he could talk his way into it, he doubt he’d need any proper qualifications and experience for it. Just turn up and ask that what his plan was.

Remembering where the place was from the add or what he had seen. Finding himself turning up at the door of the place. Atticus forgot to take a proper look at the sign at the top of the place. Not being the one to take notice of all of the main details, to go in straight away. Atticus walked straight through looking around to see if anybody was around. First thing he had heard was the barking of a job that had heard and sensed his arrival. Maybe leading to a person. And he was right, seeing a male knelt down on the floor busy away not noticing Atticus walking in till the dog points it out. Atticus waited almost the male to notice him, soon he did. Watching as the male got up and turned around greeting him. Atticus was taken by surprise almost. By the males appearance. Expecting someone more older not a young adult. Noticing too the colour of his eyes were quite noticeable. Almost as noticeable as the glowing of his skin. He was a celestial, like him. “Hey, I’m here about the job going if it’s still is” He announced as he walked over sounding somewhat hopeful that they’d still be some jobs going. Not wanting to make it out that he was staring at him or if he’d notice that he was celestial too. “I have some experience of doing some labourer work here and there but it’s been long while. I want to get back into it”

There was a pause, a breath of a moment when the male got a good look at him and either realized right off that he was blind or somehow knew they were of the same species. A soft yet firm weight pressed against his side, his sight dog providing some stability and reassurance in the face of a stranger. They had many people coming in and out of the nursery all the time, from all different walks of life and socioeconomic status which made Tink very alert and protective. Several of their customers lately had been repeats or regulars and those she didn’t much care about but something about their visitor set the dog on edge.

The male didn’t mince words, plunging right into why he was there and what experience he had. Wade grinned a little, tilting his head as he studied the male’s aura. He was a Celestial, like himself, though much older from the feel of his energy. Being new to the faction he hadn’t had time to be introduced to everyone so it wasn’t ludicrous that they didn’t know one another. It was, however, a little strange that he was here looking for a job, most people didn’t care to work with their hands or get dirty. In fact, many of his customers often commented their surprise at having someone as young as he was, working and owning a shop like this. It always amused the star to no end given that no one but himself and Ophelia knew just how young he was.

“Yeah, I’m still looking for some help. Its hard work but you seem like you can handle it.” He chuckled since he couldn’t see the male but everything he could see of him seemed solid and reliable. There had already been several people in asking about the position but none of them had felt right. “Wade Thornbrook, and you are?” He reached out his hand, the grin still firmly on his lips as he had a feeling this one was going to work out. The heavens knew he needed to help and something about this male felt right and almost familiar.

One thing that Atticus had noticed in the past few years especially here that there weren’t many hard working, labourer jobs. Many people didn’t know what hard work was these days. Filling more in with jobs that were in offices rather than choosing ones He prefered the olden times. Maybe he was a bit old fashioned and all in his ways but it was something that wouldn’t changed. Just who he was, sure that he wasn’t alone. Many Celestials were stuck in their ways, still some of them choose to dress in the old fashioned clothes. It weren’t too often when Ophelia changed out of her long ball gowns. Something that he'd noticed. Atticus prefered to dress like anyone else around his age. Prefering to blend in without sticking out. Maybe having a job would help him sense some normality. Able to see that the male was trying read him almost using other senses to, probably finding out he’s a celestial too. “I’m a painter professionally” Putting it out there first so he knew that he had no proper experience but wanted to. “Instead of my hands be covered in paint they’ll be covered in dirt” Letting him know that he was ready for whatever he has thrown at him.

Atticus froze for a moment hearing the males name, he’s own surname. Confused yet quickly able to put together the pieces knowing how it all works. They were brothers, fallen from the same constellation. “Thornbrook” He muttered to himself almost, wrapping his head around it. Yet confusing the other. “My names Atticus Thornbrook. I guess we’re brothers” He introduced himself chuckling softly to himself, like it was a normal thing. To Celestials it kind of was kind of normal to bump into family members when they least expect it. Atticus shook Wades hand looking around at the place seeing now advertisement for what the place was called. Able to see if now the sign.. “Why do this keep happening to me?” Almost speaking to himself. When first coming to the city he’d found and gained friends and family he didn’t know he had. Finding his new wayfinder, ex lovers, a daughter and now a brother. “Sorry, I should say that I’m a celestial, but I guess you kind of already guessed that and all” Remembering back now to Ophelia telling him there was a new person to the faction who was a bit different from the rest. Atticus still haven’t gotten around to meeting everyone at the castle so it explains why they’ve never crossed paths before.

“Painter.. like houses and businesses or canvas?” Not that the answer mattered much, either way, he needed the help and here it was standing right in front of him. When he had started the business Wade hadn't expected it to take off as quickly as it had, fully prepared to take some hits and slowly build up the clientele. Word though got around fast in the city and way before he was prepared for it Thornbrook Market was becoming a well-known place for plants, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and all manner of growing implements. So here he was looking for another set of hands, and once again much sooner than he had anticipated his need manifested itself into a willing worker.

Chuckling Wade nodded his blonde head, “Dirt, fertilizer, insect repellant, tar, and compost. Most of the time I go home smelling like a garbage heap.” Despite the smell and having to strip down and shower before ever actually going inside the Celestial loved his job. It reminded him of the Sanctuary and gave him peace, settling his mind like nothing else could. There was a certain satisfaction to be had in growing living things and sharing their light and born fruits with others. It gave his life purpose and kept some of the restlessness in his body under control. At least until he could hit the gym and attend his regular boxing classes.

The male blinked his blind eyes however as his prospective employee gave his name and dropped a bomb on him. For a moment his brain refused to function repeating the words the Male had just imparted to him over and over again in his mind. “Brother?” He whispered low, licking his suddenly dry lips. The husky tone set off Tink, the Shepard whined and knocked his hand with her muzzle. His fingers buried themselves in her thick fur, feeling her warm and solid weight settle against his thigh in a reassuring way as his guide sensed his unease and distress. “That's not possible.”

Wade finally managed, what little he knew about his species came to his mind and never had Ophelia mentioned the possibility of siblings. From his understanding it wasn't an option for Celestial's, no two individuals were from the same star. Then again he hadn't had much time to go over all the particulars or even go over his surname but still…

“How is that possible?”

With the mention of painting, atticus could see the confusion on the males face trying know which one it was as he couldn’t see the little bit of paint that still was on his hands. Somehow whenever he paints at time he manages to get more paint on himself than on the canvas. It was true with how every painter was a messy one. “Canvases in the old days I used to do some painting of buildings”  Atticus answered telling him, yet remembering to when he was going to paint a church all those years ago he ended up dying and all. Not really the best experience. “If you want I can help paint some things around here too” Offering his different expertise able to see and guess there’s different things that could use a fresh paint coat yet it was all up to the owner and all. Atticus chuckled a little hearing him list different everyday tasks that end up being messy and smelly. “So you warning me for what I got coming, huh?” He joked teasing him a little, not complaining. Knowing that type of things come with the job, already immune to chemical smell from all the paint he’d used over the years so this would be nothing to it. “I’m sure you’ll be showing me the ropes in no time, of course if the job is mine or not?” Atticus had a habit of speaking or thinking to far ahead, not expecting to be given a job straight away and all. Forgetting about how things are done in the modern days not like how it was back in the olden times. 

When it came to introducing themselves, Atticus was thrown off almost in a way. Hearing his surname being used by the young male in front of him. Whilst they’ve never met before yet he knew that they didn’t in this lifetime but knew in the other one they did. Already thinking too much into it all, blurting out  suggesting that they could be brothers. Without having time to think or process anything before. ‘We could be, I think we are” Confusing Wade even more with himself not helping one bit. “Well for starters I know your a celestial, the glowing kind of puts it out there. Don’t worry it’s only more noticable for people like us” Atticus started to say, looking to the glowing that had died down. Able to know that Wade could not see the glowing with being blind. “Siblings are quite rare for our kind, where two stars from the same constellation fall from the sky their considered siblings. Sharing the same surname too” If he was right they should have the same constellation tattooed on their skin.  “Sorry is this too much for you?” Realising he may be a bit too overbearing to him since they only just met and here Atticus was blurting out they were siblings. “There’s something else as well that you should know” To tell him all he needed to know so he could process it. “There’s other family other than me. I have a daughter too so that makes you an uncle…” Spilling the tea as the kids these days say, letting Wade take a minute to process it all. Maybe he should of taken more time to explain it more slower and better. Rather than dropping it all on him at once…

Painting. A good coat of paint or even some nice murals spread across the walls might be a nice touch that could add some pizzazz that his business had been missing. He couldn't see the walls or see the decor which was why he hired a stylist but according to the woman he had brought in the place was relatively sparse. "Can you do some jungle-themed or some florals murals on the walls and things?" He posed the question in an idle way since Atticus had offered he was going to see if he could accomplish what was suddenly on his mind.

Wade grinned, considering he hadn't had anyone else coming forward to apply for the job he would be hard-pressed to find someone else. "I think it's safe to say you got the job. I'm not exactly swimming in applications anyway." Reaching up he rubbed the back of his neck, chuckling at how lucky he had been just to have managed to get this single person interested in the job. Not only was he interested but he was willing to start as soon as possible and wanted to do more than what the job called for, it was almost too good to be true. "Meh, the ropes are pretty self-explanatory really. Not much to share or to see, just watch and copy really."

The smile that Wade had been sporting slowly faded, sliding into a slight frown that was hard not to adopt. He was still learning about his species, picking up tidbits here and there from his fellow stars as well as occasional lessons from the Wayfinder herself. Having a sibling though hadn't been covered and as Atticus laid out how he knew that the pair of them might be brothers he couldn't seem to make his mind process the information. A bright blush worked its way up to his cheeks at the mention of him glowing came up and Wade had to mentally telling himself to tone down the lights. It embarrassed him sometimes when he was caught glowing and didn't even know about it.

The more Atticus talked the more Wade felt as if he needed to sit down so he did just that, his knee-buckling so that he was forced to sit. Resting his elbows on his knees he put his head down and focused on breathing, his mind working through all that he had been told. He had a brother. Somewhere on his body was the mark of the constellation he had fallen from. He had a niece.

What did it all add up to? In the space or a single conversation, he had gone from being alone in the world to having a family. Wade had a family. "What's her name?" He asked quietly, his voice strained with emotion.


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