Shortly after the fall of Skye and the aspects and guards settled themselves into Evermore, Bexley began to look for her own place. It didn’t take long till she was moved out and starting her own shop in Evermore. It was her perfect excuse for  her not to be around the group of people that had become a family to her. They had all lost so much in the fall of the Isle, but the pain was something she didn't want to face. She couldn’t be around the others mourning with them, trying to convince one another everything was okay, when it wasn’t.

While she had always been a passionate business woman she never thought it would be a way to escape from people she shouldn’t be escaping from. The thought of losing anyone in their dwindling numbers was far to much emotion for the guard. She turned to self remedies to not focus on the worst in life, she placed herself in a routine and only went outside of it when the aspects called upon her for a mission, or events to keep up appearances the best she could. Though her calls to check in became less.

That morning was like any other, up working out in her home gym, shower, breakfast, covering the scar on her eye with makeup, and off to her shop Diviner Intervention. She unlocked the door walking through the deep green wooden door flipping the sign to open as she placed her bag under the counter, flicking the lights on. She moved her way to the order she received yesterday and began to unbox the crystals, running her finger along the jagged edge of one, connecting to the energy that radiated from it for a moment, before placing it on the display. The ding of the door opening behind her, made her automatically greet whomever walked in. “Welcome to Diviner Intervention, Let me know if you need help finding anything.”

The dark diviner turned around coming face to face with Venetus. She knew she was bound to draw the attention of one of the aspects but she figured it would be many years later, oh how she was wrong. “Ven.” She said softly moving from behind the counter around it standing there in front of him, her five foot six frame vastly shorter than him. She looked up, first thing crossing her mind seeing him in person was that someone was missing, or dead. Swallowing the lump that had seemed to form in her throat as the worst crossed her mind “What has happened?” she asked, wishing she had held on to that calming crystal that she was holding a few moments ago.

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He needed help.

Ven wasn't jaded enough to overlook his own weakness and vulnerability but Vladimir's death, the mission, Gabriel's stoic silence and the shock of the events had taken a huge toll on him. He had lived enough to understand pain and loss, learnt enough to deal with it as well and help others, but this time around, the aspect realised that he was sinking- deep and fast and if he did not want to lose his sanity completely, he needed something to ground his emotions.

Despite taking a backseat from the plannings and activity the others were carrying out around him, he knew that many still looked up to him to guide them and be the face of the force and no matter how rattled he felt internally, he knew he couldn't let them down.

Cora and Henri had taken turns kicking his ass to action, hardly reacting to his biting words or angry glares and when the flames of every bitter emotion were shut out, there was nothing left in him but a hollow ache. It was during one of those despondent musings that a familiar face flickered across his mind- Bexley. It had been a while since their paths had crossed. Those were some dark times and though it appeared as if peace was surrounding the aspect and guards now, Ven knew it to be nothing but a facade.

It wasn't hard to find her- he was the aspect of realms after all and as he stood outside the shop, he wondered at the welcome he would end up receiving. Would she see him as some saw- the reason behind the chaos and the fall or would she notice the old friends they had once been? Steading his breath, he pushed the doors open preparing himself for whatever she chose to dish out at him. After his own volatile moods the past couple of days, he could hardly judge others on their emotions. 

He shouldn't be surprised that she could read his emotions well. He had a mask of a carefree charmer most days and few could see past that veneer but with the events of the past few weeks wrecking havoc on him, he couldn't really muster the energy to play that role anymore. He took a moment to compose his thoughts before studying her silently- he had always admired the quiet strength and steadiness of character and he knew he had a lot to learn from her. 

"Vladimir is dead"

Not the best start but then again Venetus had never been known to mince words or sugarcoat the truth. And though he had been there when they had first understood it, that pronouncement brought in a fresh layer of pain and guilt and every other dark emotion he had tried hard to bury.

"Vladimir is dead is all my fault" The hollow confession tore through his lips as the aspect quieting sank on a random chair placed against the wall and held his face in his hands trying hard to keep himself from completely dismantling. 

Bexley study his face as he watched his mind working to tell her the bad news. The bad news she was sure he didn’t know Ery had been by just the day before to tell her. The news that she actually lost it in front of an aspect over. She watched his aura cling to the darkness of the news he needed to express. She ran her fingers along the stone bracelet that wrapped around her wrist as she finally heard the words leave his mouth. Something about Venetus the aspect she was the closest to speak the words caused he crushing realness of the news to press on her heart inside of her chest.

As the Dark Diviner opened her lips to tell him that she knew he had past, that she was planning on going to the Manor with soothing stones the moment they came in. He spoke something she never thought she would hear the strong man utter. Blinking as he lowered himself to the chair she moved closer to him. Standing so she was in front of him, her deep red painted nailed fingers moved under his chin and lifted his face to look at her.

To most Bexley was an utter bitch, she didn’t sugarcoat anything and said what came to mind. Many didn’t like her, those who did where rare like Ven. “Don’t you do that.” She said as she kept her dark eyes on his as she held his face in her small hand looking up to her. “Don’t you go blaming yourself for something we can not explain. We do not know without a shadow of a fact that Vladimir is dead. He is just gone.” She said softly as she moved her other hand to take hold of the other side of his face. “And even if he was dead Venetus you can not blame yourself.”

She moved her hands from his face then and let out a soft breath. “As guards we know that we could lose our lives on life dangering missions. Its part of the reason that the guard is vastly supernatural. We know the life we are choosing.” She said as she then took his hands into hers and held them tightly. “You can’t blame yourself.” Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black, the diviner thought to herself since she blamed herself for not being able to save more people during the fall of skye. 

“We have lost too much as a family.” she spoke softly as she squeezed both of his hands gentle. “You are not allowed to dismantle and fall apart, who am I supposed to be able to lean on?” It was a true statement, she didn’t lean on almost anyone but she allowed herself to be weaker around Ven and Crane. She gave him a sad smile. “Stay for a little while? I can make us some tea.” She said as she stood up holding his hands still. “This isn’t on you Ven, something isn’t right. We will figure it out as a family.” he was the only person she spoke like this with.

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