Something that can get the best of people sometimes. For Marcos that was a case once or twice in his life. He wasn’t proud of it really. There had been so much resentment that built up in his family life; driving him away from his parents and the household, he grew up in. Distancing himself away from the entire family; as most of them thought he was good for nothing and a failure when he was on a shaky path; with drugs, and not the best company for friends. He wasn’t the Prim and Proper son, they were trying to raise. Instead of letting him be himself; he had to be the perfect image they wanted him to be; but he couldn’t do that.

It had taken him a long time, to get to where he was now. Content in himself and in his job. Being an F.B.I was hard. After a long time of better himself as a person and learning to be in the field; Marcos made leaps in his life; from the teenager that left Italy to the Man he now was.

But his job wasn’t easy; far from. Long hours, difficult cases and dangerous missions. It can sometimes take a toll on a person. And one particular dangerous mission had left him scared. During that particular mission; lives were lost in an attempt to bring down a drug lord; but the mass shootout; was unexpected. Marcos had suffered from PTSD after the incident; and his anger began to rise again. Whom did he feel angry at? More himself than anyone else. Knowing he needed some help; The Nephilim had sought out some professional help. That’s how he met Jason Hills. Jason was his counsellor; helping him deal with the trauma and after effects of everything. It took a few sessions, before there was an amount of trust built and the two became friends.

Now that he thought about Jason; the Nephilim hadn’t heard from him in months. The last time, he had seen Jason was not long after he was a newly turned Valkyr; getting grips on his new found abilities. But what happened to Jas after that? Marcos had no idea. Of course, working for the force...he tried to dig into any missing persons; but Jason wasn’t on the system.

It was that afternoon; when he heard rumors going about the city; that Jason was back. Jason was home. Marcos couldn’t help but wonder what happened to his friend. So he instantly made his way to the Valkyr Castle; home for the Valkyrs that opted to stay close to their ambassador and leader Gideon. Having visited Jason there before; he wasn’t exactly a new face in the castle halls. With the security around the castle; the Nephilim had to state his purpose; which of course was to visit his friend Jason. He got escorted through the halls; until they stopped outside of a large bedroom door. This must have been Jason’s chambers. Knocking on the door. Marcos nervously bit the inside of her cheek; waiting for Jason to answer.

When no answer came; he knocked again. A little louder. “Jas? You in there? It’s me Marco..” he called out, from the other side of the door.

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Evening came and it hadn’t been the most pleasant evening, Gideon had to assign Jason with a therapist, that wasn’t Baptiste and he knew for a fact that Baptiste wasn’t in the state of mind to do so. It was emotionally draining, it was something he hadn’t done in a long time. After the session, Jason was sent back to his chambers and the maids attended on his wounds around his wrists and ankles. He thanked them both before he asked one of the nurses for something to eat, everything Jason was eating had infused blood within it to keep his blood levels up. It was a pain but he knew he had to do this to keep himself at a peace of mind. It didn’t take him long to send himself over the edge. 

One of the main problems of him was that he couldn’t sleep, no matter how hard he tried unless one of the nurses had to give him something to put him in a sleepy state of mind so he could get a couple of hours. He went to his bathroom en-suite and hopped into the shower quickly, making sure his wounds were covered before he did so. He let the warmth of the water go over his bruised, beaten up skin. He was in the shower for a few minutes, cleaning himself up before he stepped out and quickly grabbed a towel. Wiping himself dry, he quickly threw on a pair of jeans and shirt before he picked up a voice he recognized. His eyes widened a little as he realized it was Marco, someone who he had become friends with while he was his counsellor, ‘’Coming!’’ He called out as he quickly styled his hair with his comb. 

He was finished in the bathroom before he blurred to the door and he took in a small breath, gathering his thoughts before he opened the door and popped out his head. A small smile broke out on his lips before he widened the door and blurred over to him, giving him a tight hug. ‘’It’s been so long…’’ He muttered into Marcos’ chest, squeezing him slightly before he stepped back, gesturing him to come inside. ‘’H-How did you know I was here?’’ He asked quietly, wondering how he had found out. He stepped inside to his bedroom which he called his home for now, walking over to the window sill, shutting the curtains as light poured in. ‘’Take a seat, make yourself comfortable.’’ He said as he leaned back on the wall before he heard another knock, instantly knowing it was his meal coming. 

‘’Come in,’’ he muttered as he remained where he was, the maid came inside with his food, all infused with blood since his blood levels will drop dramatically. ‘’Thank you, just put on the table over here.’’ He pointed at one of the side tables he was near, giving them a small smile in thanks. ‘’Thank you, I’ll buzz if I need anything else,’’ the maid simply nodded and placed his food on the table, before turning his head to Marco. ‘’Sorry, I have to regularly eat…’’ He shrugged his shoulders slightly as he grabbed his drink that had blood in it, sipping it as his slightly darker eyes looked over at Marco. ‘’You seem well, how have you been?’’ 

For a short while; it was quiet on the other side. Was Jason in there? Or was he out of his room and around the castle somewhere? Or was it just plain old rumors that Jason had returned? His thoughts going a bit haywire in his mind for a few moments. He thought the guards would have told him otherwise, if Jason wasn’t really home.But soon enough, he heard Jason’s voice on the other side; sighing in slight relief. So it was true. Jason was home.

In the meantime; Marcos glanced around the hallways off the castle. Taking in the decorations. His picking up on movement, near the door. At first the door opened only a little bit; glancing over at it over his shoulder. Before be fully faced the door smiling. Letting out a chuckle as Jason practically zoomed to him. Funnily enough; they were more or less the same height. His arms wrapped around Jason; returning the hug. Giving Jason a soft squeeze back. At least Jason was glad to see him; like he was glad to see him in return. “Yeah, it’s been a while.” The Nephilim agreed. Maybe a bit too long; he was sure they had a long overdue catch up. Jason looked more thinner; that usual. Like he had been wasting away/starving? Following him inside; Marcos lightly chuckled. “You know, I have my ways.” he spoke teasingly, before he returned to his more serious self. “Rumors were circling around the city, that you were back.” He supposed whomever Marcos heard it from; were members of the faction/people that Jason knew in the city. Or someone that obviously knew someone here in the Castle to know whom lived here currently.

Giving his friend a nod; Marcos sat down on one of the chairs present. Glancing towards the door; was Jason expecting someone else? After the maid came and left Jason with his food. The dark haired male nodded in understanding. “Ah, didn’t know you were about to have dinner.” If he knew, he would have picked a better time to visit. Marco smiled softly. “I’ve been busy as usual; work has kept me away from home a lot.” Marcos’ little sister Liyanna did always say, he was married to his work. In some ways; it was more or less true. “Liyanna has kept me on a new healthy diet. You’d be surprised how many things she can make with Kale and Spinach.” It was a healthy detox she always said. Marco did enjoy his alcohol once in a while; especially after stressful work hours and missions. It was needed. “I think I had enough Kale and Spinach for the next century and a half.” Joking a little bit, to lighten the mood as he noticed how darker Jason’s eyes seemed all of a sudden.

“What happened?” Marcos eventually asked; concern filling his hues. His face slightly scrunched up; like he was trying to figure it out. “You left the city? Some people said you just disappeared…” Clearly, Marco had no idea which was correct. But he had a feeling, it was a long story.

Jason couldn’t remember the last time he had seen a friend, a friend who was close to him in so many ways and how they were always there for each other. Jason opened the door ajar before he blurred over to him to give him a tight hug as he was excited to see him again. The two squeezed each other tightly before he released himself from Marcos as he guided them inside into his bedroom, into a dim lit room, the moonlight shining through the curtains before he quickly closed them. It felt strange seeing everyone again as he was still adapting to his normal life after being captured and held against his own will, he was sure the other would be able to spot some things different about him. 

A small light chuckle left his lips as he heard Marcos, shaking his head. ‘’Well, you’re quite known for information since you are an F.B.I agent.’’ He responded with a small grin as he sat against the window sill as Marcos sat down across from him. His eyebrow propped up as he heard that, he was surprised to see the word get around so quickly and how it would have happened. ‘’Wow..Word travels fast.’’ He shrugged his shoulders lightly as the maid came in with his food plus his blood supply. The food was set down onto the side table near the window sill as he grabbed the mug of slightly warmed blood, sipping on it gently as he savoured the taste. ‘’Well, not really dinner, I have to be monitored regularly.. It’s..quite a long story,’’ he said as he licked his lips as he sat his mug back down on the table. 

He listened to Marcos as he grabbed one of his sandwich slices, and began to eat it while he still listened. ‘’You’re quite a workaholic, you haven’t changed much.’’ He said with a small chuckle after he swallowed a bite. His eyebrow raised again at the new mention of a healthy diet, nodding his head gently. ‘’Well, at least she’s keeping you in shape and eating healthy,’’ he winked at him as his eyes scanned around his room once, sometimes, he would be paranoid out of nowhere. He smirked slightly, ‘’spinach, spinach and kale are not my favourite foods… I hope the meals are at least tasty?’’ He said as he made a weird face at the mention of both of the vegetables. 

As soon as Marcos asked what had happened, he propped his legs up on the window sill and wrapped his arms around his knees. His eyes looking down to the ground now, not looking at him, he had only ever told Baptiste about what had happened and he was sure Marcos needed to know. ‘’I didn’t disappear nor did I leave.’’ He quickly said as he could feel himself getting slightly fidgety, feeling anxiety taking place. ‘’I was kidnapped..’’ He breathed in gently as he remembered his therapist saying to breathe as it would help his anxiety. ‘’I was tortured.. I almost died because I was almost starved to death…’’ He mumbled the last bit as he could almost feel like he was having the memory inside of his own head again, it felt so real. ‘’I was held captive for 6 months.. Gideon found me and he killed the man.. I was burned severely by poisoned chains.. I was also raped..’’ He winced at the last word, his eyes cascading down to the cemented tiles, falling silent as he let Marcos sink them in. ‘’I-I’m here now.. I’m trying to get better.. Doing everything I can get back to ‘normal,’’’ he emphasized the word normal because he wouldn’t ever be that again. 

Marcos didn’t know what it was. But something about Jason was different. And it wasn’t just the fact; he looked paler than normal and slim like he hadn’t eaten in months. Even the way he closed the curtains blocking out the moonlight confused the Nephilim. Valkyrs were known to love the night; and here Jason was trying to hide from it. “You okay? You don’t usually hide from the moonlight.” Marco pointed out subtly. “Don’t tell me, you’re scared of the dark, being a Valkyr and all.” Teasing him slightly, to lighten the mood. Yet his words held a certain about of curiosity to them.

Since the two knew each other for a while; Jason of course knew his occupation through the therapy sessions and a lot about his sister Liyanna. Since that had been a topic; that kept him calm when he was having a meltdown from stress. “Yeah, after’s a small city for words to spread quick.” But not big enough, for words to get lost easily either. Every little word, that Jason then said; made the Nephilim a bit more curious. Monitored? Last Marcos knew, Jason had adjusted to his Valkyr abilities quickly and seemed to have the blood lust thing under control. But he opted for letting Jason tell him the whole story. If he wanted to off course; when he was ready. It wasn’t hard to tell, that the Nephilim was both confused and concerned by the situation. But still glad to see Jason; after the long pause.

“Nope. Keeping myself busy has always been me.” Marcos saw his reaction to the diet that his sister had him on. Making him slightly chuckle; as he pulled the face. “It’s not the cooking that’s the’s her constant use of those two veggies.” The meals were quite tasty; but if his sister kept using Kale and Spinach in pretty much every meal possible; it’d drive him more loopy. “But, I suppose the overall results are quite nice.” But the greens were starting to feel a little outdated to the Nephilim; maybe to the point where he’d be happy not to eat those two for a long while; after the diet would be over. Marco was usually so busy; he didn’t have much time to cook, when he was at home. His sister had more free time on her hands; to fuss about the kitchen.

It was clear, the elder male hit a bit of a nerve; when he saw Jason recoil at the question. He was half tempted to question the young Valkyr; but decided against it. As Jason was slowly opening up, about what happened. Finding out that Jason had been kidnapped, abused...starved and everything else; hit as quiet the shocking news. For a few long moments; Marcos was silent. Swallowing harshly. He knew the stupid question was on the tip of his tongue; so he fought back the urge to say it; since Jason clearly wasn’t. No one could be okay, from something like that. “Fuck…”he just muttered; clearly still in shock, from the news. “Whomever took you, sure had a good way of staying hidden. When I thought you disappeared…I tried looking for you, but there no was trace.” Marcos was kind of relieved; that at least Gideon had found him, when he had. Or whom knows what would have happened. “I am truly sorry that happened to you Jay. No one deserves to go through something like that.” But if the younger male needed something; Marcos was here to help. If he could at least.

It had been so long since he had seen Marcos; Marcos was one of his closest friends he’s ever had. Most of the time, Jason would normally stick to himself but he knew that once he was better, he’d try to adventure out to a few other people and make a few more friends, but not right now since he was constantly monitored by the nurses of the castle and Gideon made sure of that. He knew he had been acting strange the moment Marcos had came here; he was really glad to see someone other than Gideon and Baptiste. After seeing Baptiste, he knew how much he was hurt by him - he had heard that Baptiste was with someone else but he hoped that would change. 

He didn’t know why he suddenly closed the curtain, he loved seeing the moon from the window sill. He looked over to Marcos once he asked if he was okay, he shrugged his shoulders as he tended to like the dark more often now since being held in captivity, that was all he ever saw. ‘’No, not scared of the dark. I’ve just…’’ He pondered for a moment and shrugged his shoulders again. ‘’Been adjusted to the dark, prefer to keep the moonlight out sometimes.’’ He mumbled slightly as he bit his lip as he thought back to the small room he was held by the chains. He knew that once he returned, he was sure that rumours had been spreading. ‘’I’m not at all surprised. Most people change the facts when someone has returned.’’ He said slightly annoyed by the fact that it had happened, rumours and all. 

Before his captivity, he was used to his abilities and able to keep his bloodlust under control. Since being traumatized and tortured, he knew for a fact that his bloodlust was going to change and he can’t hold off for very long now - he needed to feed at least every couple of hours. As Marcos talked, he listened and nodded as he knew that Marcos was always busy. ‘’Well, keeping yourself busy is good. I’ll be keen to get back to our therapy sessions as well as being back at work.’’ He knew he would need to have therapy sessions as well due to the amount of trauma he was in. He was sure that Gideon would be able to find him a supernatural therapist, since the one he worked at was full of humans. His eyebrows raised as he heard about veggies after making a disgusted look. ‘’Spinach and Kale are horrible tasting veggies. She could at least be more adventurous with her dishes.’’ He commented with a small smile. 

He bought his looks up to his chest as he continued to speak about what had happened to him, informing Marcos about how traumatized he felt and how strong he held out for so long, he wanted Baptiste to come out and save him but obviously, things didn’t go to plan. He watched Marcos’ reaction and he bit his lower lip for a moment, shrugging his shoulders slightly. ‘’I’m glad someone came out to at least look for me when I went missing.’’ He murmured quietly as his thoughts went back to Baptiste. ‘’I would have been dead if it wasn’t for Gideon. I’m very thankful to be here and still alive.’’ He said softly as he looked over at Marcos, giving him a small grateful smile along his lips as he said he was sorry about what had happened. ‘’Things happen for a reason, I guess. But no one should experience what I had gone through… I’m just thankful to be alive…’’ He said once more, truly thankful he was. ‘’Once I’m better, I’ll hopefully be able to do the things I used to love.’’ He added as he thought back to singing and his music career. ‘’Maybe we could even catch up after this, have dinner together or something like that.’’ He suggested, as his eyes looked over to his bruises on his wrists. 

With how pre-occupied his job kept him; it was a wonder that the Nephilim had any time for friends. Let alone any blind dates; that were a courtesy of his baby sister. Although, as much as he always complained. The last blind date; turned out better than most. He wasn’t sure, what would come off him and Seraphina. But Marcos knew, he enjoyed her company; and the two got along good; despite a few awkward moments. On the other hand, Marcos had few people in his life; he was thankful for. Jason was one of them. The Nephilim had always enjoyed his company. And any counselling advice; that Jas had given him. Proved to have helped Marcos, even in the longer run.

His reasoning for closing the curtain was new. It took him by surprise. But for now, he would take that explanation; although he gathered there might be more to it; than what Jason had told him. “Yeah, I always find it like chinese whispers...people twisting the truth, with their own ideas...and as the rumors spread...various editions of it are heard, so you don’t know what is true.” But, Marcos always preferred to find out the truth, rather than listen to rumors. But the rumors had made him curious, if there had been any truth to what people were saying.

After learning, what had happened to Jason. Marcos put 1 and 1 together, as to why Jason liked the dark. If he had been trapped in a cell; with no moonlight. He got used to it. The Nephilim looked concerned about Jason. He couldn’t imagine, how he was coping with everything, mentally and physically. “Don’t worry about our therapy sessions, you need to get better yourself. They can wait.” Marcos assured Jason. Jason’s recovery and health was more important first and foremost. Their therapy sessions can wait to resume. Even if the Nephilim had been doing better; he still needed a session every few months, as Jason was monitoring his progress.

It was true, Kale and Spinach didn’t taste that good on constant occurrence. “She does use other things...but those two seem her two favorite.” he chuckled. “Altogether, the food isn’t that bad.” His sister was a decent cook; quiet talented with making different dishes; even if she used a lot of the same ingredients.

The Nephilim gave him a soft smile. “Of course, what are friends for, right?” Friends looked out for each other/looked for each other, when the other one was in trouble. Marco nodded. “Gideon definitely, had good timing coming to your rescue.” He was glad, that Jason was alive too. Marcos knew it was tough, what had happened to Jason; so he was definitely strong for going through it all, and coming out alive. “No, it’s horrible what you went through. No one should go through that.” Although, it wasn’t something someone could control. Sometimes bad things happened to good people, for a reason. “I am sure, with time you’ll be able to.” It’ll take time for Jason to resume his dreams; recovery was his priority. Hearing his suggestion, he nodded. “I’d like that. We have plenty of time to catch up budd. If you ever want, feel free to stop by around mine. I am sure Liyanna, would be glad to see you too.” Jason had met his sister once or twice before; when the pair hanged out at his place for a guys night. Needing a guys night out, once in a while.

Throughout the time he was captured, his mind was always on Baptiste but as more days passed, the more time his heart ached. He felt like he had been abandoned, thinking that Baptiste didn’t love him anymore. His heart felt like it had been ripped out of his chest when he heard the news of Baptiste dating someone else, knowing he tried to move on before he returned back to Evermore. His fingers gripped the curtains as he closed them shut, for some reason now, he only liked seeing the moon every now and then ever since he had returned. It was an odd thing to do because valkyr’s loved seeing the moon and darkness, of course. Marcos and Jason had grown close before he was captured, he knew that there must have been rumours because of his return.

 A small sigh left his lips as his eyes flickered over to Marcos, his eyebrow raising. ‘’I knew there had been some talk, I assume. Because I guess, everyone knew about Baptiste and I’s relationship and I assume the fact that people wondered where the hell I went and people probably think badly of me now.’’  He shrugged his shoulders, he was sure that most people thought he was bad despite if he was captured. Everyone must have thought about how heartbroken Baptiste must have been. ‘’It definitely feels like Chinese whispers.’’ As Jason went ahead to tell Marcos about what had happened to him, he waited for Marcos’ response. He saw the way Marcos looked over at him, his eyes flickered down to the ground once more. He kept his legs against his chest as his head leaned against his knees. Once he heard Marcos, he nodded at his words, thinking if he was actually going to get his job back or if he needed to move on. He nodded once before he spoke.

‘’It’s hard you know? I’m thinking about how my clients would have thought about me and my manager. They’ve tried reaching out to me several times in the past week, because I am sure they have heard I am back but I’m not ready to go back.’’ He commented as his eyes flickered over to the Nephilim. He had to make sure that he was truly ready to face public again and that his blood lust was in control. As the two continued to talk about Kale and Spinach, he couldn’t imagine how Marcos would feel. His face screwed up a little as he didn’t like either of the vegetables. Both of them tasted plain and bland. ‘’Both vegetables are equally bad despite them both being healthy.’’ 

A small smile lifted upon his dull looking face, looking over to Marcos and nodded. ‘’I’m glad we became friends.’’ He said with a small nod of his head, biting his lower lip for a moment. ‘’Gideon sure did came in the nick of time. I don’t know how he found me but he did. I’m so glad he did.’’ Even if he was traumatized about what has happened. Time sure did go fast this year because of how long he was in captivity and Christmas was around the corner. It sure will take some time to get back to his normal self but he doesn’t know how long it will take. Recovery was something on his mind all the time. He remembered seeing Liyanna and how excited she was to meet him. He slowly got back up from the window sill and blurred over to his wardrobe, pulling out a small box that had a music player in it. He grabbed it before he headed over to the set of drawers in the front of his bedroom near his bathroom. ‘’Now, what music would you like me to play?’’ He asked, thinking that they needed at least some entertainment for the time Marcos was visiting. 

The Nephilim couldn’t fully imagine the extent of trauma and pain Jason went through. Just the thought made his stomach twist inside out. Marcos knew Jason long enough to know how caring and a good guy he was. It had changed the young Valkyr in front of him. But that was to be expected. Anyone, whom would have went through something so harsh and traumatic, would most likely be the same way. On one level, it also felt odd; seeing Jason like this. Marco wasn’t entirely sure what to do. If he could help Jason he would. But how? That was the question.

The extent of the talk had honesty varied. Different people had different opinions and theories. Which is what had annoyed Marcos to be honest; when it came to someone talking about a friend of his. “That was part of the reason.” he agreed, nodding. “I think it's mainly been because you’re still a fledgling. Some people wondered what trouble you might be causing.” Not that he would accuse Jason,but with him being new and rouge Vampires causing trouble. He gathered, some people worried; he’d fall down the same path. Yeah, chinese whispers was annoying, in this case. The Nephilim could tell, that Jason was a little torn about returning back to work. He wouldn’t blame him if he’d reconsider doing a different job, after all of this mess.

“I can imagine.” Marcos nodded. “I am sure, they are just concerned.” He assured him. From what he knew, many of his clients liked him. So of course, they would get in touch with him upon his return. “But no one can really blame you, for what happened. It wasn’t your fault.” Hopefully, Jason wasn’t blaming himself for what had happened. That’s why, he felt the need to assure him, that he wasn’t guilty. He was the victim, in a difficult situation. “No one, should expect you to be ready, right away. Take all the time you need.” Hopefully his boss and other clients would understand, like Marco did.

A slight chuckle escaped him. It seemed like Jason hated the vegetables more than he did. “Could be worse.” Thank god, it wasn’t Artichokes. “I am sure, I’ll survive.” He said with a chuckle.

When Jason expressed his gratitude of being friends; the Nephilim grinned in return. “Me too.” Thinking about how Gideon had found Jason; the Valkyr ambassador must have been really dedicated to finding him. “Maybe, he has some connection to his people...we don’t know about?” Not sounding too sure; it was a decent guess. In all honesty, he wasn’t sure how it had worked with Valkyrs. But there had to be an explanation; whether it was good tracking or something else. But he was sure, Jason was as relieved to be home. As his friend, went to put on the music. “I don’t mind, whichever cd we haven’t listened to yet.” Any time he visited; The pair had music cranked on. Marcos was sure, that they had a few cd’s to yet to get through.

Jason wasn’t able to trust those people around him nearly as much as he could, about six months ago, of course he did. He would trust them with his life, but with Marcos, he was different. He was able to talk to him about anything and how caring Marcos was towards the young Valkyr. It was a time where Jason really needed to heal and recover from the traumatizing experience he went through and he had to fix his relationship with Baptiste. Everything was a big mess and he wasn’t sure if he was able to go through it all without Marcos. He was his buddy and he was quite close friends with him. 

Fledgling, the word hit him hard like he was struck by a lightning bolt. He wished he was able to control himself like how he was six months ago - but now everything has changed. He wouldn’t be like a rogue, those things - he couldn’t describe how scary they were. ‘’I mean there’s no doubt that people think badly of me and that Baptiste faced hard challenges. Which, in the end, was my fault because of this, whole drama.’’ He let out a small sigh as he shrugged his shoulders, his hand finding his hair as he racked his fingers through his messy blonde hair. His work had been calling him quite frequently since people heard the news he had returned. Sure, that he did want the job back but he thought that maybe the manager was skeptical of him now, no doubt that people were indeed jealous of the relationship he had with Baptiste. 

His eyes flickered over to Marcos with a small grateful smile as he heard that he could take all the time he needed. He sure needed quite some time to recover, but he hoped to try and get over what happened to him but scars littered his body and he knew he had his own demons to face. ‘’Thanks,’’ he murmured quietly as his mind ran through with different questions and scenarios of what would happen between Baptiste and himself. He knew deep down he still loved him - but he knew that Baptiste was with another person, whether or not, it was a strong connection, he wasn’t sure. ‘’Sorry if I keep drifting, there’s so many thoughts in my head and I still need to figure out stuff with Baptiste. I just - I don’t know what to tell him and I don’t know how to act around him.’’ He muttered as he admitted to the fact he wasn’t sure where he stood in their relationship now. He shrugged his shoulders as he was unsure of how Gideon truly found him but one day, he’d be able to repay him back. 

Jason placed the CD player onto the desk he had towards the window, setting it up and plugging it into the powerpoint. He flipped the CD cover opened and inserted the next disc, one of his favourites, David Bowie and one of his all time favourite songs - Heroes. He turned the volume up at a moderate volume so the two could listen to the classic song. He moved over to sit onto the bed now, propping up the pillow against the head of the bed, then leaning against it. ‘’What have you been up to aside from fighting crime?’’ He smirked slightly as he tried to lighten the subject. 

Heroes - David Bowie

There weren’t many people, that the Nephilim was close to in this city. Besides his sister. The only people close to him had been his ex Zeus; until she had left the city. Her disappearance was sudden; and he found himself missing her company. Then the next had been Jason. Marco would always consider him a close friend. Afterall, Jason knew his habits more than he could say for some people.

The Nephilim made a slight face; at Jason’s reaction to the word fledgling. Knowing it probably hit deep and hard. But honestly, he hoped that Jason would recover/get back his control. The Nephilim male had hard about rogue Valkyrs; and frankly. It wasn’t something he wanted to deal with. Let alone, have his best-friend turn into one. But he was sure, Gideon wouldn’t let that happen to Jason. At least, that was one upside of all of this chaos around them. It seemed like chaos was seeping into his personal life outside of work. Especially with Jas’ condition. But he wouldn’t be a good friend; if he wasn’t worried and concerned about him. “I honestly can’t say. You know, I don’t know him well.” The Nephilim didn’t really know Bap. But he could imagine, the Valkyr had his struggles when Jason went missing. “It’s not your fault. You didn’t ask your ex to kidnap you.” Marco frowned, with a slight shake of his head. It wasn’t fair; that Jas felt the need to blame himself for all of this. Hopefully things would calm down; sooner rather than later. But he was aware; that wounds were fresh and open. So it might take a bit of time.

“Of course.” If anyone understood; it was probably him. After all. Jason didn’t rush him either; when he came to him for help; when he was suffering with his own issues. He saw how Jason seemed to flit in and out of deep thought. “It’s okay. I imagine, there’s a lot going on in your head at the moment.” It was totally understandable. He nodded slightly, as he spoke about not knowing how to be around his ex.  “I am sure you'll figure it out. You might just need some time to get used to being around him again.” If things felt awkward; it was probably normal. And no doubt; tense. Especially after all the madness in his life.

Once Jason set up the CD player. Marcos smiled at the classic song that began to play. “Nice choice.” he nodded approvingly. For a few moments; he was listening to the song that was playing. Before hearing Jason’s question. “Well believe it or not, my sister has been setting me up on blind dates. In her words; I needed the experience. Thinking, I was loosing my A-game or something.” he shook his head, with a slight chuckle. “I guess you can say, I met plenty of interesting people through it. Although some turned into a disaster.” he remembered one particular instant, that happened a while before he met Sera. “Let’s just say, my baby sister mistaken a Draque-Queen for an attractive young female...I tell you, not the best day, more like down right confusing and awkward....unless offered free tickets to a show counts, as a plus.” Hopefully, it’d cheer Jason up a little bit.

Before his capture, the young Valkyr struggled to find friends within the city before he met Marcos. Ever since then, the two became friends, he was glad to at least have a friend in the city. He always felt like he always struggled to belong, finding friends and finding his own group, but that was one of his goals for the future is to try and make new friends. He was glad that Marcos was his only friend for now but he was for sure trying to make that goal happen. He was at least glad that he knew about Marcos’ past life due to the counselling that helped him. The young Valkyr knew about the condition of some rogues, rogues were awful even if he felt bad for judging them. It was something that he didn’t want to become nor did he even want to be put down. He knew that he had to get his bloodlust under control. 

Fledgling is where there are two possible outcomes could occur. Either, turn into a better Valkyr or worse, a rogue. Something that Jason doesn’t even want to become and he knew for sure that Marcos was concerned for him. A sigh left him once more as he heard Marcos, nodding his head slightly as he heard him. He knew for a fact that Marcos didn’t know Baptiste very well, nor had an opinion on the man which was fair enough to say the least. ‘’He wasn’t an ex. Just a crush he had back in high school.’’ He corrected Marcos just to say the facts of the whole thing. His recovery was going to take a long time and the fact that he still has to deal with Baptiste and how unsure he was able to act around him when his heart still belonged to him but he knew he had to move on because Baptiste definitely already did. He hoped things would come down soon but he knew it was going to take a long time to calm down. 

He was glad at least that Marcos was able to help him and that he was there for him. He was appreciative he was able to talk things out and act somewhat normal around the other. ‘’Yeah, I guess it appears that I have to do just that. He’s moved on clearly and now I just need to figure out where I stand.’’ He shrugged his shoulders, part of him thought that Baptiste might have to be his mentor in the end and his heart had to let go of Baptiste in the future. As Jason placed the CD player onto the desk, he played one of his favourite songs, a classic song by David Bowie. A small smile lifted on his lips when Marcos nodded approvingly to the song. ‘’One of my favourites.’’ He commented as he sat himself back down on the bed, letting his legs get comfortable on the cover set. 

The pair fell quiet for a couple of minutes as the two listened to the classic song, his eyes closed for a moment as he heard the chorus. If music wasn’t around, he didn’t know what he’d do. His eyes fluttered back opened to see Marcos, hearing him say that he had been on blind dates because of his sister. A small smirk came across his lips as he shook his head at the fact it was a Drag Queen. ‘’Wow, you must have been so awkward.’’ He chuckled as he had been to a few amount of Drag Queen shows and all the LGBT stuff in between. ‘’I mean, at least you could have participated in their show.’’ He winked at him cheekily as another a small chuckle left him, ‘’and maybe even one of the most attractive guys, I bet all the men would have been allll over you.’’ He teased him as another laugh left him, the Nephilim would have no idea if he hadn’t been to one before. The young Valkyr couldn’t imagine how embarrassed the other would have felt. 

The Nephilim knew a bit about the Valkyrs. Rogues and Blood Addicted Valkyrs; were the one’s that were closer to being a fully fledged Vampires; which were also a danger to the faction/and others.  And he’d hate to see his friend go through either; because he couldn’t get his blood lust control; because he had been starved. But if he knew anything about Jason; he knew the young Valkyr was a fighter. So he was sure, he’d find a way to cope/handle it all.

As Jason corrected him, on whom the other male that kidnapped him was. His brows furrowed. “Ah…” Okay, well now he had a slightly better picture in his mind, as Jason stated that fact. “Sounds like he was way too obsessed.” There had only been a few cases, he heard off where an ex/or former friend would stalk their past crush. But this had certainly escalated to a higher level. Jason was lucky to get out of that; with Gideon’s help. At least, this Tyler...or what’s his name was gone. But there was no shortage of crazy people. That was for sure. Jason had just been unlucky, that someone he knew, was on that crazy list.

The Nephilim had always been a good listener. That’s probably one of the things that made him a valued friend; at least, to those friends he had in his life. When he informed him, his ex had moved on. The Nephilim nodded slightly. That sounds like a rough place to be in; with his return and someone he loved, moving on. But that sometimes, was life. “Well, if you two managed to be friends again at least. Guess, it won’t be so awkward.” But hopefully, his ex would help him on his journey as a Valkyr; aside from Gideon, of course. There was only so much Marcos could do; he wasn’t a Valkyr. So it wasn’t his place to mentor one. He could only help, as a friend. 

The song indeed was a good choice. For a few moments; they could forget their troubles. Nodding in appreciation when Jason mentioned it was his favorite.

When Jason began to tease him; he didn’t expect anything less. “Awkward...isn’t even the word.” Was there a word, for worse than awkward? Probably not. But it was….the weirdest blind date, he had been on. When he suggested taking part in their show; Marco just burst into laughter. “Yeah, somehow I don’t think I am the dress, wig and make up type.” He said honestly. It wasn’t really his avenue to be a Drag Queen, like some men. He’d be surprised if Jason could really see him in that business. Or he was just poking his fun at him. “You flatter me.” he chuckled. “I think, if I ever went down that’d give everyone including Sera, a shock of the sudden and wild career path turn.” Without really noticing. His current blind date’s name had slipped out.


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