Something that can get the best of people sometimes. For Marcos that was a case once or twice in his life. He wasn’t proud of it really. There had been so much resentment that built up in his family life; driving him away from his parents and the household, he grew up in. Distancing himself away from the entire family; as most of them thought he was good for nothing and a failure when he was on a shaky path; with drugs, and not the best company for friends. He wasn’t the Prim and Proper son, they were trying to raise. Instead of letting him be himself; he had to be the perfect image they wanted him to be; but he couldn’t do that.

It had taken him a long time, to get to where he was now. Content in himself and in his job. Being an F.B.I was hard. After a long time of better himself as a person and learning to be in the field; Marcos made leaps in his life; from the teenager that left Italy to the Man he now was.

But his job wasn’t easy; far from. Long hours, difficult cases and dangerous missions. It can sometimes take a toll on a person. And one particular dangerous mission had left him scared. During that particular mission; lives were lost in an attempt to bring down a drug lord; but the mass shootout; was unexpected. Marcos had suffered from PTSD after the incident; and his anger began to rise again. Whom did he feel angry at? More himself than anyone else. Knowing he needed some help; The Nephilim had sought out some professional help. That’s how he met Jason Hills. Jason was his counsellor; helping him deal with the trauma and after effects of everything. It took a few sessions, before there was an amount of trust built and the two became friends.

Now that he thought about Jason; the Nephilim hadn’t heard from him in months. The last time, he had seen Jason was not long after he was a newly turned Valkyr; getting grips on his new found abilities. But what happened to Jas after that? Marcos had no idea. Of course, working for the force...he tried to dig into any missing persons; but Jason wasn’t on the system.

It was that afternoon; when he heard rumors going about the city; that Jason was back. Jason was home. Marcos couldn’t help but wonder what happened to his friend. So he instantly made his way to the Valkyr Castle; home for the Valkyrs that opted to stay close to their ambassador and leader Gideon. Having visited Jason there before; he wasn’t exactly a new face in the castle halls. With the security around the castle; the Nephilim had to state his purpose; which of course was to visit his friend Jason. He got escorted through the halls; until they stopped outside of a large bedroom door. This must have been Jason’s chambers. Knocking on the door. Marcos nervously bit the inside of her cheek; waiting for Jason to answer.

When no answer came; he knocked again. A little louder. “Jas? You in there? It’s me Marco..” he called out, from the other side of the door.

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Blood lust was something he had never experienced before due to overcoming it in his early stages of his turning. He remembered how sick he had been before his turn, it was something he never experienced before nor would he ever forget about. He didn’t want to become a rogue nor a soulless vampire as Baptiste put it. He was sure that Marcos was concerned of which path he would lead to and in the end, he did want to become better but it’s going to take its time. As Marcos commented about Tyler being obsessive, that part was true. He was obsessive and the time he had been captured, Tyler did some unforgivable things to him and he was glad that he was dead now due to Gideon killing him. Some people would call him lucky but he just survived the whole ordeal. It was terrifying and traumatizing for him, something he’d never get over, even if it was healed in the future, the memories still lie in the back of his mind. 

‘’I’m sure he was on drugs or something because surely a crush wouldn’t even escalate to that level. It was beyond crazy,’’ he murmured as he sat back on the bed as the music played in the background. He was sure that Marcos understood from where he was going from since he worked with the F.B.I. As he mentioned about Baptiste moving on, it was something that he was still recovering from as he met everything to Jason. He was just surprised that he saw Baptiste move on a little too quickly for his liking but he guessed that it was sometimes in life that happens. ‘’I’m not sure what it’s going to turn out. He wants to help me but part of me is still hurt, I’m sure he can feel it.’’ He explained softly as he would guessed that Baptiste could feel him due to him being his sire. ‘’It is awkward right now because of our emotions that we are dealing with each other, not to mention he had moved on, makes things slightly more difficult.’’ He added on as he brushed his hair back, as the music played, he loved David Bowie, specially this song, it was his dream to become a world known musician. He knew he had a lot to write about and his small group of fans would be waiting online for it.

Marcos mentioned the blind date that was a drag queen which made the blonde valkyr chuckle at the fact that he was encountered by a drag queen as a date. He smirked slightly as he mentioned the wig and the show, it would have been hiliarous to see as most heterosexual guys, not saying all, but most definitely have not been to a drag queen show and it was something hiliarious to homosexual and LGBT community. He chuckled softly as Marcos went on about the blind date, if it happened, it would have something that he would remember forever of his friend. ‘’It would have been an entirely different career opportunity,’’ he could just picture how shy Marcos would have been and if anything, perhaps, Jason could take him to one of them, just once but as a friend of course. His eyebrows raised as another name popped in, ‘’Sera?’’ He mentioned in curiosity, ‘’who is this Sera person?’’ He smirked slightly, he didn’t know any Sera’s nor did he know what faction they were in. ‘’I assume it's a female, is she nice?’’ He asked, wanting to learn more about her and what Marcos thinks of her. 

Being an F.B.I, he couldn’t help but think more about the situation. Mainly because he was partially trying to think of, what could have been going on in Tyler’s mind; when he had kidnapped Jason. There had to be something...something deeper. Something, that someone might have overlooked. Of course it bugged him. Jason was his best-friend, even if Tyler was dead; he still felt the need to know more about that crazy guy. His brows slightly furrowed, as Jason suggested drugs. “Possibly, I can’t help but feel something else was going on mentally.” He said honestly. Drugs could be a possibility, but drugs didn’t always have such an effect on a person. Not in such a short amount of time. Depends how long one was taking them. “How was he like, back in High-school?” Marcos asked, trying to see if there were any signs back then. “I’ve heard plenty of people going crazy when they couldn’t get someone. Unfortunately, stalkers are common. Drugs aren’t always the main factor to make a person act that way, but highly contributory. Most have some kind of mental issues.” Or research had claimed. It was lucky, that the Nephilim knew more about this.

Marco nodded. He understood Jason’s side of it for sure. “At least he’s there for you. I wouldn’t think he’d just leave you to figure things out on your own, since he turned you.” Yeah, relationships were awkward and complicated. That was for sure. “That’s life. Nothing is simple.” But he was sure, one day Jason would move on and find happiness again. He was a great guy.

He was glad, he could amuse him with his story. “Yeah, no kidding.” The Nephilim couldn’t see himself heading down that career path. Sure, he might have aced it, if he was into that sort of thing. But he didn’t think it was. Not that he seen many of their shows. Generally, Marcos didn’t have anything against that type of scene. He just didn’t match it.

As Jason asked about Sera. The Nephilim couldn’t help but wonder back to his blind date, that wouldn’t develop into more. He knew she was going through a tough time, so wasn’t ready for the dating ordeal. Marcos was fine with that. At least, she still remained a friend. “Oh, just a new friend.” he chuckled as Jason wanted to know if she was nice. “Yeah, she’s pretty cool. Has a good sense of humor. She’s definitely more upfront than most girls, which I suppose is nice. You know, where you stand with her at least.”

Jason knew there had to be something deeper through the whole traumatic experience he went through and knowing that Marcos being good at his job, would be wondering how Tyler would be able to manage to put Jason through something like that. Either, he was drugged, brainwashed or just pure jealousy that ate at the heart of his. He shrugged his shoulders as he heard Marcos comment about Tyler, sighing gently, raking his fingers through his hair once more. ‘’It could have been anything, brainwashed, drugs…’’ There were a bunch of impossible reasons for Jason’s capture. As Marcos asked how he was in high school, there were memories of him trying to be sweet with Jason and other times, he didn’t know him at all. 

‘’At times, he was one of the sweetest guys I knew, he would do everything for me but other times.. There was something strange about him,’’ he murmured gently as he tried to think of him in some positive ways but memories, sometimes Tyler was quite literally crazy, but he wasn’t sure what made him do this to go beyond that. ‘’It definitely could have been a mental health issue he had that made him go like this.’’ He added on as he bit his lower lip for a moment before his eyes flickered to the window before he let out a small sigh. He was glad in a way that Marcos was an FBI, if only that he could have taken this court or something but it would have been a long process to do so, as well as the stress. He knew that Baptiste would be there for him in the end, he was his Sire after all, and part of him, knew that he had to move on. 

‘’He wouldn’t leave me on my own, he’s not like that. He doesn’t want me out of his sight or whatever,’’ he chuckled slightly before chewing his bottom lip softly as his eyes flickered back over to Marcos before he heard a soft knock at the door behind Marcos. ‘’She seems rather nice,’’ he said as he commented about Sera, thinking of what she looked like and how much she would treat Marcos like a friend. He didn’t know about her at all so he couldn’t judge. ‘’All girls are pretty fierce for standing up to themselves,’’ he chuckled before he cleared his throat, ‘’come in,’’ one of the maids, Taylor, came through with a small trolley of the first aid kit. ‘’Ah, it’s that time.’’ He sighed as it was the time of his injuries to be cleaned and bandaged. 

‘’I guess, Marcos, that’s our time up.’’ He chuckled before checking on the time on his phone, his eyes widened slightly. ‘’It is getting late, I suppose. Nearing 11 o’clock.’’ He mentioned to him even if Jason was a night owl like most valkyr’s were. He blurred over to Marcos before engulfing him into a hug, ‘’thanks for coming,’’ he said softly before squeezing him slightly, not too tightly due to his abilities to be able to crush the other. ‘’I’ll text you? We can meet up again somewhere.’’ He said before he pulled back and headed over to the door, the maid patiently waiting by his bed. 

With his line of work, certain things would always bug at his mind, constantly until he would figure it out. This case was no different. Marcos knew he was asking his best friend a lot, by asking him more about Tyler. But any detail would be helpful, in trying to get any idea of what Tyler was thinking. The Nephilim looked deep in thought, as Jason talked about how he had been back in high-school. “Mhh, sounds like he possibly could have had Bi-Polar, or other personality disorder...add that with other issues such as drug abuse...or whatever else, he could possibly have...and it’s a recipe for….well...for what he did.” That was probably the best idea he could give Jason, what might have been going on with Tyler. But with the number of cases, with drug abuse and personality/anger disorders and kidnapping someone. It made the most sense to him.

In a way, it was a relief that Tyler was dead. Otherwise, if Marcos was still investigating it all. Court would have been more than likely, to get to the bottom of this. But he also wouldn’t want to put such stress on Jason, by asking him to speak up in a law of court and order; after what he just been through. As the stress wouldn’t do him much good for recovery.

The Nephilim slightly chuckled, at what Jason said about his ex. In a way, that made sense. His ex was probably protective and worried, after what he had gone through. So was looking out for him. “Well, he’s not the only one looking out for you.” Marcos would too. Not to mention Jason had the entire faction probably ready to protect their own. The Nephilim was slightly distracted, that at first. He didn’t take note of the knock on the door. “She is, just has a lot going on in her life. It kind of makes her a bit pessimistic at times. Not exactly the best route, if you ask me.” For someone so young, like Sera. It was worrying. He supposed Jason had a good point. “Indeed.” he nodded. Hearing the door open. Marcos looked over his shoulder; seeing the nurse walk in. Time must have run away from them, as they were catching up.

“Looks like it.” He mused with a slight chuckle. He rose an eyebrow, as he mentioned it was close to 11. “Wow, time flies.” As he got up. Jason blurred over to him. Hugging the younger male back, he gave him a gentle squeeze. “Anytime, it was good seeing you again.” he patted his shoulder. “Of course, we’ll sort something out.” The Nephilim promised. “Have a good rest of your evening.” Marcos gave a nod towards the nurse, as if to say goodnight to her too. As he headed to the door with Jason. Exiting the Male’s chamber, after one last goodbye. The Nephilim checked his own watch. Yep, almost 11pm. Even though it was late. Catching up with his friend had been worth it. The Male headed outside of the castle and back towards his car.


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