The world swooshed by as she ran, her mind only focusing on the calming piano music blasting from her head phones, maybe not a suiting sound to run in frenetic speed to, her eyes not focusing on anything special or as usually while running stop to take in the view. There wasn’t an aim with her sprint the blonde wasn’t running too something neither was she running from someone as might be assumed with the speed she held, pushing her body to its limit. If someone saw her now they would understand she wasn’t human and if the king got knowledge of her showing off supernatural things so close to human eyes he would surely lecture her. However the generally controlled surgeon didn’t feel like the usual jog she took to clear her head would work this time.

It wasn’t a complete disaster no one had died. In her line of work complications and what ifs was on the daily agenda and nothing that drove her over the edge, but with everything that happened in her personal life it hit harder. Serena was used to doing everything right. She had been the natural A kid who scored A after A on the test and easily mastered every new thing she tried. Failure was only something others told stories about. In the hospital her surgery success rate was known to be high and now the hospital wanted to use that to save their own heads.

It had as always been a busy day in the ER. The valkyr had almost finished her fellowship as a trauma resident and only had a few shift left before she could work as an attending there when she wasn’t up at paediatrics or neurologi, her other specialties. She remembered that it was unusually unstaffed with both nurses and interns, the flue had as every fall taken out half the staff, and the hospital didn’t want to pay the double amount for extra staff. Multiple traumas had came in simultaneously and one surgery replaced the next. An accident bound to happen, or something bound to be missed basically.

A patient had suffered a complication and gone paralysed due to some internal bleeding compressing the spine, but there wasn’t someone to alert. Unluckily the team was not able to repair it during surgery and of course the relatives had decided to sue the hospital, as they should, but the hospital, unwilling to reveal their mistake, wanted to make it her fault. Blaming it on a complication during surgery not lack off staff and observation. The hospital board believed her good reputation and patient connection would save her career if they went after it and thereby save their own reputation. The blonde was devastated, however  at work she held her act together and did everything that was expected of her as the "good girl" she was. 

Until today when she was meeting the family and their lawyer along with one the hospital had chosen for her, to come to a settlement or possibly her firing and license taken away. A tremendous loss as medicine and surgery was her life, she had dedicated her life to helping others with the price of no social life and very few friends. What would she do if she couldn’t practice what she loved?

The frenetic run came to a halt and she realised that the clock had turned 11 am  the time she was supposed to be meeting up with the lawyer.”Duckit" she burst out making. Because Serena spent her days around children all day she didn't use curse words, not that she had ever. Instead she told the kids to use "flower" or "duck" once they were displeased with something. After considering skipping the meeting all together for a millisecond, she did think the family was right to frame the hospital for its wrong doing and didn’t want to win a case on their behalf, but realising that it would be rude keeping someone else waiting, she sighed and hurried back to the hospitals reception area to meet the lawyer. 

“Mr Wright I apologise for my slight delay” she excused herself for showing up 5 minutes late. “I am Dr Hamilton, I heard we’re supposed to go through the lawsuit before meeting with the family” the valkyr introduced herselfand extended her hand for a handshake, always the polite and nice one even if she had been out running, or fleeing just minutes ago.

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