The next morning came rather quickly. The former Viking; was at his store early in the morning as usual. Partially, mentally preparing himself for the fact; that his new found friend and assistant would be with him in a few hours. But also because he was waiting judgement on a few customised weapons he made for his customers. And one of them, was probably the biggest and challenging order yet. So he felt a bit nervous; that it’d safice and meet their expectations; if not break them. The Valkyr always took pride in his work. So of course, he wanted to please his customers and provide them with the best weapons possible. That was part of his job.

Eirik double checked over everything; in the back room of the store. Polishing the brand new weapons; and making sure that they were sharp enough. The Valkyr knew, no one would appreciate blunt blades. Not that he ever a day in his life,sold blunt blades. That’d be poor business.

It wasn’t long before his morning meetings with the customers began. Most of them were very satisfied with the outcome of the customized weapons that the Valkyr had presented them. Processing the final payments; before they were on their merry way; with a new weapon at hand. The last customer;was still after a few last finishing touches on a particular  weapon. Leaving it with Eirik a little bit longer. But that was alright. He was used to it. It’s not the first time something like that happened. 

With it nearing 11. Eirik glanced up towards the door, once in a while. Hopefully his new assistant would turn up on time. The Valkyr knew that sometimes traffic could be a nightmare. Especially with the winter weather. It would be interesting working with someone else, to say the least.

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Oddly enough, the next morning arrived fairly quickly and it was time for Javier's first day at the weaponry store that was owned by an elder valkyr of Eirik. Another valkyr that he met last night at the castle whilst he was visiting there. The two had a bit in common and there was no doubt that the two would work alongside each other very well. He dressed quite nicely due to it being the first day, he wore a simple black collared tee and a light coloured grey pair of pants. His hair was slicked back with gel and his moustache was shaved off due to it being long and hairy, he decided to shave it keep it clean and fresh for the interview. Once he was ready, he grabbed his keys and other necessities along with him. His folder that held his personal documents in, he was finally ready and he checked the time to see. It read around 10:15am and he nodded to himself, forty-five minutes to get there. He quickly headed out of his apartment and went down a flight of stairs to his car. 

Unlocking it and he quickly got inside of it before he turned it on, he turned the radio on and blasted some music to past the nerves over. He warmed up the car for a few minutes before he backed out and pulled out of the apartment buildings car park, quickly he turned and headed to the main road. He hummed along to the music as he continued to cruise along the road, making sure to take it steady due to it being winter. He arrived in plenty of time, he arrived there at 10:45am and he parked the car a couple of blocks down from the store. He turned off the engine before he looked in the mirror of sun visor, making sure that his hair was still alright. Doing last minute check ups on himself, he grabbed his folder of important documents, his wallet and taking the keys out of the ignition. Finally, he stepped out and shut the door of the car, locking it behind him, he headed towards the store. He wasn’t usually nervous but he guessed that he wanted to make a good impression to Eirik plus he didn’t want to lose a friendship either. 

Arriving at the store, he was about ten minutes early because he knew from past interviews, employers always liked it early. His hand reached out to push open the door, giving it a slight nudge due to the snow on the ground. A bell above him rang out throughout the shop and he noticed a couple of customers were waiting by the registers, he figured that Eirik was serving them so he waited by one of the shelves, mesmerized by all the customized weaponry that he assumed Eirik made, he was talented that was for sure, a small smile slipped along his lips as he noticed a dagger he particularly liked, perhaps he would buy it later from him. He waited patiently for Eirik by the window of the shop, taking in the store and how everything was so old fashioned which he liked. He was sure the two would get along just fine. 

Before Javier’s arrival. Eirik had gotten the last flood of morning customers that stopped by his store; as it caught their eye from the outside. Despite him waiting for his new assistant to show him around, he wouldn’t turn customers away; that wasn’t how he rolled. It would have been rude of him for sure. This visit, was slightly unplanned. But the Viking always rolled with it; as a lot of customers come and went. Others came to the shop, if they had a meeting of sorts 

The young pair that stood in front of him; were interested in his collection of Viking Daggers. Seeing the purple tint in their hues; Eirik had a pair of Nephilims on his turf. Half Wondering, if Joaquin had sent them his way; in case they something different to Joa’s store. The sound of the door bell; didn’t go unnoticed. From the corner of his eye; The elder Valkyr noticed that his assistant had arrived earlier. Good on him. After serving the current customers; whom decided on a pair of daggers each. Eirik ran their details through the system; as they paid. Bidding them a good rest of the day, before they left with new weapons at hand.

Eirik than made his way over to where Javier was standing. “Sorry about that. New arrival of customers just came in, before you did.” Hopefully, he wasn’t waiting for him that long. “Glad to see you’re here a bit earlier than expected. Ready when you are.” Gesturing for Javier to follow him over towards the counter; where he could look over his paperwork, Cv and show him the booking system; aswell as the books he kept at hand; that he kept a note of orders and such.

“I trust, you had a good evening after we parted ways last night?” he questioned politely, with a slightly raised eyebrow.

Javier waited by the rows of shelves that held the customized weapons as he noticed a young couple near the register where Eirik was. Being polite, he didn’t want to interrupt them, he waited patiently for Eirik to finish and when he was, the older Valkyr came over to apologise for the waiting, he shook his head slightly before giving a slight smile. ‘’No worries at all, business is business that you need to take care of.’’ He commented in return as he let his hand slip out from his pocket, extending it towards Eirik as he came by. ‘’Nice to see you again,’’ he said quite warmly this time as he knew the two would make good partners. He was glad he arrived early because he didn’t like being late or not making a good impression either. 

As the elder Valkyr was ready for the interview and the tour of the weaponry shop, he nodded slightly. ‘’Always ready,’’ he murmured to the other as he walked over to the registry and placed his folder down onto the countertop and pulled out his resume as well as his payment options to give to Eirik. ‘’Here you go, I have everything there, including my payment details other necessities that you need.’’ He said softly as he leaned back slightly to give some room for the other valkyr. His nerves seemed to be settling and he was quite interested in the job as it appeared to be his own interests and it felt like something that he was more familiar with than any other shop he came across. 

His eyebrows raised slightly as he heard the question and he nodded his head, ‘’it was decent enough, I suppose. How about yours?’’ He asked in return as he commented about his evening, remembering that he reported something to Gideon which Gideon wasn’t too happy with but it was important. ‘’When you’re ready, we can start the tour of the place.’’ The shop wasn’t too big which he liked and he assumed that customers come in and head out fairly quickly so he liked the way things already were in the store. ‘’It’s a nice shop you have.’’ He complimented the others shop as he knew that the other took pride in the store. 

True, Business came first. He just didn’t initially like keeping people waiting for too long; especially on an occasion like this. But he could appreciate, that the other one was understanding of the situation. “It’s good to see you too.” His hand clasped around the others, giving him a firm yet friendly hand-shake. The fact, that Javier was here early, was a good thing. Eirik had a feeling, that he picked out a good assistant. He needed someone whom he could rely on, someone he got along with; and Javier seemed to be just that.Even if they knew each other for a short amount of time; he had a good feeling about it all.

Once they were by the counter. Rik sat down behind the desk. Taking the paper-work that Javier handed to him. “Thanks. This should be great use to me.” He glanced down, scanning everything over. Taking a few moments to put Javier’s details onto the system computer; so he wouldn’t forget to do it at a later date. Better now, than sorry. Right? Once Javier’s details were safe on the system. He set the bank details aside; before he looked over the CV. Making a copy of it, with his scanner behind him. Whilst the paper-work, was scanning. He turned to face the other male. “Before we begin the tour. There’s a few things for you to know. If a Nephilim by the name of Joaquin stops by. He’s welcome. He’s a friend of mine...and he owes the Weaponry store, in the Nephilim Quarter of the city. He’s a business ally of he may pop in and out sometimes.” Since they were working together, despite being two business; the other one would on occasion drop by, to see if one needed help ect. “Two, I am bit old don’t rely on technology too much. So anything. I keep a note of is in these two books.” He pulled out two books from a drawer. “This bigger, dark brown one is a list of all the weapons in the store at-current time. The other one, is what has been sold or costume made for customers. The information is also found on the computer...just for back-up. In case something happens.” Hopefully, it would help Javier a little bit, if he was looking for something in particular, or a customer was lost.

With the CV being finished copied. Eirik took the copy, before he returned the original copy to Javier. “My evening, was okay, I suppose. Quiet afterwards.” Which is probably what he needed, after his long day. So it was all good. As he commented on the store, he smiled widely. “Why, thank you. It’s just the perfect size, for what I need to be here.” That was the beauty of it. Despite it being was still a decent size, for what it was. And wasn’t too big either.

Javier understood well and truly about business since he came from the era where money was scarce, it was important and customers always come first before any formal situations. The elder Valkyr approached him once the pair of customers left, he shook the other man’s hand in a firm grip and nodded. He hoped that he was going to be at this job, not only he needed the money but he also wouldn’t mind starting over in a small business, getting back to a routine he liked plus weapons was always a big interest of his. Eirik seemed quite an interesting fellow, particularly since he was a former viking - the pair seemed to match since he was a former cowboy. 

The two approached a nice timber hardware countertop with the register and a few other accessories cluttering the counter, handing him his folder over to Eirik, he explained what he had in there. Watching as the other busied himself on the computer system, he hoped that was easy for him because he was not a techy kinda guy. As Eirik began to speak, he listened intently and made a note of the persons name. ‘’Yeah for sure, no worries.’’ He replied back with a slight smile as he placed his hands behind his back, his hands clasped together behind him. A small chuckle broke out of him as he heard the other saying he was old fashioned, ‘’yeah, I am in the same boat as you because I am old fashioned as well. I don’t trust the technology devices.’’ He only used a phone just to contact people, he had no interest in it. He watched as Eirik pulled out two thick books, explaining what they are and what’s needed in there. He nodded his head nonchalantly, keeping in mind which one was which. 

He watched as his CV made a return to him, he kindly grabbed the piece of paper and flipped opened his folder to place it back into a plastic sleeve, for safety purposes. ‘’Mine was relatively quiet as well but I love quiet nights,’’ he admitted honestly before he complimented the store, the store had this nostalgic feeling to it that he liked. ‘’You’re welcome. It feels homey already,’’ he chuckled softly as he moved his folder aside so it won’t get damaged if other people come by. ‘’Did you need anything else from me?’’ He asked, wondering if he had to show some kind of I.D or anything of the like. 

“Yeah, Technology is beyond me.” Eirik admitted with a chuckle. Asides from the various machines, that helped him cut wood, to precision that his hands could not. He avoided it like a plague. Much rather working with his hands and sticking to the good old fashioned way of writing things down, to keep a note off. Like inventory of his stock here at the weaponry store. It probably wasn’t the best. In case something would happen to both versions. But at least, he didn’t debate with technology to work, when it came to simple writing things down on a piece of paper and in binders. If Javier was a fast learner; than he would do just fine with the two thick books he just produced.

The Viking nodded. “Sometimes quiet evenings are a must.” Especially after long hectic days. He’d much rather be at peace. Then running around; after a long hard day with training and running the store. “I am glad you think so.” he smiled, as he called it homey. “No, for now. That will be all. I think I got everything I needed paperwork wise.” Eirik stood up from his seat again. Leaving the chair behind the desk. “As you probably seen a bit of the layout of the store. This is it. Behind us...down the small hallway, there’s a back room. Which I use when working on orders for customers and other weapons. There’s also a small storage area. “ he spoke, motioning behind him.

Walking around the shop. Eirik began to show Javier the premises in more detail. Each set of weapons had their own little area. A mixture of what was to offer, was in the display window in the front.

It was slightly funny for Javier that he had never really had a proper job before, it was more common for him back in his days where he would steal, rob or even sell things that were illegal back then, that’s how they were taught in the gang, either, provide money for the camp such as provisions and food, or they kicked you out. It was something that he was brought up by and something that he’d remember for a long time but even now, in the modern times, he wouldn’t do such a thing due to laws and prison, besides it was more strict now, of course, he didn’t want his reputation to be ruined. Once his CV was in the system, the two were commenting about technology where it was rather annoying. ‘’Some things are useful, Google can be interesting if you’re just browsing but overall, it’s a pain if you don’t know how to use the device.’’ He chuckled softly as he scratched the back of his neck with his hand.

Taking note that he didn’t need anything else from him, he left his CV folder on the counter there. Quiet evenings were one of his favourite things, he hoped that he was able to be good at customizing things once again, he used to be back in his days. ‘’Alright, sounds good,’’ before Eirik stood up from his chair and mentioned the backroom, he would have thought that it might have been a small staff room for breaks, but he guessed, he would manage since he didn’t eat food all that much, nodding nonchalantly.

‘’So, what would you like me to do when I’m on my shifts? I know that I would need to be serving customers, but what would I expect to do? I’ve never really used these machines before, so I guess, you’d have to show me.’’ He explained sheepishly as he looked over the metal and woodwork tools, some of them he knew but others not. ‘’So,’’ he made a small clap with his hands as he was ready to get to work. ‘’What’s the first thing you want me to do?’’ He grinned slightly as his eyes wandered about the store, it was so nice that there was an opportunity of work here, so he was going to try his best at it.

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