It was a Friday evening and the rain came crashing down upon Evermore City.  The droplets slammed against her window like a thousand little tiny rocks were being thrown at it. Amoura laid on her bed, finding herself deep in a history book. She had went to the local library earlier after work. Her book shelves were looking a bit bare and she needed more to read. She knew it was going to be a rainy day so she decided to grab a few books. The one she picked up first was a book about Evermore. It was a delicate paper back book. There were a lot of recounts and stories about the different species who lived here. What intrigued her the most was her own history. The celestial only had but a few pages to look through. The little blurb about her kind was not only short but it gave her more to think about. 

Amoura has been in Evermore for awhile now and she had put off her curiosity in finding out how she as a celestial could work her powers. She knows that she has a certain glow to her. She practically gets complimented about her skin just about everyday at the art studio. Other than that, she faintly remembers some powers she saw displayed at the isle of sky. She was going to discover more about herself and how to handle her powers from a friend she had made there. That day never came and she was left to figure out the pieces for herself.  Her fingertips graced the pages as she read, her eyes slowly scanning over the black print words. Some words were hard to see because of they were fading. Even the book felt like it was ready to give way. The librarian was nice enough to let the celestial take the book. At first she was not willing but with the way Amoura is able to persuade people, she got it. 

"Foresight?" She whispered to herself as she read about that power. At first it sounded like some kind of psychic power. She wanted to find out more but was interrupted by a random broadcast alert. "Attention citizens of Evermore Co, this is a broadcast alert about a series of people being harmed by objects that have shattered into pieces. People are being pierced by the objects and we are not sure why. Please stay away from any objects that look unsafe. Amoura couldn't help but stare at the screen. That was the most random thing she has ever heard about to happen in this city. Besides, she never really got why human's would broadcast so much of their content in other territories. Amoura rolled off the bed, the book dropping to the ground as she did. When she looked down, there was a page about Niveis' on it. Specifically about their certain strengths and powers. She picked up the book and read through each power, she saw Shattering as one. Amoura raised an eyebrow, there wasn't much more about this species. 

She decided to put on a sweatshirt and some jeans. She wanted to learn more about this species. She was very interested more so as to why this certain one was causing a panic around the city. Specifically to humans. Amoura grabbed her umbrella and made her way out of the apartment. The rain turned into mist when she stepped out of the building. The celestial made her way down the block towards the library. In the back of her mind, she thought about trying out her power of foresight on a person. Who that person may be she does not know. As Amoura walked, she passed by a café. Feeling parched, she walked inside and grabbed a seat at the counter. Amoura set her umbrella off to the side and then looked up at the menu. She then looked over at Caspian who had files scattered about the counter. Since no one else was up here, he must've thought he could use this as his personal work area. 

The celestial eyed some of the files down, scanning over the manila folders and seeing parts of what was inside. She then looked at Caspian once more who was concentrated in his work. She lightly cleared her throat. "Excuse me...but I may need to borrow some room." She said to him. 

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Ever since that mysterious fog had entered Evermore strange happening were occurring all over the city.  It seemed to affect only supernaturals and as far as Caspian had learned, all factions had had unusual things happening when the fog came around.  He had formed a theory but wasn’t ready to take it to Anivia.  It was better to get more evidence before he went to her.  Unfortunately that meant Caspian couldn’t use his office.  Too many people came and went, they would ask questions and Caspian wasn’t good at lying.  So he packed up the files he needed, and went to to a cafe in the human territory to see if he could find some similarities other than the fog in the four cases of Niveis going crazy.  One in particular was of concern to Caspian, because even after the fog had cleared up young Silas had not gone back to his normal self.  He had been acting up and breaking things for no reason.  His family were concerned.  They had mentioned hospitalization but since the Niveis didn’t have a hospital of their own, they had been advise to wait and see what they could find out.  Each faction’s affected reacted in a different way.  He had heard of some becoming very violent, others had auditory hallucinations while others went through a physical change.  It had all the elders baffled.

Stacy, the barista in the morning knew Caspian well.  “The usual,” she said with a warm welcoming smile.  Caspian looked around for an empty table so he could spread out his work.  He had an idyllic memory so he could remember where he had seen any given piece of information.  Is why with cases like this one, he didn’t use a computer.  His mind worked faster and made connection computer software could not possibly make.  Caspian retained some of the ‘old school’ techniques.  He would w-end yours discussing the merits of using these old fashioned methods with Lucia, his daughter but they always ended up talking about something else.  “One day”. Caspian liked to tell Lucia “there will be a solar flare that will fry all technology. What will you do then?”

when his tea was ready Stacy called out Caspian’s name.  She saw the puzzled look in his face.  “It’s finals, all university kids are cramming. We have free WiFi so that’s why all tables are filled even though is very early.”  Stacy saw Caspian’s shoulders slumped.  Before Caspian decided to leave. Stacy had a brilliant idea. “If you need space you can sit at the bar.  It’s too early to open it so no one is sitting there.  I’ll turn on the lights for ya.”  Stacy went to turn on the lights but kept the “close” sign on on that part of the cafe.  The opened it in the afternoon for the after work crowds.

Caspian got his files out, a-read them across the bar, got his legal yellow pad and began to take notes as he sipped his tea.  He was concentrating on his job when he heard a voice calling him by name.  He turned around and ground.  He didn’t recognize the female in front of him.  He gave her a charming smile “Excuse me?  This area is closed.”  He pointed to the sign but it had been turned around.  He looked at the beautiful woman and smiled. “Ah, I see, someone must’ve turned the sign around.  Let me make some room for you.”  He stood up and in no time, Caspian had placed all the files to his left.  Leaving the right side of the bar free for what ever the lady wanted to do.

Amoura raised an eyebrow when he mentioned that the part of the café she had walked to was closed. Her gaze went over to the sign that he was pointing at, only to see what she noticed prior to coming inside. Open. The sign had read. She nodded in his response to the sign being flipped from closed to open. He had looked like he had been here for hours before this area was open to the afternoon crowd. The celestial watched as the man moved all the files off to the left side. Amoura smiled a bit and placed her bag onto the counter top. She didn't know she didn't zipper it all the way so book she was reading earlier fell out. 

"Sorry for interrupting. I just came in to grab a quick coffee." She said to Caspian before noticing the book about Evermore laid out on the countertop. She swiftly picked it up and placed the library book inside her bag. 

"What can I get for you?" A blonde woman quickly approached where Amoura was sitting. She was caught off guard and had forgotten she was here to get a drink and be on her way. "um..." For a moment, the celestial wasn't sure if that was the kind of drink she should be getting. Coffee was always her go to when it called for getting something that helped with her energy in the morning. The rain outside kind of made the day seem slower than usual. Amoura glanced over at Caspian's cup of tea that still had steam coming from it. "I would like to try what he has." Her eyes darted over to the cup and the barista nodded. "Sure thing."  The barista walked off and now the nivies and celestial were left to chat once more. 

Amoura decided to take a look out the window, seeing how foggy it had become since she first arrived. She wasn't sure why the weather has been off lately but there wasn't something right about it either. "Have you also noticed the fogginess?" The celestial ended up asking the man when she looked over at him. She then realized that she is either beginning to talk to much or she's interrupting Caspian, keeping him from continuing to work. "If I'm bothering you....I apologize." The celestial said. Her focus soon found itself back on the pile of files he had pushed off to the right side. One of the labels caught her eye in particular. Amoura wasn't one to pry but she was willing to try if it meant seeing if she could find answers about the nivies. 

The piles of files that Caspian had carelessly placed to the side threaten to topple over, but for now, Caspian needed to be a good host to the young lady that had sat next to him.  “I can assure you young lady you are not in my way.  I came here for some pease and quiet and as you can see, it is proven to be difficult.”

Even though the other customers were cramming for tests, there were murmurs everywhere, half heard conversations mixed with the loud clacking of keyboards which made concentrating close to impossible.  Caspian welcomes the distraction since he had hit a dead end.  There was a rogue Nivei in the city, not rogue exactly but one that thought she was a Phoenix not a Niveis.  She didn’t want to be found which made it hard for Caspian to find and bring into the tribe.  He needed help, but he didn’t know what type of help he wanted.

He took a sip of his drink and furrowed his brow.  "The fog?  As a matter of fact I have seen the fog.  Actually come to think of it, it’s a strange type of fog.  It seems to cling to things and dissipate on others.  Why you ask?”

When he put his glass down a photograph of the rogue Niveis slipped out of the pile of papers and landed right next to Amoura.  Caspian casually picked up the photo “it’s just part of the case I’m working on.”  He took another long look at the girl and then had an idea. Setting the photo where it had settled and asked “Have you seen this girl?"  He asked Amoura.

The waitress soon came back with Amoura's cup of tea. The steam flew up into the air when she sat it down in front of her. "Thanks." The celestial told the blonde waitress before she hurried over to tend to another customer. She then blew on the tea to cool it off a bit, while listening to the different sounds in the café. Today was busier than ever. Students were scattered about from the booths to the tables. Even Amoura didn't know the bar space was now filled with people sitting from one end of it to the other. The celestial poured some sugar into her tea, stirring it gently. 

She hadn't noticed much that has been happening around Evermore. Not until today at least. Besides the weather, there have been some people acting strange. Her gaze then followed back over to Caspian who spoke back to her, answering the question she had asked in order to start a conversation. "Just curious. I've noticed that when people are out in it for far to long....they start acting differently." The celestial was unsure as to where the fog has come from or why it surrounded the city so heavily. All she knew was it was making people become confused and wild. 

Amoura caught sight of a photograph that had slipped out from the pile of files and paper Cas had set off to the side. She raised an eyebrow at the strange girl in the picture, wondering if she had anything to do with some of the chaos that has been happening around different territories lately. The celestial looked at the photo once more when Caspian had slid it over to her to look at it some more. "I've seen a sketch of her displayed on T.V a hour or so before I came into this café." She told Caspian, now realizing that he must be searching for the girl. She must be important to him because of how intense he was into his work and how much paperwork he had set off to the side. It looked like a week's maybe months worth of papers he had. "Are you searching for her?" Amoura asked the man.

Caspian shook his head "I asked the family not to run the emergency broadcast, but they did anyway.  Now she is in deep hiding.  No one knows where she is. It has made my job even harder.”  He offers a small smile and put out his hand as he introduced himself "My name is Caspian Oakley Scout Leader of the Niveis tribe here in Evermore.  It is my job to bring new Nivei safely back to our community.  This young lady’s powers manifested suddenly, she got scared and ran away from home.  You really can’t tell how big this city is.  There are so many places to hide."  His last words were sad with a saddened tone of voice.

This whole search had gone wrong from the get go.

He ran his fingers through his hair.  It had been a perplexing endeavor. "Her name is Emma Meis.  She has been missing for ten days."  Caspian rarely reached out and asked for help, but here he was asking a supernatural if she had seen this young girl.  The stranger had a kind smile and looked interested in what Caspian was telling her. "Emma is confused and scared, she is not seeking help from any of her friends or school mates.  The television broadcast brought so many false leads, but as you know, one of them may lead to find her."

caspian shuffled the papers and found the map of Evermore.  Red dots where scattered everywhere. "These are all the areas I have investigated so far." Pointing to the red dots Caspian looked at the young woman next to him with some hope.  He rifled the stack of documents and found a nice thick steak bound by a rubber band.  "These are all the leads I have received so far.  Can you let us?”

"Well that broadcast set off a lot of alarms I'm guessing." She said, just thinking back to what one of the newscasters were reporting on about the girl. The amount of detail they were saying about her mad the Niveis sound like she had gone insane. Amoura looked over at Caspian who began to talk again, watching as he extended his hand to her. She took a second before shaking his hand. "My name is Queen." She told the man, going by her alias name she uses at her job. 

"I'm a local painter in Evermore" She added in since he mentioned who he was and what he did. Amoura nodded In agreement when he mentioned how big the city was. It was pretty huge and had a lot of places the girl could be hiding. It would be hard to track her down immediately. She could tell he was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated that his search had gone left for awhile now. 

Amoura looked over the map that Caspian had brought out, seeing all of the red dots in places marked where he had been. She looked over the piece of paper now decorated with traces that must have left him at dead ends. It was weird for a stranger like himself to ask her for help, she wasn't one to pry into people's situations but Caspian seemed like he really needed her. Although, she did not know how she would be able to help. Amoura kept looking over the map before turning to look at Cas. "I can try." She said to him trying to sound reassuring. 

The celestial remembered one time she used the power of Foresight with Viola. It was brief but she was able to look see Viola's path of future which was her untimely death; something Amoura wanted to prevent but failed. She never mentioned what she saw that day. "Can we go somewhere with less people?" She asked while looking around, not trying to expose her powers to much. She was still unsure of how much she can handle. 

Caspian nodded.  Gathering the documents he had spread all over the table, Caspian waved the waitress to come.  He gave her enough money to cover his and Queen’s tab as well as a nice tip.  He also called his driver to meet them outside in five minutes.

"We can go to my office.  We can have all the privacy you want."  He motioned for her to follow him.  Opening the door for her, he waited until she got inside then went to the opposite side to sit down, letting the driver know to take them back to the office.  "I hope you don’t mind.  The Niveis tribe welcomes all factions, your safety is ensured, you have my word on that.

His phone rang, a frantic mother was on the receiving end. "Yes, Mrs. Burgess, we are following leads.  No mRs. Burgess I cannot give you a definite time when we will find your daughter, but rest assured I will not rest until we find her."  He listened to her some more until the woman was satisfied that Oakley was doing everything possible to find the little girl.

When the call ended he looked at Queen apologetically. " I apologize for this, but as you can see.  This matter is pressing and as have yet to have any fruitful results.  Any help you are kind enough to offer will be appreciated.

As they got to his office, Caspian made sure Queen felt comfortable. He offered her a beverage and asked her what would she need.  Caspian wasn’t sure what she could do.  He had no idea if he should get his hopes up.

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