Eden had been eyeing these Russian mob lords for months now. They were smart, organized, fast, and ruthless. Not to mention, this group of drug lords had been one of the biggest Eden had seen so far. She didn't give a damn about their drug dealing, what she cared about is that two of them in the group, were suspects to a homicide.  Eden had been swamped with cases lately, but it was this one she'd becam transfixed and engrossed by. God what she wouldn't give to sink her fangs into them. Eden had fallen off the wagon long ago, when she was first turned into a Valkyr. 

Becoming a Valkyr was the ideal to keep taking care of her sick mother, and because she didn't want her inquisitive sharp mind consumed by the same inoperable brain tumor that killed her father. The moment she'd been diagnosed with cancer, Eden didn't hesitate to agree to Lord Heathcliff's offer. In exchange for bringing her back from the dead once the cancer killed her, she'd continue tutoring his children and he'd continue making sure her mother was taken care of financially. Eden couldn't beat that offer. Plus, she didn't wanna lie there in bed, wasting away from the cancer, thats never how she wanted to die. Beating the odds was a miracle to her. And at first, she didn't even believe what Lord Heathcliff was saying, to be true. Once he had flashed his fangs at her though, Eden fainted, the deal was sealed once her big brown bright eyes opened again. 

Due to the fact that Eden didn't leave her life behind her when she came back as a Valkyr, she lost her mind, and shortly after moving here to Evermore, Eden had fallen in a dark hole .. for her, simply known as blood lust. Like any other addiction, without it, she sweated profusely, shook like a leaf, sported black circles underneath her eyes, and lashed out at anyone near her. But, it wasn't often that the Valkyr didn't get to feed, so she didn't go through withdrawal often. Today was unlike most usual days for Eden. Lieutenant Espinoza had sent out an email to the detectives he needed for today's task; training the new detectives. Eden always loved training someone new, because in her past, she loved teaching and tutoring kids; being able to train new detectives reminded her of her old life, that was now but a memory to her, something long left behind. 

Getting to her feet, Eden strolled into the bathroom after spending thirty minutes at her closet picking out clothes. Once she'd gotten down into her tub, she didn't wanna get out; purring as the hot water and the scented bubbles candles and rose petals allowed her to drift away into a place of peace for a few moments. 

Eden was meant to be in town in the next hour however, and with that, she didn't waste anymore time with getting out, drying off, doing her hair and make up, and dressing. After turning and shifting from one side to the next, Eden gave herself a smirk, pleased by what she saw in the mirror. Gathering her personal items, the Valkyr headed on out, and climbed into her sleek black sporty Mercedez. After finding a song she could drive to, Eden sped out of her drive way, and out into the road, humming as she made her way into the city. Today was about teaching, and she was excited for once. The darkness within her soul though, always put a twist to everything. She had to tread carefully, but there were times that she was just as reckless as she was callous. And, with her being very calculating and smart, well that made her dangerous to anyone she could subdue. 

Her destination finally came into view, and after parking in her usual spot, the Valkyr smirked, and climbed out before locking her car up. Eden made her way inside ECPD; nodding at those she knew, and making her way to her office to wait for the new detective. Eden had a flask full of blood to curve the cravings, but that always did so little to suffice. It helped her manage during work hours however. As she began waiting for her understudy, Eden turned her phone on, and blasted the music; it helped ease her right into work. As she began humming, The Valkyr began reading through different files, she figured she could take the new detective out with her to see what was happening with the Russian mob lord whom she'd been suspecting of murder. People had their workl cut out for them with Eden over top pf them, all she could hope for, is that the person she'd be training today, would be able to keep up and handle her. 

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The Niveis sighed, he had the experience of a detective and who would have guessed it, he was hired as one by the ECPD the moment he showed his expansive experience in the field. Most younger police officers glared in spite because he skipped the traffic cop stage, he skipped the constant hounding of the police chief, and was immediately assigned as a detective to be trained.

The night prior he had been drinking without much thought about having to work the following morning, his body only being held together by the energy drink in his hand while his eyes were hidden by black shades. The downside to having such pale blue eyes, was that once they were red from being sleep deprived you could notice it within almost an instant though it still looked pretty. The sound of his feet hitting the floor and papering being pushed was music almost compared to the music from the bar last night, the feeling of eyes on him a nuisance as he went to the assigned detective he was given for training.

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A bound brown journal sat in his palm as he pushed up his glasses, with the lack of sun they shifted into clear spectacles his eyes piercing the detective who appeared relatively focused upon files she seemed to preparing for them to handle. "Good morning Detective Shaw. I am Nyx Arygis, it is a pleasure to be training with you." He smiled, his pale gaze mesmerizing for those unused to the frosted stare he gave accidentally.

Eden finished reading through the file, in spite of knowing someone had entered the room with her. She was obsessed with these mobsters, and wanted to prove that the two she had pointed a long, accusing finger at, were guilty of the murders committed not long ago, which happened to tie into another case. Eden planned to bring it all in full circle. She hated lose ends, and that's exactly what had been thrown her way, a ton of lose ends that none of the others had managed to solve. Eden wasn't the best homicide detective in the nation, or even the state she lived in, but she had came pretty damn close; she had also had the chance to meet a few of the other detectives, one that she dreamed of working side by side with. She'd leave names for the imagination right now, her imagination that is. Lusting after her king wasn't going to get her very far with a new trainee today. 

Spinning in her chair to face the trainee,  Eden caught his gaze, and gave him a piercing one in turn. Slapping the folder shut, the Valkyr got to her feet, and stood to face him; "Likewise Detective Arygis. I was told i'd have my hands full with you" she sated, giving an expressive smirk before holding the file outward for him to grab. Inside of the yellow folder held images and written descriptions of different murders that Eden had tied to these Russian mobsters. One, a family of four. Two drug addict parents, and their children all gruesomely murdered and the other, a female at just the tender age of 23, both raped and murdered. The two things each murder case had in common was the markings left on the victims, sadly, even the children. 

Eden had been researching these marks / symbols / tattoo's for months now to learn quite a few things. The victims were littered in lashes across more than half their bodies, but something worse than that, each of them had an Oskal carved somewhere in their bodies, as if the killer wanted to leave a message. The only thing Eden had peiced together, is that Russian mobsters, especially those that'd been in prison, had these Oskal's tattooed on them. "Tigers, leopards or snarling wolves are called Oskals, the Russian word for ‘Big Grin.’ These tattoos indicate aggression or hostility toward the authorities. All the Russian mo members here in the city have them" she expressed, wondering what his input would be.  And, at this rate Eden had used her wits to tie these murders together, to the Russian mob that resided in the city. They were the only Russian mobsters around,so she was sure it was them. Finding the evidence to bring them down, wouldn't be hard. 

"So, Arygis.. what's your take so far?" she questioned, wanting to give him the chance to speak up. For all Eden knew, he'd be able to pin point things and put this case together as quickly as she knew she could. She had saved all the important details for him, that, and this was after all, Evermore. Eden knew her and the new detective would end up getting their hands dirty at some point. Besides, Eden's dark twisted up soul, was definitely gonna make this a roller coaster. It's the main reason she had hoped he could handle working with her. Her ways were nothing short of sadistic. 

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