As soon as the day had come to end for Illiana, she took her leave from her office in the Ailward Manor, fully prepared to grab a bite to eat before heading home. The role of Guard Commander was something Illiana had never thought she would get used to, but slowly, the Nephilim was growing to the role she had been working for since she joined the Ailward Guard, many years ago when she was younger. 

Being January, the sun had already set by the time the Nephilim had left the Ailward Manor and begun her walk away from the Ailward's home through the Ailward Territory. The air was refreshing after sitting in her office for most of the day getting work done and Illiana was grateful for the walk, to take the time to relax from a days work. It was nice to not have anything else to worry about in that moment, to just take a walk in peace. 

Moving through the streets, Illiana pushed her hands into the pocket of her coat as she walked, having made her way into the Human Territory on her walk. She knew a diner not too far from where she was, knowing it would be a good place to grab something to eat before she heading back home, where Draco would be. With working more, she hadn't had as much time with her fiance as she would have liked, but he often popped into the Manor to see how she was doing and bring her a coffee, which she loved. 

Before she knew it, Illiana was just down the street from the diner, a small smile on her face at the thought of eating something more than the quick snacks she'd had throughout the day whilst working. The Nephilim hadn't been looking where she was going, so by the time she reached the building to open the door, she bumped into someone as she reached up to open the diner door, causing her to look up to apologise. "I am so sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going! Are you okay?" Illiana questioned, watching the young with a raised eyebrow in concern. 

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Training at the Organization, combined with her night shift at the cafe, was definitely taking its toll on her sleep schedule. She worked at the cafe from eight in the evening until eight in the morning. As soon as she got off that job, she would make her way to the organization for her training, and get finished there at three in the evening to at least let her get some sleep before work. Coffee had become her best friend as of late, and it helped her remain awake until she needed to fall asleep. Today had been different though, she had bonus sleep time because her mentor Sebastian had other tasks that took priority. She couldn’t say that she wasn’t disappointed, but she also couldn’t say that she wasn’t happy to have the extra time to sleep. After work, she took a nap and woke up just before dinner, however, Samira didn’t exactly feel much like cooking anything for dinner, so instead she decided to head out to one of the diners, restaurants, or cafes that littered the streets of Evermore. She had never seen such a fine selection of shops before, but then again, she hadn’t done a whole lot of traveling.

Getting dressed in a pair of light blue denim jeans, and a purple tee; the young brunette began collecting her belongings for the excursion on the streets of Evermore. Her cell phone, her handbag which contained her spending cash, and the keys to her apartment. With her belongings collected, she picked up her light blue denim jacket, and put on a pair of running shoes with purple laces, before heading out the door. The cold mountain air that flowed through the town, nipped at her cheeks and nose, giving her face a little more color than normal. Samira didn’t really mind the cold, of course she would much prefer the warmth of summer, but she was able to handle the cold weather. Walking through the streets of Evermore, she had her phone in her hand looking at the gps, trying to decide on a place to eat. As usual she wasn’t watching where she was going, and almost stepped into oncoming traffic before being pulled away by a stranger who told her that she should be more aware of her surroundings.

Continuing her trek through the fresh layer of snow that had fallen recently, Samira found a quaint little diner on her phone’s gps and decided to have her dinner there. Following the gps was the easy part, getting there without an accident was something else entirely. After hitting two signs, and bumping into about a dozen strangers, Samira finally arrived at the diner in question. However her luck wasn’t about to change just yet, and as she was about to enter the establishment, she once again collided with a stranger, who was also attempting to enter the same building. Hearing her voice, Samira looked up at the female and smiled at her. “It’s perfectly fine. Much better than a street sign” she teased with a laugh as she rubbed her head. Given the fact of skin on cold metal, she was surprised that she didn’t leave behind some of her skin on the two signs she collided with.

“I’ll be okay. Believe it or not, this isn’t the worst thing that’s happened to me…” she began with a slight pause “” she continued with a laugh. The blonde female seemed familiar, but she couldn’t quite pinpoint the how or why she seemed familiar. “Are you having dinner here as well?” she questioned while subtly giving away her own intentions of having dinner there. If they were going to have dinner there as well, then maybe they could share a table and talk a little more. After all, there was still the strange sensation in the back of her mind that she knew this female somehow. Maybe talking to her would clear up the how and why that she can’t seem to find.

The city had transformed into a winter wonderland when the snow began falling. Illiana loved it, watching the snow as the flakes settled on the ground. It was just one of those little things that made her feel happy, it made her feel like a little kid again who didn't have to worry about being Commander and making sure the Guards were doing their jobs, all that adult stuff. But she did have all that to worry about, she had plenty of things to do whether it was working alongside the Guards and Aspects with training or debriefing about a mission, to planning her wedding. Just the thought of getting married put a smile on the Nephilim's face. She was excited, but also nervous though she knew she didn't have to be. It was Draco, she loved him and that was all that mattered. 

Having walked through the layer of snow to the diner in the city, Illiana was grateful to see the building show up in the distance, knowing inside would be nice and warm compared to the bitter cold it was outside with the snow. Reaching out to open the door though, was when she bumped into another female who was also preparing to go inside the diner. "Are you sure you are okay? I am so sorry!" Illiana apologised again, wanting to make sure the young girl was okay though she raised an eyebrow when bumping into street signs was mentioned before chuckling slightly. "As long as you're alright, I would hate for you to be injured. I was just so caught up in my own thoughts." She spoke once again, offering a smile to female. 

When she brought up the fact that it wasn't the worst that had happened that day, Illiana couldn't help the soft laugh that left her mouth. "Just a bit clumsy, I'm guessing?" The Nephilim questioned, looking to her with smile. Hearing her question, Illi nodded her head as she looked up to the diner before turning back to the young woman. "Yes actually. I've heard it's quite nice, have you even eaten here before?" Illiana asked, before going to pull the door open so they didn't have to stand outside in the cold and instead could head on in. It would be nice to have someone to sit with for a change, she'd decided. 

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