Stealing had become an everyday thing for Taylor and yet, even though she had more than enough stolen items stashed away in her apartment, the brunette could help but want more. The thrill she felt from getting away with a new heist was unlike any other and to stop doing something that excited her wasn't an option, she lived for it and without the help of her parents, it was the only thing she knew how to do that she was actually good at.

Taylor was always looking at new ways to con someone because she was too used to just walking into a place and using her dark magic to steal something, there was little to no excitement in that anymore and so when she came across an ad looking for new hires, the Diviner was quick to seek out the place. The larger the company, the more valuables they had that she could get her hands on and that was always a win win situation in her eyes. What made things seem easier for her was the fact that the job was for a human and in her past experience, humans were much easier to manipulate than the supernatural were. She hoped to things would run smoothly within her plans to rob the place of whatever important documents and such they might have but when it came to certain humans of Evermore, that might turn out to be a challenge.

She was fairly new to the application process, this would be the first job she'd applied for ever and Tay couldn't help but feel anxious because for all she knew, the company might've already chosen a new employee. However, she went ahead and applied on her laptop. A mere day later, she was surprised to receive a call back requesting an interview which she gladly agreed to. It brought her to where she was now, standing before the large building she recognized to be of the organization and Privy council members. "Great." She mumbled under her breath, obviously forgetting to do her research and originally having thought the company was for a random rich oblivious individual in the city. Boy, was she wrong. Her plans were going to be more challenging than she thought as she entered the building.

Once she was lead up to the Electronics department, Taylor was told to take a seat while the other female notified the department head of her arrival. Minutes went by after that with her seated in a chair, her green hues watching the other employees who ran around and worked in a hurry before her name was called by the same female from earlier, telling her that the head was ready to see her. The Diviner stood and walked to the door she was lead to, knocking once before letting herself in.

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Sitting back on the plush chair in his office at the Organisation, Aarav flipped through the numerous files that had been presented to him, filled with information on all the applicants who were interested in the new position that had to be filled in Everectronics. Usually the male enjoyed the recruitment process in his own luxurious office at Everectronics, due to the sensitivity of the post to be filled, the Organisation had advised to conduct the process at it's headquarters to which Aarav had reluctantly agreed.

Now he he had just dismissed the previous candidate, not finding the passion in his eyes that the male was looking for. it was difficult to find someone who would be dedicated to the job but also not take advantage of it. The candidate before the recently rejected male was too drunk on the idea of the power she would wield, to actually impress the CEO. That was not the kind of employee he was looking for.

Aarav always made it his personal commitment to go over the hiring process. It gave him an opportunity to know who was working for him, right from the very beginning and established a good connection between the employer and the employee - something that he knew to be of key importance in his business. It helped in building trust. Aarav was good at reading people and he would know just how one's potential could be put to use.

As a knock resonated through his cold room, Aarav looked up from the file at hand - Taylor Birsch - was the name of the candidate, the brunette in the picture attached to the application, now stepping through the doors. He stood up on his feet and motioned for the female to come in, "Good morning, Ms. Birsch." His tone was lighter, his accent barely distinguishable as the male continued, "I'm Aarav Saxena, CEO of Everectronics." Extending his hand for a shake, he then spoke politely, "Please take a seat."

Taylor waited until he answered to the knocks before letting herself in, putting on a soft smile as he greeted her, just another thing added to the nice act she was putting on. "Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Saxena." She said in response, placing her hand in his and giving it a shake. The thought of the male picking a different candidate who wasn't her crossed the female's mind and she felt that the only way he would consider her was if she kept up the politeness, something that differed completely from the bitterness attitude she plastered on on the daily. She was far from nice and anyone else who crossed paths with her knew that but when it came to Aarav, she was going to show him the complete opposite. Without this job, she wouldn't get her hands on the things of the Electronics Department and that just wasn't an option.

Her plan had been a simple one; impress the interviewer enough for him to hire her, get him to warm up to her, then steal right behind his back and try her best to get away with it. Hell, Taylor would probably go as far as blaming the lost items on another employee in the building and since lying was another one of her many strength, they'd most likely be dumb enough to believe her. Or so she hoped.. Humans in the Eternal City proved to be smarter than those around the country and though it proved to make things difficult for her, the Diviner loved a challenge.

After shaking his hand, Taylor sat in the seat before her, his desk now the only thing between the two of them. Her mind was immediately prepared when it came to the questions he'd soon throw her way and since this was the first interview she'd done, she was completely unaware of what she'd actually gotten herself into. However, when it came to stealing, the female was hell bent on doing everything she could to get to it.

The first thing Aarav noticed as the female walked in was her sparkling eyes, it almost reminded him of his late wife, and he absentmindedly brushed his thumb along his left ring finger where his wedding ring still sat. He never had the courage to take it off, even when he had left behind every part of his past - the wedding band reminding of happier times, even if they hadn't lasted. The white gold wrapped around the skin also reminded him of his promise - that night he hadn't killed his wife, he had saved her from the monster she had become and since then he had vowed to the humankind in every way he could.

Once the female walked in, Aarav extended his hand and shook hers, "Pleasure is all mine, Ms. Birsch." He replied, running his fingers down the lapel of his suit before taking a seat in his office chair, gesturing for her to do the same. Taylor Birsch was one of the last candidates for the day and Aarav was really hoping he'd find something worthwhile in her, because all the candidates before her had been major disappointment and he didn't want to recruit them.

"So, Taylor Birsch." He started, leaning back as the chair gave a tiny squeak. His gaze held hers to look for confidence and genuinity, Aarav having become an expert at reading recruits due to how long he had been doing this, "Tell me something about yourself." He said, picking up her file from the glass table in front of him before flipping through the pages, "Why did you choose to come to Evermore?"

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