IT had been months.... months had gone by since she'd last seen him. She didn't know if this was a new game for him to play with her, or if he truly had been away on business calls. She did know one thing though, the young Diviner had grown tired of missing him, tired of him not even so much as calling. But, after she'd bumped into him a few nights ago, and he took her to his very own cabin, one she'd never seen before. Enzo was charming, humble compassionate and very selfless when it came to her, but.. he'd also held secrets.

She sighed as she slipped into the attire she had took to the bathroom with her, fresh out of the shower, she then done her hair and added her makeup lightly. She hadn't heard from him in a couple of days, and before she'd let him again slip away with no goodbyes, she decided to grab her keys and wallet and depart her lonely home. Sticking the key in the ignition of her Hummer H2, she revved the engine a few times, and backed out from her driveway, whipping her hummer around in a circle before speeding off in the direction of the cabin.

She sighed to herself, life was a little confusing for the young Diviner as of lately but she wouldn't let it slow her down, not even for a second. A song began to play on the radio Im Leaving - Illenium shaking her head, she began singing along. She wasn't going to keep playing at this .. Enzo needed to stay this time, if not.. she'd throw in the towel and surrender. Chasing him had been fun at first, but now? She couldn't keep up. "No tears, Aisling. No tears" she reminded herself as she pulled into the driveway of the cabin he'd shown her nights ago.

Visuals of that night played in her mind .. it seemed as if she was sitting in front of a flat screen watching a movie of their lives. Enzo had became a best friend to her, he'd guided her, taught her all she knew, he taught her how to be kind, patient and humble. She hesitated to get out, but that wasn't going to solve anything. So, stepping out, she made her way to the door, her heart beating rapidly. Giving the door a light knock, she stepped back, waiting, hoping he'd answer. There was so much to talk about, and to solve.

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Things have been difficult in Enzo's mind. Times have been hard, and he couldn't help but feel like he was hiding from his girl, Aisling. She was all too kind to him, even after disappearing for months on end. He hadn't told her the real truth about while he was gone. he was afraid.

The reason he had been gone for so long was due to work, but also he lost a dear friend to his heart - a long time friend. They were killed by a hunter, and he was there for his revenge.

And that's exactly what he did. He killed the whole clan of vampire hunters, with out even a tear.

Lorenzo walked around his house aimlessly, running a hand through his hair. He knew she was coming, even if she hadn't told him. It was an instinct of his. Feeling her around, when she wasn't.

Sighing to himself, he was just about to go upstairs to shower, when he heard a light knock at his front door. Just like he thought, it was Aisling. Walking up to the door, he opened, and was greeted by her lovely smile.  She looked gorgeous as ever, and the smile she gave him was as if to say, 'Yeah that's right, I'm here. Welcome me in.'  Which is what he did. "Hello, Aisling." He moved to the side, and let her into his cabin, and kissed her cheek. "How're you this evening?" He asked, as they walked further inside.

He shut the door behind them.

She stood there for what seemed like forever. Sighing softly, she'd turned to walk back to her car until the sound of the door started her. With that she turned back around to look at him. He was as gorgeous as she remembered him. The months he had been away had sent the young Diviner into a downward spiral, she'd became rebellious just like she had in her teen days. But, now standing here seeing him.. she inhaled. Her heartbeat excelerated, beating rapidly. She'd fallen speechless, words were out the window and an awkward silence settled for a moment.

Upon him standing aside, she stepped into the doorway, standing against him. "Hello Enzo." she said simply, a hint of a smile played on her lips when he kissed her cheek. Her stomach filled with butterflies. Her eyes soon began to scan the place, she hadn't been here in a while, and their run in a few nights ago had done nothing but confused her. Walking into the kitchen, Aisling helped herself to a bottle of his wine, grabbing two wine glasses from the glass cabinet that stood from floor to ceiling. After their glasses were full, she looked to him. Puzzled, she searched for words to speak. "Where have you been Enzo?" she questioned, downing the first glass in one gulp.

"I knew it wouldn't be easy, running into you again. I just didnt think it'd be this hard" she admitted, sighing softly. "But, ive missed you" she then said truthfully. Her eyes fell onto the picture that was framed of her and him, it was their first real date.

"Im not sure where we will go from here, but we have a lot to catch up on" she stated as she peeled her eyes away from the picture, gazing to him. She knew he was hiding something from her, she could see it playing in his eyes. Lorenzo looked haunted... afraid. Things she had never seen Enzo go through in her life. "I started running my own club finally, and thats only half the work I do" she expressed. "I'm also a therapist" she told him, the job she tended to bring so much back with her from. A deep sigh parted her lips. She didn't know what would happen for them at this point, but she was willing to see where things took them.

IF only he'd known how deeply it had hurt her for him to leave with no goodbyes. "Enzo... what happened while you were away? Don't try to protect me by telling me nothing happened. I can handle it. Some of the things my patients tell me as a therapist, is very sick.. twisted and it haunts me. So whatever happened to you, I wanna know.. because you're not one of my patients Enzo, you're more than that" she let out in one breath, pouring herself another martini, adding extra olives. She then walked to his stereo system, playing a song she felt was suitable for them and everything they went through, still finding their way back no matter what. Turning the nob down, so that she could hear both him and the music, she took a seat at the table where his drink sat that she'd just poured him.

"Come sit" she said, prepared to hear terrible news. Her body tensed, but she wanted to hear about it all.

Lorenzo took the wine, and thanked her, before taking a seat. "There's not much to tell, Aisling. It was all so personal. But since you know how I feel about you, I'll tell you." He breathed out slowly, and took Ais' hand into own, and looked her in the eyes.

"I had lost a friend in Sweden. A good friend. He was killed by a group of hunters... So I went and hunted each human down." 

"Plus I've been working.... There... Now you know. I was a ravenous murderer while I was away." He whispered, sighing softly, he took a sip of his wine, and looked her over. His face was nearly on the verge of tears. "I'm sorry that you had to go through so much hurt while I was gone, but I had to keep it on the hush." He rose an eyebrow, and looked her into her beautiful brown mesmerizing eyes. "You understand right?"

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