"Cameron Byun! Give me back my phone!" A loud, feminine voice echoed from the corridor right in front of the blue-haired Celestial's room. "No! You took mine! So I took yours!" Seungcheol yelped and sprinted into his triplet's room, tripping over a stray dress shirt, and faceplanting right into the foot of his brother's bed. A startled meow sounded from under him and a ball of fur flew at his face. The Celestial at the head of the bed laughed and threw his soft blankets at his triplet. "Okay! Out, Cam. I need to get ready for work! And give Amber back her phone, you're not twelve." He says and shoos Cameron out of the room, amidst protests of "She's gonna kill me!" and "Josh! Help!" and sure enough, Amber tackled him and started tickling his sides. Josh shook his head and shut the wooden door of his room to get a shower and get dressed. His siblings fighting a four-thirty in the morning was not a thing he needed. 

Thirty minutes later Josh was out and brushing his hair when his sister burst into the room, snatching the hairbrush out his hand and violently throwing it on the bed. With a confused eyebrow raise, Josh yelped. "Let me do your hair today! Maybe you'll look cute for once." She said and started to gently sweep his hair up. Narrowing his chocolate eyes, he sat down so she could reach him better. Being six foot two was a disadvantage to his five foot six sister, as she couldn't reach him, and always had to make him sit down if she wanted to do his hair or makeup. A few minutes and a lot of hairspray later, Amber stepped back and smiled. "There. Now go do your makeup and get off to work! Don't you have to be there at nine?" She asked and pushed him towards his bathroom, taking the rolly chair with him. "No? That's when my class starts. I have to be there by seven to get lessons ready, duh." He replied while applying eyeliner and sweeping sparkly shadow across his eyelids. "Well get going then! You need breakfast! Shoo!" Amber said and tossed his bag, and keys at him. Josh shook his head but smiled at her.

Waiting for his food at the Chick Fil A nearest to the college took a long time, so Josh started to update his lesson plans on his phone so he could write them down when he got to the college. Better to have them already up than to have them not written up. Finally, Josh's food came and he ate in record time all while delicately chewing. To be honest, he was excited to teach today, normally he was tired and irritable by the time class started. Maybe today was a better day, as it was a Friday. Friday's were always lucky days for him. His favorite students always ate with him during their lunch breaks and often shared stories of their weeks with him. Josh loved this as all he did all week was work, listen to his sister and brother chase each other and work at the bar on weekends. But tonight, he was off and he was excited about that. 

As soon as he arrived at the school it was a different story. The dean of the school wanted him to visit his classroom at the Therianthrope campus. At least it wasn't bad, the Celestial had a favorite student there. She was highly intelligent and answered each and every one of his questions correctly. It seemed she soaked up information and spouted it right back out. With a sigh, he grabbed his keys and bag and walked down to his Surburban. Traveling to the Therian campus was a bit bumpy and generally took him three hours to get there, as their campus was really far away. The Celestial yawned as he pulled into the parking lot and stopped right in front of the school. Swinging his long legs out of the car, he almost tripped on a stray stick that had appeared out of nowhere. Along with this, his ferret Cloud almost fell out of his pocket. Almost everyday he brought Cloud with him, keeping her close helped him get through the day.

Walking into the building, he headed towards the classroom, almost forgetting that he glowed. The power was activated everytime he got nervous, excited, etc. All the Therians in the building would probably notice he was a Celestial. He really needed to calm down. He took a turn and strolled into his classroon, Cloud climbing up on his shoulder and wrapping herself around his neck. Josh set down his bag, turned the star lights on, turned the projecter on and waited for the students to arrive, hoping that his favorite student Lana Jepson would arrive first. 

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