"Miyaza... where have you been?!" the Diviner snapped, glaring right through her. If looks could kill, in that moment, she would have been dead. Tae hung his head low when she didn't answer. Maybe he deserved that for being a dick to her, blaming her for her disappearance, oblivious to the fact that she'd been taken against her will and caged up like an animal. But, when he grabbed at her, in a feeble attempt to hold her, she vanished into thin air. 

Tae's hallucinations of her always started out that way. Where he saw her, screamed at her for being gone for so long and putting him through hell, then reaching out to try and hold her, while she disappeared into thin air, leaving nothing in her wake except for a broken Diviner crumbled on the floor in despair. Tae hadn't had it easy when it came to relationships, and there was still never a day where Jae-Sun didn't cross his mind. But, it had been Miyaza to shine a little bit of light into all that darkness back then, and for once, the Diviner was happy. 

But, like everything else, Miyaza had been taken from him by something or another. Tae had eventually settled into thinking Miyaza was dead, it was just easier that way, not that he had given up looking for her. Even now, the Diviner sat here laying out ingredients to do yet another locator spell. And, after drawing a blade across the palm of his hand and squeezing it over a map, surrounded by candles, and adorned by the dog tags she last wore, the Diviner began chanting. "Anta Cotis Syrum..." he breathed, and began repeating the chant over and over. The blood from the palm of his hand did nothing but bubble up enough to give him false hope. And like always, it stopped. 

Tae flexed his hands into fists, a dark glint to his optics as anger washed over him, coursing through him like currents of electricity would. Tae swipped his hand across the wooden table where everything sat, sending it all flying in the air as he angrily began tearing the room apart. It was as he got to his book shelf that he saw an image of her, letting himself fall back against the shelf, and crumble down to the floor, clutching the image tightly into his chest, heaving as he tried fighting the tears. 

After sitting in his floor for nearly 20 minutes, Tae finally stood and picked the candles up at the very least, wanting to avoid burning his house down. Stepping over the rest, with his dog tags in hand, Tae left his house and ended up at the park. It was one of the last places he had psychically seen Miyaza, so often times, Tae came here to reflect and think about how he could find her. It'd became an obsessive though, and Tae had began getting high on the effects Dark magic had on him yet again. Deciding to sit on the edge of the fountain, the Diviner stared at his flection as it rippled against the water under the moon light, sighing heavily. It was as Miyaza appeared yet again. Under the assumption it was another hallucination, he placed his hands over his eyes, yelling as loud as he could. "What do you want from me?!" before breaking down more than he ever had this whole time. "Go away. Please just go away" he pleaded, completely clueless that his night was about to be one he'd never forget. 

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16 years ago, the life she lived free in Korea. The story of her meeting Him was in Busa, South Korea. Just a simple school girl who didn't want anything more than a peaceful life with everyone she knew and grew to love. One day Miyaza meet a male name Taehyun Cho, the military base right in Busan.  The star didn't know at the time she was part of the Celestial Species as she lives a normal human life. Miyaza really liked being around Taehyun as they found each other spending more time as days and weeks grew. The young star feels in love with the male. He gave her his dog tags telling her it's hers to keep but to her, it's something to keep him close even if he couldn't be physically there. The young star never put them down or left anywhere without them. Until the day in the park, she has ripped away from everything. The dog tags and the chain fell to the ground with no sound to tell her it was no longer hers. 

Chains, talking, yelling and locked up was her life before her and the other celestials were free thanks to Ophelia, the Wayfinder. Living her life in Evermore was stranger to her but the young star got used to it. Miyaza is now learning who she is and the powers she has inside of her. The star wanted to do something she has not done in a long time, go to the Evermore mark and write and that is what she is doing. Laying on her blanket under a tree she started to write about how her English is getting better and how she is going with her training. Life has gotten better after knowing more as she got to order things by herself, pay for things, go to a different place as before she walked everywhere. Getting a phone for the first time became her life as she found lots of music, keep up with what is going on in Korea and one thing she has tried doing is people search. There is no a day Miyaza does not think about Taehyun. She tried everything in technology it was like he didn't walk on the earth which brings her to think he died in a war. It broke her heart to think about him dead without seeing each other for the last time.  

Writing is something she found useful and really fun when you look at it in a way of telling stories and writing poems. 
"it's been a while
In the time that is lost.
There is never a day that goes by
Your voice speaks to me
In a conversation, I don't understand 
Are you looking for me?
Have you forgotten everything we had? 
There are more questions than answers
That makes my heart hollow 
Someday soon we can meet again. "

A tear formed in her dark brown eyes rereading what she had written down. Miyaza is broken and sad that wants to be found. She misses him more then words can describe. The young star sighed as she finishing writing as she packed up and beging to talk around hopping her tears will fade away. 

As the young star walked she came across a male at the edge of the fountain. Miyaza could feel something wrong with the other even without talking to him. Did she know him? Miyaza walked to the fountain before she could be asked the male anything he started to tell at her. Miyaza stood there in shock. It was Taehyun. "W-Why would I. Oh my god Taehyun." the tears that wanted to come out got there chance. The star didn't know what got into him but she knew he had to get him out whatever he is on. "Am not leaving Tae Tae. I will never leave you," she said with tears coming down.  She was crying when she started to hear him having a breakdown. 

Running over as Miyaza pulled him into her arms not caring about anything in the world. " Am sorry... Am so sorry" she said can't break herself from calming down. Miyaza knew 16 years was hard for her but it never crossed her mind how it would ruin Tae. "Please Tae, stop crying. I never wanted this am so sorry," she said with her slowly improving English. She would be proud of herself at the moment but it was no for that. it was no something she is worried about anyways. Taehyun is right in front of her of Alive and in bad condition.  Does she still deserve him, after all, this time she made him cry but she knew everything that happened was not her fault? 

Poetry. Of Course. Seeing the paper and pen in her possession snapped Tae out of the panic attack from the assumed hallucination. It's one of many things he remembered about her. One of the things someone as dark as Tae had came to adore about Miyaza was her poems. She wrote meaningful ones, silly ones, serious ones, heartbreaking even.. and each word he'd ever read by her, he hung onto. Still though, even after seeing the pen and paper, and that feeling that tugged at Tae's heart that this was really her, he still felt the need to doubt this. Tae had done had so many hallucinations of Miyaza, a couple that nearly got him hurt psychically, so to say he was skeptical was an understatement. 

Emotions poured out of the Dark Diviner like a busted dam, something that couldn't be contained, and only got worse with time. Tae couldn't look away this time, and this time felt so much different than any of the times he had hallucinated her. "God please let this be real" he pleaded, sounding like this meant the whole world to him. Just to see her face again would have made a world of difference in Tae's life. He'd latched onto every bit of flase hope he had been given the whole time they were apart, and to this day, he still had no idea where she'd been.

The Diviner reach out to her, and brushed his fingers down the side of her face, startled by the fact that he could feel her. His hallucinations of her, only resulted in her vanishing into thin air every time he tried to touch her, but this time.. he felt her. It had caused him to jump slightly, but the joy that he felt, was a joy like nothing he'd ever felt since the last time he felt himself happy with Jae-Sun. Tae never thought anything or anyone would compare when Jae-Sun was killed. But, it'd been this Celestial to clean Tae up as he wore his boyfriends blood on him that day, and it had been her to shine some light into his world, giving him a reason to hope again. 

Miyaza had been the first person Tae hadn't slept with. He wanted to, oh so badly. But, it had became the respect he had for her, that stopped him. Miyaza meant everything to him, and he treated her body like royalty. He wouldn't have dared to touch her in ways that seemed dsrespectful to him. But granted, and truth be told, all the time he had spent away from her made him regret never doing so. He could remember the night that they almost had, which had been their last night together. A frown adorned Tae's features as he looked into her eyes now that he stood here facing her again after all this time, and for the first time in a long time, Tae allowed himself to give in to the heart ache he'd felt for so long now, and cry. 

"You're not real. You're not real" he whispered, repeating himself a few times before mustering up the courage to reach out and touch her face again. His hands trembled just before they reach her, and when Tae made contact again, it felt as though fireworks began going off over top of them. Reaching around her petite waist, Tae picked her up and twirled her. He held her with a tightness and a closeness that made it seem he was scared to let go. And truly he was, Tae thought if he let go for even a second rigt now, she'd vanish into thin air, like she had been all this time during his hallucinations. "Miyaza, where have you been?" he questioned, a tone of brokenness in his voice as he refused to stop holding her close to him."Ive been looking for you from day one" he started, "I thought you were .. de- dea-" he struggled, stuttering that word out, not able to bring himself to say it. "I thought you were fucking dead!" he finally got out, a loud tone  and an expression of confusion, and pain all the same. 

Soon enough it began to pour rain, but with everything going on before him Tae didn't care about anything except for Miyaza. 

Broken. A lonely word she always knew how it felt.  Sometimes when the star sleeps she can replay her life in the cages, cold, very claustrophobia, making you feel like you can't move if you can there is a price waiting on the other side. Being trapped inside her body sometimes she does not like to look at herself out of fear.  Her dark brown eyes looked into Taehyun's as she can see how broken he is. Questioning what is real. Thinking it might be a dream of wishful realities. It broke the young star's heart seeing the man she knew in pieces because of her. 

She stood there watching every move he made. The words please let this be real made her heart sunk. This made her sick knowing she is the very person who made a strong man who can handle anything now begging out of weakness. "Tae. I'm real just as you are to me," she spoke trying to bee the stronger one at the moment. "You are just as handsome as the last time I saw you," she said with tears coming down. That night she wanted him but she didn't want to act on it. She didn't know why she didn't want to but if he really died she would've lived that with for the rest of her immortal life. Taehyun does not even know how much he means to her. After amnesia only her name with people who loved her and then him coming into her life is more grateful she could ever receive. Her first love who Miyaza fell in love with is back and she never wants to let him go. 

The star stood in one place as she felt his hand on her cheek, she looked at him right in the eyes trying to make him see. Everything at the moment is the real reality, there is no false hope, no lies.  "See Tae, am real just like you are right now. Am no dream if it is then it's a very cruel one." Miyaza herself does not know how she is strong.  She lost everything that reminded him of her but the memories. How will she going to tell him everything, she got to captured sixteen years, she lost the only thing he gave her, just saying I never forgotten you are not enough to replace the years away. If they are meant to be then fate wanted them to be together and that is happening at the moment. Were they written in the stars? Miyaza does not know the answer, for all she knows he could break up with her and never seen each other again. It's a rash way to think after seeing someone but she is being real. 

A silly young girl who didn't know nothing would be shocked and heartbroken if she saw what they became. Miyaza did admit she is stronger and as peace with herself know the missing pieces. As the tears came back to Taehyun's eyes she wiped his tears. "Stop crying. It does not suit you at all. Where is that strong man I know hm?" she asked not thinking if it would make things worse or it will light up the mood. 

Hearing the words again Miyaza knew she has to try harder. "If am not real then why can you touch my cheek? I can feel your touch, your warmth, it's so welcoming and loving as I remember. Wake up please Tae Tae you're breaking my heart." What she said is the truth this is breaking her heart hearing him making himself believe she is not what she is. Letting him touch her face again as she felt them trembling Miyaza does not know why but it looked like Tae saw a ghost. Miyaza felt herself being picked up and being twirled tears came back to her eyes. Taehyun, the man she knew is back as she hugging him so tightly she didn't want to let go. Finally, they are at peace with no one to take each other away. "Tae, oh my god." it was her time to start crying. "Am so sorry Taehyun. I wish I could repair the past but I can't.  There is so much to tell you but I don't know where yo start." she said with her tears. The moment he said dead her heart broke it two. "D-Dead. Ever since I got a phone I've been looking for you but it was like you never lived. I thought you died in war or took your life." Miyaza looked into Taehyun's eyes. 

Just as the sky started the rain like it's morning them the young star didn't care she could not take it anymore. Miyaza kissed his lips. There is nothing holding her back she owned him so much and one of the things she always wanted to do is to kiss him with no regret or fear. She loves him and no one can't tell her otherwise. 

Tae stood here full of doubt and anger as he looked to the female that he had assumed was dead not long ago. Chalking her disappearance up to her being dead had been easier than sitting there wondering if he had done something wrong, or if she had been captured and tortured all that time. To think of his little star being tortured turned Tae into a monster. A man with no self control, and no restraint. He already lacked patience for people in general, but specially those who aimed to hurt someone he loved. 

He watched her watching him. He could see how broken she appeared, but even with that, the hallucinations of her had resemebled a heart broken Miya, she'd even spoken to him through a few of the hallucinations. So what ever made him know that this time was differet, he wasn't sure of. Except for maybe it was because he knew Miyaza through and through. She had been there for Tae during the darkest moment of his life. Quite literally. Tae had wennt from a light Diviner, to a Dark Diviner during the time Miyaza had been around. It was her disappearance and Jae-Sun's death  that had all amounted in Tae finally snapping, burning someone alive in their tent on the base he was stationed at in Busan. 

He could still hear the guy screaming to this day. It was a sound, and smell he would never be able to forget. The smell of human flesh burning had a scent that you never really stopped smelling after ward. And, his screams of agony was no different. Somehow, the Dark Diviner still felt no remorse. In fact, he always smiled a wicked smile when thinking back to it. But right now, he stood here broken, and desperate. 

Tae heard her voice, and even though it was barely audible over the chaos inside of his own mind, it was enough to make him aware that this was really her. A feeling of relief nestled deep within the Dark Diviner, and somehow, all the anger and hatred vanished for now. He had a feeling he'd be angry all over again once he leaned where she had been anyways. "But  how?" he started, "Where were you?' he asked again, still in a state of shock. Blinking, the Diviner withdrew his hand that he had placed on her cheek. "I really thought i'd never see you again Miyaza. I lost my light, quite literally. When you disappeared, I did something you may never look at me the same for." he started off, and knew he was risking have her run from him the moment she found out what he had done back in Busan. 

Tae wasn't starting this over with secrets though. He wanted her to come back into this knowing everything about him. The Dark Diviner smirked a little when she told him crying didnt look good on it. And it surely didn't, she'd been the only one to ever see that from him aside from Jae-Sun. Not a day went by that Tae didn't think about Jae, and how it was his fault that he'd been killed right before Tae's very eyes. "He's here Miyaza, hes just bee replaced with an emotional fool .. don't worry, now that I know you're okay, I can start breathing again, and get back to being myself" he expressed, offering a faint smile. 

It'd felt as if he held her for ages when he finally put her back down. "We'll sort that all out, but right now i'm sure you need a change of dry clothes. Come back with me, and ill let you sleep in one of my shirts. We have a lot to talk about, on your part and mine both" he added, knowing it was a long shot to get her to spend the night with him, but even with that, it would take them quite a while to catch each other up to speed on what the other has been through since they'd been forced apart. 

When Miyaza kissed him back though, a fiery passion radiated from her that he had never felt before. He happily cupped her chin in his hand, and returned the kiss with just as much heat, his hands gripping her sides as he lifted her once moe. "Wanna get out of here?' he then asked, and playfully twirled her once more. "God I can't believe im holding you right now Miya. I have only dreamed of this moment to happen again" he admitted, annd shook his head to get some of the water of his hair, with an amused chuckle. They were both drenched, but without a single care in the world. 

As their eyes kept looking at each other was like they were having a silent conversation. They both knew too well how broken and cruel their lives have been over the past years. Murder and darkness from the male as being captured and scared. Events they went though changed their lives for the better and for the worst. The only thing that was different Miyaza, the star of his light, spent most of her life beyond the bars as a prison-like life. Miyaza uses to be a loving free-spirited girl but now she is very shy, paranoid and among them, she is still friendly.  

The star knew of his dark past as she saw them change like night a day. A light day to a dark night but she still cares for him. She still saw good in him that is still shining through. Could it be wishful thinking or what that just her being a heart of gold? Miyaza knew what he's capable of so she was very light with her words knowing the man she knows will come through. As before she believed to be just a human in love with an Instar Diviner with the mysteries of her unknown powers and self-love. 

From light and love the young star stood there looking up at him waiting for him to speak up. She hated the silence with no knowledge of what he is thinking about. Miyaza can feel how dark the male is but she will not let that scare her away. Nothing about him did, that is because he is a different story. He is still a person with feelings and for what she can read in his eyes is broken and begging for the pain to go away. As Miyaza saw his eyes changed knowing she fight off his demons she stayed calm without saying anything until he asked her the two questions. "It's a long story Taehyun." she finally spoke up. It would be a long night to explain everything that happened. "Two Years ago, you guess you can say I've been here in this city."

"You don't have to worry about losing me again. That is a promise." Miyaza's heart beat faster as she heard light. He had no idea what she found out and has been learning. "Am sure it would be a story to share when we catch up. I might know how what you did but I don't think it would phase me." Miyaza said in truth she was numb to worst things along with bad news. Miyaza wants to be truthful to him finally, she wanted everything about them to be normal and find a middle ground to be healthy somehow. There are now Yin and Yan, a balance will find them somehow in the middle.

When she saw the smirked the young star knew to be herself knowing whatever she says wouldn't lead up to things. Good thing since she does not want to hurt him. "You're not an emotional fool Tae Tae. It's your light side shining through." Miyaza smiled softly. They can both breath again, she didn't want to dare to say it back to him knowing it will make him more worried. A smile is all she wanted on his face. "Damn. I forgot how handsome you are still." Miyaza could tell how tired the male is which made her worried. Did he have sleepless nights? How much magic did he do? There were so many questions the young star wanted to ask but it would be rude to ask that all at once. 

When the male put her down Miyaza didn't want his touch to leave her. The young star looked down at her clothes as she sighed and nodded. "I guess your right." She said with a light smile. It would be like old times, her sneaking out to spend the long night with Taehyun.  Her not coming back to the castle won't hurt anyone. " Yeah, we might have a long night to cover everything," Miyaza said now wondering what she can say without saying something she is not suppost to without covering the truth. 

The Young star felt her heart beat faster than the drum. The rush of warm traveled through her body, this is the first kiss and she saved it. Taehyunis something she owns so much to. Feeling his hand cupping her chin told her he plans to hold on to the kiss for a little more. Felling her being lefted once more she wrapped her around his neck as she nodded to what he asked. "Trust me Taehyun you don't know much I've missed you. After I still you everything you will understand how this is overwhelming me right now. It's a good overwhelming of course. I finally got to give you my first kiss I've been waiting to give you." As she came back to reality she felt how drained she was as she feels this cool before.  Miyaza shook her head to get the thoughts of the past out. No, she will not let them ruin this moment. "Let's go to your place or you will get sick." Miyaza didn't know someone like she could get sick but it will kill her if Taehyun did. 

Tae frowned. There was something different about her. Something bad had happened, and the Dark Diviner could feel darkness looming all around her, as if there was still some sort of presence with her from whatever she had endured in her time spent away from Taehyun. "Miyaza I can almost feel whatever it was you went through, you were some place dark, small, cold.." he started, but he couldn't picture her like that without breaking into pieces, so he stopped, shut his mind off, and didn't allow himself to feel that any longer.

Tae cleared his throat, and looked to her, shaking his head. "What am I missing here Miya?" he asked, holding his hand around her arm, and a feeling of power surging through him. Somewhere beyond all that she had been through though was still his same kind hearted Miya, who'd been the light in his dark world long ago. The day he lost Jae-Sun, Tae lost himself to the darkness. But even then, Miyaza was like a beacon of hope to the Diviner, and well, practically to anyone she ever met. People just seemed naturally happier when Miyaza was around, and that effect had taken hold of someone even as dark as Taehyun.

Tae's eyes narrowed in on her when she said it was a long story. It may of been a long one, but he could tell it was also one she didnt wish to tell him about. At least not tonight. "Don't push yourself" he said in the form of a soft spoken voice, shaking his head, completely overwhelemed that she was right here now, after so many nights of him curled up in the corner of his bathroom, hiding from the hallucinations of her. Tae held her just a little tighter when she promised he never had to worry about losing her again "Something about the way you say it makes me believe it.. I'm just glad you're alive Miyaza.. I couldn't have lived through losing another partner. You were there when Jae died; It was you who convinced me to take his bloody clothes off and clean myself up. I was such a wreck, much like I was when you disappeared" he frowned, and let that small voice in the back of hishead nag at him, trying to make him believe she had been hurt psychically.

Tae had been feeling this dark force with him ever since he'd came to the city not long aho. It was almost as if that dark force was what pulled Taehyun to Evermore, and while he didn't want to obsess about it, the ability to block it became harder and harder. Taehyun nodded "Yes, no need to rush off with all the bad stuff we've each encountered just yet. Plenty of time for that" he said in agreement. Miyaza had always been the more patient one, but she'd also always been the one that seemed to have her head screwed on right out of the two of them.

Truly Tae had forgotten about a 'light' side of himself. It ceased to even exist until now. And while he had no light left within himself, seeing Miyaza again seemed to make him shine like a diamond. "Suppose you're right. I just .... I wish I could have done something sooner than now" he stated, even though he was happy, Tae still hated himself for not having found her sooner than this. "Everything I did was to no avail though.." he added, but he was holding back so much. A Dark Diviner not being able to find someone by a locator spell, had onlymeant one thing, magic was being used from her side too, or that she'd been hidden away by a supernatural much stronger than Tae himself. And boy did he want to say that all out loud. But, he did well to just bite his tongue and hold back instead.

Tae seemed to drag the kiss out for as long as she allowed him too, and forced himself to pull away at just the right time, his heart pounding in joy when she agreed to go back to his place for the night. Frankly he never wanted her out of his sight again, but Taehyun wasn't controlling, nor would he ever be. Especially with Miyaza. Tonight was enough for him, at least he'd get to hold her for the rest of this night. How could he complain with that?. The Diviner bit his lip, sighing when she said that everything she had to tell him was over whelming her right now. "Yeah let's get out of here" Tae then said, and began walking with his arm wrapped around her protectively as they passed a few night walkers. Or at least that's what Tae named those who tended to only walk the streets at night time. Those who were probably up to no good. But, he didn't care about that, all he cared about in this moment was Miyaza.

"My apartment isn't far from here. So, we'll be there in just a second" he chuckled "And just a small warning, back in Busan, I lived in a tent where I couldn't really organize anything. Now that I have an apartment, Ive taken on an illness.. I have OCD badly" he admitted, smirking a little. "Ive become some what a clean freak" he added, halting as they arrived in front of the enormous building that seemed to tower over the other buildings around it. "This is it" he smiled happily. Tae was thrilled to get this time with her. They had so much to go over.

After unlocking the door to the building, Tae walked her up several flights of stairs, and unlocked the door to his own apartment, stepping aside, to allow her in first. "We have some noisy neighbors. I hope you're okay with that"

The star never wanted her past to be noticed. Being locked up for most of your life is someone she doesn't like to recommend. It is no shocked the other can feel the dark energy. Miyaza looked down knowing if she did tell him Taehyun would do everything for revenge. The only thing that might happen is him not getting out alive which is something she has to keep him away. "Everything you said is all true." The young star didn't know how she survived all those years without being in pieces. It looks like she can surprise herself. 

When the Diviner asked her what he is missing she looked down unsure what to say without being scared of what he would do. "A lot." That is all the young star could say. Would it be alright to tell the man she fell in love with all those years back the real truth on the first night after all that time to see each other? No yet is what Miyaza choose at the end. "In time I will tell you. For now, I don't want to think about the past. Well, it is wrong to ask for just us tonight and catch up without the past talk?" she asked hoping he would go with her choice.  She could feel the dread creeping up on her. Miyaza had to get away from the topic and soon would make her happier. 

Hearing the male she didn't need to push the topic given herself enough to breath again."Thank you." Miyaza said with a slight smile knowing he would understand. The smallest of limits are known by each other without them begging for them for mercy. As she let him take her in his arms something about him she says within her eyes made Miyaza wanted to cry. "You've been in pain.... because of me. Am so sorry." Miyaza finally broke then silence. Feeling and seeing made her heartbroken deep down inside. "You don't need to worry anymore. I am safe and not going anywhere." There was nothing for her outside of the city anymore. Everything is now in her life, being with people who are like her and now Taehyun. "I hope those bloody clothes stayed off among all these years." Miyaza never liked violence which would make heads turn questioning why is she in love with a Diviner who is dark. It was simple Taehyun was not all dark as she can see and feel the light in him that never faded. It was like his humanity shining though like it was never lost at all. "I hurt you. Do I even deserve you anymore?" The burning question she asked herself is now out in the open. 

Miyaza might not know what is really going on but she knew not to worry. If the young star does not know why would she? Learning what she can do is more important than anything else. She could be dangerous or helpful and it's something she wants to be answered in time. Finding themselves again and to find if they still have the flame-like they use too."Yes, I agree. We need to find balance and the middle. When we find that we have peace with each other then we can talk." The young star said with a smile. "Aslo if we can still see each other the way he did before." Miyaza didn't want to think about them breaking off. 

"Nothing could've been done Tae. If you saw what I did you would understand what I mean. You finding me now makes everything seem worth it." hearing he did everything to find her made her felt happy but it did get herself worried about his health and why his magic didn't work. "When you mean everything you mean." Miyaza stops ed what she says as she looked at his face. "Are you killing your self? What the fuck Tae. Please tell me it's not true." her paranoia came to the surface wishing it will not be true it can't be. 

After they both pulled away from the kiss Miyaza felt her heart beat faster. Her feeling is still there after all this time/ Miyaza didn't look another ever since she got to Evermore unless you can call learning is cheating. The young star would do anything to protect what they have left no matter what price she has to pay.  As the walked she cuddled close to Taehyun as it did felt weird to her but it was a good weird. yesterday she walked the streets along now she is walking with Taehyun once more to their new journey. When she heard about his OCD she nodded understanding knowing a tent to an apartment was a big change. 

The star loved seeing the Taehyung she knows the expression himself not the one she faces minutes or even an hour ago. When they got to his apartment her eyes were at a awes. it was bigger then she thought and really clean. Military life is a mess but now he is out Miyaza couldn't tell anything anymore. "Wow." is all she said noding about the noisy neighbors. The is another thing she didn't mind which is what she is used to when they were caged up. She let herself walk around not letting her wet clothes touch anything as her brown eyes laid on the dog tags she lost the night of her kidnap. "You.... found them," Miyaza said as tears were coming down her face. She is thankful no one else got them as it got returned to Taehyun himself. he trusted her with them and now they were back she does not want to dare touch them. 

Tae could see how tense and afraid she was. That letting the truth slip out would be a colossal mistake. Miyaza knew Tae's temper well enough to know better than to think he'd sit back and do nothing, if she had told him what she had been throuh. So for that, he could only consider her smart. Tae held her even tighter when she told him he was right, and then she had said he missed a lot "Whatever you went through Miya, I wanna know. I won't pressure you into it right now, but I thought you were dead, I can feel dark magic all over you. So I know whatever it was, was bad enough to still have an effect on you this very moment" he expressed, while locking eyes with her. 

Tae sighed, but nodded his head at her "Okay, okay. We won't get into it tonight. For tonight, we can just be here.. in the moment" he stated, giving her a faint smile, but unable to help the nagging feeling he now had, that someone had hurt the girl he had fallen head over hills in love with. It made his blood boil. Tae looked down to Miyaza, after he had taken her into his arms, seeing the look of guilt wash over her features when she blamed herself for his pain. "I was in pain because I thought I lost the girl i'm in love with.. but don't blame yourself Miya, I know if you could have been with me, you would have. You went through something bad, so I doubt it was by choice" he expressed, and leaned down to kiss her forehead. 

Each of them seemed to be in an equal amount of pain. But, it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. They had went all this time believeing the other was dead, so to be right here in each others arms again, was more than over whelming. He was sure she had a series of her own questions to ask. So, he guessed for now, he was thankful that they had agreed not to go into details about each others pasts. Tae's past was checkered enough, including the flings he had gotten involved with, which seemed to be part of his present still, things he would surely have to tell her about, that may very well just hurt her. It was the last thing he wanted, but Tae was no liar. 

Tae smiled faintly and gave her a simple nod "Ive kept them packed away. No one but you could have gotten me through that day Miya" he said truthfully, remembering how easily she had calmed him and convinced him to wash up, when no one else could even get him to move from the spot he had sat in, which had been the same spot his ex had died in. Tae had spent hours sitting in his ex lovers pool of blood until Miyaza had come along, and he had easily went along with her, and from that moment on, the Diviner began to smile again. And, it hadn't been long after that, that he'd fallen in love with the Celestial. She had been ripped out of his life by something tragic, and he couldn't wait to hunt whoever or whatever it was down, and make them pay for what they had done to not only her, but him as well. 

Miyaza was the only person who saw the light in Tae, when everyone else simply ran in the other direction when it came to his presence. And around her, he knew his humanity did after all still exist. "Don't do that" he stated, and placed a finger over his lips, but dropped his hand right after, because he wasn't trying to keep her from talking, he was trying to keep her from acting like she wasn't worth his love anymore. "It's me who don't deserve you Miyaza. You deserve the world. You'll always have me, I never stopped loving you" he admitted, and not for one second, did he stop looking into those beautiful eyes of hers, wiping tears away as they fell down her cheeks. 

Tae nodded with a more genuine smile adorning his features this time "I think that's the best plan" he said in response, and kissed her forehead yet again. "But just for some clarification, Ill never stop seeing you the way I always have. You're a queen in my eyes, and that will never change, but we'll figure this out.. one step at a time" he added, and sighed. Silently, Tae continued thanking the heavens above for bringing her back to him. "Maybe not then, but something will be done about it now.  Not now as in right now, but later on" he expressed, giving her a dead serious expression. Tae's eyes widened when she cursed as she asked him what he had been doing to himself. "I would have gladly died, if it meant finding you, and making sure you were safe Miyaza" he admitted, and hung his head low, feeling even worse to have put those thoughts in her head. 

"I'm okay now though" he stated, leaving out a lot of the details. Especially how dark magic would continue to consume him until one day, it actually would be too late. She didn't need to fear him, if they were going to fix things. And, telling her he was basically a dead man walking, wasn't how he wanted to start. They already had so mcuh to catch up on, he would eventually tell her that the dark magic had became an addiction to him, and that it would someday be a fatal one. Right now, he wasn't going to do anything but enjoy having her in his arms. 

Tae couldn't help but smile, once they got inside, when he saw how surprised she was about him finding the dog tags, she had once worn before she was taken away from him. Grabbing them, Tae walked over to her, and placed them back around her neck, before cupping each side of her face, "You meant the world to me the day I put these on you, and you still do." he expressed, and walked off to grab a few things, while she finished looking around. Tae returned moments later with one of his t-shirts for her to change into, a stack of blankets that he neatly laid out in front of the fireplace, and a bottle of champagne he had been saving for this very moment, in case he ever got his Celestial back. 

"You can go change if you'd like, I know you're probably freezing. When you're done, we can put some music on, and talk for a while. We can go to sleep to a movie or something later, but I imagine this will be a long night" he stated, and waited for her to go change into his dry shirt, so he could finish setting everything up. 

Throughout all those cold sixteen years, this moment to the young star is like a treasure. She really missed him and it was no lie. With nothing but their memories together back her made her feel so many bittersweet emotions Miyaza never thought she had. She wanted to tell him everything, the cold nights, the harsh yelling, scared to go into dark tight small room scars of all the nightmares that can come back. The darkness is what she is most scared of more than Taehyun’s temper but she can’t risk it. “I want to tell you Tae. Deep in my heart, I do but it’s not the right time. I know you want to know and you deserve it. When I don't I know it will eat you up insides and you will hate yourself all over again. When the time comes it will be us in a better mindset.” Miyaza said lightly knowing Tae understands her better than anyone. The star is very happy he never lost sight of her even though all these years. “You should never think of me being dead never again. I promise.”

Seeing the male’s slight smile made her give him one back but it was sadder. It has broken her she had to be limited. As she is pulled into Tae's arms feeling time stopped. The star heard his confession about being in love with her Miyaza never thought to hear that from him. The last time she knew Tae was getting over the other ex but now the words are said. “Tae... Your right If I could’ve been with you nothing you did wouldn’t happen and that is what I am blaming myself for. Hearing those words, I never thought to hear from you. Am happy you feel the same way. I am in love with you Taehyun. Everything that happened to me only made me stronger and it’s time for you to do the same.” Closing her eyes as she felt the kiss placed on her forehead... Maybe there is a huge chance for them to date once more but it hav6en's to be slow once more before they can.

For both of them, it’s time to heal from the past and be stronger, to be a better person than before. Miyaza is something to never hide anything, well not completely. Human or Celestial she still has her limits but to her deep down she hoped Tae won’t hate her for saying she was a Human as she was someone part of the night sky above them. Powers that people want to be greedy or even worse knows, she is still in more danger than being locked up. Miyaza knows Taehyun would do everything in his power to protect her but not in the way to kill himself. He has already done too much stressing himself, even more, is not what she wants ever again.

What is going on is bigger than what everyone could ever think. The young star does not want to think about what could happen to everything which is why she promised herself to protect herself and those she cares about that includes the male in front of her. When she felt his finger on her lips as he looked at him. "Taehyun, I wish you know what I knew then you would think differently. I don't deserve the world and it does not deserve me. I am sad I made you worry. I love and care about you and it makes me feel bad." Miyaza grew into tears as he kept telling her how much he loved her. It hurt her so much to know if he knew the truth and ends up hating her all those words will be for nothing. Just nothing. She can't dare to tell him she loves him to until she knows. 

The star smiled when the other smile. Taehyun knew how to make her heart flutter and even now made in awe looking at the other male. Time will tell if Taehyun will stay true to his word. Even though his words make her heart soft but that does not mean it will not excuse the information that came up. "Taehyun, even if you found me what will happen if you died right in front of me right now. How will you feel?" she asked looking into his eyes looking for an answer. Without telling her Miyaza is scared to lose him once more.

The star held on to the bog tags as tears were about to build up. She thought for sure there were gone forever and will never see them again. As they were pulled away from her hands and then feel them going around her neck. As he left her with those words Miyaza's hands touched the dog tag as a faint smile came to her lips. Should she be trusted with them again? Was she seeing a side to Tae she never knew he had? 

The star smiled and nodded as she walked to him and held the clothes in her arms. "Sounds good. wait for me?" she asked as she made her way to the bathroom and sat on the floor for a few moments to process everything. Miyaza closed her eyes to think about what is going on and how to go forward. 

Taehyun wasn't sure what to think of any of it really. He had went along with assuming the Celestial was dead, because that was the only way he could cntinue living with himself. Still, even thinking she was dead made Tae want to die. Nothing sufficed, and no one could have ever replaced Miyaza in his heart. He had the misfortune of lack of self control, and had a few secrets that he probably needed to tell her. After getting to the lowest point that he could reach, Tae took off during a stormy day, only to be pulled into a male's bakery by the name of Yeollie (Valentine). The bakery greeted Tae with warmth and the smell f baked goods, mostly cinnamon. When the Diviner was offered dry clothes and a shower, he didn't refuse, although he did hesitate at first, wondering why a complete stranger wanted to help him so much.

After climbing out of the shower, Tae was greeted once more by that same warmth and the smell of baked goods. Yeollie had made him something to eat. All of that aside, Tae had given in to the lonliness that he'd been feeling during Miyaza's absence. Timing had been pretty rough he guessed, because it seemed like it hadn't been no time before he ran back into his queen. Her voice chimed in again, and thankfully, distracted the Diviner from what he had on his mind "It's just, with you needing a right time to tell me, that only tells me that it's bad." he expressed, gazing into her eyes with a loving look in his. He had missed her so much that it had hurt.

Tae reach up to cup her chin when she began blaming herself for what had become of the Dakr Diviner, and he shook his head, as to imply the word no, to tell her it wasn't her fault at all. "You can't do that to yourself. I have a lot of shit to be guilty for, uncluding not rescuing you from where ever you were. I know you haven't told me anything yet, but I feel like whatever happened t you, happened against your willl.. and so help me God, Miyaza" the Diviner began shaking, and felt his blood boil as he thought about someone hurting the only person in the world who was capable of making Taehyun love again.

"I don't know if I can refrain from going on a killing spree. Maybe it's best I don't know who's responsible for your disappearance" he admitted, while his thumb carressed her face, sliding along her cheek bone. To hear her say those same words back, made the Diviner smile genuinely befoe leaning forward to steal a kiss. He could simply hold the Celestial forever and never get tired of it.

Tae quirked a brow when Miyaza told him that she didn't deserve the world, and the world didn't deserve her "Wh- why.." he started but couldn't form an actual sentence. Her words simply floored him, because that wasn't true. "What would make you say something that sad Miyaza? Surely you know that you have a place i this wrld, and if you can't find yur place anywhere in this fucked up world, you will always find one with me. My arms will always be open for you. I don't know what happened to you, but who ever, what ever has taken your self worth away from you.. don't give it another second of power over you.. you're here right now, and for as long as i can, Ill keep you right by my side. I didn't do a good enough job at protecting you before.. but I will now" Tae could see it all over her, she was simply traumatized from whatever it was that she had went through.

The Diviner sighed as she began fussing at him, fear evident in her tone about losing him if he had found her and died in front of her. "At least I would have died for something worth the risk" he bit his lower lip slightly, and ran his finger tips up and down her arms. After Tae put the dog tags back where they belonged, around her neck, he nodded when she asked him to wait for her.

Tae spent the time that she took in the bathroom to change, to prepare a place for them to sleep, soft music, and the flicker of candle light all around the dark room they would be sleeping in. He didn't care if anything intimate happened tonight, while the typical male in him disagreed, Tae just wanted to hold Miyaza, and he would only go as far as she allowed him. That had been the vow he had made back in Busan when he first laid eyes on her and realized how gorgeous she was, and how amazing of a body she had. She did things to him that ae had only ever felt with one other person; Jae-Sun. Jae and Tae were very rough and passinate about things, and Tae had been no different with Miyaza,  than the dominating male he'd been with his ex, but with Miiyaza he tried limiting himself. He would never hurt her. Not as long as he could help it. 

Miyaza had accepted Tae, even when she knew what kind of temper he had. She had even accepted Tae for all of his sinister dark ways. It was more than easy to love her.. the only hard part was fearing losing her again. Or, that she'd hurt him by sleeping with another. It's nothing she had done to make him assume that, it's just how Tae's mind worked, after Jae-Sun did the very same thing. Tae decided to shake it off and change into something more comfortable himself. That only left the Diviner topless with a pair of plaid sleep pants on.

Since Miyaza seemed to be taking longer than it should have taken her, Tae walked to the door and knocked gently on it "You okay in there?" he asked, and sighed as he leaned against the door, he could have swore he heard her crying on the other side. It killed Tae that he couldn't comfort her, because he had no idea what she had went through. And, with any luck, she'd explain after tonight.

It's been so long since they have been together under one roof, it was like yesterday she lived with Taehyun on the weekends. There night so sweet and sometimes they were not so pure. To others, they were new love that never wants to be apart, rebel teenagers who are breaking all the traditions they were kings and queens to each other before everything happened, simple people of the supernatural. That was the past but what about the present? miyaza being a celestial can wish it would be better but it was hard not to see everything that the other went though by touching him. The cold and sad life he went though scared her so much but she didn't want him to know who she really is. Not just yet, it's not the right time. 

The star swore to herself she will protect him now and forever no matter what will happen. Taehyun can't die, he must get better if it's even possible. She didn't want to touch him to show him the tears that's is being forced back but she brought out a chuckled and smiled at him. "It's not bad... well it does depend on you. It's not to me but you might think differently about me." Miyaza said giving him a hint but not too much for him to question back but a why would you think that or something close. 

Feeling the other touch her chin made it so hard for her. "No Taehyun, you need to get better!" she said finally breaking looking at him. "What happened, yes it was against my will but it's not your problem, it's not your fight. I will not let you get involved in something your not a part of. It's dangerous anything can happen but it's not in a good way." Miyaza hated to tell him what to do but as a star, something is going on bigger then her dragging someone she is in love with will kill her inside. "You need to worry about you. Please Taehyun is begging you," she said looking into the other's dark eyes.

The young star knew everything about her will be a lie to Taehyun but her feelings weren't she didn't want to hold back anymore. "Tae, it's best for you not to. I can tell you right now what happened to me happen to many others. I didn't go through it alone." she said hoping it will put closer to him before kissing Taehyun back. Miyaza can see everything again as by now she knew Taehyung more then he does with her. It's unfair but can't control it. 

Miyaza looked down closing her eyes, "I can't tell you why the right time will come." she said, little did she knew what the star's true purpose. The young star could not help but to let her tears come down, hearing what he said made her feel better and not alone. her fight she knew she is not alone but hiding it is hard. "Taehyun, you don't know how much I needed to hear those words. I might have been weak in the past but I will make it up now and forever. That's not a promise that is a vow." the star is scared but she knew facing it will make her stronger.

This is not what she wanted to hear from him, Tae should not have to risk his life for her not in this way. Feeling the other fingertips made shivers go down her spine as she bites her lip. Miyaza fights the urge on being turned on as she took a deep breath as she felt the cold metal on her neck and collar bone once again. 

Being on the bathroom floor she broke down with silent tears as she got into the shower. it hurt her being closed off toward the very once she never wanted to. This was different from her not telling someone who she is due to her being a Human, she does not want to be seen as a Liar. Miyaza sighed feeling the warm water that is on her skin knowing she has to let everything go down the drain she can't worry about it it will come as a result later. Drying herself off a few minutes later she heard on the other side asking if she saw ok. "Yeah is fine, I am coming out soon." she got dressed in Taehyun's clothes as she put her hair up in the bun and walked out.

Seeing him near the door the young star smiled lightly, her eyes looked out to the door to see the setting of the room. Turning around Miyaza smiled, "I didn't expect this. Are you trying to seduce me?" she asked thinking he might get a hint of her shiver he turned her on at that moment. miyaza could not stop him if they did anything wild, it was long overdue to get crazy and dirty. "I think it's working if you are trying at least," she said smiling throwing her arms around his neck. 

Tae still couldn't believe his queen was alive. His girl, his only girl.. right here in the fles, and somehow, he still stood here questioning if it was real or not, or if at any moment, something or someone would come tear her out of his arms again. He remembered how many nights he rocked himself back and fouth in the dark corner of his apartment, chanting spells, doing locator spells, and sobbing until he'd fall asleep, while cuddling up to a shirt that still had her scent on it. He imagined she was dead, and it destroyed whatever humanity Tae had left within himself.

The Dark Diviner arched a brow when she said it may make him think differently of her. "I could never Miyaza .. you know you're gonna be my babygirl for eternity, no matter what has happened in your past, our time apart, and anything before me, are things I can't judge you for .. I just wanna understand.. I need to understand" he explained, because most days he wished he would just die without her. Sitting there all alone, wondering if someone had hurt her, was too much for Tae, and it had killed him on the inside, so it came to the point that he didn't know what life was worth living anymore.

Taehyun suddenly felt his world spin out from underneath him when Miyaza suddenly broke down, telling him that what had happened to her, had happened against her will. His hands balled into fists, and the lights and candles around them began flickering as the dark magic within him began crawling to the surface, ready to explode out of the Diviner. Miyaza's voice however, seemingly had the same efffect on Tae that it did the day his ex boyfriend had been killed in front of him. That day, she had been the onyl one to reason with him, and it was no different now. Tae breathed in and out slowly and wasn't ashamed to know that tears were falling down his cheeks as anger caused him to become enraged. "I'll leave it alone for now but you can't possibly expect me to stay out of the way and allow whatever.. whoeever hurt you to just enjoy life"

Tae would respect the fact that she wanted to keep him safe, and it was the fact that he would have done anything to protect her, that made him calm down finally. IF keeping her safe meant listening to her while she pleaded with him, then Tae would do as she asked. Tae listened intently as he held her close to him, and to hear that she hadn't went through it alone, hurt im much more, because it should have been him to go through it with her. He swallowed the lump in his throat though, and caressed the side of hr face with his hand, while his other hand rested on her lower back. He wouldn't let her go for anything now that he had her back. And, only as she kissed him back, did he really start to calm down.

"I'm so sorry" were the only three words he could say in that moment which he ended up repeating a number of times through out the night. "Look, you have to get better too, so don't worry too much about making things up to me.. I'm happy to hear you say this made you stronger, you were already the strongest female I ever knew in my life before things happened to you.. that doesn't change.. And i'll be right here to fight for you, every single step of the way. We both need to get better. And you're the only thing worth trying for, so i promise ill try" he smiled faintly, and kissed her forehead.

With how long it'd been since the two of them had been intimate, Taehyun couldn't help but pull her into him more roughly than he had been this entire night, before sliding his hands underneath the t-shirt he'd given her, and picking her up by cupping the backs of her legs, right under her ass. "I was hoping you would say that" he smirked a coy smirk before walking her over to his bed and gently laying her down. The Diviner didn't hesitate to rip his own shirt in half, which had been the only thing covering her in that moment aside from her under clothes, and God did she look amazing. Miyaza was beautiful with or without clothes, but seeing her in black lace under the faint flicker of the candle light drove him crazy.

Tae didn't take long in stripping down to nothing himself before joining her, and gently trailing his lips along her neck, then her collar bone. It wasn't long before he used his magic to put the fire in the candles to rest, and his kisses began dropping lower and lower with each one. He would make sure that this would be a night she would never forget. Instead of telling her how much he'd missed her, he was about to show her.


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