Davis had spent the last night on call as an EMT, most of the calls he had been on weren’t too serious but it still made for a long night. It was better than bailing his team out of tight spots while being shot at while attempting to patch up someone else. Now he had a much more sterile work environment and a new team which changed almost every rotation but it was always a handful of the same people who he worked with, so he saw everyone at least once a week sometimes more. There were definitely people he enjoyed working with better than others but that true with any job.

 The sunlight was attempting to get through the blackout curtains and a few rays were playing across his bed and the wall but he was dead asleep despite it being close to noon since he had only been home and in bed for maybe four hours but probably less. The hours were rough but he loved what he did for a living even if it wasn’t the most profitable of jobs, money didn’t mean a lot to him though. Dreaming of down time on base with Ross grilling up steak while they played horseshoes for tactical knives an annoying and unnecessary sound broke though the dream.


Jarred from sleep he groaned as he looked at the digital clock on the nightstand which read fifteen after twelve. “Oh come on.” He grumbled in an aggravated tone before swiping his phone from the nightstand since the ringing was slicing through his half asleep brain making it hard to thinking. Fumbling he finally managed to press the answer button and brought the phone to his ear as his dark eyes slide closed once more. “Hello?” He questioned in a gravely tone as he tried to hold onto the bits of consciousness which were already beginning to fade away.

Having not bothered to look at the call ID he had no idea what he was getting into and really he should know better. There were only a handful of people who ever bothered to call him and right now the EMT was really hoping that it was work since the alternative could have a varying outcome.

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"I'm not here to serve others' needs," Rosalyn simply shrugged, although smirking at the male's quips. It was a breath of fresh air, their bickering having an effect on her in a way nothing could. The male knew how to cheer her up, though she would never tell him that. She feigned an impressed look, her arms still crossed as she tilted her head back, as if blown away by the male's comment, "Mad skills." She added in the same teasing tone that he was using, lips curled up in hints of a laughter.

"Yeah I see you trying, Dodger." Rosalyn smirked, hinting at him trying to win her over since they were children. The two would constantly fight to show that the other was better - a friendly sort of banter. "Of course. Like always, it's up to me to find out." The female shook her head with a slight roll of her eyes.

Apologising came easily to the female when she knew she was in the wrong - which wasn't often. A part of her was nervous of the reaction she would get from Davis at that, but she was relieved when he took it lightly, and she couldn't help but be grateful for his ever-present humour. It was one of the most liked aspects about him. With another roll of her icy hues and a small smile curving up her lips, "Don't push it, Dodger," Rosalyn spoke, "Like you drive me insane on a daily basis." The female added with a frown that could be easily seen as feigned. "And not even in the fun way."

Shaking her head at his response to him being humble, Rosalyn blinked momentarily, reminding herself of the cockiness that the male oozed and went back to business. She knew he would be humble when he needed to be.

The brunette could feel her power flickering with every swipe of her blade, every clash of their beams causing her to grind her teeth. They had fallen into place quite effortlessly, as if the swordplay was just a mere, well choreographed dance. But supposedly, that's what happens when you train together for so long, and have known each other for longer. "Confidence in this case is actually good." The Magister commented. She was often in the habit of giving tips in between fights so she continued, "Don't thrust your entire arm, Dodger. Just the wrist, it takes up less stamina."

Once Rosalyn ducked and swiped her blade in the air, she expected him to jump and evade the hit, but what caught her by surprise was him grounding the blade, sending waves of electric impulse throughout the ground and a blast sent her back through the air. The female's eyes widened slightly and quickly the azure hues switched to a golden shade, Rosalyn gaining control over herself as she used the last bits of energy to float herself away from the blast radius and back on ground once the wave subsided.

She landed gently on her butt, and her hues switched to an electric blue shade once again, but instead of conjuring up the electric sword, she was unable to form even a flicker, realising she had exhausted herself. With a chuckle, Rosalyn turned to look at the male, highly impressed, "Solid move, Dodger. Good thinking."

“You say that like you don’t praise people when they do a good job. You can’t act all big and bad Magistrate with me, I know better.” He teased well aware she pushed everyone for their own good but not in a way they would hate or dislike her. As a Magistrate her job was to make sure her tribe was strong and knew how to protect themselves and she was doing great in that regard since he had seen many of the Privus grow in their control of their new elements. “Damn right Ros, mad skills.” He grinned at her knowing she was being sarcastic but not caring in the least.

“I’m not the kind guy who gives up, even with the odds aren’t in my favor.” And even when he knew it was going to take time to get back to where they once were. Davis did still really care about Rosalyn but it just bad timing like it had always been. Besides he had never wanted to follow what his parents wanted just for their own benefit, they had never cared if he liked Ros or not, they had a plan to move themselves up in rank and he was that plan. It was sad really since he had been crushing on her as a teenager but when he knew that was what his parents wanted it had kind of killed it for him but he had still done his best to be there for her. “Those in denial don’t know they’re in denial, that’s the whole point of being in denial.” He stated with a wink and a grin.

“Don’t push it? That’s one of my strengths and you know it Ros!” Besides it was fun to watch her mild annoyance since despite her words she was rarely ever angry with him. She might act like it but he usually knew better. “Oh come on Ros, you know I drive you insane in the best way.” His lowered his tone and gave her his signature little smirk before chuckling.

As they trained he did listen to her tips since they both knew he could use guns, knives and hand to hand combat but sword play was not a skill set he was strong with. Taking her advice he lessened the full thrusts of his arm with the electric blade and motioned his wrist which was familiar and yet different from a knife. “You might be on to something there Ros.” He said as they continued their back and forth as their blades met.

Rosalyn used her gravity to pull her out of the wave of the electricity blast zone. The trees around them becoming charred due to the electricity that surged through their roots. As Ros landed once more Davis just feel backwards to lay on the ground his chest heaving from breathing heavily from the sheer effort of that insanity. “Solid move I don’t think I’ll be doing again anytime soon. I’ve made the decision that’s a last ditch effort kinda move.” It drained all his elemental power and now he was just exhausted. “You need to stop running men into the ground Ros, that’s how rumors start.” He joked as he slowly sat up and stretched.

Rosalyn smirked knowingly at the male's comment, a shrug easily rolling off her shoulders. "Didn't you know? Bad is the new sexy." She informed, flipping her long brunette locks as if in an attempt to show off. But she didn't need to. Not to him. Davis had been with her through her diaper times and past her awkward pre-puberty days. He had seen her at her worst and she was so sure he would never see her as 'sexy' or 'attractive', the thought made her furrow her brows slightly.

Rosalyn often wondered how things would have turned out if the Radix elements had chosen the two, and they had stayed back in New York. She would find herself thinking of how everything would play out had they lived the lives their parents had written out for them. Would they have been closer? Or would she, much like now, push away everything and dedicated herself only towards the needs of her clan. It was an odd thought, but in the end, the Privus Magister was grateful for finding this new line of elements. It brought her closer to the people she cared about once again. "Look at you being preachy." The female smirked, dismissing his wink with a shake of her head.

Tilting her head back, she folded her arms across her chest, a smirk reflecting his. "Oh you wish, Dodger." She spoke, referring to him driving her insane. "You wish you could have a flattering effect on," She gestured to her tall frame with both her hands, "All this."

Once training began, Rosalyn continued giving the male tips, acknowledging that it took her quite a lot of effort and concentration to fight against him, unlike most of his counterparts. The female was quite impressed with the way he was handling his elements and quickly switching between them. She knew he would burn out soon but his last bits of energy was used in the best way the female had ever seen. Astounded, she stayed back on the ground with a soft laughter towards the scene that had just played out. Half of the woods around them had been reduced to nothing, "Oops." The female chuckled, gesturing to the bare trees before getting up.

But the moment she placed her feet on the ground to steady herself, the female felt a prick before her skin was overwhelmed by a sudden sensation, pain shooting up her leg. "Fuck." She doubled over with a soft groan, realising one of the spikes they had showered on each other had penetrated the sole of her feet and adding to the weakness that was caused by energy drain.

Davis rolled his tree bark down eyes so hard he was afraid they might get stuck at Rosalyn’s comment about bad being the new sexy. Davis thought it was assumed that he believed she was attractive even if he never said it since he was more a show then tell kind of guy. Beside the last thing he wanted to do was try and distract her from her duties as Magistrate since this new clan needed her more than he did. After all he never had her and that didn’t seem likely to change and maybe it was better if she didn’t realize how he saw her.

Their lives could have gone an entirely different way if their parent’s prayers were answered but Davis some how thought they were better off with the way things had turned out. It was far more complicated and messy but it was well worth it. Rosalyn was still in the position she had been raised for and in a way he had taken up the same position his father had in an unofficial capacity. Truth be told whether she asked or not he would always offer his opinions and suggestions, the war he had been in had been a human one and not a supernatural one but he still remember what his father had taught him and despite the way most viewed him he did have a level head. “Me? Preachy?” A snort left him as he shook his head while chuckling at Ros.

As much as he would debate the fact later on, he could help but follow the path her hands made as she motioned to her tall and slim frame as she spoke about him wishing he had an effect. “Well if wishes were horses we all would ride, or something like that.” He chuckled knowing she wasn’t the biggest fan of talking during training. At least not if it was a large group since that was distracting but at the moment it was just the two of them which he liked better than training with the entire clan even if he could possibly help them learn a few things.

Throughout training even Davis learned and listened to Ros’ suggestions proving that no matter how much you knew you were always learning. If you ever stopped learning you were opening yourself up for failure and that was not something Davis would ever be accused of. It was still mind blowing that one single move that pretty much blasted a radius of where they were training but he hadn’t been thinking about the environment so much as not getting stabbed. To some training was like being in a bubble but since he and Ros knew each other so well neither held back and it was very well world. Maybe that meant they went a little harder at one another than necessary for training but they both knew their enemies wouldn’t hesitate which was why they trained so hard. Honestly sometimes he slept in on purpose even if he wouldn’t admit it.

Watching Ros double over in pain he quickly moved to her side since despite training they weren’t truly trying to hurt one another and that was the last thing he wanted to do. “Don’t move. I mean it Ros, this isn’t alpha male bs right now just stay as still as possible.” He knew he had a first aid kit in the saddle bag on his bike but it wasn’t for wounds like the one in her foot. Davis helped her to sit before looking at her shoe. “Take a deep breath because this is going to hurt.” He didn’t have a lot on energy left but the fear and adrenaline from the idea of harming her kicking but what little power remained inside of him. Pulling the shard of metal out he pulled off her shoe before focusing on his powers trying to work on healing which was something he understood. Visualizing what he wanted to happen he felt himself growing weaker as the adrenaline moved from him in the form of power to try and heal his Ambassador.   

"If wishes were horses, beggars would ride." Rosalyn corrected with a shake of her head, a usual action to most of the things the male said, followed by a smirk when she caught his gaze trailing her motioning hands. "At least you didn't deny wishing it." Which was strange because to the female, while she came across attractive to most, she didn't think someone who had literally seen her in a diaper would think the same.

As the two bantered, the brunette wondered if Davis had specifically been late so that they could have this moment - training together, bickering and letting off steam just like the old times. It was a quick thought which was pushed away by rationality, even if that were the case, she had the moral obligation to treat him the same way as she would treat any other member for being late, the only difference being that she didn't mind him being late as it gave them some time with each other. Rosalyn wasn't usually nostalgic but moments spent with Davis would keep her grounded, and reminded her of a time when things were easier for them both.

The training was intense to say the least and if it weren't for the cool weather, she was sure she would have sweated from the excessive use of her powers, though she knew she had more stamina than the male. It wasn't just training, to them, it was actual real life simulation - the best way to practice was through reality rather than trying to be safe or keeping your opponent, unharmed. They were Initia's after all, they could heal.

However, Rosalyn did not notice the metal spike that stabbed into her foot when she was about to get up. She bit her lip, pearly whites taking hold of the crimson tinted flesh as the pain seared through her leg. "Well staying still is easy when I just want to rip my leg off." She groaned, hands clutching her knee as she sat down on the fallen bark of the tree.

The Privus Magister could taste the steely taste of blood as she gnawed at her bottom lip when he tried to pull the metal shard out. "Jeez, Dodger." She whispered, though her eyes remained on him the entire time, telling herself to calm down. She realised however, he was going to over exhaust himself if he continued to heal her. Leaning forward, Rosalyn placed her palm on his shoulder and gestured for him to stop. "It's okay, Davis." She chuckled, trying to ease the situation, "Your Magister is tougher than this. I'll just need to rest till I get back my energy."

With a shrug of his shoulders, Davis gave a roll of his deep and soulful eyes. “Close enough for me. Been the beggar.” Thankfully not for long since the recruitment centers had caught his eye and given him a chance at a better life. “Doesn’t matter, if I had denied it you would have called me a liar or rolled those eyes.” He said with a chuckle knowing it was likely odd the way his view on Rosalyn had changed over the year but they had gone from being children together, to the awkward teenage years and no reunited in adulthood. Their personalities having changed a bit along with their physical build and features.

Davis did need to do a lot better with fitting in with the clan and trying to help more than just Rosalyn but the Sterlings were his priority. Training with Rosalyn also meant that either would hold back and if they caused one another pain they would still be friend’s after well aware it was more for practical training purposes than to cause pain or be a punishment. The two seemed to know how to push one another to their limits and that was always a good thing while training. Neither were afraid of their elements or the power they wielded both rather confident in their own right.

Training with Ros always took a lot out of him and it took a good day or two to get his elemental strength back since it was usually close to completely drained. He did have greater stamina than when he first started training in Evermore but he still had a long way to go to get to where he wanted to be. Between rejuvenating his elements and his body healing from wound sustained it was always a interesting few days after training which always came with a good amount of trash talk. Usually Ros didn’t sustain any physical damage so seeing her bleeding and in pain was a new experience for Davis and he didn’t like it one bit.

Even though Ros wasn’t one to show pain, Davis knew the metal spike in her foot had to hurt and pulling it out wouldn’t make it feel much better but it was necessary. In order to heal it needed to come out. “Then you’d just be down a leg in still in pain so that doesn’t seem like the best idea.” He said in a somewhat teasing tone even though he was worried as he pulled her shoe off exam the extent of the damage. The elder Initia knew that Ros would heal but it wouldn’t be pleasant and would be hard to walk while it did heal.

Trying to help the process he ground his teeth together feeling the effort pulling on his own physical wellbeing. Over using your elements easily causing a strain on your body which could kill you if you didn’t know when to stop. Davis knew he was over extending himself but he didn’t feel like he was in danger of anything else other than needed to nap the rest of the day away. His focus was on healing the deep laceration in her foot when her small hand pressed against his shoulder trying to push him away as a gesture to stop. His expression was softer than usual and there was a hint of guilt in his eyes, “I know you are Ros but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to help.” The bleeding had slowed, “At least let me stitched it up. I have a first aid kit in my saddle bag on the bike.”

Not giving her a chance to answer he quickly headed to the bike careful of the metal spikes. Grabbing the first aid kit he headed back to the clearing and kneeled in front of Ros opening the kit. Opening an alcohol wipe he cleaned the area around the wound before opening a suture needle and threading it. The wound wasn’t large but it was deep or had been pretty deep, even though Ros only let him do a bit of healing it was in better shape as he worked on stitching the wound closed. “No over using my powers, just using the skills I’ve learned over the years.” He said with sending her a wink since it seemed like a pretty good compromise to him.

The idea of Davis being a beggar made guilt rise at the back of Rosalyn's throat. While it wasn't her fault that he was outcasted by his parents, she felt that she had been so preoccupied with herself, that she hardly reached out to help. "I think you," She motioned towards his outfit that had been criticised earlier, "Would pull off homeless pretty well." She joked lightheartedly.

"And yes, because I don't need a lie detector to tell you when you're lying." It was easy to determine Davis's thoughts for the most parts, the two having been around each other practically since her birth. Not only was she well-versed in how he worked, but she was sure he knew every quirk there was to her.

Training had been a series of elemental switches, attacks and defenses that had left both of them more exhausted than usual. Though they had silently agreed on pushing their stamina to its very limit so that with time they can build it up, a part of Rosalyn was always careful to not completely burn herself out in case an enemy decided to spring up on them.

This time however, the female in an attempt to save herself from the blast he had conjured, used the last bits of her energy to float herself safely out of the blast radius, leaving her vulnerable to threats. It was a stipid move and Rosalyn made a mental note to think of strategies that didn't require using her powers. After all, training was not just for the Privus members, but for their Magister as well.

It felt like she was being tested on the heights of her vulnerability when the female was stabbed by a metal spike, her frame hunching over in pain though her features only showed a mild wince, not used to letting her opponents know her weakness, even if the opponent was her very own kind. "I think I can pull off one-legged Magister." She chuckled through her pain, easing her shoulders back, "They'll write stories about me - the one legged Magister wh-" Rosalyn was cut off abruptly by a sudden pain that seared through her leg, her intended words lost and replaced by a hiss as she gritted her teeth, watching the male take off her shoe and examine the wound.

"I don't know what I am sad about more - my beautiful feet all red, or my shoes that have a hole the size of Pluto in them." She mused, shaking her head, though the pain had now begun to have a numbing sensation. As Davis offered to stitch up the wound, Rosalyn was left with no choice, waiting for him to come back with the first aid kit.

Rosalyn hissed once again as he dabbed a swatch of alcohol over the wound, a stinging sensation overcoming her as she forced herself to keep her gaze on the male, trying not to flinch or look away in an attempt to make herself stronger against the pain. "If you're using your skills, then I'm screwed." The female joked in an attempt to distract herself from the pain, her fingers curling into fists and nails digging into the skin to keep herself still. "Thanks, Dodger." The female finally spoke, a sense of vulnerability in her tone. But for once, she didn't mind. Rosalyn knew she trusted him.

Everything seemed to disappear as he focused on Rosalyn well aware that any one else in their clan would react the same. The thing was many thought she was invincible and unbreakable but Davis knew the truth, he always knew the truth about her. There was no front that she could put up that he couldn’t see through and there was no lie that he could tell which she couldn’t see the truth to. It was both a good and bad thing but they were the only two in the clan who held a bond like this, even the other Sterling girls couldn’t read Ros as well as he could but when he was growing up that was part of his duty, to be able to know her better than anyone else and anticipate her moves in order to help her and keep her safe.

Rosalyn might not be invincible but she was the strongest woman he knew and when whispered comments of, following a woman, arose he was the first to squish that misconception. Most had no idea how hard her life had been and what she had lost. Being an Initia is all she had ever wanted, to be a magistrate and lead her people but that was a dream which had been taken from her due to the fact that she was a deviant of what an Initia should be. A branch that had either been forgotten or had never existed before. “I’m sure we could form you a nice metal leg but that seems a bit extreme considering your injuries ain’t that sever.” Even thought he said it he was worrying over them to an unnecessary extent since he hated to see her hurt since the last thing she needed was to be vulnerable even in a supposed city of peace. “Yeah stories, it’ll probably be a kids bed time story about how ego can be your down fall.” He joked attempting to keep things light as he worked.

A snort left him at Ros’ witty comment about her shoe, “I’d be more upset about the pain and issue to my ability to walk but that’s just me. You obviously have your own set of priorities.” He shook his head in amusement but his hands stayed steady since he was use to this, healing and medical was his strong suit even if Ros didn’t believe him. “I’d say you should learn to watch your step but I guess it was a good portion my fault.” He was fine admitting blame, at least to her, not so much to strangers.

Obviously Ros wasn’t too happy with the attention being given to her foot but in the long run it would help especially at the moment. “Hey I might not have a lot of skills according to you but even you know that I’m a good field medic.” Not that Ros would ever admit he had redeeming or helpful qualities out loud. Hearing her grateful tone he gave her grin, “You’re welcome you massive pain in my ass.” He teased back as he tied off the suture and broke the thread. “Lean on me and I’ll get you home.” He said before standing and offering his Magistrate his hand to help her get back to her place.

Often Rosalyn found herself wondering if the bond she shared with Davis was only because they were forced to be around each other, and not because he genuinely cared for her. Rosalyn would never admit it, even to herself, how much she doubted people's intentions. After her parents practically abandoned her, she found it hard to believe that anyone could ever care for her, in whatever way or capacity. And when Slade and her had to go their separate ways, she knew love didn't last. It was a mere illusion at times and sometimes people cared for all the wrong reasons.

Snapping out of her thoughts, the brunette's attention was forced back to the gaping wound and the numbing pain that seared through her leg right up to her waist, her frame almost collapsing as she could feel the slight pump of blood as it oozed out of her skin. "I'm sorry." The female narrowed her azure optics, "But which part of this was the work of my ego?" She asked, though there was no hint of seriousness in her tone.

As the conversation moved to potentially distract her from the pain, Rosalyn looked at Davis and smirked, her shoulders rolling back in a shrug, "If I can't walk, I can always fly to places." She reminded rather teasingly, though once he began to stitch her up, the jokes faded away and pain took control over her features no matter how much of a strong front she tried to put up.

"Yeah, yeah, Costa. You're a great medic." She replied with a roll of her eyes, though internally she knew he was right. Davis was definitely great at his work, whatever it was. As the wound was sealed up, Rosalyn decided to place her hand in his, "I'm trusting you, Dodger. Don't let me fall." She warned, though a genuine smile of gratitude was on her lips as she leaned her frame on him and tried walking, stumbling a couple of times before finally perfecting the steps.

 It was funny that as a child he wanted nothing to do with Rosalyn, their parents were the ones throwing them together. The last thing a kid wanted was to be have to take care of a baby and she had been annoying as most babies were to young children. It was funny to think of the fact that there had once been a time when he would have done anything to get away from her and now he rather enjoyed the time they spent together. Mostly that was done with training and with Rosalyn trying to get him to be more social with the clan which he didn’t really want to do, after all living with Rowan and Scott ought to count for something since he had given up his own place with his own space to appease the clan and Ros.

There were a lot of pain points and a couple of nerves in the feet but the spike had missed the nerves but he had not doubt it had gone straight through a couple of important pain points. That and the fact that it was hard not to stand or walk would just put pressure on those points until the wound healed. A smirk spread over his lips as his chocolate hues met hers, “For challenging me.” He teased well aware that she was completely kicking his ass before that rather divine and insane move. “Though really when don’t you have an ego problem? When don’t I have an ego problem?” He asked keeping the mood light and trying to keep her mind off the painful wound.

“You could fly but that’s just going to exhausted you which seems a bit counter protective and likely to put you in a bad position. I mean I’d really hate to have to deal with a new Magistrate. I mean what if it’s me?” He jested, “The clan would really be in trouble.” He said winking at Ros able to easily tend to wounds and jokingly keep things light since that was one of his special skills or so he was told.

“Well thanks, it’s nice when you give me praise, even the sarcastic kind.” He replied preening like a fancy parrot his chest puffing out a bit in pride even if her words were followed by a roll of her eyes. “When have I ever let you down when I had a choice in the matter?” A lot of things had come between himself and his promise to her but in the end they were back in the same city and he was fulfilling the job he had been groomed for since birth but he was doing it his own way. “Besides as amusing as it would be to let you fall I’m not that much of an asshole.” He teased as he kissed the side of her, “You’ll heal up fast but I would definitely say off your feet as much as possible until that happens. Elevation helps which I’m sure you’ll have no problem with.” He stated as he easily shouldered part of her weight as they headed towards the apartment complex which wasn’t that far. Normally he would have put her on the back of the bike but she would have to steady her feet which would actually be worse for her situation.

Rosalyn had to admit, after a long time she felt really really drained out and she knew it was not just the wound but the sheer power Davis had, perhaps not knowing it himself. Hissing through gritted teeth as he stitched her up, her icy optics narrowed, glaring at the male, "Yes Dodger, I made a terrible mistake by challenging you, our Lord Almighty." Rolling her eyes, she looked past him into the woods that surrounded them, trying to keep her attention away from the wound. "Psychologically speaking, having an ego makes you more grounded to reality." Rolling her shoulders back, she quipped, gliding her palm in the air in a matter-of-factly.

"Or," The Privus Magister feigned a dramatic gasp, "What if it's Rowan?" Shaking her head, she let out a soft laughter, "I don't know which one of you would be worse." With the remnants of a chuckle on her lips, she concluded, "Thankfully the clan won't have to deal with a new magistrate anytime soon. It's not that easy to get rid of me." It was odd how the kind of person Rosalyn was around Davis and her sisters was entirely different from the way she acted around anyone else. But especially with Davis, the two shared a kind of friendship that couldn't be defined with words, he kept her grounded and she internally hoped that she had some part in bringing out the best in him.

Placing her hand in his, the brunette swat his chest teasingly as it puffed out in pride. "Don't get used to it, Dodger." She reminded him, before leaning against his muscular frame for support, the two beginning to walk slowly. "Do you need a list?" She smirked in response to him thinking he had never let her down, which was true, but the smirk on her lips spoke otherwise. "Davis Costa, not being an asshole? This is new." She continued teasingly, "Taking any new meds? Or are you trying to impress me with your 'niceness'?"

Rosalyn chuckled as his lips fluttered across the side of her head, "Highly suspicious." She remarked, referring to his previous words. The Magister stumbled a few times as the two ventured out of the woods, her azure hues registering the building of their penthouse nearing as they walked towards it. The wound on her feet had nearly healed, leaving behind a scar and a bit of overall weakness. Stopping and straightening up, the female twirled her feet gently, trying to gain control and once she was satisfied, she retracted her arm from around Davis's shoulders. "That healed faster than I thought." She purred, though a slight pain still kept her from walking at a normal pace.

The two had always trained full on since he came to Evermore, he didn’t hold back and neither did she and if he trained that way with others of their clan they would likely end up hurt. Well he and Ros tended to end up a little banged up but both knew how to handle themselves and their own limits. “You’d do well to remember that next time.” He said with a wink while chuckling softly at her glare since they did both get better and better with each sparing match and they pushed their own elements to the limits learning more than they could do that might be out of the box. “So we’re both more grounded to reality because we have overly inflated egos? That’s surprising to say the least.” He had always assumed that made them delusional but that did mean they had a pretty good baring on their own abilities and were confident in them which did mean they were in touch with reality so it made sense.

“If it’s Rowan than he’s really going to need me watching his back though whether that would be better or worse I really don’t know.” He mused knowing that a change in leadership wasn’t going to happen anytime soon especially as long as Davis was around since despite everything he still felt it was his duty to keep her alive. “Right not that easy, unless I told you there was a certain surfer in town and then you might run for the hills.” Though they both knew it was in Slade’s best interest to remain as far away from Evermore as possible. Then again that could have just been Davis’ personal preference as they walked but the truth was he didn’t like seeing her hurt or unsure of herself and the surfer tended to have that affect.

“I wouldn’t dare get used to it since you intentionally deal blows to my ego just so it doesn’t get out of hand.” Beside they both knew even if she didn’t shower him with compliments that she did appreciate his presence and his friendship, neither was the sort to admit something like that though. “Yes oh please blessed magistrate compile a list since you know there isn’t one.” He teased since the only times he might have let her down was when he was forced away and then not staying in South Carolina but she was happy there and he didn’t want to diminish that. “Yeah I know, better mark today down on the calendar since it might not happen again for a long time. Impress you? Why in the world would I ever need or want to do that?” He jested with a smirk since they both knew if they were too nice to each other they’d think the other one was dying or something.

A snort left him, “It’s highly suspicious when I’m not a complete dick? Wow, okay then Ros.” Laughter left him as he shook his head while they continued towards the large building which was coming into view. As she stopped Davis did the same watching as she twisted her foot about checking the pain in the movement before pushing away from him no longer needing his strength. “I would still try not to over do it Ros even though I know that being you, you’re going to push it to the limits. Beside we both know I’ll pick you up and carry you if I have to.” There was playful tone to his voice since he knew the last thing she wanted was someone carrying her into the building and ‘making her look weak’.

"Well now that I don't have to worry about you I should probably start trying to find a way to make peace with your sisters." He said with a sigh knowing full well he was much too hard on Davina and Raina. He had wanted to believe that things would work out with Evelyn but even before the two younger Sterlings had come into the picture things were far from perfect but at least she had been alive. After all nothing in life was perfect and she had been his home, his shelter from the world and who he turned to when life and his nightmares became too much and now she was one of those nightmares. "Which isn't going to be easy for me." Since no matter how hard he tried there was still just so much resentment and anger inside of him but he was working on it.

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