~Some Time Later~

Dawn tended to drive them around as she claimed that Donovan drove as  an immortal, reckless. Though this tended to cause issues when he needed to get back to the club for his shift, since opening the club it seemed no matter how many people he hired he was always short staff, it was beginning to become frustrating.  Dawn didn’t seem to understand that his business was his baby and his livelihood, she would throw the fact he was immortal and had all his life to have a business in his face.

That night was their worst fight they had, Dawn had gone into his phone and deleted messages from it saying he was needed to come in that the club was being hounded, it was when the diviner he hired teleported into the restaurant he was on the date with Dawn did he learn. The two had a fight in the ally with his employee present until leaving with that employee. Dawn stormed off back to the manor pissed off about the fact the Donovan left their date for the club once again.

Dawn slammed the door to the manor as she entered and paused pulling out her phone muttering “Why should I stay in just because he is a stick in the mud.” she dialed a number and pressed the phone to her ear as she walked down the hall. “Hey...yeah he bailed on dinner once again for his little club...I am gonna change and I will meet you… promise me a good time.” she giggled as she bounded up the stairs. “For sure Rose club is way better anyways.” Dawn voice faded as it entered deeper into the manor.

Donovan had reached the club and it was a madhouse, with only one bartender there. “For fuck sakes.” He muttered out and then slide behind the bar picking up making orders before looking over to the people who were to be performing but no music was going. Empty glasses everywhere. “Sasha get glasses, Dylan keep doing the drinks.” he said as he moved from behind the bar with Sasha and moved to the stage. He climbed up on to the stage and tapped the mic.

“Hello, hello Eternally blue crowd, how are you all doing tonight?” he asked as when hearing the collective grown. “I know we had a rough start to the evening but, everyone is going to get a drink on me. As for music this evening, it is open mic night for any of you brave enough to hop up here and give it a go.” he looked to the band that was set up behind him. Getting quick nods from them before they started playing a song and Donovan started sing, after two song he got down letting someone in the crowd getting up after turning the energy from almost a mob to a mellower crowd while the bar was still covered with people wanting their free drinks now.

“Really Don free drinks?” Dylan gave him a dead glare. “Not like this was bad enough. Why didn’t you return my text.”

“I swear Dylan don’t start with me, or you can leave also.” Donovan snapped as he worked on making drinks.

“Whatever you need to figure your own shit out.” Dylan throw a rag on him and Don sigh as he watched him leave. He wasn’t mad at his staff, he was pissed that Dawn was messing with his business. One of the only thing that would keep him in this town beside Val needing him. He let out a loud sigh before filling drink orders once again. He was so caught up in what was going on in front of him he hadn’t even had his mind wonder to Argent, like it use to every time he caught a glimpse of red hair.

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Argent was normally a very busy person, or at least she purposely kept herself busy, she couldn’t stand having nothing to do, it drove her beyond insane, that was probably why she took up so many hobbies, so that she would always have something to do, something to distract her from life, being an aspect was such an unpredictable thing, you never knew when something was going to happen that dragged you into a wild goose chase of periods of pain.

Tonight, however, was not one of those busy days, she thought as she sprawled out on her bed, eyes up towards the ceiling, just lost in her own thoughts. It had been some time since she last saw Donovan, or saw him aside from the odd hello when he passed in the hall anyway and yet he still came to her mind often, she wondered how his business was getting along and what song he might be playing that particular day. She knew she shouldn’t be thinking about him, she tried her best not to but it came as naturally as breathing to her.

The redhead sighed softly pressing her hand against her forehead, she really was hopeless, she scolded herself, she was supposed to have dropped these feelings the moment they agreed on friendship and yet here she was thinking about the way his lips curved into a smile or the disappointed look on his face when his girlfriend had called his club little. By pure coincidence the aspects’ thoughts were interrupted by a voice in the hallway, speak of the devil, she thought as turned over onto her front.

She didn’t mean to pry, in fact, she tried to shut Dawn’s voice out but the blonde was talking extremely loud and obnoxious and the things she said made Argent frown. She didn’t understand how the blonde could keep referring to Donovan’s club as something little when it was clearly so important to him. Which reminded Argent of the promise she’d made to visit one day. She’d been meaning to but no time had felt the right time. And despite her knowing it was probably a mistake she was suddenly filled with the want to see it all for herself.

Despite her better judgment telling her it was probably a bad idea, the redhead got to her feet, changing into skinny jeans and a cute top before pulling on a sweater and then her coat. It was still winter in Evermore and even dragons weren’t impervious to the cold. With a sense of purpose, she made her way through the manor and out to the front. She thought about calling a cab but Argent had very recently passed her driving test and it felt like a good excuse to actually use the car she’d been given so she headed into the garage and unlocked the new vehicle and climbed inside.

It took some googling and putting her phone up on the dash in an awkward position with navigation on it but around 20 minutes later she found herself pulling into the carpark opposite the place called ‘Eternally Blue’ it looked refined but it stood out amongst the surrounding buildings, she noted as she climbed out of the car and locked it tucking her keys in her pocket. The first trip across the city with no idea where she was going, check.

The first thing she noticed when she walked into the venue was the sound of a low voice singing, she hadn’t paid too much mind to it at first but as she walked further in, losing herself amongst the crowd she saw him there, standing on the stage and singing his heart out. And he sounded good. The green-eyed aspect just stood there for a few moments in awe. Her eyes drifted, taking in the vibe of the whole place, it was decorated perfectly and looked better than she had ever imagined.

The redhead did notice however how rammed the place was, with empty glasses all over the place and rowdy customers complaining and getting somewhat agitated which made her brow furrow a little. She was glad Donovan had so many customers but surely he needed more staff to be able to handle this many people. Her eyes drifted to him and she could see the annoyance on his face as clear as day, oh dear, something hadn’t gone well. The aspect of light had a suspicion what that could but that wasn’t her place to meddle in.

What she was good at, however, was mixing drinks, after her little taster session the day Aurelia had been assigned to be her guard she had really gotten a taste for mixology and she knew most of the go-to cocktails nowadays. Shrugging off her coat she placed it on the back of one of the empty chairs and then did the same with her sweater if she was going to put in an evening’s work she wasn’t doing so while sweating her ass off.

Without a word, she crossed the room, hopped up onto the bar, swung her legs over and then hopped back down on the other side. Without hesitation, she headed to the back of the bar and started to read the list of drinks that were ringing up on the register. “I can do that” she murmured with a nod. She was a little slow at first thanks to the layout not being the same as the bar at the manor but before long she was getting in the swing of things. Donovan didn’t even seem to notice she was there which was pretty hilarious but he seemed focused and she didn’t want to interrupt him, he probably assumed she was the other bartender, who had taken the opportunity to go and clean up.

Lining up the drinks she had made on the bar the redhead glanced over to Donovan again before laughing, it wasn’t until she went to grab the same bottle he was about to grab that his eyes actually met with hers “You weren’t kidding when you said this place had killer live music” she teased and gave him a bright smile “Left side orders are covered” she assured.

Donovan was clearly annoyed even his performance on the stage felt off but he didn’t have time to focus rolling the sleeves to his button down up. What he would do for the chance to run upstairs and slip into one of his thin shirts. Since he was coming from a date he was dressed to impressed only sliding off his jacket when he arrived not even remembering where he had placed it, being teleported into pure madness. If he hadn’t been so annoyed at Dawn he would have been thriving in  this madness, he was always one to enjoy a good rush.

Without a word he found himself in a grove picking up bottles making drinks, taking cards or cash in between after serving the free drink to each person that he promised. He was most likely going to take a lost in profits that evening but he would rather have one bad night then  disappoint many of the people there in front of him. The live karaoke night idea he manage to come up with of the top of his head seem to be doing well enough to that the crowd was no longer a roar and people were dancing.

With a rush there was always a end, drinks in hand, he turned to grab a bottle when his hand rested over Argent's and the the bottle he was reaching for. He turned his head Expecting to see Sasha had hopped back behind the bar with him while the dishwasher was going. His mouth parted slightly seeing Argent standing there her red hair falling perfectly as always. A laugh left his lips as he let the bottle go and gave a stupidly big grin. “Well no wonder I never see the guards in here, they clearly have a in house skilled mixologist.” He said as he took the bottle from her fingers with a wink as he finished the drink he was making sliding it over to the customer.

“Yeah well the band called out but when there is a will there's a way.” He said softly looking over to someone singing yet another song and then it dawned on him “Wait…” he looked back to her “How long have you been here?” he asked with a laugh picking up the empty glasses not really wanting to pull away from talking to her but knowing he had manage with help to tame the storm that had been raging for who knows how long he manage to arrive. “You picked a good night to come,” he said as he walked towards her standing in front of her taking the moment to look down at her.

His hand reached up pulling out a straw wrapper from her hair and tossing it into the trash “You really saved my ass.” he said to her holding his dark intense gaze with hers before wrapping his arm behind her, brushing against her as he grabbed the glasses behind her. “I am really gratefulfor you managing to come in right when I needed it. I honestly don’t know how I would have been able to do it. Apparently half my staff called out and I was not informed due to…” He took a deep breath “I wasn’t informed that had been the case. So when I did learn this it was a madhouse when I got here.” He looked over to the people having a good time now though. “So silver what made you finally visit? I haven’t seen you properly in a good while.” he tossed the glasses in the bin to go back and be cleaned.

Argent did spend a few moments thinking about how she was going to explain why tonight was the night she decided to visit, it wasn’t like she could just come out with the truth if he asked, as much as it pained her to see Dawn behave that way when it came to him it wasn’t her place to get in the middle and she knew that. But then she didn’t want to lie to him either, they were friends now and it seemed wrong to lie to someone you called a friend to her, besides she was a horrible liar and would be seen straight through. Semi-truth it would have to be then.

Argent actually pretty enjoyed working behind the bar, as much as she liked doing it at the manor she more or less had to beg people to come in and let her fix something up from them but here there was time pressure and the need to make things in succession without getting it mixed up, it was a challenge and she liked challenges. Seeing the bright grin that appeared on his lips her heart lurched for just a moment before she returned it “Dabbler remember” she commented with a shrug and then laughed, she was just glad he didn’t feel like she had overstepped or anything, the bartender who had rushed off to clean up had been pretty relieved too.

She followed his gaze over to the stage for a moment and then gave him a knowing smile as he realized what she had been talking about when she complimented the music, he really had a great singing voice, so husky and dare she say sexy, it was no wonder the audience, her included, were so enthralled “Long enough” she commented though it was clear from the look in her eyes that she was talking about him. She didn’t hold him up as he got to work though, she’d come to see the place and to help out a little, she didn’t expect him to drop what he needed to do for her “I picked a busy day” she echoed his words and laughed “You didn’t tell me it got quite so packed” the redhead showed pride in her tone though, it was really nice to actually see him succeeding for herself, she could already tell he’d built something good here and she’d only been here 30 minutes.

Her eyes widened when he reached up to pick out the straw wrapper from her head and she let out a light giggle as she realized what it was, she had been so focused on making all the drinks she hadn’t even noticed it “Oh come on, you totally had it, I just wanted to make your life easier” she nodded softly, credit where credit was due, he was already turning around the angry customers and would have done himself with more time, she just sped up the process. She sucked in a breath when he leaned behind her to grab glasses though, she hated how easy it was for his proximity to make her breathless and the look in her eyes said as much. Argent had always been terrible at covering her own reactions to things, it’s what made her such a horrible liar.

When he said he hadn’t been informed about the busyness this evening she gave a half nod, well that linked up to the conversation she had overheard from Dawn pretty well, she bit gently on her lip wondering why the blonde would be so against this place, it was obviously Donovan’s pride and joy after all. “You’re welcome” she responded with a chuckle “You can really thank me by added a vodka cranberry double to the list of free drinks though” she gave him a sheepish smile, she actually really did want to come to a bar and have a drink. His question did catch her off guard though as she moved around the bar and leaned her hands against so she could rock back and forth a little where she was standing, more to distract herself from wanting to get closer to him than anything. She looked like a child with their hand caught in the cookie jar “I overheard a conversation I probably shouldn’t have” she admitted with a slight nod “I just thought I’d check in and see if you were okay” Argent didn’t really know what happened so she figured she’d keep it vague.

“The last thing I wanna do is get involved but I figured you might need a friend, skilled in mixology even” she shrugged, there was more to it than that and if he looked deep enough he’d probably know that but she still wouldn’t cross that line. She wasn’t that person.

Donovan couldn’t help that chuckle that moved past his lips. The moment he saw her, it was like all the anger had left him, his smile staying upon his lips as she spoke back “My favorite little dabbler.” he commented back noting her angelic laugh. “A dabbler who saved my ass tonight.” He said looking over to the crowd that was in the full swing of having a good time now before returning his gaze to her seeing the knowing smile. Breathing out a soft exhale as he watched her eyes closely “What did you think then?” he wanted to know her honest opinion on his singing. He had been getting more into performing since opening the doors. He had years worth a music he had kept to himself never thinking they were good enough, one of the few things he was insecure about.

“Yeah tonight was far busier than I thought it was.” he gritted his teeth for a moment, shaking his head slightly only smiling when her laugh filled her ears again. “It's been growing in popularity slowly. Seems I need to get more staff though.” He looked around wondering how they had manage to calm the crowd in such a short time. Maybe it was due to her magic, Argent seem to be able to calm people just by being around them.  “I am glad the townspeople have been so welcoming of the blues club.” He gave a soft smile “I am eternally grateful for the town of Evermore accepting Eternally Blue.”

He smiled as he flicked the straw wrapper into the garbage as his dark eyes rested on hers and in a serious tone “Don’t think I could have done it without you Argent.” he gave her hand a soft squeeze before letting it go. Being near her was intoxicating and he wanted her to stay there all night, he couldn’t recall if he ever felt like that with Dawn. He was using any reason to be near her, even if it was just reaching for the glasses behind her, not pointing out the moment she caught her breath in her throat caused the hair to rise on his arm to rise at the fact he got a reaction at all from her.

He gave her a smile as he pulled back slightly from her, “One Vodka Cranberry coming up.” He turned around punching it in before pouring her the drink just so he could keep tab of how much he was giving away that night and figure out away to take the blow. While the Hendrix were a rich family, Don gave up his trust fund a long time ago for someone else. Moving where she chose to seat herself on the customer side of the bar,  sitting the drink in front of her with a crazy straw that he had ordered on accident once but thought it would get a chuckle from her.

He watched her look turn to one of slight guilt? What was that look in her eyes. Though as she said she overheard a conversation he looked down to the bar. He listen to her for a moment knowing that she was being tactful especially with their past. He would be the same, he didn’t raise his head as he spoke “It suck when the person you are with doesn’t see something you have put your blood, sweat, and tears into as something of value.” he gave a heavy sigh and picked up a glass filling it with the first thing he could. He felt the tears burning his eyes wanting to spill over, it hurt not having support from one of the few people that he let into his life.

“Thank you for checking on me, for being here.” he said as he poured her another drink and sat it beside the first one. “It means more to me then I could ever express.” mainly because he was to be keeping a friendly space between them. His eyes scanned the crowd finding two of the workers he called in making their way over. After giving them instructions he picked up his glass refilling it. “How about I show you around after I go grab something.” he cleared his throat barely able to get out his words before walking off towards the store room. Making his way into it among the bottles he tossed the glass back drinking the contents while staring up to the ceiling as if to force the tears that wanted to fall to stay in his tear ducts.

She laughed as she looked up at him, tilting her chin back a little to meet his eyes “Hey I am not that little” she insisted and pushed herself onto her toes as if to prove her point but it didn’t really help the case she was trying to make and so she gave a defeated sigh “Okay maybe I am” she admitted and shook her head, being tiny often got her underestimated. She followed his gaze as he looked around the room at the crowd who were now happily moving to the music and downing drinks. When he asked her opinion she glanced over, she caught his tone and realized he seemed genuinely interested in what she thought “You should smile more when on stage, your presence would have everyone more hooked then” she admitted as she twirled one of her red locks around her finger “You’re really good” she spoke more directly “Your voice has a certain raw element to it that just” she made a shuddering gesture and nodded slightly.

“Definitely not something to complain about” she commented looking around and noting that the room was pretty full but there was just about enough room to move and not feel completely suffocated by the crowd which she liked. Clubs and bars weren’t really her thing but she could appreciate hard work and attention to detail, plus even she could break the mold from time to time, especially when it came to supporting someone she cared about. She paused for a moment at that thought, at what point did he manage to get himself on that list? She couldn’t really remember it but he definitely was “Well you referenced their namesake so how could they not love it” she teased with a wink and reached up to place a hand on his shoulder and squeeze it encouragingly “Don’t doubt yourself, you built all this yourself” she pressed her thumb and forefinger against his chin and implied he should stop staring down at the floor.

Much like him she was using any reason to get closer to him, she liked being around him and the aura he exuded, he was a very hardworking and passionate person, she had seen that in great lengths since she met him. He seemed to pour everything he had into the few things that he chose. There weren’t many, she also noticed the way he distanced himself from most. Dawn had managed to slip past his defenses though. Whenever she saw Donovan the blonde was usually there with him and while Argent didn’t have a problem with the guard and actually got along with her quite well, sometimes she just wanted the chance to talk to him alone, like tonight.

She laughed circling around the bar taking a seat on one of the bar stools which she had to hop up onto because the seat was so high. She leaned her elbows against the bar to prop up her chin as she watched him “Thanks” she spoke softly as he placed the drink down before she noticed the straw and scrunched up her nose a little in amusement as she studied it, it had a little koala clinging to it and it was quite literally the cutest thing she had ever seen “Awh I love koalas” she spoke softly as he poked it and then took a long sip of the drink, it was her go-to, she pretty much ordered it everywhere she went. .

She was half expecting him to brush it off, in the time that they had agreed to friendship they seemed to have agreed not to talk about Dawn either and that had made things easier for her because she didn’t have to deal with the little pangs of jealousy that she got whenever the blonde was around. But he spoke quite honestly about what was wrong and that made her grimace a little. That did suck. A partner was supposed to be the person who boosted you up most when times were hard, not the one who made you feel like you weren’t good enough. She didn’t really know what to say, she didn’t want to feel like she was meddling or getting between the two of them.

She took the second drink but her green eyes were focused on him, she could hear the slight faltering in his voice that told her this was bothering him far more than he might be letting “Sure” she spoke though her voice was hesitant as she watched him bolt off towards the storeroom. She pressed her lips together as she sat there before she pushed herself to her feet and followed him, well she’d already jumped behind the bar so she supposed breaking another rule wasn’t going to get her barred. She knocked lightly on the door he had closed behind him before opening it and stepping inside “Hey” she spoke softly from behind him and before she could even process what she was doing she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around him from behind and just stayed there for a few moments her head resting against his back and taking in his scent “I’m proud of you” she murmured soothingly.

Something about those green eyes and how the light up when she laughed about things made him want to reach out and touch her. As she tried to show she wasn’t short yet to him standing at six foot two she would always be short. Yet her attempts to prove him otherwise only made the Dhampir chuckles softly. “You know there is nothing being little, just means people will underestimate the punch you can pack. I don’t think that's a bad thing. “ he smiled softly, “If it makes you feel any better I won’t underestimate it.” His gaze held hers as he wanted to know what she thought of him onstage and her words made him smile as she didn’t just simply state he was good, she gave him actual feedback. “Think you are the first person who has ever really given me feedback it's refreshing.” he said honestly as his eyes dropped to her fingers playing in her hair wanting to do the same himself to her hair.

He smirked then and raised a brow “I think you just like my voice.”  he chuckled as he watched her look around, for a moment just enjoying her beauty while she wasn’t watching him do so. Something about watching her be her, curious but not wanting to pry was rather adorable to him. He chuckled on her take on how the city had to love the new club, “Eternally Blue wasn’t named after the city. It was named after something my sister and I use to call our fake world we played in as children.” his gaze looked past the red head as he remembered running around in his younger years with his sister as they painted their playroom blue and his mother called it Eternally Blue and it stuck with him. Her hand on his shoulder pulled him back into the moment with just her. He gave a gentle smile has his hand reached up touching the end of her hair lightly, so lightly he wasn’t even sure if she had noticed it. “Think most of us are creatures of self doubt.” he said lowly before dropping his hand away

It felt like this is the most time alone the pair had, had since Donovan started dating Dawn. Though he blamed himself mostly for that since he found himself either working or doing what Dawn asked of him. Being alone with her only made him long for more time with her, away from the manor and the prying eyes of many people there. He smiled as she looked down to the drink in amusement and chuckled, “Well I accidentally ordered a few boxes of these straws so maybe they can be your straws. Incentive to come by more.” He gave her a crooked smile.

It was only when for the first time since dating Dawn he had been honest about his feelings of what was going on. He tried not to talk about her with Argent because he knew all too well what it was like to be into someone and have them with another or not wanting anything to do with you. The silence hung there for a moment until he excused himself to the back room. If he hadn’t spent so much time building this place he would have broken every bottle in that room. He heard the door lightly scrape on the floor after the soft knock he didn’t answer, he didn’t bother looking towards her as she came in. Closing his eyes at her gentle hey, he couldn’t find words to speak back to her.

His hand came to rest on her arms as she hugged him from behind staying there as he felt her hold him, choking up as she said she was proud of him. His other hand came to her arms breaking her hold on him for a moment as he turned around and looked down in her green eyes, the store room wasn’t light up brightly but enough for him to see her for a moment. His hands came and held her face for a moment as he allowed his eyes to take her in not saying a word, he pressed a gentle kiss to he head.

One of his hands moved around her back and he pulled her closer to her him.  The hand that was upon her face moved pushing her hair back then to the back of her neck as he cradled her head as he leaned down pressing his head to hers. Lingering in her scent for a moment, he wasn’t sure what drove him to hold her so close. He knew this was crossing all the lines they had placed down but in that moment he couldn’t stop himself. Was it a mix of alcohol and emotions that drove him to do this or was it just because it was her. The amazing woman he could never get off his mind. His thoughts where a buzz, he brushed his lips to hers before letting his lips press to hers with more force in a gentle kiss.

Argent found it easy to be around him, he had this easygoing and natural persona to him that she just seemed to trust and click with, always had since the moment they had met really. And considering the day they met she had to break the news to him that his sister had passed, really spoke a lot. She had been struggling with the idea of this friendship for a while simply because the way she felt around him, it wasn’t something you felt around a friend and she knew that, she was just far too afraid to admit it. She scrunched her nose as he talked about being underestimated “True, they never see me coming” she teased with a soft laugh as she rocked on the tip of her toes, testing her own height against his she supposed, because he was so damn tall. She laughed when he spoke about her feedback and she shrugged a little “Well you asked for an opinion, not flattery” though there was a little of that too.

She laughed, tilting her head a little to the side and lifting her hand to make a gesture with her thumb and finger “Maybe just a little” she teased softly and shrugged her shoulders, he really did have a husky timbre to her voice that often threatened to send shivers down her spine. The way he talked about the name of the club though, it was very endearing, knowing the name was both personal to him and also something that reminded him of his sister, it gave the whole place more significance and meaning to her too “Well it fits in well in the city” she explained with a light laugh and shrugged “But I like your story behind it much better” she admitted noting the way he touched very lightly against her hair, so quickly and gently that she wondered if she was just imagining it because she’d been imagining what his hands would feel like on her for so long now “It’s okay to doubt, just keep people around who remind you of everything you’ve achieved” she nodded, she doubted herself a lot but her siblings were there to tell her when she was being ridiculous.

It did feel like they distanced themselves from one another lately but she also knew that was probably for the best, she didn’t want to ruin anything good Donovan had going from him and til now she’d never had a reason to believe him and Dawn was anything less than happy. But here, just with him, things felt different, like all that distance they’d put had immediately just fizzled away and now there was that pesky line she was very aware they kept tightroping along. The straws were really sweet but he knew what he was asking was for her to come to see him more often and that was much more complicated “I know I took too long to visit, I just” she grimaced a little “You know” she explained, he had to know she’d been trying not to cause any heartache between him and Dawn.

She could tell that something was really off between them though and from what she had said over the phone, Argent even had fears that she wasn’t as committed to the relationship as he thought she was. Still, it didn’t feel like the aspect’s place to tell him that, especially when it was hearsay and she really had no say or understanding in the relationship the two of them had. The moment he left the bar and she saw the look on his face, she knew something was really wrong and without much thought or hesitation, she had followed him through to the storage cupboard. She could hear the emotion from him as she wrapped her arms around him, his hands holding onto her for dear life. She felt her heartbeat quicken as she felt him turn in her arms, her hands resting around his waist.

She knew she was supposed to let him go now but she couldn’t bring herself to do so, her eyes turning up towards his with a sense of vulnerability in her gaze, she leaned into his touch against her face and then she felt his lips as they grazed against her forehead. She closed her eyes into the simple gesture, everything was so complicated with him and yet this moment felt so simple, as easy as breathing for her. She sucked in a long breath from apprehension as she looked up at him, unable to make herself pull away from him at that moment, his scent and his touch completely overpowering her senses and making her realize just how badly she had been denying herself since she met him.

Her hands were shaking a little when she felt him lean in towards her lips, feeling them touch hers for just a brief moment and when she didn’t pull away he took it as a sign to lean in for more, she pushed herself onto her toes to meet his kiss with her own lips completely breaking every rule she had ever made for herself as she kissed him back. At first, it was gentle and soft but as her hands came up to run through his hair she deepened it a little, pushing against him until his back was against one of the storage racks. She whined a little into the kiss because she knew how wrong this was and yet it felt so right, when they parted for a breath she stared up at him completely shocked by her own reaction to him but also not wanting to pull away “That was-” she murmured completely lost for words about all the emotions she was feeling for him at that moment.

Donovan hated the space they had placed among themselves but he understood why she pulled away. Not only was she busy being an Aspect, and volunteering at the veterans center, but she was busy making sure she wasn’t around when Dawn and himself where. Maybe she had hoped he didn’t notice how she would quickly turn and exit the room the moment they entered it. He had and it hurt more than he could express, maybe that was because he knew in those moment his arms were wrapped around the wrong person. He couldn’t admit it to himself before. He was to just be friends with Argent but everything with Dawn felt wrong the longer it went on. Donovan could tell Dawn wasn’t being completely honest or maybe even faithful to him and yet he couldn’t blame her because his mind was always on someone else. On her, Argent.

If this moment was wrong then he never wanted to be right again. The way her ivory skin felt against the pads of his darker toned fingers. The way his heart was beating out of control, it never did that with Dawn. He was never excited to see anyone the way he was her, even in this moment when he was being more vulnerable than he had been before. Yet he couldn’t stop himself in that moment as his lips finally touched hers, everything felt like it fell away and while everything was so complicated for them in this moment it didn’t feel that way. It felt right, and he didn’t want to admit he selfishly wanted more than a kiss in the store room of the Eternally Blue. Everything about her in that moment overtook his senses. The way the dull light in the room still manage to shine on her orangered locks, how her green eyes shone with a gentleness he had never seen in anyone's eyes.

He wanted to stay lost in this moment with her, as she meet his lips, leaning himself down more so she didn’t have to close the gap fully. The kiss was gentle at first and yet the hungry that ached deep in him took over and he found his hands moving down her arms slowly, to wrap his arms around her as he felt her body press him back to the shelf thankful it was one of the ones on the wall and wasn’t going anywhere. He felt the skin raise on the back of his neck at he whine into the kiss. Only breaking the kiss to catch his breath as he looked to her. Moving his hand to push her hair back from her face as she muttered out softly. “Yeah.” he replied softly as he never let his eyes stray from hers. “I…” he wasn’t even sure how to express to her what he was feeling, though he was sure the pounding in his chest could give that away easily. 

“I think the club is covered for the night.” he said softly as he trailed his finger down her neck before standing back up straight and looking down to her. “Stay for a little while.” he knew it was selfish and knew she very well could say no and leave him standing there looking a fool but a part of him hoped that she would stay with him for another hour or maybe even the night. “I want to show you something.” He said as his hand took hers and pulled her behind him as he climbed up the stairs to where his apartment was and unlocked the door as he pulled her in and he looked to her. He was sure her mind was spinning with the ideas of why he brought her up to his apartment. All of a sudden the dhampir wanted to kick himself in the ass. “Just trust me.” He said as he then dropped her hand and moved through the doorway to their left.

He moved into the room where the piano sat and he moved to sit on the bench. He placed his fingers on the keys and began to play a song he wrote for her. “Her presence hits me like a freight train, her voice makes me wanna dance in the rain.” he looked to the doorway to her as his fingers moved along the keys. “She may as will be the sun with how bright she shines any day.”

Argent had definitely been tiptoeing a line with him for a while now, when they first met she had probably placed him in a bucket she shouldn’t have, she was good at doing that, whenever it came to people’s intentions when it came to her, she doubted them. And for sound reason, nothing ever really worked out for the aspect, anyone who got close either ended up leaving her behind, betraying her or dying. Perhaps she was afraid of losing people or more accurately, losing someone she could see herself loving one day. That was her reasoning for keeping her distance, for pushing the friend line and never letting it become more than that, it was self-preservation more than anything else.

But despite her efforts to keep him at arm’s length and to not let herself feel anything for him, she knew by now that she was lying to herself. She liked him, she liked the way he was so passionate about everything he ever did and how he was understanding and thoughtful, he remembered little details about her that most people would just gloss over. She’d mostly held herself together by keeping her distance from him til now, by telling herself he was happy with Dawn and that meant he would be okay without her but part of her knew a lot of that was her lying to herself. Especially now that they were here alone and there was nothing stopping her from letting herself get completely wrapped up in his touch and the way he tasted.

The moment itself was more perfect than she could describe, her emotions rushing all over the place but also focusing on one single thing. Him. The kiss was over before it really began, her eyes looking up at him completely shocked with herself as he caressed her hair gently, she blinked a few times, it seemed like neither of them really knew what to say so they just stared at one another for a moment. She kinda felt like time stopped for just a few moments and then he spoke again. She felt the finger trialing very slowly down her neck and had to resist the urge to shiver from the simple touch alone. “I thought it was busy..” she went to speak but her eyes widened when she felt him take a hold of her hand and completely speechless she couldn’t do anything but nod her head. There was no way she was going anywhere now, that was for sure.

“Show me what?” she asked hesitantly but he was already busy leading her to his apartment, which she had to admit, made her feel a little nervous, of course, they’d been alone plenty of times before but things suddenly felt different to her now, enough that butterflies were spinning in her stomach as they came up to the door. She probably looked like a rabbit in the headlights “Sorry, this is all” she stuttered a little as she met his eyes “Sudden” she spoke softly but when he asked her to trust him, she nodded her head, she did trust him “Okay” she said before rolling her shoulders back and following him inside.

She took a few moments just to breathe as he went on ahead, though her interest was piqued the moment she heard the soft notes of the piano echoing through the room and she slowly made her way closer to him, leaning against the doorway as she watched him play, he was so in his element as his fingers moved over the keys effortlessly and his voice sounded as amazing as she remembered from the performance from earlier. It was the words that had her utterly speechless though, listening to them as he sang, her face flushing as she realized he was serenading her. After a moment she slowly made her way closer to him, a soft smile on her lips as she perched on the edge of the bench and listened to him sing the chorus and then into the second verse, her head nodding a little as she laughed at the little lines.

When he started the chorus for the second time, she had just about managed to remember the turn and the words and so she opened her mouth to sing, harmonizing with her voice just like her mother taught her when she was young. One of the many interesting skills her mother had taught her. It was kinda beautiful, hearing the song but also seeing how much work he had put into it. She was a little in awe, to say the least, shaking her head slightly in an amused disbelief as she gazed back at him her hand closing over his as the song eventually came to a close “I knew you said you dabbled in songwriting but” she pursed her lips “wow” she spoke softly.

If you were to ask Donovan himself in that moment as he was reeling from the kiss they just shared, a true mind blowing kiss. He would tell you that he planned on making everything official then and there. Yet there still was a lot that he had to deal with on his end and he couldn’t ask Argent to wait for him. All he knew after that kiss, he didn’t want it to be the last. He liked her, he liked her a lot. He wanted to be there when she found a new passion and talked about it endlessly. He wanted to be the reason she smiled. He didn’t want to keep placing space between them. He wasn’t even sure if he could ever explain to her how the kiss they shared made him feel. He was pretty sure his heart had stopped and he was on the floor dead in heaven. Even touching her didn’t make it feel like any less of a dream.

“The place can hold together for a little while without me, I just need to show you something.” he said as his hand held hers, leading her up the stairs. It was weird how right it felt holding her hand. He noted the scared look in her eyes, knowing what he was doing would make any  woman nervous. She had all the right to whack him and run since he wasn’t making his intentions clear. He did hope that she understood him enough he wouldn’t cross lines like that without her wanting it as well. When she seem to trust him enough, he closed the door behind her softly. Moving to the room with the Piano. It was in a room that had all his musical instruments. There was a bookshelf with music books, and history of music along with albums.

Donovan played her melody as he listened to her come closer to him as he cast his gaze up to her, his nerves felt like they were on fire at that moment. He leaned slightly closer as he sang to her noticing how her cheeks turned red as he sang to her. When she joined him, he could feel his face hurting from how much he was smiling. He couldn’t remember the last time he had smiled that much. As he finished out the song and his fingers came to a pause on the ivory keys. He took a deep breath as he moved and rested his hands on his knees.

It was when her hand took hold of his that, he felt that electric wave, that was always there between them. It made him want to wrap his arms around her and pull her into his lap. “I have always wanted to write my own stuff, but it wasn’t until I met you did something fall into place.” he spoke honestly as he brought her hand to his mouth, placing a gentle kiss upon it before letting his eyes float around the room for a moment. Wanting nothing more than this alone time with her. “Have you ever wanted to learn an instrument?” He asked as he looked to her green eyes with his dark ones. “I can teach you, give you private lessons.”

Argent was of two minds, one that conflicted so directly with one another that it was making her head hurt, on the one side, that kiss had been amazing, so perfect and felt right beyond the definition of the word. That side of her wanted to just fall into his arms and forget the consequences and the risks that came with it, that part of her just didn’t care for it at all. But the rational part of her said something else, it reminded her that every single person she had ever chosen to be with was now dead, something she couldn’t change or do anything about, then there was the fact that he was dating Dawn and even if the two of them did break up, she didn’t feel right getting in the middle of that or betraying someone, that wasn’t who she was.

Still, she followed him up the stairs when he insisted the place could do without him, the room he took her to, it was amazing, her eyes didn’t know where to look because there was so much to see, from the piano in the middle of the room which was the centerpiece to the guitars hanging in racks and the books on music which littered the shelves in a way that just screamed the vibe of an artist. As she settled herself next to him on the piano she listened to the music and the words while also taking in the whole moment. He knew how much she liked music and how much she had wanted to learn to play an instrument one day. One of the many things on her endless list of talents she wanted to try.

“I feel like you already know the answer to that” she responded as she smiled at him from over her shoulder and then ran her fingertips down the neck of one of the guitars “Quite the collection you’ve got here” she commented and she moved along again, eyes showing a look of wonder, she was sure she could waste away hours on end in here and it seemed like he probably already did “Do you have any especially important ones?” Argent was very passionate about other people’s passions, there was nothing better than seeing someone completely light up when they talked about something they really cared about “I tried to learn guitar once, I know a few of the basic chords but not much else” she nodded slightly glancing over at him again.

She picked up one of the guitars and then settled herself onto one of the stools, she looked down at it as she placed her hands over it the way she had been taught and then she strummed each of the four chords she had been taught, the stereotypical ones you could actually use to play most pop songs because they used some combination of them throughout and then she laughed setting the wooden instrument down beside her and giving him a sheepish look "That's about all I got to learn, thing about learning an instrument is you can't really do it self-taught, you need someone to guide you through it and we didn't have anyone around consistently enough for that" if you could learn it alone, Argent would have thrown herself into it but this wasn't the kind of thing that was easy to fake it til you make it. 

Donovan wanted nothing more than to get lost in this moment with the red haired beauty beside him. She brought a euphoric energy around him that he never knew he could feel. Yet here he was sharing one of the few things that he was passionate about. He found that being around someone who was so passionate about everything she did was electrifying. He enjoyed being around someone who pushed others to be the best they could be. He watched as she took in the room after he finished playing. To some the room would seem chaotic but there was a method to Donovan’s madness. He had everything set up by the year and month it came out. He knew playing into want to learn an instrument meant they could spend more time around each other and that is what he wanted more than anything.

Donovan gave a gentle smirk as she responded to his obvious question. “I do but I guess the real question is if you would like to learn from me?” he asked as he turned around on the bench and watched her move around the room touching the neck of one of his guitar. “I’ve been building my collection since I was fifteen and my dad whittled me that flute on the shelf. Something my father regretted later on.” He said standing up to point out the one he was talking about in a glass case. “Let's see besides the flute.” He looked around the room. “Well you have Lucy,” he pointed to the grand piano in the middle of the room, “She was my grandmothers I got her fixed up and well she has been with me for a long time.” He then moved to where the five guitars where, one of them was silver and shiny and clearly newer.

He reached down for the dark wooded one and strummed his fingers across it. “Jax has been with me through every gig I played on the streets in my travels through the world. A lot of the rest of the stuff I had collected and stored this is the first time I have brought them to one place to finally be not covered in dust.” He said honestly as he sat the guitar back down and then nodded to her softly. “Well like I said I could give you private lessons that will help you learn past the basic chords.” He found himself lowering to sit as she picked up the Silver guitar that was the newest in his collection. Watching her as played the chords and smiled softly at her as she watched her focus on her finger placement. When she came to a stop he got up and moved behind her picking the guitar back up.

Donovan wrapped one of his arms behind her to place her fingers on the neck with his hands over hers. His other took her hand back to strum as he looked to her, his face inches away from hers as he spoke softly. “With the few chords you know, you practice switching between them in different combos you will be even more prepared for lessons.” He felt himself getting lost in her green eyes again. His body was screaming at him to just kiss her again. That something that felt this right couldn’t be wrong. So he leaned in closer closing the small space between them to kiss her again.

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