Red and blue sirens lit the streets up for miles as Ash investigated the cause of death. Te man lying on the ground had to be in his early 40's at least. And from what he could tell? This wasn't any mundane kind of thing. The male had some pretty wild looking abrasions along his flesh, but it hadn't been what killed him, and Ash had gotten this job, just for the sake of telling the truth in a world where people just loved to cover it up as if it were that simple.

He stood back to his feet and popped the rubber gloves off before writing a few things on his clip board. Ash had recently been partnered up with Logan Reeves, and was surprised not to see his face right now. But, while Ash had the spot light, he figured he'd take advantage and joined the Chief over by the yellow crime scene tape. 

"Time of death, 11:05 p.m. Case of death, I'm not sure what kind yet, but some kind of rod to the back of the head sir" Ash handed the clip board over to the Chief, and after the Chief walked away, ASh pulled his phone out. He was going to text Lucius to tell him he'd be late, since they were scheduled for a date tonight, whenhe realized, Lucius had already texted him. "I did something bad. I'm sorry Ash"

Immediately, Ash's gaze averted to the corpse on the ground. "No.." he whispered to himself. "Surely not" the human began to pace in a panic. Maybe that's not what he had done bad though, maybe Ash was just exaggerating. Right? Yeah that had to be it. The sexy, dominate male he had just slept with nights ago, wsn't the one who murdered this guy, and then on top of that, fled the scene.

Ash swallowed harshly as the Chief rejoined him and placed a hand on his shoulder "Son, if you keep pacing like that i'm gonna have to wonder what's got you so worked up. At a crime scene nonetheless. Everything okay Dunford?" the Chief asked, in his usual cocky ass way. Ash forced a smile, and simply nodded. "Everything's fine sir"

Ash didn't know what to do, but he knew he couldn't make a scene, so once the Chief walked back away. Ash waited for them to clean the crime scene up, corpse and all, before calling Lucius. "What's going on? Please tell me that .. you know what, don't say a word on this phone. Meet me in an hour" Ash wanted answers, and maybe needed them even worse. So, after hanging up, the human texted him the location, would would lead Lucius right to his apartment, where he'd just been nights ago, and scurried back home to wait for him.

Ash got a bottle of rum out and began chugging, ending up drunk before Lucuis could even arrive. The human sat on the couch in the dark as he waited for the door to open. He wasn't even sure how this would end, if Lucius had anything whatsoever to do with the man's murder that Ash just investigated.

They were still getting to know each other. Maybe Lucius had some demons in his closet that Ash didn't know about.

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The star knew he had to get out of the building, taking Eden with him. What did he just do, all he wanted to do is knock the male out and take Eden to a save place where the guy can’t find her. Now Lucius does not know what to do, Ash is going to find out but at least he can beat everyone to the punch to tell Ash himself. The star told the Valkyr he will be right back to make a phone call, really he is going to send a text.

Tonight he was going to get to know the human, they had a one night stand and everything. Lucius didn't know how to build relationships other than being on his own. Maybe it was fate that made this up for him.  To alone. Walking back into the room with Eden coming to him telling him she needed to get home to her partner. They both made a bond to always be there for each other no matter what happened to them both. "Alright, trust me that would be me but the more mad version," he said admitting as they left in his car back to Evermore. 

Lucius knew how to handle and hold himself up but killing someone with no meaning to do so is different felling he can't stop and ignore it. He knew by now Ash seen his message it's only a matter of time. Getting to Eden's partner's House she said goodbye and told him thank you. Lucius was no hero but tonight he did save a life whatever he male wanted to do with her was not good at all. He hoped after this to be more careful then again he would know if she is in trouble now.  After a while, his phone went off to see Ash's number as a sigh came out before the answer as he drove. "Hey," he said, hearing the other's voice but when he said to meet him Lucius hear the phone call dropped as he drove over to his apartment really for the storm to hit. 

He didn't understand why he was nervose about someone he does not know, guess that is the part of this whole feelings thing. As the star walked up to his door he noticed it was open lightly already, did he give Ash a key already? How drunk was he? Lucius walked in to see Ash drinking rum on his couch. "Ok, before you say anything I didn't mean to kill that man," he said straight up. "What happened was he was trying to do something to a girl, I got involved to get him to stop, his guys came at me. I did self-defense,  the guy came at me and the next moment he was on the group I thought I knocked him out like sleep land but seeing he was dead I panicked.  I didn't want to kill anyone!" Lucius said knowing the other would be in that sense. "I wanted you to hear it from me knowing you will take me in. Guess you can say doing the right thing?"

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