Tis the season to be alone, the season of being with loved ones, friends and people who care about you. Everything about this season didn't make sense for Celestial. Lucius  walking down the street with his black coat, blue jeans and sneakers. it's been a few weeks since he is gotten better at being in the city of Evermore.  He was thinking about going into a bookstore to read and maybe get a few books but also in his taste buds there was sweet for anything hot at a coffee shop. He didn't know what he wanted to do first which is why he is walking around right at the moment. 

Walking around seem to work on to where to go as she thought to go get hot chocolate was the best way to go. Walking into the shop he waited in line to get his drink as she watched people from couples and singles around the shop. He could really care less about what is going on around him but it brought him back to the beginning when he got out as someone came into his mind. A girl he knew nothing about but her voice. it's been a while since then and he forgotten to looking around to try to find the girl but knowing most he meet they didn't want to bother with him. He thought it was the best as it would probably not be worth her time. It was not going to happen what Lucius told himself as got to the counter to place his order to go.

He sit down away from people so he could think about the girl. Little did he knew that girl would show up today. Lucius felt something he felt before, it was not the capture feeling but it was something of calm in the weirdest way. His blue eyes looked around unsure why he felt that way but he was not going to showen as a mad man trying to figure it out. It will come to him if it was important.

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Ana preferred to spend her free time in places like a bookstore or the coffeehouse, somewhere it was quiet and away from the outside world. She was still trying to get her barrings on her new home after all this time, Evermore city still feeling like a new place instead of what it was supposed to be; a new home. She hoped that feeling of instability would change and as she walked down the streets, she thought of the one time where she thought she knew that feeling of stability in the one place she would have never found it. If it wasn’t for him. Though she only knew the sound of his voice but he also served as a voice of reason and calmed her down when she felt she was slipping away after being locked up. Pulled her away from the burning white-hot rage that she felt while they were locked up.

She hoped that when some of the Celestials moved to Evermore that he would be one of them and she could finally meet the man face to face that kept her sane all those years being locked away. Though, when she didn’t get any chance to meet him, she started to lose the hope that one day she might. She would have at least liked to thank him but also it would have been nice to have a sense of familiarity especially now that she was trying to find a sense of belonging in the large city. As she reached the park, she decided to sit down at one of the benches and reread the memories that she wrote about after she arrived here.

As she sat down and started to dig into her bag, she knew that she should have found it by now. Pulling it quickly onto her lap as panic set in, she hastily dug through it once more before slinging it over her shoulder, jogging to the last place that she was at; the coffeeshop. Her thoughts started to rush through her mind, losing her journal that still contained a part of her old life, letters from her dear friend Merissa. She knew that it must have slipped out when she was putting things away when the coffeeshop started to get busy.

When she got there, she went to towards the back of the shop, glancing around at the tables before she reached the spot where she was at, though she was met with a young man sitting there. Clearing her throat gently, “Sorry to bother you. But have you seen a leather bound journal before you sat down?” She asked, her French accent soft in her voice. That’s when her eye caught the familiar item underneath the empty chair next to him. “I believe that’s it!” She said in relief as she smiled, before she glanced at the brown-haired man once more. There was a sense of familiarity about him and the glow around him only let her know that she was like him, a Celestial.

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