The holiday season ends is always the busiest time of the year. Nikolas got to the airport in a shocking reason, his father came to Evermore due to family business. It's been a few months since he last saw him as the Dhampir was very nervous sitting in the waiting area waiting for the plane to land. he didn't know what to say or do when he laid his blue eyes on his old man. He is the only one in the family that stopped looking down on him after saving his life. As the Dhampir brought his phone out to see a message from his Little dove asking when he will be leaving he heard the intercom, "Flight 244 is arriving." 

As a sigh came out of the Dhampir's month, he got up to talk to the area. Until he heard many people from outside screaming and running. Nikolas knew that was not normal within a blink of an eye a plane crashed into the plane that his father is in. "Dad!" he yelled after he rushed to the window to see how bad the plane crash was. 

The Dhampir went to security hearing they need helping hands since they were short due to some went on lunch.  Nikolas knew one from the Dojo let Nikolas out to help out. Running to the plane that crashed knowing half of the people from the landed plan was almost out seeing his Dad made him happy. His old man gets to see his son in action once more. As he got the plane and pulled the door open with someone else. "Hello, if anyone can hear me. We will be getting you out just hold on!" he yelled in looking around for the main staff to go on first.

Nikolas didn't expect someone like this could happen but knowing by the news that is almost all the talked bout away from the killing and shootings that people commit to almost every day. Seeing a plane crash in front of his eyes is very traumatizing but he hopes there will be more survivors then losing people. Life is short and precious, you can only live ones.  "If anyone is conscience or hurt please speak up." 

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During the holidays; Jessalyn had left Evermore city to visit her elder sister Sierra in Milan. The young Initia missed her elder sister, since she left the city a few months ago. Whilst she loved her elder brother Cedric; sometimes he did drive her nutty. Like siblings do. So she needed to vent a little to Sierra. Even if everyone knew that Jessa and Cedric were thick as thieves; partners in crime. Despite their sibling squabbles, that sometimes happened. It felt nice, getting some time away from the city; and spending it with her big sister. At least, she knew her elder sister was happy. The journey back home; felt longer than usual. With 2 hour delay. Jessalyn had spent much longer at the Milan Airport, longer than anticipated. She wasn’t usually impatient. But she hated waiting at airports. All the hassle. So she killed some time, by browsing a few of the shops that were near-by.

When her plane arrived; she felt some sort of relief. Now for a long journey back. She boarded the plane with the other passengers; finding her way to her seat. Jessalyn was relieved that the plane wasn’t as full as she was expecting it to be. So she had some room, especially on her she was the only one in her row...with empty seats next to her. But what she didn’t expect was, the horror that was to come; at the end of the journey. With around 11 hours on the plane. Jessalyn had spent the time watching the tv; that they had playing and sleeping. Since she was tired, as she had been up early evening in time to get to the airport. As her flight was pretty late out.

Suddenly, as the plane was planning on landing. It began to shake crazily. The violent turbulence...caused the young Initia to turn pale. Something was wrong. And it wasn’t bad weather causing the turbulence for sure. The next few moments; passed so quickly. That her head was spinning and not sure what to really make of it. As screams filled her ears. All she really remembered; was the violent impact the plane made with the it skidding across the ground...hitting another one in the process.

The impact knocked her out; as her body jolted against her seat. The young Initia was a fighter...and was slowly trying to come around. But she couldn’t move...her seatbelt was digging into her. Her hearing was bit distorted; with the emergency sirens still blasting. She could barely hear someone yelling from outside. Just letting out a groan of pain.It seemed enough for the staff outside to hear her.

Jessalyn could feel something wet on her forehead. Blood. She didn’t even remember hitting her head against anything, during the crash. With a few staff members rushing to help her. Jessalyn blinked; her vision hazy. But she could feel..someone undoing her seat-belt.

The Dhampir didn't expect to do some workday but what is going on is something he can't turn his back. As firefighters came to the scene to get more of an opening to the plane. Nikolas key talking to whoever can hear him knows everyone is coming in soon to get them out. 

Once it was clear Nikolas and others climbed in knowing to check the whole plan. The Dhampir agreed to two people going into each apartment. Nikolas and the other male walked thought each role carrying out each one as he heard a groan from the female as he looked around with his blue eyes. "Keeping make the sound please don't sleep," Nikolas said as the male with him found the girl. 

Seeing how the seat belt was, the dhampir told the others to hold her close to the seat as he worked on the belt. "Stay with us, we got you," Nikolas said gently as he the women out of the belt and carried her out. "We need a gurney over here now," he yelled walking over the first responders who cleared one-off and pull the female on top.  "She needs to get to the hospital now," he said looking up as one of them asked the Dhampir to ride with them to report how he founded her. 

Nikolas agreed of course as he texted his Dad he will meet him at the hotel room hoping he would understand. Riding in the ambulance, Nikolas told them everything along with how tight the seatbelt saw to her chest as well as the unknown hit to the forehead. He was worried about someone who he never knew or meet.  "I might not know you or know if you can hear me but everything will be alright you need to keep fighting," Nikolas said knowing there was not much for him to say other than those words. The crash was bad knowing it will crowded at the hospital. 

The young Initia was fighting to stay awake and alert. But it’d probably prove to be difficult. Feeling strong arms, holding her against the plane seat. Jessalyn wasn’t in a position to protest/ask what was going on; as she didn’t feel fully awake to do so.

When she was free of the seatbelt. It felt like she could breathe more properly now. But it hurt to move. Maybe because she felt so sore inside and out; that she was almost scared to move an inch. “Mhh...what’s going on?” Jessa breathed out, dazed and confused. Trying to keep herself awake and alert. It seemed to work; as a surge of adrenaline began to pump through her veins; keeping her awake. But also, she could feel some of the pain sustained from the crash...causing the young Initia to let out a loud, pained sound. Yep. It felt like a track run her over...and someone beat her head with a rock. Her head seemed to be pounding, right now.

Once they were in the ambulance. A few paramedics began to look her over. Making sure that she wouldn’t pass out on them, during the ride to the hospital. “Who are you?” Jess asked, curious, seeing that the young man that helped her get out of there, was still by her side. Whilst Jessalyn, made new friends easily. This wasn’t how she was counting on making a new friend. But the young Initia was thankful; that he had found her, among the passengers.

“Keep her talking, to keep her awake.” One of the paramedics suggested to Nik. They needed Jessalyn awake; at least until they’d reach the hospital. And keeping her talking, was a good way to do that.

The Dhampir didn't like what happen especially after the holidays. It saves him from having an awkward car ride with his father that he is will not use to being nice to him and let him train. At this moment, there is nothing to think of himself while he had someone who is going through something much worst. 

Watching over the girl he saves as the medical team took a look. Hear her ask what is going on broke his heart knowing she might not want to remember what happened. "Hey, it's alright. Right now you're in the ambulance. You were part of a bad crash. Right now we need you to fight and stay awake." Nikolas said calmly as possible knowing this is a sensitive time.

When she asked his name, The dhampir looked at the women with his blue eyes. "My name is Nikolas. What is your name?" he asked wondering. She has ever right to know his name after all he saved her along with him rushing her to the genie. 

The Dhampir looked at the paramedics that were talking to him and nodded looking back over as the female. "Tell me about your life. Where were you coming back from? Talk to me about anything that is on your mind." he said hoping that will be enough to keep her awake knowing he can ask questions if she was starting to pass out. Nikolas really does not want to see death today, if anything he wants to prevent it.

The young Initia always remembered things; down to the last detail. But the last few moments had been a blur; that things were indeed patchy and muddled up in her mind. Or, a part of her mind was trying to protect her from the harsh truth of the incident.

When the stranger that saved her life; mentioned the word ambulance and crash. The look of panic and fear spread across her face. Those that knew Jessalyn; knew that she had a fear of hospitals. It wasn’t her favourite place. Not entirely sure, where her fear of hospitals had really started. But to her, it was always a big, scary place; where bad things sometimes happened; even if the doctors were doing their best to help their patients. Not to mention the medical scent. It made her stomach twist. “No no...I need to go brother…” She knew Cedric was either waiting at home for her, or more likely at the Airport.

Seeing that the young woman was scared; wasn’t a new thing for the paramedics. They had seen plenty of freaked out patients. So this wasn’t new. “Everyone’s going to be alright miss. You’re going to be alright.” The woman paramedic tried to calm her down, to stop the young Initia from having a panic attack. “The Hospital will let your brother know where you are.” she soothed.

“ phone...bag…” Jessa realised. It was all on the plane, in the over-head locker. Forgetful that her details were on the medical records; doctors and nurses most likely had access too.

As the young male introduced herself. Jessalyn tried to calm herself down. Taking a few deep breaths…”Je...Jessa...Jessalyn.” she eventually choked out her name, through the pain she felt. Seeing she was struggling with the pain. One of the paramedics had set up a small drip, with some painkillers to help ease the pain; for the journey. It was the least they could do.

Nikolas talking to her, seemed helpful. “Milan...I was elder sister, for the holidays. She...moved there...for a job offer, few months ago.” she explained.

Nikolas was not a good person to ask for comfort. He is so used to be being along, even to comfort Audrina the girl he is crazy for right now. All he can do is say it's alright your mother is just crazy who does not let her own daughter make her own choices. 

"It's going to be alright, just lay down and relax just don't close your eyes," Nikolas said knowing the words he chose here not the best. "Am sure someone will tell your brother were you going," he said looking at one of the ladies as she nodded telling him there are in the process of calling families. 

The Dhampir let the parametric do their job as he watched with his blue eyes. Hearing her light words about her phone bag he could not help but sigh a little, out of all things she could be worried right now was her phone. Not to mention he was supposed to call Drina when he saw his dad, looks like he will be spammed with a lot of worried phone calls. 

Hearing the female's name is Jessalyn, Nikolas nodded with a light smile. He knew she will be going into the building really soon he knew talking to her will only last for a short time now. "What type of job?" he asked keeping the conversation going as all as he needed to. Nikolas wished his family was like the female, comes to visit, cares about what he is going through. it must be nice to have a family who cared.

Of all the things,someone would be thinking off. Her phone should probably be the last one...but the far, her stuff was on a plane; who knows in what condition probably was a little she couldn’t reach anyone herself. Maybe it was just because of her panicked state; that she didn’t really know, what to think off first; with her mind on overdrive.

“Relax? How am I supposed to relax?” Jessa’s squeaky panicked voice asked. If anyone could relax after being in a plane crash….well, they’d be a saint, or coming out with no scratches at be relaxed. As for laying down...not like she really had a choice. Not when she was on the uncomfortable gurney. Who knows, how the beds at the hospital would be? Nikolas probably didn’t mean it...but sure as heck, wasn’t the best thing to say. Not when someone was in this type of condition.

When the paramedics gave her some seemed to work slow...or she was in a panicked state...that it didn’t work as well, as it should have in the first few moments. As he asked about her sister’s job. Jessalyn struggled to remember, what it was. “Some...sort of…”she sounded unsure. But whatever it was, it certainly had better money and opportunities for Sierra, than her previous job.

The Dhampir should really get social classes to learn how to talk with people. He sighed knowing it was the wrong move for him to tell her to relax. “Am sorry alright. Trying forcing on something that is not what is going on.” Nikolas said trying to think of something to say but nothing came to mind. He didn’t know the female enough for him to say something. 

He couldn't think anything to say for the life of him but it took this time to sit there and think to himself what would During would say.  When Jesslyan answered Nikolas's question he knew things to ask which was really helpful for him. “Overseas business opportunity sounds like someone she couldn’t say no to. Am sure she is doing her best.” Nikolas said as he looked at the paramedics looked at some paperwork and her vitals. 

“Tell me about yourself. AM sure you don’t like talking to a stranger you just meet. It will help me trying to think of things to talk about.” Nikolas said hoping it will help the other calm down a bit, he was not that type to be unapproachable it’s just the right questions is what he wanted in a conversation. “How long do we have to our destination?” Nikolas asked one of the paramedics enough for them to hear him. He wanted to know if he should keep the conversation short or not since the moment they get there more than likely they will rush her inside.

It was a bad moment to be panicking. But her emotions felt all over the place. Right now, emotionally. Jessalyn wasn’t with it. It was a lot to go through, and have her mind in a good place; without fear and panic settling in.It seemed like the stranger, didn’t have good social skills; in situations like these. The Paramedics, just slightly shook their head, at his relax comment to Jessalyn. Since it seemed to make things worse.

For a few moments, the young Initia was silent. Mainly to stop herself from saying something else that’d sound panicked. She nodded slightly, as he spoke about her sister. “It’s much better than her old job.” Jessalyn agreed. Jessa was proud of her elder sister, she knew Sierra would do well in Milan with her new job.

“I am usually good with strangers….just...not in a situation like this.” Jessalyn was usually very sociable. And liked getting to know new people. But right now, she was trying to stay awake. Luckily whatever surge of energy she had, was keeping her from passing out at the current time. Taking a few moments to think, what she could share about herself. “I like animals. I work with them...I volunteer at the shelter.” Jessalyn hoped that would help open up a bigger conversation. “Are you an animal person?”

As the paramedic heard his question, one of them checked the sat-nav in front of them. “About an hour, or two. Depends on traffic.” Traffic from the airport and into the centre of the city was always bad. Especially with the accident like this one. But if they could get there quicker, they would try. They didn’t need patients suffering more, on the journey to the hospital.

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