Time had truly flown since his road trip with Valeria which had consequently brought him to Evermore; a place he strangely now considered home, despite the fact the city lacked a certain group of people - his family. Not a day had gone by where he hadn't thought about them, whether they were still alive and surviving in the climate they had found themselves in; or had they been found by the other Pirates which seemed to hold a vendetta against the Enver family and crew. Nevertheless, throughout his stay in The Eternal City he made sure he planted some roots somewhere - he firstly attempted to get accustomed to civil living once again, and to learn the new modern way of living but he also tried to enhance his English. He found that not many in the city spoke his mother tongue, Turkish. Being around English speakers and from learning English many moons ago, he found that he perhaps picked it up a lot quicker than he expected; albeit it was certainly noticeable that it was not his first language. 

While that was all well and good, Ilyas still found himself bunking with Valeria; she had never made any indication to him she wanted him out, but he couldn't help but feel like he was putting her out. Thus, now that he had enough side jobs coming in, he had bought his tools from a shop down town and found the perfect spot deep within the woods at the base of the mountain to build his home. Of course, Ilyas could have rented a place but that didn't feel quite right; besides, he liked to get his hands dirty and build things - particularly to his own taste. For a few weeks now, he had been chopping down trees and cutting wood to build his home and he couldn't believe how much he found himself missing the life he had in the forest when his family went into hiding; it had felt just like this, yet with a bit more stability. 

The sun beamed down upon him which created a thick layer of sweat to appear on his brow; now he had accepted being a Niveis, he hated how much the sun and heat impacted him when before his final rebirth, he flourished in this sort of weather. Ilyas kept his water bottle to hand and thankfully picked a settlement that was close to one of the many lakes and rivers on the outskirts of the city. He was highly contemplating jumping into the water very soon to cool off when he heard his name echoing through the many trees surrounding him. Ilyas lifted a brow and his eyes squinted as the silhouette of a man made his way closer to him. "Joaquin?" He questioned. "Friend. Why you so deep in forest? Not your scene" The two males had surprisingly become good enough friends especially with how frequently Ilyas went to the Nephilim's store for weapons and tools. Ilyas dropped the current tools to the ground and moved over to his icebox where he grabbed a cool can of beer and threw it in Joaquin's direction. 

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