Apprehension filled the young dhampir as he felt the plane’s wheels touch the ground sending him jolting forwards a little. It felt weird to plan this move for so many months and this now finally be the moment that he arrived in America. He was nervous beyond words, he had a whole new life to figure out, new university, new home, new roommates, new city, no friends, no family. Jae wasn’t even sure where he had got the courage to go through with all this. Now he was here and there was no backing out though.

He allowed everyone else to gather their things before finally stepping out into the alley and getting down his carry on suitcase. He dragged it through the airport taking in his surroundings as he did so, Jaesung was glad he had decided to bring a coat, noting the instant drop in temperature even inside the tunnel. He followed the usual protocol, making his way through the halls and then queuing for immigration where he passed over his visa papers and answered their questions before finally entering the baggage claim area.

This was going to be the nightmare part, he thought to himself as he waited looking out for one of his three suitcases he had brought with him. It hadn’t been easy to pack light considering he was starting a new life here and so he would have to struggle with it all until he got to his new dorm and could set everything down. One case came around and he collected it, the thing was huge and pretty heavy but he managed to set it down just fine. Then the second one came and he looked at them both with an exasperated look. It was just the length of the airport til he got to the taxi’s right?

He sighed dragging the two of them behind him whilst trying to balance the hand luggage on top, it was slow going but he just about managed to keep it all balanced. Thankfully having gotten off the plane after everyone else, there wasn’t too many people around him and he could take all the time he needed. So this was Evermore City. He was both excited and terrified all at once, on the one hand, this was his chance to really test himself and figure out his future but on the other, everything was going to be different and he wasn’t sure how ready he was for that.

He managed to get himself lost in thought and so just as he was passing through the arrivals gate and out into the public airport lobby he didn’t notice the man charging up behind him. The moment the man knocked into Jae, he tripped, falling hard against the floor sending his suitcase flying along the smooth airport floors cracking open the side which spilled out a bunch of his things all over the floor. Jae’s eyes widened as the man kept walking kicking his things further along the floor without a single thought of decency.

Jae cursed under his breath in Korean before quickly starting to retrieve all of his things which were now decorating the airport floor. He let out a long disappointed sigh, not exactly the welcome he’d had in mind.

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It had been a few years since he had last seen his best friend back in Oxford, England and they had been planning to meet each other again since Taxon had never been the United States of America. The last time they had seen each other was when his father had been brutally murdered by a group of gang members that had burned their house down and that led to Alexandre being homeless and he turned to Taxon for his help and Taxon’s parents were very supportive of him through that time too. It was early in the morning and he had awoken by the first alarm that went off, shutting the alarm off from his phone, he grabbed his black beanie, hoodie and quickly placed them on.

The airport wasn’t too far from where he lived in the city, and so with that, he grabbed his bag and headed off to his car that was parked in the driveway. He yawned as he unlocked his car, shoved his bag in the back of the car and he hopped into the driver’s seat then turned the engine on, turning the music up. Once he was set, he pulled out of the driveway, he turned the GPS on as he wasn’t sure on how to get to the airport but he allowed extra travel time as he didn’t want to run late. He knew that part of the city was extremely busy; with that, he began to drive towards the airport.

It had taken him approximately 3 hours until he reached the airport, only to find out that his phone had buzzed through his travel to get here that the flight that taxon was going to arrive on was cancel. Frustrated, he had parked his car and ran a hand through his hair, he texted his friend to let him know that they would be able to do it another time, grumbling to himself as he did before he saw a stranger knocking over someone else’s things that had sprawled out of the suitcase and onto the floor, being as pissed off as he was, he strided over towards the man as he grabbed the collar of the man’s shirt, glaring at him. ‘’You better apologize right now to that man! You had no right to just tremble onto his things,’’ his brown and purple tinted hues glared daggers at the man, tightening his grip around the man’s shirt. ‘’Apologize now,’’ the stranger seemed to struggle against the Nephilim’s grip and he turned to face the younger man, who seemed to be in his early twenties, he wasn’t sure what nationality he was.

The stranger had mumbled an apology and he was clearly unhappy with that so again, he threatened him. ‘’How would you like it if someone had trembled and trashed your stuff?’’ He shoved the man back so hard that the man had fallen over, ‘’get out of here now,’’ he ordered to the man before he had quickly scrambled over to where the younger boy’s clothes had been sprawled all over the ground. ‘’Here,’’ he commented a bit more kinder as he crouched down towards the boy, picking up all of his things. ‘’I hate when people can be rude and don’t do anything about their actions,’’ he grumbled as he picked up the younger boy’s suitcase.

‘’Moving here?’’ He asked as he looked over the darker toned man,  smiling at him. ‘’I’m Alexandre by the way, but call me Alex.’’ He introduced himself to the younger man, letting his hand extend towards him to let him shake. ‘’You seem to be far from home,’’ he looked at his belongings for a moment and stood up, he clipped the suitcase back together and lifted the suitcase with ease. ‘’Need some help getting anywhere?’’ He offered, it was odd for him to say but the least he could do was to help this younger man since he seemed to be out of place.

Jae had made his first focus on getting his things back before someone picked up anything of value or it got kicked further across the floors, with one arm full of stuff he scrambled to grab a few more things piling them up in his arms before he attempted to force them back into his now damaged suitcase. He pulled a face not sure how he was going to be able to take this across the city without losing all of his stuff here there and everywhere. He had been been so focused on getting things together that he hadn’t even noticed the two strangers getting up into each other’s faces until one was forcing the other to apologize.

Jae widened his eyes, being a naturally non confrontational person he didn’t even know what to say as he stared between the two of them a little dumbfounded. After a few moments however he realized the younger looking dark haired male was scolding the other man for his actions. Jae simply half nodded at the poor excuse of an apology before looking over to the male who’s eyes seemed to shine with a purple glow, pleading him to let the scene be over so he could simply sort out his things.

Jaesung didn’t really know what to say at first and so he simply straightened up when the other male picked up his suitcase, he thought about his words carefully before he said them, this was the first person he had spoken to in America but the other male didn’t seem to be American at all, at least his voice didn’t sound American “Thank you” he spoke and bowed his head a little smiling awkwardly at the other male, damn he really hadn’t prepared himself for interactions with other people in English so soon into his trip.

He caught the other male’s words and nodded softly “Yes, here to study English” he beamed softly, he was excited to learn more and practice speaking outside of the classroom, after all everyone here used English as their mother tongue and Jae was interested to see how he dealt with that challenge. Jae looked down at Alex’s hand outstretched to him, he went to speak his full name like he would at home but quickly corrected himself “M...Jaesung” he chuckled “But most people pronounce it wrong so please call me Jae” he placed his hand in the other’s and shook it.

Jae was a little confused why the male was picking up his suitcase, people tended to keep to themselves back home so it seemed strange for a complete stranger to help, regardless, it was probably a good idea to take the offer because Jae had no idea where he was going. Pulling out the printed instructions and map from his pocket he held it out to Alex and pointed where he was going and then the bus service he had circled to take to get there “I need this bus to get to Evermore University” he explained as he looked to the paper and then over to the gaze of the other male.

Alexandre was pretty disappointed that an adult older than himself couldn’t even give a proper apology, shoving the man back as hard as he could so that the man had fallen over. ‘’Get out of here,’’ his brown and purple orbs glared at the man as the man scattered away, rolling his eyes as he wandered over to the younger man who’s stuff had been spilled out everywhere. ‘’Sorry about that,’’ he apologized himself as he may have freaked out the person who he was beginning to help with his things, placing some in the suitcase as much as he could. ‘’My temper can be worse,’’ a small chuckle left his lips, his accent flowed with his words when he spoke. As he had picked up the suitcase, clipping it back together, seeing that it was slightly damaged.

His brow raised as he heard the younger man thank him, shrugging his shoulders lightly as he straightened himself, letting out a soft sigh. ‘’No problem, man. Honestly, I just hate rude people.’’ He picked up his beanie from the ground that must fallen off his head while he was dealing with the asshole. ‘’English huh?’’ He grinned at the comment, looking around the airport as most people seemed to be avoiding them. As he outstretched his hand to introduce himself, he smiled a little as he heard the name, nodding his head. ‘’Well, pleasure to meet you Jaesung, I guess I’ll just call you Jae for short as you would most prefer it that way,’’ he winked at him slightly as he shook the others hand lightly in return.

He had asked the younger man where he was going, even though he was a complete stranger but why not make some friends right? He barely had any here despite the circumstances that had led him to this very airport. ‘’Don’t worry about the bus, I’ll offer you a lift there, if you’re up for it? Free of charge since it’s on the way where I live,’’ he offered in a kind manner, letting his hands into the pockets of his jacket. ‘’I promise I won’t hurt you,’’ he chuckled slightly as he let his brown and purple tinted hues look over the man. ‘’Jae, how old are you?’’ He asked, hoping he didn’t come off rude. ‘’Just curious, I’m 26.’’

That was his real age, although he seemed to be a lot younger. ‘’I can show you around Evermore, if you’d like, grab some food? I bet you’re hungry from the flight.’’ He began to walk to his vehicle, unlocking it as he did, winding down the windows. ‘’Coming?’’ He smiled as he leaned against above the window of his car, his brow raising as he wandered back over to the younger man, ‘’ready to face a whole new country, Jae?’’ He chuckled as he picked up one of the suitcase’s with ease, smiling as he did, waiting for Jae to come along.

Sure Jae was pissed that some guy had come and pretty much ruined his rose tinted view of what his arrival to America would be like but he had become used to things not working out the way he hoped nowadays. He had to admit he was glad when the guy walked away and he could simply focus on getting himself together. Except now there was the other male here and talking to him “It seems most American people are very” he paused thinking about how to say what he meant “self centered” after all, nearly everyone had just walked on by while he struggled except this particular man “Except you, though you don’t sound American” Jae smiled a little thankful there was one kind person here.

Jae nodded softly in response to his words, he knew he wasn’t the best English speaker in the world but he did pride himself on how well he could write it and hoped the speaking part would be greatly improved by interacting with people who spoke it on a daily basis unlike in Korea where it was very rare to find anyone willing to try to speak it. Jae nodded softly with a smile realizing Alex made the effort to copy the way he had said his full first name in his introduction which was appreciated “It was helpful that my parents gave me a half English sounding name” he chuckled thinking about the names of some of his comrades in the military and how their names would sound very strange when spoken in English.

Jae’s eyes widened a little and he shook his head in response to the other male’s offer “I couldn’t ask for that” he stated, he had always been raised to be the least inconvenience on others as possible, you only really asked favors from your family and even then you needed a good reason. The other male seemed pretty insistent however moving towards the car and taking Jae’s suitcase along with him, the Korean male ended up following Alex through the airport. His question caused him to pause for a moment, he naturally wanted to answer 23 as that was his age in Korea but here age worked differently, after a bit of deliberating he went to answer “21?” he spoke though it sounded more like a question than it did a definitive answer.

As if on cue as Alex spoke about food Jae felt his stomach rumble, well if he hadn’t been hungry before he certainly was now “The airplane food was...very bad” Jae spoke with a lot of pauses in his sentences as he put together what he wanted to say in his mind but he hoped he was making sense. Now they had made it outside to the car, Jae guessed he would take Alex’s offer. His question made Jae laugh as he pulled along the other suitcase which wasn’t broken “No” he answered honestly realizing this was going to be so much harder than he had pictured “But I am here now so I should at least try” he smiled at Alex glad he was here to help for now at least. “What food is good in America?” he asked as he moved towards the back of the car ready to load his suitcase inside. It wasn’t like him to trust a stranger but there was a first time for everything right?

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