The sun peeking in through the windows caused the young woman to groan awake, she hated being in the hospital she felt trapped and alone. She couldn’t walk around yet she was wheeled everywhere in a wheelchair because of her broken ribs, leg, and arm and torn muscles. She struggled to move on her own as if her current situation could possibly get any worse, shifting to try her hardest to pull herself up into a sitting position. Letting out a soft whimper of pain as she did, her features were tense as she moved until she was comfortable, extending her right hand she pulled her tray closer to her. The nurses must have come in while she slept and left her food on the tray for her, she began to open the apple sauce using her good hand and her teeth.  

After she struggled for much longer than necessary to eat her food she lay her head back against the pillows looking up at the ceiling tiles. She wished that everything would just go by much faster, her cell phone was broken so it wasn’t even like she could text her friends from back home. The nurse had gotten her some things from the gift shop such as an adult colouring book, a word search and an empty journal to write her thoughts in. Writing her thoughts and feelings came easy for her, writing in general did but today she just wanted to be outside and out away from the constant smell of the hospital.

She could almost taste the sterile environment around her, the same curtain walls of her half of the room was getting tiring. Seniah still hadn’t seen who her roommate was, nor could she hear anything being said about her roommate. Her curtains were drawn shut most of the time other than the side close to the windows so she could still see outside. The small woman sighed and hit the little red button to call the nurse, the staff had made sure to have a nurse on staff who could sign for her at all times. When the nurse arrived she asked if she could help her to the washroom, she really wanted to be able to just go on her own.

Her biological father had stopped by and the visit had not gone anything like what she had pictured in her head, maybe she had read to many books, or seen too many shows and movies; either way, the interaction had been someone stiff. Though from his side of things he never even knew that his actions 19 years ago would have actually resulted in another living breathing human being, let alone one who would one day come looking for him. All while also getting into a severe accident that resulted in her hospitalization. Seniah had no idea the amount of thoughts that raced through his mind at that moment, she was still unsure if he even wanted to have her in his life on a more regular basis or not.

Once the nurse helped her out of the bed and over to the bathroom she let out a sigh as the nurse turned her back to give her some privacy but either way it wasn’t enough.  After she finished and washed her hands she asked the nurse to let her sit in the chair over by the window to get a bit of a break from her bed. The nurse agreed and wheeled her over to the window, Seniah thanked her and picked up her journal and began to write glancing up to look out the window every now and then.

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It’s been several days since he was in a horrible accident that nearly killed him but didn’t. Along with on top of finding out the truth behind his father’s death and how Cornelia knew all along about it.  Covering it all up so he could never find it out, in the end he did find out. Jem didn’t know what to believe or not to believe. Thinking for so long that Cornelia took him in out the goodness of her heart, just looking out for him as it would be what his father would have wanted. Instead it turns out she only took him in out of guilt because it was her father who killed his. Who knows he could be next to be killed, Jem was close to death and all from the accident. Being all wired up in the ICU for a few days, he’d had different opportations after his accident. The one that took the longest was stopping the internal bleeding, the doctors were nearly not able to stop it. Along with sustaining a broken right leg, broken ribs then cuts and bruises. All from the full force of the car hitting him, only having a helmet for safety nothing else. Jem had been finding his healing was faster than a normal humans, learning too that he was a Dhampir or close to being one like his father. Finding about the supernatural along with all the goings on in the city, it explains quite a lot but still was a lot to wrap his head around in short amount of time. Thinking that for all his life he was human till finding out he was something else.

Jem had a few visitors since being in the hospital they being Cornelia, Clarissa and Valeria. Learning too why Valeria sensed something weird about him then they first met. Choosing to put off his Weapon claiming ceremony or whatever it was till he was all healed and better. Since he was in no shape to get up and about with his normal daily life let alone be part of supernatural training. Jem was still slowly trying to let Cornelia’s trust after listening to all that she and Clarissa said, why did all they did. He wasn't going to let them get away with it so easily, they had to earn back his trust. The reason why he nearly died in the accident was that he knew he needed to get away. Choosing Cornelia’s motorbike as a quick getaway, then finding out how bad of an idea it was. Crashing it in the process, getting in a bad accident. The accident wasn’t even his fault learning from the police when he was questioned that it was caused by a drunk driver who ran through a red light. The usual cause of accidents in America. It nearly killed him. Cornelia said she’d be suing the drunk driver and making sure he would be put in jail.

He learnt that he wasn’t the only one who got hurt in the accident, learning another person his age got hurt. A girl. Who was here, recovering on the same ward a him. Jem hadn’t heard much noise, the most sound was coming from his playstation that he managed to persuade Cornelia to bring to the hospital. Telling her it was an important part of his recovery if not he’d die of boredom as the doctors still wanting him to in for another few days to keep a check on him. The pain from his broken and bruised ribs was the most painful and irritating. Moving up from bed was a mission let alone to get out of it. The injuries weren't that bad to him used to sufferings ones like these before in his childhood. Why do he picked up using his crutches easily too. After losing another game, Jem sighed in annoyance. Bored, very bored. He thought maybe he’d go to and see if the girl was still here, wanting some sort of company. Jem knew Cornelia wouldn’t be coming to the opposite until later visiting hours. The curtain was still drawn that was sectioning the two from each other, yet it was in the middle of the afternoon so he guessed she’d be awake and not sleeping. Picking up his crutches, he hobbled over to the bed beside. Seeing there sat by the window, the most beautiful girl. He could see different scars all scattered on her bit the just lit up, seeing past through all the injuries he had. “A penny for your thoughts?” He mused softly to her standing there, watching her stare off in a world of her own.

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