The sun peeking in through the windows caused the young woman to groan awake, she hated being in the hospital she felt trapped and alone. She couldn’t walk around yet she was wheeled everywhere in a wheelchair because of her broken ribs, leg, and arm and torn muscles. She struggled to move on her own as if her current situation could possibly get any worse, shifting to try her hardest to pull herself up into a sitting position. Letting out a soft whimper of pain as she did, her features were tense as she moved until she was comfortable, extending her right hand she pulled her tray closer to her. The nurses must have come in while she slept and left her food on the tray for her, she began to open the apple sauce using her good hand and her teeth.  

After she struggled for much longer than necessary to eat her food she lay her head back against the pillows looking up at the ceiling tiles. She wished that everything would just go by much faster, her cell phone was broken so it wasn’t even like she could text her friends from back home. The nurse had gotten her some things from the gift shop such as an adult colouring book, a word search and an empty journal to write her thoughts in. Writing her thoughts and feelings came easy for her, writing in general did but today she just wanted to be outside and out away from the constant smell of the hospital.

She could almost taste the sterile environment around her, the same curtain walls of her half of the room was getting tiring. Seniah still hadn’t seen who her roommate was, nor could she hear anything being said about her roommate. Her curtains were drawn shut most of the time other than the side close to the windows so she could still see outside. The small woman sighed and hit the little red button to call the nurse, the staff had made sure to have a nurse on staff who could sign for her at all times. When the nurse arrived she asked if she could help her to the washroom, she really wanted to be able to just go on her own.

Her biological father had stopped by and the visit had not gone anything like what she had pictured in her head, maybe she had read to many books, or seen too many shows and movies; either way, the interaction had been someone stiff. Though from his side of things he never even knew that his actions 19 years ago would have actually resulted in another living breathing human being, let alone one who would one day come looking for him. All while also getting into a severe accident that resulted in her hospitalization. Seniah had no idea the amount of thoughts that raced through his mind at that moment, she was still unsure if he even wanted to have her in his life on a more regular basis or not.

Once the nurse helped her out of the bed and over to the bathroom she let out a sigh as the nurse turned her back to give her some privacy but either way it wasn’t enough.  After she finished and washed her hands she asked the nurse to let her sit in the chair over by the window to get a bit of a break from her bed. The nurse agreed and wheeled her over to the window, Seniah thanked her and picked up her journal and began to write glancing up to look out the window every now and then.

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It’s been several days since he was in a horrible accident that nearly killed him but didn’t. Along with on top of finding out the truth behind his father’s death and how Cornelia knew all along about it.  Covering it all up so he could never find it out, in the end he did find out. Jem didn’t know what to believe or not to believe. Thinking for so long that Cornelia took him in out the goodness of her heart, just looking out for him as it would be what his father would have wanted. Instead it turns out she only took him in out of guilt because it was her father who killed his. Who knows he could be next to be killed, Jem was close to death and all from the accident. Being all wired up in the ICU for a few days, he’d had different opportations after his accident. The one that took the longest was stopping the internal bleeding, the doctors were nearly not able to stop it. Along with sustaining a broken right leg, broken ribs then cuts and bruises. All from the full force of the car hitting him, only having a helmet for safety nothing else. Jem had been finding his healing was faster than a normal humans, learning too that he was a Dhampir or close to being one like his father. Finding about the supernatural along with all the goings on in the city, it explains quite a lot but still was a lot to wrap his head around in short amount of time. Thinking that for all his life he was human till finding out he was something else.

Jem had a few visitors since being in the hospital they being Cornelia, Clarissa and Valeria. Learning too why Valeria sensed something weird about him then they first met. Choosing to put off his Weapon claiming ceremony or whatever it was till he was all healed and better. Since he was in no shape to get up and about with his normal daily life let alone be part of supernatural training. Jem was still slowly trying to let Cornelia’s trust after listening to all that she and Clarissa said, why did all they did. He wasn't going to let them get away with it so easily, they had to earn back his trust. The reason why he nearly died in the accident was that he knew he needed to get away. Choosing Cornelia’s motorbike as a quick getaway, then finding out how bad of an idea it was. Crashing it in the process, getting in a bad accident. The accident wasn’t even his fault learning from the police when he was questioned that it was caused by a drunk driver who ran through a red light. The usual cause of accidents in America. It nearly killed him. Cornelia said she’d be suing the drunk driver and making sure he would be put in jail.

He learnt that he wasn’t the only one who got hurt in the accident, learning another person his age got hurt. A girl. Who was here, recovering on the same ward a him. Jem hadn’t heard much noise, the most sound was coming from his playstation that he managed to persuade Cornelia to bring to the hospital. Telling her it was an important part of his recovery if not he’d die of boredom as the doctors still wanting him to in for another few days to keep a check on him. The pain from his broken and bruised ribs was the most painful and irritating. Moving up from bed was a mission let alone to get out of it. The injuries weren't that bad to him used to sufferings ones like these before in his childhood. Why do he picked up using his crutches easily too. After losing another game, Jem sighed in annoyance. Bored, very bored. He thought maybe he’d go to and see if the girl was still here, wanting some sort of company. Jem knew Cornelia wouldn’t be coming to the opposite until later visiting hours. The curtain was still drawn that was sectioning the two from each other, yet it was in the middle of the afternoon so he guessed she’d be awake and not sleeping. Picking up his crutches, he hobbled over to the bed beside. Seeing there sat by the window, the most beautiful girl. He could see different scars all scattered on her bit the just lit up, seeing past through all the injuries he had. “A penny for your thoughts?” He mused softly to her standing there, watching her stare off in a world of her own.

Seniah tilted her head to the side as she continued to write in her journal, the pen gliding over the page with ease. Stopping to look up and out the window she let out a long sigh before taking a deep breath, being deaf gave her many disadvantages such as being aware of someone walking up behind her. The nurses and doctors all made sure to try and step heavier or try and catch her attention as to not frighten her, but for people who were unaware of her disability, they wouldn’t be aware of it. Leaning back in the chair she looked up at the ceiling for a moment “Why me?” she mouthed to no one in particular before tossing the journal onto the window ledge in an emotional huff. Fighting back the tears that threatened to take over her body again, she quickly spun her chair around intending to call the nurse to help her to bed. 

She nearly hit the young man behind her quickly stopping the chair as she let out a surprised almost half scream, the chair starting to topple over in the process. Seniah’s brain barely had time to process what happened before the chair was put in its right position again by the male. She placed her good hand over her chest as she tried to compose herself her heart was thudding so loudly in her chest, she gulped and looked into his eyes. She bit her lip for a moment trying to think of what to say with him so close to her and having no idea who he was or even why he had been standing behind her as he had been.

“Thank-you,” She said out loud while also signing the words carefully with her good hand and a little with her injured arm, “for catching my chair” Now that she was talking out loud it would likely be easy for him to pick up on the speech not being that of a hearing person. “I didn’t hear you, I am sorry for almost running you over.” Her hands naturally moved as she spoke. Resting against the back of the chair her heart was slowing into its normal pace again, her head was still trying to make heads or tails of how he had caught her so easily. Maybe he was just that quick, or maybe she was just that out of it.

Shifting in her chair she winced the quick movements from the near fall hurt much more than she would have liked, Seniah’s face scrunched up in an uncomfortable way. She would likely need some medication for this new found pain “Would you mind helping over to the bed to call the nurse?” She asked him. Seniah felt utterly useless in this hospital and relying on other people to help her so much, it took away all the independence she had grown up with and now she was requesting help from a total stranger.

By the looks of it he was in an accident as well she had watched the nurses talking about her accident that she and a few others had been injured and that a boy on a motorcycle had taken the brunt of it. That he should have been dead from the impact yet he wasn’t, Seniah’s eyes looked over the handsome male standing next to her. “Are you alright?” She asked tilting her head off to the side, maybe he would need something for pain as much as she did.


James never experienced boredom as much before in the past few days till now. With so much free time but nothing to do. Still stuck in the hospital with nothing else to do but stare at the hospital walls. James was recovering quickly more so than normal which surprised some nurses yet a few didn’t bat an eye. Still he was trying to wrap his head around the whole supernatural thing. Before his accident and finding out the truth he never believed all this was real. Yet part of him always felt that he was different. Even from an early age when growing up James felt that he was different, someone, something else. Now it all explains everything that what he had felt all his life. Accepting it more quickly than others would have, knowing he wasn’t normal. Part of him was glad and relieved that he was let in. Now not kept in the dark from it all. Giving him light to all the strange things happened around him a lot of the time. He wasn’t too much of a fool to know that there wasn’t something so right about the city. Even after a year or so spent here in Evermore, James was able to figure out that it wasn’t like other cities. Till now he was never able to put a finger on it, to figure out what it was till now. Another reason why he was excited of being released from the hospital was that soon he could make a start to being part of the supernatural community itself, already accepted by Valeria. Even if himself was still clueless about most things. James couldn’t wait to become a Dhampir, finally tapping into the part of him that had been locked up and kept from him. 

Maybe his plans were pushed a bit further back than he had first thought. Soon having come to the realization that he was still recovering from the extent of his injuries. Many nurses in the ward commented how lucky he was to be alive. That anyone else in his sistation or age would have been dead from the impact. Yet here he was, alive and still mostly walking. James knew he wasn’t fit enough to be released from hospital, knowing that he still had a few days left. That what the other nurses were telling him. Just in case he pulled any of his stitches from when he had an operation soon as he was rushed in. To stop internal bleeding. Along witH having a few broken ribs that was the most pain that hurt him than the rest. With every time he stood up the soaring pain on his ribs. He’d have to just put up with it, having been told there’s not much medical solutions to broken ribs. That in time they’ll heal themselves even if it takes weeks or months. Irritating most of all. James knew that sports would be out of the question for him, not saying he did much sports but still. To even get about the hospital was quite difficult for him still in a lot of extent of pain. Yet it didn’t help that he refused to use a wheelchair not wanting to seem so defenseless, maybe in front of Cornelia he would. Way of guilt tripping her. Reminding her that he wouldn’t be in this accident or situation if she would have come clean to him some time ago. Instead of him finding out the way he did leading him to leave and to be caught up in an accident. 

For the last few days James had noticed how the bed section beside him in the ward was more quiet than all of the rest. He knew that someone was in there, seeing nurses and doctors go in and out like how they did for him. Constantly checking up on them more so as apparently there were the same age. Needing to be monitored more closely as they were still too young to recover like how adults would. That's all James knew. Choosing to go and seek her out. No one else in the ward would give him the time of day not that he minded as they were nice people. Trying to be discreet and yet not wanting to scare her yet it didn’t go so smoothly as he thought it would be. Thinking maybe he had started her watched as the brunette girl sitting there was able to fall out of her chair. Somehow James had managed to catch her in time. Both of them were topping over but he managed to put the chair right so she was able to fall in it. A grin appeared on his lips watching as the girls face was turning red from embarrassment. Yet he found it cute. 

James was too caught up staring at her seeing the beauty behind all of the injuries to notice that she was signing her words along with speaking them. Bit too oblivious to it all. “No problem, you’re welcome” He reassured shaking his head having just saved the day. “I’m used to run over, literally” He mused sarcastically shaking his head but laughing about the whole accident now yet not wanting to sound too lighthearted knowing she was in the same accident as him. “Sure, no problem” Soon hurrying over to her helping her over to her bed best as he could. Kind of hard as both of them were injured as each other by the looks of it. James tried his best not to let her know his ribs were hurting yet she kind of noticed. “I’m fine just a few broken ribs. I’m James by the way” He smiled grinning a little, holding out his hand to her. Figuring out better introducing each other. “I guess we’re roommates” James joked motioning to the bed beside that was hidden by the curtain yet he guessed she already knew that.

Seniah watched the man’s lips as he spoke: “Yes that accident was terrible, you took the brunt of it…”She said as he helped her up into the bed. Laying back against her pillows she made a very pained face trying to get comfortable. Taking his hand in hers she shook his firmly “I am Seniah, and yes we certainly are roommates” She kept trying to shift to make sure she could keep her eyes on his lips to understand what he said. Reaching over she pressed the red button to call the nurse into the room once the nurse arrived “My ribs are really hurting as is Mister ummm James” She said and pointed to her roommate. The nurse nodded and said she would consult their charts and doctor Seniah nodded and shifted to make room for James on the bed with her.

She lifted her head to look over at him once more “Besides the broken Ribs, how are you doing?” Seniah knew that she had many many broken bones and such, he was ups and walking around somehow and yet here she was barely able to move without some kind of assistance. It was beyond embarrassing being an 18-year-old needing help to shower and go to the bathroom. She tried not to focus on the negatives she was currently going through, she had met her father well the man whose DNA helped create her that was sort of a positive.

She was sharing a room with a rather handsome young man his smile was infectious and she could not help but smile each time he did. “I have some Jello and apple sauce stacked up from breakfast, seems to be the only thing I can eat right now… want to share some?” She smiled. “I do hope you don’t get to use to being run over though… that would be a rather series of unfortunate events… you should get paid to be a stunt man in the very least” She teased. Showing him that she too could keep the situation light.

Every time she spoke she used her hands to sign the things she was speaking, James seemed to turn his head a few times while talking causing her to squint and try to piece things together. “James… would you mind looking at me when talking?” She blushed. “Sorry I don’t mean to sound rude, I am deaf and I read lips to understand.” She pointed to her ears as she spoke. Hoping he would not suddenly treat her like she had a disease just because he learned she was deaf.

Jem was still very sore and bruised up over the accident. Remembering nurses keep telling him how someone in an accident and as young as he is shouldn’t have survived. Yet he knew the full reason how and why but knew it was best to just keep on with the lie and say it was some sort of miracle. Already being briefly filled in with the dos and don’ts so far of the supernatural world. Jem looked over at the girl seeing he wasn’t the only one who got hurt in the accident. “Seems like I wasn’t the only one” He spoke motioning to how she was in a bad shape. Worse than him now with how he was healing more quickly than a normal human person should be. Jem quickly but slowly helped her over to her bed able to seeing as she was in no good shape to up and walking about. “Seniah is a pretty name” He smiled softly complimenting her, thinking that it suited her. After helping her to the bed he looked to see she was already getting a nurse to go and fetch them more meds. Both probably needing some more painkillers. 

Shifting to sit on the end of the bed seeing as she was making room for him to sit on. The most asked question he was getting was how he was the accident affected him. Truthfully, it was affecting him both physically and mentally at the same time. Yet he didn’t want to let someone he’d only just met know about his life so choosing to stick to the more physical side to it. “Umm I’m still struggling to get around, doctors said they’ll probably discharge me soon” Mostly because of how quickly he was healing they didn’t want him to him keep taking a bed and room someone else would need more. “They won’t be discharging you just yet right?” He asked wondering seeing as she was struggling to get about and in more pain than him. In no condition to look after herself whilst he knew at him he’d managed to be okay by himself. 

A grin appeared on his lips at the mention of Jello something he’d been liking to get the most of that and pudding. The rest of the hospital food wasn’t that great. “Sure I’ll take some the jello but hold up on the apple sauce” He mused with a smile on his face, norwadsyd the only excitement he gets is being given free jello. “I have a bad habit of ordering McDonalds to the hospital, it’s surprising how they can let you do it” Jem admitted rubbing the back of the neck to his bad habit yet it was far better than any hospital food they try to give you. Even if it was more of a hassle to get hold of. “Don’t worry I’m done with being run over, the bike I was driving wasn’t even mine. I kind of took it without permission because i was pissed off at my foster mum” He wasn’t the one who caused the accident but maybe if he didn’t take the bike he wouldn’t have been hurt. Yet he knew the accident would always have happened because of the car going through the red light. “How did you in the accident? If you don’t mind me asking?” He asked looking over to her yet giving her a choice to say not knowing if she was a bit traumatized by it all. 

Jem was quite oblivious to things quite a lot of the time, finding himself blanking her in a way not intentionally. Not even realizing or noticing that Seniah kept moving her hands as she speaks to him. He was taken by surprise almost when she told him to look at her when he talks finding out she was death. “Oh shit sorry” Feeling bit embarrassed making sure to look at her, he wouldn’t have really noticed or knew if she didn’t say. Jem didn’t look at her any differently now knowing treating her like anyone else. “At least we both have some battle scars now to tell a story” He mused making light on the accident knowing that some thick scars on his arms and few on his chest may never go away. Luckily he hadn’t had any facial injuries and stuff.  

“Thank you My mom had a thing for rare and unique names it seems, I don’t think I have ever met anyone with the same name as me.” she explained Laying back on her pillow. Seniah watched him as he got comfortable, there was something about him that she couldn’t lay her finger on just yet. He was handsome, maybe that is all it was she was not used to paying attention to such things, she always had her nose in a book instead.

“Getting out soon? Wow, lucky you I’ll be here for another little while. Though I guess it’s not so bad I don’t really have anywhere else to go once I get out. I am sure my room at the hotel is probably given to someone else by now.” He was lucky to be getting out she hated being here Hospitals were like a second home to her and yet she still never got used to staying there for long periods of time. Her mind travelled suddenly to the fact that all of her belongings in the hotel could be gone now.

As if losing the bracelet from her mother wasn’t enough now she may have lost all of her belongings, hopefully the Hotel had put them aside for her when they realized she wasn’t coming back. McDonalds? She looked at him with a laugh “You can order food to come in here?” She looked beyond surprised though she could totally go for some take out right about now, only being able to eat Jello and Applesauce was getting a bit tiring.

“Oh Yikes, took your foster mom’s bike… Must have done something to really piss you off” She slightly frowned reaching over to pat his leg lightly. “I ugh…” Seniah shifted trying to think of how to word it without him pitying her more, though she couldn’t really see a better way to word it. “I was looking for my biological father.” Reaching for her purse, she pulled out an Article about Ambrose handing it over to the young man beside her.

“Don’t be sorry” Seniah was used to people not noticing or paying to much attention and treating her like a child, It was nice when she was treated like any other person someone would encounter. “Battle Scars, I like that, though I don’t need scars to tell a story.” Writing was never a hard thing for the young woman she was not sure if she was ready to tell this story in her own words just yet. It would likely take her a while before she would be ready for that.

“I really hope to be an author one day, for now I just write small stories and post them online… the ones that mean something to me though I keep in this book.” she tapped the faded and worn out book on her bedside table. “What about you tough guy? What do you want to do for a career? What do you like to do for fun besides stealing your foster mom’s bike.” She teased shifting again, Seniah handed him two Jello’s and took two for herself opening hers she began to eat slowly.

Jem liked the way that her name sounded, the way she said it. How it rolls of the tongue, unique but it suited her. “Maybe your one of a kind” He muttered looking over to her quietly knowing that she wouldn’t be able to hear him. Jem could see how she must be in pain still waiting for all the pain meds to kick in from the extent of all the injuries. Knowing he should feel and be in the same state but for him he was nearly all healed. All thanks to his Dhampir’s healing powers kicking in, yet he was unsure of how they worked but knew he’d soon learn them. Finding out when he was well enough he’d be starting off his Dhampir training with Valeria whether he likes it or not. Even more so now knowing that he’d have Clarissa pressing onto him that he has to start his training with all that's happened. “Most people call me by my nickname ‘Jem’, James has always been too boring for me” He explained but knowing he’d be only confusing her by having two names instead of one. Jem wanted to see what one she’d prefer to use.

It was no secret he was close to getting out of the hospital with how the doctors and nurses were still in disbelief in a way to how he was healing so quick. Both him and Clarissa just told the doctors that he was always quick at healing which they all believed. Having a few doctors who were supernatural that knew the truth. Jem picked up on hearing how she spoke of having been staying in a hotel before coming here, thinking that maybe she wasn’t a local after all. “Don’t you have any friends or family?” Seeing if she was like a lost soul like him. “Or were you passing through the city?” Seeing first hand by now how people came to the city from across the world for a second chance that people were more accepting “I’ve never been too good with hospital's, can’t wait to get out of this place” He admitted always hated hospitals how easy it all feels. Bringing all things back to him how his mother died in the hospital after giving birth to him. Believing that it wasn’t a nice place that everything bad happens in there. “Docs thinks I have to go on blood thinners for a while to heal my leg, that I’ll have to take it easy for a while. Gives me an excuse to sit down on the sofa in front of the TV for a while” Not making a change from his usual day to day routine but at least this time he wouldn’t be moaned at whilst doing it. 

Jem was always the person who found cheats and ways around different things so he could get his way in the way. Always up to mischief even when he couldn’t help it but always stayed out of trouble with the law until now. Jem knew already he wouldn’t be allowed to be be given any new car of any kind for a while. That he wouldn’t want to go back on a motorbike, he knew that bit at least. As he spilled his secret ways of ordering McDonalds to the hospital he knew he was already too soon. “Well your not supposed to, you just say what what and sometimes i’ll wait outside for it then sneak it in. Nobody knew knows or suspects. It beats hospital food that's something” Spilling his tricks of the trade that he’s learnt so far from being cooped up in a hospital ward. Having to find something to do so that he wouldn’t go out of his mind staring at the same four walls. Another reason why he was eager to be discharged sooner than he should be with the injuries he sustained. “Maybe I’ll order you something too next time if i’m not already let home” He offered smiling softly, already corrupting her after just meeting. 

After explaining how he ended up in hospital he could see how much of a mistake it all was with the injuries being his consequences for his actions. “Not really my brightest move. I don’t know why I did it, I just was pissed off and then I saw the keys there and well you know the rest” He mused a little biting his lip, thinking back then it was the only way to get any answers almost wanting to be in trouble for attention. Jem was waiting to hear how Seniah ended up being in the accident, with how she ended up getting in the middle of it all without asking for any of this. That she was just a casualty.  He was a little confused seeing how she was pulling out a piece of paper to show him, not knowing what it was at first but it made sense to when she explained she was here in the city to find her father. Jem skim read the article, almost recognising the name from something he had found before his accident of Ambrose reporting around his father's death. “I originally came to Evermore City looking for my biological dad but I was too late, he was already dead before I found him” A dark truth something he’d never get over but learnt after some time to move past it with never having any proper family or parents to start off with. 

He didn’t want to say the wrong thing knowing that sometimes he would say something thinking it sounded okay but ended up being the wrong think. Part of him didn’t want to mess anything up. Finding himself in a way drawn to Seniah maybe it was that they came from similar to paths from what he had found out from talking to her from a short amount of time. Even finding out that she’s deaf didn’t matter to him, that it wouldn’t change to what he thought and treated her. Jem wasn’t one to judge or treat people differently knowing that she seemed like someone who wanted to be as normal as possible. “Every story needs a starting point” He reminded her something he’d learnt during one of his study sessions with Jae. Jem could see the way she spoke about writing it was something she was passionate about. “Don’t give up on your passions, if you try hard enough one day your dreams may do” Something he heard others say. Jem still didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life, stuck in a way for what career to follow. “Maybe follow my father’s footsteps and become a police officer or a firefighter” Wanting to have a job to help people no matter the danger or risks. 

Listening to his two names she smiled “I think James suits you, though you do seem like a Jem” She chuckled Seniah couldn’t help but tease a little, though it did hurt to laugh. She lightly held her side making an uncomfortable face from the pain as she laughed.

“No friends here, but I guess that is changing since well I’ve now met you.” She mused happily. “I’m sorry about your father, though I guess we both came to evermore with the same purpose.” She found it kind of ironic that they had a similar story, something in common.

Tilting her head off to the side she watched the young man in front of her “Also I’d love if you snuck me in a McChicken sandwich, I love Chicken burgers! Or Chicken Nuggets!” she nodded her head. “Yes, every story has a beginning a middle and an end.” Seniah wasn’t always a fan of endings because it made things so final and she was the type who was ready and willing to see the next stage of the story. 

“Oh both are very respectable jobs” She reached out and pat his hand “Both are very selfless careers, Dangerous as well, but I can see it. You with a badge whether it be a police or firefighter one.” Seniah bit her bottom lip her eyes followed his lips each time he spoke, trying to be sure she was catching everything he was saying. She also knew he likely didn’t know what she was signing while she spoke but she could speak out loud which was helpful, unlike some deaf individuals.

In the back of her mind she was already creating a character in her head inspired by James it was something she couldn’t help but do. She could see her character being a firefighter or a police officer she would have to jot it down in her journal later so she didn’t forget. “What have you done for fun while here?” she asked tilting her head. “I’ve been so sucked into my writing because well I don’t have anything here.” She shrugged her shoulders. It would be nice to have her laptop to get back to her writing and posting her work online again, or even to write about her experiences.

It’s been so long since he’s been called by his nickname he’d forgets some of the time that it’s not his real name feeling he’s more suited to his nickname. “I don’t really know where the name Jem came about but as a kid I really liked it and guess it’s stuck since” He joked laughing softly rubbing the back of his neck. Already feeling that he’s known Seniah for a long time but in reality only a short while. “I think it's the same for me too” He couldn’t help but smile at her thinking maybe getting in the accident and winding up in the hospital isn’t so bad after all. “I’ve never really had many friends, I’m more of the loner type” Shrugging his shoulders a little seeing if she was a little bit surprised. Only friends he has were his study partner Jae or Valeria with how his foster mum and aunt didn’t really count. “I never really knew him so don’t matter too much” He commented almost sick of the looks of pity and people giving their condolences when he knew he was only the creation of a one night stand. Since he didn’t even know if his father would accept him if he was alive before he found out or not. Jem couldn’t help to feel so lost in the world in a way waiting to find what he’s purpose was or who he really was. Knowing he’ll soon be finding it all up in the upcoming months after all he’s recently found out that's been kept from him. 

Jem found it amusing as soon as he mentioned having McDonalds whilst in the hospital how eager Seniah was to get her hands on some of it. “I’ll order you some time” He mused a little, grinning at how excited she was. “Depends on what the story is too” If it there was a happy ending or a bad one. With how he’s not had much luck before. “I’ve always wanted a job to give back in a way to do good” Maybe he was trying to connect more to his father to follow his paths with it was the only thing he really knew about him. That and he was more suited to a job that had more of an active and always on the move one with how he knew he wouldn’t be suited to an office job instead. Jem was thinking maybe Seniah thought he was a troublemaker with how he’s found his way around managing to get McDonalds sent through so far. “I’ve just been playing on the Nintendo switch or watching netflix on my laptop. No exciting stories sorry” He admitted sheepishly talking too fast forgetting himself trying to slow down for her to read his lips. Forgetting that Seniah was deaf.

 Jem was about to go and grab his gadgets for her to use but was stopped by a nurse who came through looking for him. “Mr Chadwick, your going to be discharged today. Your foster mum is on her way to collect you so if you go back to your side and collect your things” The nurse informed him and soon left making him look confused a moment too lost in his conversations with Seniah. Turning back at her knowing she wouldn’t be able to catch up on what the nurse told him. “I’m able to go home today, I got to go” Looking a little bit sad knowing he was going when they only just started talking. Jem reached over and grabbed a nearby piece of paper and a pen, writing down his number giving it to Seniah. “I’ll hope to see you around outside of this place” He smiled happily as he got up and made his way to where his bed was giving her a small wave as he made his exit trying to seem smooth. 


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