Finally Jay had arrived in the city that held the answers he needed, and wasted no time moving into the mansion that he had purchased. It was night when he arrived in the city, so he figured he’d wait until the next day to search for answers, as well as hire some help for around the mansion. Although he had lived without help for years, given that he was in another mansion, he could use the help to keep things tidy, and a cook couldn’t hurt either. He wasn’t one to worry about money, so he figured why not go all out. He didn’t take any amount of stuff with him, because most of what he had reminded him of the life he once had that was taken from him because of the curse. Jay planned to do some shopping the next day as well, get some suits, some casual clothes, and anything else he would need. He left the few boxes he had with him lying on the floor at the entrance, and began exploring the mansion. He had bought the place without personally looking at it, so this was kind of like an adventure in its own. 

Jay found multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and multipurpose rooms that he could set up however he liked; and when he went outside, he found a rather large heated pool, and plenty of space to entertain many guests. The heated pool was probably his favorite feature, because he loved to swim, and now that the cold weather had come in, he couldn’t do much swimming until now. When he went back to collect his boxes near the entrance, he heard the doorbell ring. He realized he forgot to close the gates to the place, which allowed for visitors to enter the property. As he opened the door, he saw a woman standing in front of him. “Hello. Can I help you?” he questioned with a smile. The woman was rather attractive, and a slight grin crossed his features. Jay wasn’t quite sure what kind of luck he would have with women here in Evermore, but he always loved a challenge.

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For a long time; a certain mansion had been on Sale in the Therianthrope territory. Elle-Mae always wondered, whom would be rich enough to afford such a place. Anytime, she would have passed it. She would spend few minutes admiring the property. Whilst, her job paid good money. It was too expensive for her. And too big, for only one person. So when the mansion was finally brought by someone. Elle was under the impression that a new family might have moved in. To her, it made sense; as it seemed like a family house. Elle-Mae wanted to welcome whomever it was, into the city. Just because she was that kind of a person.

That morning, whilst she had some time. The young Therian got together a small basket of goodies; some home made cookies, wine, fruit, cheese and some crackers. Small things, that she usually gave to her neighbours in the past. To her luck, the gates were wide open when she went to greet the new owner/owners? Making her way onto the property grounds. Elle admired, the maze of bushes that were near the front of the mansion. They were always in perfect shape; whomever always came here; took good care of the gardens and trees/bushes around the property. Finding herself at the doorstep. Elle-Mae rung the doorbell. Waiting for a few moments; she let her eyes wonder, taking in the architecture of the mansion. Until the door swung open.

To her surprise, a tall and handsome male opened the door. Despite having bad luck in the love department. Most people knew, she had a thing for tall, attractive guys. And boy...did he fit those categories, as he was over 6ft, if she had to guess and very attractive. Damn it. She thought to herself.

A warm smile crossed her features. “Hi. I noticed someone finally moved in here. I wanted to welcome you into the city and neighborhood.” Elle held up the basket. “It’s not much. But a little something, that might come in handy.”

Jay wasn’t entirely sure what to think of anything yet. Evermore was still new to him yet; a new place, a new house, and he could surely use someone to show him around the city. As the female held up the basket she brought with her, Jay extended his hands out to accept it. “Well I’m not fully moved in yet” he replied with a slight laugh and gestured to his belongings near the door. “I only just arrived in Evermore about an hour ago. Long enough for me to explore this place. It’s bigger than I anticipated” he continued with a smile.

“Where are my manners? Please come in” Jay said before taking the basket and laying it on a nearby table. To say inviting strangers into his house was unsettling would be a lie, especially given his history, so he didn’t even think twice about inviting her into his home. “My name is Jay Kwon. It’s nice to meet you Miss…?” he stated in a questionative tone as he extended his hand toward the female. The best way to get to know somebody, is to first find out their name. If you don’t know a person’s name, can you truly know the person? At least that was his belief, especially after missing the opportunity to get his ex-wife’s name the first time they met.

Elle could still remember the first time she came across Evermore; 6 years ago. On her travels. Whilst her stay in the city, had been that short of a few months back then. She knew what it felt like to be new; to not know anybody.  No doubt, Jay was in the same position right now. With so many new-comers; it wasn’t a surprise that another felt the calling of the Eternal City. As he mentioned, not being fully moved in yet. She glanced at the boxes by the door. “Just 1 hour?” she let out a giggle. Wow. She did catch him pretty early on. “I can imagine, you might need a map.” She joked. Otherwise, he might get lost in a big place; like this. It probably was bigger; than it looked from the outside. “It does seem like an awfully big place, to live in alone.” She mused; thinking out loud. 

Returning his soft smile. As he invited her inside. Elle stepped over the threshold. It seemed like he was no stranger to inviting new people in. Some people would be cautious. But not him. It was refreshing, he seemed a bit more daring; in that sense. “Pleasure to meet you Jay.” Holding out her own hand towards him. “Lovett. Elle-Mae Lovett.” she introduced herself, in return. Her hand gentle in his, but a firm yet pleasant handshake was given. “But everyone calls me Elle.”

“Yeah about that. Give or take a few minutes” he replied with a small laugh. Being new wasn’t exactly the best feeling, but having a fresh start in a place that nobody knew him, gave him a wonderful feeling. He could be anybody he wanted, and nobody would know who he was in the past. “A map would probably come in handy” he acknowledged with a laugh. “It is quite big for me to live in alone, but it wouldn’t be the first large house I’ve lived in. I grew up in a house bigger than this one, so this is smaller than what I grew up in” he commented with a smile. He wasn’t exactly one to hide his wealth, especially when nobody knew the truth about the money he had. Jay was jobless, and currently living off of his father’s money. Why his father hadn’t cut him off yet, or made him get a job was beyond his understanding, however he wasn’t going to question it either.

“Well then it’s a pleasure to meet you too Elle” he replied with a smile shaking her hand. “Have you lived in the city long Elle?” he questioned as he closed the door to the house. Jay figured it wouldn’t hurt to have a few friends in the city, after all he was new here, and having someone that knew the ins and outs of the city could be vital to him making his new life there. “Can I offer you something to drink or eat? I made sure the place was freshly stocked before I arrived today” he stated with a smile.

Elle didn’t think, he was here only an hour. Looks like she caught him really early on. “Wow, that indeed is fresh.” But he probably did have plenty of time to explore in the mean-time. It came as a surprise, that he lived in a house even bigger than this. Elle’s eyes were a little wide with surprise. “Wow...that’s intense.” He must be really privileged, and come from a rich family, if he lived in something larger than this. But seemingly, he was used to large housing like this. Compared to Jay, Elle was a country girl. Having grown up on a farm, with her brothers. So whilst her family was well off in a sense, it wasn’t as well off, as his.

She smiled softly. “I’ve been in the city since April. Although, about 5-6 years back. I lived in the city for about 6-7 months, give or take a few weeks. So you can guess, I returned back in April.” This time, her stay was permanent. By now, she felt more at home. Having reconnected with her elder half brother, few of her friends from years back and settled into the Lycan Pack. Feeling more in tune with the community, than she did back then; when she had been on her travels. As he offered her something, Elle smiled gently.”Some water would be good, I am not sure what you might have stocked up.” It was sweet of him to offer. And nice of someone to leave something for him, before he moved in. Saved him going to the shops right away.

“Where abouts did you move from?” She asked curious. Wondering if he spent quite a bit of time in the states, before moving to Evermore.

“I’m not sure intense is a strong enough word” he replied with a wink and a grin. He loved to explore his parents’ house when he was just a boy, it kept him occupied in the daytime. So he was no stranger to large homes and the exploration of them. He wasn’t sure why he chose such a big house to live in, after all he was there alone, but it was a little late now. Maybe he secretly hoped his ex-wife and daughter would return to him, and become a family again, yet it wasn’t something he was going to hold his breath over. “So this is your second time in the city. You must know your way around the city by now right? Maybe you could show me around some time. Introduce me to the good shops” he questioned with a smile. Given that he was new in the city, he didn’t know where anything was, other than the few shops and such he passed on his way to the house. He wasn’t certain how long he was going to be in the city, given that he came there to see if there was a cure to his curse, but knowing where the shops are would be wise.

“I have various sodas, beer, wine, and water of course” he replied with a slight laugh. Jay wanted to make sure he was prepared for everything when he got here, so he had the place stocked with various beverages and plenty of food. Since he enjoyed cooking, he also made sure to have a stock of various spices and ingredients as well. Last thing he wanted to do was have to go shopping on his first day in the city, and he was thankful for the people that had gotten the house ready for him. “I moved here from Orlando, Florida. Came for a new start and to find some answers” he stated with a slight serious tone as he mentioned about finding answers.

“Then what would be a strong enough word?” Elle asked, a slight teasing tone to her voice. Not sure, what would cut it besides Intense. She wasn’t sure what she’d even do with such a massive house, if she had been in his spot. The red head nodded slightly. “Yeah, I’d like to think I know the city by now.”Or at least, certain parts of it anyways. There were still some parts of the city, that she was new to/hadn’t explored yet. But she was sure, she wasn’t the only one. Elle smiled softly, at his question. “Sure, of course I can help.” It wouldn’t be the first, nor last time someone came to her for help, since her return. It was the least she could do, for someone new in the city.

It seemed like he was stocked up. That would come in handy. Especially since it was his first day here. “Soda would be good.” She didn’t mind which; as she wasn’t that picky. As he mentioned moving from Florida, Elle nodded smiling. “Sweet, I’ve been to Florida, just for the summer a few years ago.” That was about 8, maybe 7 years ago. Time flew by quickly. That was for sure. The female rose a slight uncertain eyebrow, as he mentioned finding answers. “You’re….” Elle caught herself, trying to find the right words she wanted to say. Without sounding like a crazy person; as she didn’t want him to think she was nuts or something. “I take it, you’re new to the Supernatural?” Elle questioned softly. The question slipped out, before she could really think. But she could sense, he wasn’t human. This was the Therianthrope territory after all. And she didn’t think any humans, would live in this area, among three different packs; that were part of one faction.

“Evermore’s a good place, to search for answers and self discovery.” Elle added. It was probably why it had drawn a lot of people in, the first place. Magnet, for different people like them.

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