Since her texts reached to her older brother, Ahri sighed as she knew Eun seeing her will not set will. She is still his sister, she loves him just as much before he left. After meeting a girl named Hana, the dhampir found the clinic feeling good about her new job and excited to start working. Maybe she should stop by her apartment she brought and put everything in before she goes to look for her brother. Still, a lot to do, looking at her phone for the address she never noticed people starting to look at her. "Alright am not that far, just three streets up," Ahri said to herself as she looked up feeling everyone looking at her. Something she is used to for most of her life, her looks. She ignored everyone even if they wanted to talk to her. Not for her to be rude but she is not in the city to be someone toy or someone fancies. if she wanted to be with someone she would've said why to her ex-boyfriend. 

Coming to the address she smiled and rushed in, finally to live on her own. After her family home in Seoul with her father, all in her business being in peace felt like heaven. It looks like she will get shopping soon for new house stuff but for right now she is not worried about that. Putting her suitcase on the side she walked around as she brought out her phone from her jacket pocket to put in her brother's name to see if she can find his work without asking him. For a while, there was no luck. "Aish, come on. How hard is it to find someone on the internet. They said it's easy to find anyone." Ahri said talking to herself. She didn't want to message him again, she will not be her father no way. 

The Dhampir brought herself to go can take a walk maybe for a chance she can find in walking around. For a chance like that and not recognize her is a high chance of happening. Ahri was not going to sit in her apartment and look pretty. It's not like Eun is going to send her home, she was in Evermore for good. Having a job already there is no way she is leaving. With that thought, she got her keys phone and walked out to enjoy herself along with exploring the new sights. 

Ahri has found herself on her phone more even since got to the city but finding her family is important. Finding the college was faster as that would be her next place to go to see if they can let her find her young brother Jaesung. Thinking about his Jaesung would feel to see her again Ahri had not paid attention to her surroundings as she spotted Sungeun, her older brother. Hiding quickly, Ahri pecked to see if he noticed as he kept walking to a hotel? 

Normally she would just walk up but she was curious why her brother was walking to a hotel so she followed him trying not the be suspicious about it. When he went inside she stopped to talk with a male who looks like they were doing business. She knew he is a lawyer but it just clicked, he might be a private lawyer as she walked to talk with the male knowing her brother is out of sight to ask the male where can she meet with Sungmoon if he knew him. As she expected the male giving her the information along with the suite number. 'Thank you so much. You don't know how grateful I am." Going to the elevator nervous came to her when she pressed the button, the first time she is reuniting with her older brother brought her what if but as the doors open stepping in Ahri told her self no she had to do this. Warning his older brother is the right thing to do but how to tell her brother was another story. 

The dhampir walked out of the doors as she looked down the halls before looking at the numbers to find the room. Once she did, Ahri looked at the door thinking of what she could say, how will he react will he be happy to see her or see her as a threat to go home. She wanted to be in the city with her brothers more than anything. Whatever happens, Ahri wants to see her older brother at least once and if he does not want to see her anymore it will her last. She raised her hand to knock on the door. She heard a light voice of Eun calling out he will be right there. Ahri took a deep breath as she turned around to look at the couple that was talking.  "It's ok Ahri, calm down don't think of the worst possible thing." Ahri is confident this will end well. As she heard the door open hearing Eun say something she turned around as she is face to face with her older brother she smiled gently. "Long time no see Eun." 

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He didn’t want to go home. Not until he found out what happened to his client, why he was suddenly killed. It wouldn’t be easy to ask for an extension here so he was trying his best to get another case here, another client, so he could also work on what happened. It was why he met with his colleague here, to take on another case. Thankfully, he was more than happy to give him his share. After receiving the documents from his colleague, he thanked him and was about to go back up to his suite so he could get back to work. His eyes never left the envelope in his hands, this would help him extend his time here, right? By the time he returned back to his place, he plopped himself on the couch and sighed. 

One look at his suite and anyone can tell he did some cleaning. Everything was spotless, the kitchen, the bathroom, even his bed was tidied up properly, the floorboards had no smudge of dirt or dust to accompany it. Why? Because Eun took the liberty to clean the entire place earlier this morning. He could've just requested for a housekeeping service for this but he just felt the motivation to do some cleaning and once the elder Moon gets motivated to do something, he never stops until it's done. Which was ironic, considering he's still sticking himself in Evermore even after his client was dead and his case was marked off. What was he doing here again? Right, to investigate. 

He came to Evermore to take on this case that was specifically requested for his service, but when the case was marked off following his client's death, Eun knew it was only a matter of time before his superior calls him back home. Home. What a relative term. It feels so foreign to him now, especially with the wedding in five more months. It's an upcoming event that will surely change his entire life but why does he feel so reluctant to set his foot back in his country?  7 months should've indicated that he should be back in Korea planning his wedding in 2 more months but after insisting to stay here for work, he persuaded his family to extend the dates. His father wasn't impressed but also got the memo that it was for work so he caved in, and his fiancee's family was understanding which made him even more guilty of lying. If only they knew. 

He undid his tie and tossed his blazer away on the couch before opening the envelope and skimming over the documents. But then someone was knocking on the door, which made him look up from the documents and wondered who would that be, “Eh? Who would be here at this time?” he murmured to himself and said he’ll be there in a moment. But he didn’t expect to be greeted by someone too familiar, which had him blinking a few times in surprise, “Ahri? Why are you here?” It wasn’t until he realized he should probably invite her in, “Uh… come in first.” His suite was pretty much a luxurious apartment since he lives in a hotel, but thankfully, it was all tidied up already by him. “Don’t mind the documents on the table… do you want anything to drink?”

Moments after she knocked the door Ahri bit her lip nervous for the worst. Many things were running through her mind but she didn't want to think about it. When the door opened she looked at her older brother seeing the surprised look in his eyes told Ahri he didn't see her on his way back to his hotel room. The dhampir smiled as she folded her hands together, not knowing what are the right words today. "Hi Eun, I thought to surprise you," she said with a gentle smile. When he invited her in, Ahri smiled as she stepped in and looked around. Looks like her brother is still the same which is very comforting to the young female. 

"Oh! No apologies, really work will do that to anyone." She knew that's how it was with all the documents of different animals she takes care of when she is working. "Water would be nice, I just got to Evermore so nothing heavy," she said with a smile and sit down feeling her legs told her she did a lot of walking. At least she hands a girl name Hana to help her find the clinic she will be working at.  

After a few seconds, Ahri realized she never answered her older brother's question. Why is she here? What could she say before he thinks their father sent her here to take him back home. Home is a word she couldn't have the heart to say after her taking her departure. "Would it be selfish to say I moved here to be with my brothers?" Ahri said turning to look at Sungeun. Would he believe her or would there be more questions? Guess she can clear the air before Sungeun could ask. "I am not here because of father. Sadly he tried to get involved like always but I guess it's a hint to warn both you and Jaesung." 

The Dhampir didn't like putting any of her brothers on the spot knowing she had that most of her life but the situation was not about her for once. "In truth, if you ask me I want both you and Jae to stay here and never go back but he is impatient," Ahri said with a disappointing tone in her voice. She wanted a nice conversation with her older brother. it's been so long and yet it does not come easy. Ahri stood up for a short time to fix her shirt and then sit back down, hitting her thumbnail gently wanting for her older brother to speak up. The worst thing can happen could be him telling her not to see him again. If that is the reality Ahri will not know what to do so she is keeping her hopes up thinking the best mindset she possibly can at the moment.  

The last thing he expected was to find his sister here, in front of his hotel suite and in Evermore. Why was she here? Did something happen? The first thing that came to his head was to panic. Why shouldn’t he? Ahri is here, and it surely didn’t seem like she was going to bring any good news, right? Did their father send her here? For him? But the elder dhampir only spared her a small smile before stepping aside to allow her inside. With his back facing the door as he closed and locked it from inside, Eun let out a sigh, he wondered what’s going on. “You thought to surprise me?” It’s not a good answer, because it feels slightly vague. “On your own accord or?” It was basically him enquiring if she came here on her own voluntarily for whatever the reason was, or was it because their father finally had enough and couldn’t see the logical reasoning behind delaying his eldest son’s wedding. A wedding that was meant to take place, two months ago. 

Eun had managed to delay it by using his work as an excuse but he’s starting to face a dead end on this. He excused himself to the kitchen and poured a jug of water into the glass before coming back into her view, placing the said glass on top of the glass table in front of the couch. “Are you jetlagged? Flight from Seoul to here couldn’t have been easy… it takes a long time and well… I know it can tire you out.” He remembered being so incredibly jetlagged when he first got here. And that was quite some time ago. The last time he heard, she was already working as a veterinarian, and for someone located at the heart of Korea with all the access to the medicinal field, there was simply no probable excuse for Ahri to come all the way to Colorado. Not when she’s tied up to work too. He had to admit though, she took him off guard when she said she moved here to be with her brothers. Brothers; that’s plural, which meant she was also here for Jae.

 That could pose a problem for the youngest Moon too. Jae was finally getting a hold of his life here, being happy with his newfound partner. Would Ahri’s arrival change anything? If so, he hoped it wasn’t for the worse. Doesn’t mean he was wrong though. Upon hearing her words, Eun sighed and massaged his temples, “I was wondering when he would send someone to get me. You know I was supposed to be back and married two months ago but I’m still here…” No, he didn’t want to go back. But this isn’t just child’s play, it’s a serious thing that could very well ruin the reputation of their family. Eun has been working his way up the social ladder for so long, rejecting this would surely end their family’s status that he’s worked on. “Why would you move here when you’re doing fine back home? Did father tell you to do anything?” 

It didn’t seem likely, Ahri was the only daughter in the family and that meant she was the princess. Their father doted on her the same way their mother doted on him. “I wish I could stay here too, honestly… but I have previous arrangements I need to do. I need to fulfill my responsibilities but it feels so difficult. I could almost feel like my legs are glued here.” 

There is no hiding how nervous she is around her older brother, it's been years, yes but this feeling in the environment says more. There was so much panic in her chest she was unsure how she could be breathing right now. When Sungeun spoke up Ahri didn't know why she flinched but she turned around knowing it was rude to no be facing someone who is older than you when they are talking. "I-I thought you would be happy to see me... I guess am wrong and might be selfish," she said holding her hands together. Ahri knew this would be the hardest part of remeeting her brothers, it' not that simple. "I came here on my own. If father wanted to be a part of this am sure he would've canceled everything to keep me in Seoul. I made the arguments myself before he can meddle in." she said with a sigh. In truth, she came here to get out of the meddling, to be with her brothers along with the warning of their father but it's too early to say anything to Sungeun. 

Sitting down to get a breathe back inside of her, Ahri was able to calm down knowing she has to keep a confident face and not have him worry about her, that is the last thing she wants not like he would've noticed it already. She walked the glass placed on the glass table in front she reached out and took a slow sip. "Every, I would've asked for something else but water, it has a surprising aspect to keep someone awake oddly," Ahri said with a light smile. Ahri knew she has to get Sungeun caught up, there are so many things to talk about but where to start is Ahri problem. Family is just as important to her as her job, she could never imagine how her action might look like. She has been worried to think her actions were selfish from her point of view, it might be what her brother sees here right now. 

Ahri didn't want to cause problems, but with their father's shadow in the dark reminding them, it's hard to look away as loud and bold the situation could be.  The dhampir watched her brother as she looked down at the glass she is holding in her hand. "To be real if he knew I was coming to stay here which might be at the moment I would've been that messager," she said with a sigh. "I know but am happy you didn't come back. If you did freedom would never be on your side again. Trust me, If I could take it away from you I would." Ahri said knowing it was a bold statement but it's coming from her heart. Nothing can change that now. 

"Fine?" Ahri asked wondering what would make him think that before she sighed and took a sip of water again. "For the record and I will make this clear, I moved here out of my own choice nothing of my father meddled in my plans," she said looking at her older brother. "Being the only child at home showed me the truth, the meddling got to me, I saw and understand why everyone one of my brother left. I meant what I said, I came here to be with you and Jaesung, I miss my brothers.  The only thing that can get me out of Seoul was a job in Evermore which lucky for me there was an opening and I took it. Is that selfish of me?" Ahri asked. Why would she lie to her own brother? "I never wanted to bring this up as this is my first time seeing out after months but I came here with a warning as well, I am sure I don't have to spell it out but I am scared that time is running out," Ahri said choking up but took a longer sip of the water. 

The dhampir didn't want to look at her older brother, she knew what he said is true but as a sister, that is not what she wanted to see for her brother. Not like her opinion matters more than others. "Can I ask why it's difficult?  You know you can speak your mind to me." Ahri said in support knowing he had more responsibilities due to he is older. Even if she does not understand everything that is troubling him at least she gives him ears to listen to. "You don't have to tell me, of course, it might not be my business anyways."    

When he saw how she flinched when he called her, Eun let out a heavy sigh before making himself comfortable on the couch, leaning forward a bit with both hands clasped together as he stared at the female sitting nearby, he’s been here for a while and unfortunately, the only form of communication back home he had were phone calls with his parents, never with his siblings. It was also because he often didn’t have enough time to go on another call, Eun still remained as busy as ever here. “Hey, I don’t mean it like that, Ahri” he breathed out, pressing his thumbs against his temples before averting his gaze back on the younger dhampir, “Of course I’m happy to see my sister, I haven’t seen you in a while.” He’s been in Evermore for many months and even when he was back in Seoul, he lived separately in his own apartment after moving out 4 years prior. He was the eldest, obviously he had to go on to start his new chapter of his life.

 He raised his eyebrows in a questioning manner, “You fought with father? What happened?” This was unlike anything he’s heard before, even Eun himself didn’t dare or bother to argue with the patriarch of the family. Hyunsik would remain quiet and Ahri has always been daddy’s little girl, only Jae actually spoke out hence why their relationship is a bit rough and strained now. But still, their father is their father and he loves them all. “I don’t mean to offend but I still have no idea why you would come here aside from visiting, Jae’s here because he’s studying at the local university and I’m here because of work, which is not even permanent, I’ll have to return very soon” But not until he completed this murder mystery of his client first. His honor wouldn’t have it any other way. “I can’t stay here, Ahri” he sighed, as much as he wanted to, he’s literally engaged for a wedding that has also been delayed twice due to his work commitment. 

Thankfully, the other side understood his determination and passion in his work to let it off but the same couldn’t be said for his father. Besides, it was also a marriage of benefit, his future wife is a diamond heiress back home. Our family’s name would be tainted if I put it off, as if father would accept that” Eun has followed everything their parents wanted throughout his entire life. Every single thing, indeed. So she moved out, but he wondered why here, of all places. “Ahri, I understand moving out because you’re an adult but moving out of the country? Here, of all places? You sure everything’s fine?” He had doubts. But then she explained why she chose here, “I don’t blame you for wanting to get out. Maybe you’ll find a better life here, but I just hope you didn’t part in bad terms with father and mother” he reprimanded, there was a certain strictness underlying in his tone, mostly due to the fact that Eun is still the eldest and he would not have his siblings fighting with their parents. 

“I miss you too sis… and I wish I could stay too.” Time is running out, his heart sunk upon hearing that. The world seriously couldn’t give him a break, could they? “It’s difficult because I’m supposed to be married already, didn’t you remember why our father called a family dinner the last time? It’s not something I can just evade, besides, I promise mother I’d marry” Before she wouldn’t have the chance to see her first-born child married. But he couldn’t bring himself to say that out loud because their mother’s health was a sensitive topic. After all, in a family of supernaturals, their mother was only a human. 

Sitting in place, the dhampir told herself she needed to breathe as nothing will go wrong. Why should it go wrong? She let her brown eyes look up at Sungeun watching him rubbing his temples with his thumbs. A wave of relief came upon her as a smile came lightly on her face. "Am sorry, I don't mean to jump to conclusions." she is happy he wants to see her. Home has never been the same since everyone is away and not wanting to return under understandable reasons. 

Ahri holds her glass knowing he will ask what she said, "Let's just say I moved here without him getting involved with things along with being home alone with him took a toll on me." Ahri said in summery, they will be sitting here for a long time. She listened to her older brother as the reason for her coming here would be the reason why she is here. "I am here because of work actually. There is a clinic that needed a manager here in Evermore as I thought to take the chance, not only to work with animals but also to be with my brothers." Ahri took out her phone to the clinic as she held it out for Sungeun to take a look so he would know it's not a lie.  When he said he can't stay here in Evermore her heart dropped knowing that is something she expects to hear. Maybe she wanted to hear something else other than those words.

The dhampir sat there and listened, "I know" she said looking down with a sigh. The family name is important to all of them so there is no reason to fight over. Ahri felt her heart drop when Eun spoke about their mother, she closed her eyes for a little while as she when looked back at her brother. "I actually wanted to see her before coming to Evermore. I didn't get to because someone was in the room talking to her, a male voice. I couldn't stay as long as I needed to be at the airport at a certain time. She sounded like she is getting better but I don't know for sure." it was safe to say she didn't leave with bad terms but with their father not happy about her moving for good.

"I know," Ahri said knowing she is sounding like a brat right now. A promise is a promise as the dhampir held the cup in her hands. "I didn't mean to sound like a warning light. You have enough things to worry about," she said looking at all the papers. "Must be a big case your working on right now," Ahri said trying to change the subject knowing there is nothing to gain. "I would be lying to say I am not curious what it's about but I know it's none of my business." The dhampir sighed wondering what to say, "So, it's been a while. What have I missed?" she said trying to give him room to be himself and talk about other things.

He waved a dismissive hand towards her as if to indicate that he wasn't offended or mad that she would jump to such conclusions, "It's warranted… don't worry about it." Besides, out of everyone in the family, Eun may be strict when it comes to a few things because he had a certain standard he thought they should be upholding but he wasn't the eldest who led with an iron fist. He didn't want to make Ahri feel like she was unwelcome when that wasn't what he wanted to show her. "Father doesn't know why you're here?" He was under the impression that she only came here to visit rather than move away, it was literally half way across the world for them, but when she told him she had a placement here in Evermore, he couldn't help but to wonder why she would come here. There were plenty of other cities and countries in the world, even if she opted for America, Evermore seemed the least of where she would go. 

Though he also had to admit that the eternal city offered the supernaturals a much better place if they were searching for solidarity. Eun took her phone to scan the picture she showed him, he recognized the clinic, but held his tongue before he could blurt out the fact that Jae's boyfriend is working there. "You know I'm not going to be here permanently right? I have to return home before father goes berserk and crazy on me." He also had to remind himself that he was on the clock here, he's delayed his wedding twice already and he had a feeling that there won't be a third time. "Is she still in the hospital?" he queried, he needed to know if she was fine. The last time he called her, she said she was but he knew better than to take her word for it. Knowing her, she probably didn't want to worry her children. "Last time I checked, mother has been going back and forth from home to hospital… she may as well hire a personal nurse at home or stay in the hospital that way" he sighed heavily, all of that only made him think about going home to settle a few things. 

But going home also meant he may never be able to come back here. Not when he would've been married and have another family of his own to think and care about. "Yeah, it's a big case… sort of" Ahri didn't need to know what he's been digging up on, she's a veterinarian, an animal doctor, not a lawyer. The elder Moon always had a rule; to never bring his work back home to share with others. His life may be on the line if he crosses a few dangerous people but he sure as hell would leave his family out of the loop. "I don't know what to tell you" he shrugged absentmindedly when she asked what she's missed, "I've been here for a few months and found new friends… new things to learn, new culture and whatnot. I get to hang out with Jae more frequently than I would have back home. I may also found someone who I kind of like… but that won't matter, would it? At the end of the day, I have to go home. And I can't bring all of this back. And you? Are you here for good?"

Ahri picked up his body language as she calmed down and relax the best she could for the time being knowing more things with come. It might have been a bad idea to come without telling him but she was too excited to see her brothers again the moment of thought was right there and she took it. When Sungeun brought of their father a sigh came from her knowing she would be in trouble as well but she does not regret it. "No, he doesn't. When I came here, I left home before he can meddle with my plans and my transfer." Ahri said truthfully to her older sibling. It's true, she could've gone to California or New York to stay in America even beyond to other countries. To the Dhampir, family to her is more important than her own choices especially family that moved away from home who she missed more than anything within the months and week coming back to live at home again. 

Watching Sungeun for a while as he looked at her photo at the clinic which is her prove why she is here. Work is Work, her rules, and her choice like she always wanted to believe in life. "Father might already be, knowing him. Am not protecting him anymore. Am sorry if am a reminder, I just wanted to see my brothers again unless that is selfish for me to ask for in the long road." Ahri said with a little pout knowing it could be seen as that now thinking about that. 

"Yeah, I mean when I left Korea she is in her hospital room. The way her voice sounded she is getting better. I wish I knew who was in the room, it would've been nice to see her before moving." Ahri answered sitting there drinking some water from the glass. "The way your asking makes it sound like something is wrong. Is there something I should be worried about? Is mom not telling you things?" she asked wondering. Not like he should worry about their mom, it's natural she too is worried but something in his questioning made her feel like something is wrong, more wrong. "The last update I have on mom is that she is getting better then again that can be a lie so take what you want with it I guess." 

The Dhampir nodded in what her older brother said about his case. Ahri was not going to ask about details on the case because it's none of her business, it's not her job to worry. "I wish you luck, whatever it is," Ahri said in a very supportive tone. Ahri listened to how his life has been in Evermore. "Learning new things can be challenging but it feels good when it's something you are not used to if you get what am saying. How has Jaesung been? I bet he has changed since I last saw him. I wonder if he is chasing his dream? I hope all three of us can have family time when we are not busy at all."

The moment she heard him say he found someone he liked that got Ahri's attention. "Oh? Ok, now you have to spill the details. Who are they? It does matter when you like someone. It's part of living Sungeun never look down or close that part from your life." Ahri said knowing the reason he said it but hearing her older brother liking someone made her want to know more and listen more.  It's sadly true he can't take everything back with him maybe she should not be that positive around this topic. When the question turned to her she shrugged. "I mean I meet a new friend. Well, a friend on the first time meeting someone is too fast. She is very sweet and has been very helpful showing me around. Even invited me over." Ahri said nodding thinking about Hana made her smile more but it soon disappears the moment he asked if she is here for good. "Am not sure yet. Thinking about home make me, conflicted, bittersweet. I don't know if that's a proper answer to your question." she said chuckled nervously. Thinking of home made her a little uncomfortable.   

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