"All I want for Christmas is you..." trailed out of Evermore City's local Christmas shop as the glass door opened then closed. It really was the most beautiful time of the year. Different colored lights twinkled from where they were tacked up onto roofs, wrapped around trees and strung across windows. Santa statues that were animated waved at people through shop windows and Christmas trees glittered in the early evening light.

"I'll be home for Christmas if only in my dreams," a beautiful tenor voice sang as the pink-haired male it belonged to skipped down the street. Several bags hung from his slender arms and a Santa hat was perched on his head. He waved giddily at passing people and blinked large golden eyes at lavishly decorated cakes and cookies in dessert shop windows. He was seriously considering going in one but decided against it when he looked at the candy cane in his mouth.

He really wasn't paying attention to anything but singing and getting gifts. He sucked gently on the candy cane in his mouth and looked around as Evermore came to life. "Christian!" someone yelled from behind him causing him to spin around on the snow-covered sidewalk. 

"Jace!" The now named Christian exclaimed and ran toward his best friend and bandmate. Bags and scarves went flying as they landed in a heap on the sidewalk. Jace looked at Christian and they both burst out laughing. Christian got up and brushed the snow off his leather pants and then held out a hand for the boy on the sidewalk. Jace grabbed his hand and hauled himself up. He redid his scarf and Christian picked up his bags and settled them on his arms with a giggle. 

Both boys hugged again and then went their separate ways, Jace going in the direction of his house and Christian in the direction of the mall. He resumed his skipping and singing down the sidewalk. As soon as he reached the mall he stopped skipping and walked calmly into the Dillard's entrance of the mall. He was still humming as he exited Dillard's into the main part of the mall, not paying attention to anything but the sparkly lights on the tree in the middle of the mall.

Not paying attention caused him to bump into someone. This person was taller than him so was a little awkward as Christian tried to save himself from going down, but it was no use. His bags went flying again and his legs got tangled with the other person's. He was pretty sure the glitter in his hair got in the other person's mouth because he heard someone coughing. He tried to get up, but couldn't so he just stayed sprawled out. 

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As much as Hanseol likes festivities, especially Christmas, he was quite bombarded by his current occupation. His clinic slash shop has been booked for the holiday season for boarding reasons. His entire shift was filled with the fluffy pets gracing his shop, each in their respective carriers. Dogs, cats, up to even rabbits. He wasn't complaining, of course not. He had nothing to do for Christmas, since he didn't have a family to celebrate it with, neither did he actually know how it works. Bear in mind, the poor star didn't have the chance to know how Christmas works around here. So he was more than delighted to take care of the fluffs and spend his day caring for the animals. 

He remembered he also had a plan to visit a few sheltering homes for the animals. Despite being a veterinarian, he did not have any pets of his own. Not yet, at least. He had more than enough to cater to in there. Hanseol took the pets out one by one, placing them into the cages in the room behind the counter, before closing and locking it. It came down to the last of the lot, a Pomeranian pup. "You cute grumpy fluffball, come on." The puppy did not retaliate and left its fate to the brunette veterinarian. After settling the animals in their cage and made sure they were properly fed, Hanseol closed the door and switched off the lights for the day, so he could go and buy a few things for Christmas. It wasn't for his home, no. It was more for the clinic, as some might come and get a few pups for Christmas presents.

Switching into a much more casual clothing, he draped the white coat on the rack, before locking the place down. With his duffel bag on his back, he tucked in both his hands in the pockets before making his way to the town square, hoping the Christmas decorations were not yet sold out. But while he was walking, he was checking his phone where he had a message from Jaesung who told him that he wouldn't be able to make it to their meeting tonight so he would have to shop himself. Shaking his head at the thought of the young dhampir bombarded with assignments made the star chuckle. That was until, someone crashed into him. Well, bumped. His phone clattered on the floor, as he too fell. Slowly regaining his vision with a grunt, he saw his phone lying not far from where he fell but the doe eyed Celestial decided to help the guy. 

Of course, it wasn't all pleasant. He felt a foreign entity made itself inside his mouth, causing his to cough out whatever it was. Staring at the glitter in his palm, he quirked his eyebrows in confusion as he offered a hand out for the stranger. By the way he was dressed, he was probably a celebrity or a performer. "Why do you have glitter in your hair?" Yes, that's the first question he asked. Hanseol literally asked why he had glitter in his hair. But while extending his hand out, he picked up his phone and the bags sprawled out on the floor, handing it over to the Nephilim. "Are you okay? Can you get up or do I have to call a paramedic?" He wasn't entirely sure if it was snark or genuine. Possibly the first mixed with the latter.

 Christian was not expecting the glitter to fall out of his hair, but of course, he had been lazy and had forgotten to stick it down with hairspray. He groaned and rubbed his head, taking the other male's hand and hauling himself up. He took his bags that the male had offered him, smiling up at him. He noticed the snark in the male's voice and then smirked. "I'm perfectly fine, honey." He said, brushing the dust off his pants for the second time.

There was something familiar about this male, but he felt like he didn't know him at all. It was probably because he looked Korean that he seemed familiar."당신은 한국어, 아니면 그냥 일을 상상하고?" (Are you Korean, or am I just imagining things?) Large golden eyes looked at the brunette curiously. Christian realized he probably was blocking foot traffic in the mall, so he moved a bit to the left, rearranging his bags on his arms.  

Christian leaned the wall, taking in the beautiful decorations that were all over the mall. He now couldn't remember what the heck he was doing in the mall anyway, because the brunette had entrancing doe eyes. "Stop it Christian!" He smacked himself lightly and looked away. Perks of being bisexual, you thought everyone was cute and that could get embarrassing.

Hanseol was still staring at the pink haired male skeptically. Forgive the Celestial, but he was still surprised to see what just happened before him. Shaking his head slightly, it was only then that he was able to actually correlate what was happening and the current situation he was in. Following the male's reply to his question earlier, he shrugged casually and handed over the bags to the stranger. "Yeah, you sure look fine, I mean doesn't seem like you broke any bones nor fracture them during that fall. Nasty fall, though.", he quipped, his tone laced with every form of snark there was. Hanseol was usually not this snarky, but yes, please note the word 'usually'. 

However, upon hearing yet a familiar language that hits so close to home, once again, the doe eyed Celestial blinked a few times, trying to make through what he was saying. "응, 나는 한국인이야. 가을이 꽤 불쾌하긴 하지만, 나는 네가 어떤 형태의 뇌진탕도 겪을 만큼 충분히 세게 넘어지지 않았다고 확신한다. (Yes, I'm Korean. Despite the fall being quite nasty, I'm sure you didn't fall hard enough to suffer any form of concussion.)", he mumbled. It was nice to see someone from home, well considering he was born in Korea. Even if he wasn't, by the looks of it, the person before him was Korean by ethnicity if not by nationality. Shaking the remained leftovers of the glitter that was still on him, he grew irritated by it gradually. Still noticing that the male was still staring at him, he grew insecure and was weirded out. "Excuse me sir? Are you sure you're okay? You didn't suffer any concussion right? I'm a doctor for the animals, so I wouldn't know for sure nor enough to actually diagnose."

Christian noticed the other male still staring at him so he decided to pretend to be an ass. "What are you staring at, sir?" He said sarcastically, adjusting the bags on his arms with a smirk. Something about the other male's snark was making him want to be an asshat to everyone. Snark was usually his best feature, except his flirtatiousness. "Of course I didn't break anything, and you're very lucky, cause if I did, my fans would not be happy," Christian said brushing a strand of glittery pink hair out of his face. 

"당신이 날 쳐다보고 있기 때문에 물론, 내가. 당신은 뇌진탕 고통이나 중요한 일을 중단하지 않았다." ("Of course, I didn't. Did you suffer a concussion or break something major, because you're staring at me.") He said in response to the other male's question. Of course, the other male had to be Korean, that's the only way he would've understood what the hell Christian was saying. He grinned evilly when he saw the glitter was bothering the other male, knowing that he could easily spray the glitter he had got for his Christmas tree on the other male's hair just to make him look festive. "I am okay. I don't need an animal doctor to fix me, I'll just come to you when my two cats Jinnie and Kookie need shots." He said and instantly regretted being such an asshat. 

Hanseol was usually a soft-spoken Celestial, hence why he almost always exuded a positive energy and light everywhere he goes, since he was literally a fallen star. However, he's quite a snarky person who relied a lot on his sarcasm and abrasiveness as a form of defense mechanism to protect him as he was too, was actually a fragile person who's filled with plenty of flaws and cons. However, to say he was a bit taken aback if not flustered by the stranger's sudden attitude, the Celestial eventually clicked his tongue in annoyance as he didn't particularly favor the current situation he was in, and the mannerism depicted by the Nephilim did not help it at the slightest. 

Furrowing his eyebrows in confusion, he then placed a scrutinizing look at the pink haired male and questioned whatever his motives were, he wanted no part in. Most of the people he's met has been kind and welcoming so far, so to see someone debunk him so abruptly such as this caused a thorn to grow by his sides. "By the sound of that, someone else would gladly break your bone if that's how most popstars acted." The Celestial who was just as much as an artist who take pleasure in writing his music, preferred to think the best trait of every artist were that of humility. Maybe he's wrong, or maybe he's not. Either way, the fallen star did not like wherever the conversation was going. "I don't think your fans are too happy with the attitude too." He mumbled under breath, barely audible for the other male to actually hear considering his timid nature. 

"실례합니다, 선생님, 전 단지 당신 때문에 기이해서 쳐다보는 겁니다. 당신의 태도 변화는 뇌진탕이 조금이라도 일어났는지를 쉽게 설명할 수 있다. (Excuse me, sir, but I'm just looking at you for a bit. Your change of attitude can easily explain if there is any concussion.)" Again, the male clicked his tongue, a habit he formed whenever he was annoyed or aggravated. Is this what he got in return of helping people? The hostility air was bubbling up in him as he was so close to leave the male out in the open and proceed on whatever he was going to do earlier. "I'll happily give the shots to you too." Once again, his snarkiness got the best of him. 

Christian was instantly regretting being an asshat. He normally was a shy, flirtatious guy, with a sweet personality. But, one of his worst traits was being an arrogant jerk. It really was rare for him to be an ass, but the other male's sarcastic manner was slowly making him angry, and he did not want to be angry. Being an ass had no good result whatsoever, so he just decided to change his attitude back to his normally sweet self. He could tell the other was a Celestial and Celestial's normally didn't radiate that kind of attitude. They were literally stars, so they were bright and cheery, at least he thought that they were. 

He was trying to get his attitude back to normal, and it instantly went back to normal when he saw the Celestial furrow his brows in confusion. Confused people were his weakness because he was a naturally helpful person. "Yah! That's not nice. I'm sorry for being an ass but your sarcastic attitude was making my arrogant side come out." He replied his golden eyes widening a little. He wasn't used to people being mean and it was making him a little bit hurt. He heard something come out of the Celestial's mouth but couldn't really hear what he was saying. 

"아니. 당신이 나를 용서할 수, 나는 그런 엉덩이 것에 대해 미안해?" ("Nope. Look, I'm sorry for being such an ass, can you forgive me?" ) He responded back in Korean and wrinkled his nose like a bunny, to try and get the other male to at least listen to him. Maybe being cute would work. "I already had my shots. But maybe you can do flu shots? Because it is flu season." He said in the effect of trying to be helpful.

Hanseol hated meeting people he thought had it better. Clearly he was mistaken in that area. The Celestial has only been out and about for what now-3 years after his life imprisonment that kept him for 85 years? It was obvious Hanseol was struggling with trying to think of the best everyone had, it was a practice for him to forget all the bitterness that he developed during his captivity. But the male in front of him at the moment, did not give him a good reason to go using it. Maybe it was an act; a facade, but now even if it was, Hanseol still retained his old-school mannerisms, since he spent his time travelling and inspecting how one's manners revolved around. For the most part, the Celestial was usually bubbly and cheerful, but maybe not today. His thoughts of buying the decorations he wished for just diminished altogether.

Quirking his eyebrows up at the male Nephilim, he huffed slightly before finding his own composure; trying his very best to keep every emotion pent up properly so that he would not be a victim to his outburst. The star had enough troubles trying to keep that side dormant ever since he escaped the Isle of Skye, but it hasn't been thoroughly helpful in his progress that much. This stranger was not helping it too. "Sarcasm riles you up, does it? You probably find it hard to get through life, seeing as sarcasm seemed to be a lot of people's language. If a mild sarcasm like that could bring about your temper, maybe you should get it checked. For the sake of your fans and the people around you." He exclaimed, the annoyance puffing out of him as time passes by, clearly indicating that the Celestial was not in the mood to play his usual bubbly self card. That side will only be reserved for fewer of those who deserved them.

"So you do admit you're an ass earlier. That alone should be enough to tell you why I had the need to defend myself in such situation." Hanseol was far from being helpless. He wasn't a user of his negative traits too, most of the time. But some moments asked for those since naturally Hanseol was a fragile person. "만약 내가 당신을 용서한다면, 모든 사람들이 그렇게 쉽게 떠밀지 않을 거라는 걸 명심하세요. (If I forgive you, just be sure to remind yourself that not everyone is so easily pushed around.)" He could feel the age catching up to him when he gave out such advice. "I can only give shots to your canines. I'm an animal doctor, after all." He mumbled and started to walk away, as he disregarded whatever that occurred earlier as his daily mishap. "I'll see you later then, mister."

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