What a long day, this was one of the days the cafe got so many people come in. Ha-joon had the afternoon shift until 8 at night but the way things has been going, they were short staffed. Ha-joon didn't mind working overtime to get the stress out of the situation. It was rare for the cafe to get this many people all day until closing time. Which they opened longer that day. Who thought it was a good idea but beyond that it is a job and gets paid so it's nothing for Ha-joon to complain about.

The city folks has been good to him and understanding of him, there was no saw he was saying no and give back everything to his co workers. As it finally started to calm down around 9 pm it was a whole hour of relaxing and serving until the next hour of closing time. Mistakes were made but it was not that worst as he can simply look back and can say he can do better next time. " We so sorry for getting your order wrong. here is your order. if there is anything else I can do please let me know." Ha-joon said bowing after serving the right order for one of his co workers that was to embarrass so he accept the blow for her.

People always called him to friendly and kind for him own been but what can he do. Kill them with kindness. Someone of his coworkers always thought of the worst that some day he would be to blind to see something coming that will hurt Ha-joon or something completely worst. They could never be so wrong as that fear would be coming that very night. Ha-joon is only a human with the knowledge of the supernatural because of his once alive friend Meagan and soo later his older sister Hana. he was not one to make enemies or to make people dislike him for reasons but sometimes people does not like how there can be some good people also adding for the supernatural who dislikes humans.

"Joon, I will be going home. You are in charge of closing up." His co worker said as he was making coffee for the last customer of the night. Ha-joon nodded and wish her good night as he looked at the time to see it's 10:56. Time went by fast but it felt like forever. " Have a good night. Come again." Ha-joon watched the last person walk out and closed up and start cleaning the last tables, putting up the chairs and clocking out. Wondering if his Nuna got home safely, he didn't get to call her yet to tell her he was working late. He is so sure to get scold. 

Ha-joon got out his phone to text her as he pulled the door to make sure it locks and put the keys in his bag in the safest place he knows. Walking home he took in the landscape of the night sky and the lights from the cars, street lights and also the main sight the city lights. Ha-joon was to busy in his mind he didn't hear foot steps be hide him as he was punched in the back and then hit in the head as he feel to the floor. Everything happened so quickly he didn't know he was being attack. Ha-joon didn't have a chance to look around to see if anyone was around to help him. He thought could this be the end for him or they were people who wanted his money. Ha-joon was trying to force his eye sight knowing another hit will happen or else they had powers.

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A soft yawn escaped the blond’s mouth as he covered them with one hand, his half-lidded gaze threatening to drop them lower if he did not get himself coffee now. The clock’s needle could be heard across the room which struck Dae as weird, since no matter how perceptive the niveis could be, he has never, ever been that focused before. Not when there’s literally a pile of undone documents needed to be skimmed through. Another casual day at work, even though he’s working from home. The cold air in the cabin didn’t dissipate, in fact, it only got colder as each moment passes, no doubt because of Daehyun’s courtesy. Fluttering his eyes closed briefly, he brought one free hand to massage his temples as the elder Stormwind slumped against his seat, an air of exhaustion marring both the niveis’ pale complexion and radiating off his body.

Daehyun had tirelessly worked on his current occupation while juggling with the assignment given out by his chief a while ago, that he has yet to finish too, which came to him as another flaw. The snowy-haired niveis had never missed a deadline before, and even though there wasn’t much of one to be given out, he couldn’t help but feel slightly discouraged by the fact that he had allowed a petty thing like exhaustion jeopardize his consistency and competent self that never shrunk to any challenges before. Adapting to Evermore’s air was becoming increasingly easier for him, finding it convenient to look out for his younger sister when they’re close by, and found a few friends that stayed with him, like Jae, a young dhampir he had the opportunity to befriend a few months ago.

Surprisingly, he hit off pretty well with the latter because of how hard it was to deny the dhampir. Good for him, he had plenty of more company to be around, and perhaps what he needed was a bit of positivity in his dull life. Was he able to forget about a particular valkyr ever since that night though? Nope. Not the slightest. Unfortunately, the blond stayed in his head and there was quite literally, no other way to push him off so Dae eventually gave up after 2 months trying to do so. Running his hand to tread his light locks, he rested one hand on his nape before forcing himself to get up so he could get some work done today. Bad move, because the moment he did that, he tripped and fell face first to the floorboards. Now, the floorboards might be cold, but it didn’t hurt any less.

Daehyun groaned in distress as he lets out a heaved sigh. “You’re Daehyun freaking Stormwind, and you fell because you tripped…” Thank god no one witnessed that historical moment in his life, because no one would let him live that one down. Particularly, his younger sister, Mirae, who’s just as rebellious and devilish like the male, really flaunting their ‘family resemblance’. The only thing distinguishing them was that Mirae is actually a social butterfly who’s pretty much someone you’d love to befriend, beauty with brains, basically. Meanwhile, there’s him, the big brother that broods more than he ever counted in his lifetime, and if glaring to death was a thing, it’d be his superpower. Though he has admittedly, had a fair share of freezing a few things, and people. See, total opposites.

Pushing away the stack of files scattered across the table, he grabbed his jacket and decided to take a walk around Evermore for some fresh air. That always did him some good, just to fly and soar in the skies like there were no worries holding him down. Slightly craning his neck to the side, he rolled his shoulder and allowed the wings to carry his weight like a featherless variable. While he was having the time of his life floating in between the clouds and cold breeze of the night, he decided to get some coffee in his system. Dae didn’t like anything that’s hot so he got himself an iced Americano at a nearby cafe that was almost closing. The elder Stormwind didn’t pay much attention and was just indulging himself in the aromatic scent that sent him flying into cloud nine. He was just lounging outside, near the lamp post, when he saw the cafe closing.

Glancing at his phone, he noticed it’s quite late already. Deciding to take a small walk around the area since it was quiet tonight, he got distracted by the colorful lights from the decoration across the streets. Evermore was a rather mysterious place, and even when there’s plenty of good residing, there were also plenty of bad too. That much Daehyun has gathered about the eternal city throughout his stay. But just as he was about to take his leave, his ears perked up when he heard a groan coming from someone. Weird. Usually, he would not be bothered and leave, but there was a certain protectiveness trait on Dae that seemingly overpowered him from time to time. He hated bullies. Period.

The niveis searched for the source and came to a stop when he saw three hooded figures hovering above another male. “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size.” Admittedly, Daehyun only stood at 5’10” and looked tinier than that most of the time, but it didn’t mean he didn’t carry himself like he was taller. Despite the other three being slightly towering, it would not be wise to evoke his temperament, not when he’s supposed to be enjoying his break now.

Being on the ground trying to get his vision back was a very scary thing for Ha-joon. There was nothing he could do for himself as in protecting, he was vulnerable what can he does other then expect what will come  and hope some point soon someone will be willing to help him.Though someone of his vision as it blurr and somewhat clear he saw three shadows meaning three people attacked him. He is trying to place what are they in a group like them. 

Before things started to happen, he heard the laughing and light conversations he could not kickup. Ha-joon was waiting for the next blow but it didn't Why didn't it happen. His vision and hearing started to get clear as he heard another male spoke up. Ha-joon try everything he could to see who came to help him in clearly he did said pick on someone you own size he knew it was help. Something told him to the who helped him to get more help but he stopped himself. This was not a city just for humans this was a city also for the supernatural the other male could not be a human. With an open mind but with worry he let the other hand it. 

Ha-joon didn't felt the three figures above him as give himself time very slowly to sit up. Seeing the figures go toward the other male Ha-joon didn't know what to do. Despite everything, these guys came after him for a reason and now that someone else came in he could not stand still. Ha-joon had to do something. Being Human never once put him down, he does not need fancy wings or elemental powers to live a happy and protective live. HIs deretamion and passion for others is what keeps him alive. There is no way he is going to let a stranger get hurt Human or not. 

" I agree with him, pick on someone you know you can handle. There must be a reason for you to pick me out of everyone. Why is that?" Ha-joon finally spoke up as you can hear the strain in his voice with the mix of his think korean accent. If this is going to be a fight two verse three is better than one among the other three men. The figures looked at both of the males for someone who took a beating to the head and a kick in the back and is standing up to stand a group is someone who is strong enough to tough it down . Ha-joon had been thought worst things as this attack was nothing from the begining how it would've played out if help didn't come sooner while that is something he is gladly not going to know. 

Daehyun stared at the three male figured hovering over another male that was already on the ground, which really caused him to click his tongue in annoyance. He really does hate bullies or anyone that oppresses the other in general, but something about them today riled him up. Perhaps, it’s mixed with the frustration and aggravation pent up inside him that he endured for months-long waiting to be released, and now here it was, finally a small part of it could taste the cold breeze of the night’s air after a while. They really are in for a ride, aren’t they?

Daehyun doesn’t usually care, but when he does, it’s more likely to see them coming out hurt. Not one has escaped him unscathed and today, there wasn’t going to be any exceptions either. The moment the three of them turned around to face the snowy-haired niveis, he knew instantly that they would underestimate him. He wasn’t that tall, and there was no doubt in his mind that the three were buff and built, as well as standing over 6 foot tall each, reminds him a lot of those cliche movies’ jocks. The way they had belittled him right in front of him, the audacity, really did give him more reasons to actually beat them to a pulp because he’s probably going to have fun doing that, per usual. Not that they didn’t deserve it, in the first place. It’s justified, right?

Searching for a place to put his coffee at for standby, because he really came out for his beloved Iced Americano and he’s going to finish it, one way or another, tonight, or god help him whoever disrupt that. However, that didn’t last long when one of the three knocked the beverage out of his hand while pushing him with his forefinger straight to his chest. Bad for him, and them. Staring at the spilled mess of his favored beverage that now laid waste on the stone pavement, he massaged his temples and let out a heaved sigh. “You just had to pick the coffee… not cool man. It’s a man’s savior and you did that.”

Hearing the small statement coming from the victim who’s now on his feet, he arched an eyebrow his way. Impressed, that’s what he is now. Respect for that guy. But now, where was he. Ah right, the whole justified reason to shove that asshole’s head into the dumpster just across them. “But since I’m a considerate and generous guy, I’m gonna give you one chance to run and never come back. Because I’m nice like that.” Lies. He was never going to let them go after what one of them just did to his coffee. But playing into their conscience, if they had one, is amusing sometimes. So why not get some amusement out of this?

It took him a while to looked at the other but watched the others on the side. The male is something he never meet or seen before. Not around the area he guessed but it brought him to wonder what's his story and what got him o come out this way. Ha-joon studied the other something about the male caught his attention what was is Ha-joon would not know never is the question. He knew it would right to leave but his body stood still telling him. He could not just walk away knowing he was just attacked by someone or something they other figures used. he had the right to know and maybe report the issue to the police. Ha-joon has not done nothing wrong to be a target so why.

Ha-joon knew he was taller then the other but he was not tall enough for the other figures. Ha-joon saw the drink the other had in his hand on the ground. Plastic cup told him it was something from nearby like from a coffee shop. What did these guys want but one thing he knew he can do after everything, replace the drink he once had. It was the least he could do. He heard the other speak up, Ha-joon never expect the tone of the male's voice there was something about it that would send a shiver down anyone's spine. It could be the wind or when the other spoke. He got the impression not to mess with the other. Not like he would want to anyways, he was no fighter. Ha-joon didn't speak up but just watched. None of the figures moved but looking at each other and laugh like it was a joke to them.

Ha-joon didn't expect to have an eventful overworked shift. "Everything is a joke is it? You think it's funny to attack someone who does not know what thy did to you. I don't find it funny what you did to me or his drink. Why kind of people are you the way I see it people like you don't have anything right going on with your life and your bored." Ha-joon didn't know what he was saying it just came out. Was it something he will regret or will it make things better. By looking at things he might have made everything worst. He didn't want the other male to get hurt no matter how he was feeling or how beat up he was. He looked after others more then he does for himself. It's his weakness but he can't see himself being someone he was not.

Ha-joon could felt scared but oddly he didn't. This is only the beginning what will come to either of them will be either their weakness or their strength. Ha-joon knew his answer it was because his is weak, a normal human with no ability's. He hoped the other was not human or they will both be sorry but even if they were not human why would they help someone like him. Life patterns are weird and some things you just have to expect it since it will never be redone. He saw one of the figures turned to look at him as he was ready for anything knowing words will not help him this time around.

Usually, Daehyun would mind his own business and be on his merry way because let’s be real, there was no reason or way for the guy to insert himself in awkward situations like that. Contrary to other people’s belief, Dae wasn’t cold to the core, okay, maybe he is. But it doesn’t mean the snowy-haired niveis didn’t have a compassionate heart reserved for those who deserve it, or for those people who didn’t deserve the mistreatment the world is hitting them with. Today, however, late at night, the people trifled with the wrong person. There are already a few reasons laid out in front of him to why Daehyun Stormwind is going to pummel their heads so far up their backs until they could recall this bitter and painful experience for being jerks.

One, he hates bullies above everyone else. Two, they messed with a helpless soul for no goddamn reason for all he knows. Three, they cost him his coffee, especially when he needed them so desperately to get through the night. That’s three reasons enough to give him the justification he needed to dump them in the nearby dumpster at the corner of the lone dark alley they were in. The light from the lamp post dimmed slightly, as he clicked his tongue in annoyance. Right now, Dae is as pissed and bitter as his coffee earlier, he didn’t even get to take one sip yet. It didn’t take long for the three brutes to start laughing like he was a joke, oh but the only joke they’re going to receive tonight is themselves because almost everyone knew never to disturb Daehyun when he’s eating, drinking, working, and most importantly, sleeping.

He’s not past the point of freezing someone up just because they accidentally disturbed his past free time. That’s nowhere near receiving mean frostbite, though. At first, the niveis eyed the victim earlier to see if he was going to call for reinforcements or help, namely the police force or something but is secretly hoping he wouldn’t do that since that would mean Dae wouldn’t be able to have his fun with the jackasses. But thankfully, it didn’t seem like he was going anywhere near fishing out his phone, but he did contemplate what the male was doing when he started speaking out.

Okay, what he did earlier was cute, but even the pale-haired male knew when to step down or back out when he knows the situation won’t favor him. Unfortunately, he’s going to have to drag this one back if they don’t want a full-on brawl that would involve the human. “Alright, munchkin, why don’t you slow down on there, they’re jocks, they rely solely on their brute strengths but doesn’t use much of what’s up there,” he said, pointing towards his temple, indicating the three had no use of their heads. “Not that I’m sure they even have one, but it’s okay, nobody’s perfect.” Though his statement had made things went up the roof on being worse. Oh well, a little prep doesn’t hurt, right? His last sentence had successfully made one of them launch himself on him, to which he evaded with ease as the other hit shoulder first against the lamp post that was initially behind him.

“Idiot” he shook his head and flickered his eyes towards the other two, showing how visibly upset he is regarding his coffee. Thankfully, due to his nimble and slender body alongside his years of training worth with the mindset of a soldier, Daehyun was able to incapacitate the three easily in combat wise. Especially when what he does is just dodge and evade their hits, manipulating them to hit one another instead. He’s never one to rely on physical strength unless needed, anyway. Once he finished tripping the third male that hit his face first on the pavement, Dae scrunched his nose up and made a face. “That’s gotta hurt…,” crouching down to meet his eye level, he squinted them slightly and offered a rather cold gaze that would leave shivers running down their backs, literally. It was as if the temperature around them just dropped. “Now, I really don’t like violence. Well, that’s a lie, but not tonight. Why don’t you just, you know, go on your merry way, and leave us alone, hm?” When the latter tried to headbutt him, the elder Stormwind backed away just in time, and was extremely displeased.

Ha-Joon knew overstepped and will pay for it later. Calling the police was something he grew up with to gain protection. At this moment it didn't work. He didn't know about the other it told him these fingers were not Humans at all. They were supernatural.  Ha-Joon looked at the white hair Male with a questionable face when he was called Muchkin. Ha-Joon kept his mouth shut knowing he had no special powers or have supernatural in his DNA.  He looked at the other male as he can agree with him. Something about what he said made one of the figures pissed off as he watched the other went after the white hair male. 

Ha-Joon wanted to speak up like Watch out or get out of the way. Ha-Joon couldn't move a muscle, he just stood there and watched. He couldn't believe his eyes seeing the other in action, perfect pace along with his dodges. Ha-Joon saw the other two in fear like they knew not to mess with the other now they saw what happened to their third person went down without a fight. The second man quickly said yes on leaving as the first Male looked at Ha-Joon with a look that could kill.  “Next time Human you will be dead like how your species is supposed to be.” Ha-Joon looked at the Male as he didn't say anything more. So that's why they attacked, their hate for Humans? Watching them leave the movement in his legs came back from how numb they were and walk to the cup of good coffee on the ground to smell. Iced Americano.  “What a waste.” He said as Ha-Joon looked at the white Male with a sad like a smile.

“Let me make you another coffee for a thank you. It's on me.” He didn't know how he could be cafe free right now. What happened to him will change his view on walking alone at this hour again. Ha-Joon looked up the street to see he was not that far away from the cafe. Getting his back from the ground to pull out the keys to the shop, walking up to the silver door and turning the key opening the door letting the cafe feel the air once again. " What do you like on your Iced Americano? Am sorry you had to be part of that. It shouldn't have happened." He got his apron from his bag and put it on getting everything ready to make the other's coffee.   

"My name is Ha-Joon. What's yours?" He asked as he put a white mug and a plastic cup on for the other to choose what he wanted. Ha-Joon was shocked to himself that he is still bright regardless, Ha-Joon looked at the brighter side both of them didn't get hurt. "It's sad, that some can't expect people by who they are. I knew this day would come but today was a waste." Ha-Joon spoke out loud. He looked at the other and smiled. "I hope they learned there listen tonight," Ha-Joon said in a calm tone to his voice.

Growing up in a rather conservative community, Daehyun knew exactly how to keep his mouth clamped and his hands tied whenever anything is going on, especially if it doesn't concern him. This doesn't concern him, he could've been on his way and perhaps, he'd still have his coffee with him if he did that. But no, instead of turning away and do what he does best, which is not caring, he was heavily triggered when he saw bullies. No doubt the targeted victim is a human, and he's defenseless because it doesn't seem like he was anywhere near the verge of fighting back, though he was sure that's because he was severely outnumbered too. The only thing that piqued his interest was how outstandingly the human posed himself to his attackers, instead of cowering down like any helpless coward, he's up on his two feet and was already ready to risk it all because he would not tolerate injustice.

The elder Stormwind saluted him for that, Ha-Joon gained his respect slightly for doing that alone. Though he was aggravated when the other male ran his mouth a little too much, which antagonized one of them, prompting them to attack. Luckily for Daehyun, these measly thugs weren't his match, 4 against 1 is still okay when he knows he could still get away unscathed in less than a few minutes, give or take. Or if he wanted to have fun, it could go on for a little while longer. It's all really up to the snowy-haired niveis. He didn't need to even use his abilities to get these people to humble themselves and send them back to where they belong. Perhaps, a little dent to the pride wouldn't hurt either. It's more than what they did to his poor coffee. And completely true to his word, Dae made sure there wasn't even a fight to go about because then, they were already running off their tails, leaving them both to deal with whatever situation this is.

It shouldn't be surprising to find humans hating supernaturals for what they've done to their kind over the years, but it's also not a double standard thing to see them hating humans at their stead too. It's a twisted world, after all. Nothing is justified anymore. “Don't worry about them… don't let their words get to you. They're just a bunch of lowlife thugs who thought they could scare you into hiding. Just because they're supernatural, doesn't give them a right to shove you into inferiority complex. We're all equal here” he reassured, his tone was light, surprisingly so, seeing as Dae doesn't really assure people that well. He doesn't do that. But the times that he did do that, he's pretty amazing at it. Following the words about his poor beverage that is spilled on the pavement, the pale-haired male pressed his lips into a thin line before sighing heavily. “Mhmm… I was supposed to get myself coffee before everything closed and now, they've done it. Stupid thugs…” he grumbled, clearly dissatisfied with the flow of events earlier.

He's basically grumpier without his daily coffee and it doesn't help that he just got out of his pile of work that still has yet to be done. So when Ha-Joon offered to make him a new one, the niveis lit up momentarily and arched an inquisitive eyebrow towards the human. “You're a barista?” he asked softly, following him into the cafe that wasn't far from where they were earlier, crossing his arms as he leaned against the counter. He's been here, once or twice, but Dae being Dae, wouldn't notice anyone else when he's neck deep buried in his work. “I usually take double shots of Espresso in them so that's fine as well.” Contrary to his intimidating feline-like appearance, his voice is smooth. Deep and husky, but had a smooth nuance to it.

“Don't worry about it. It's not the first time I got involved in things like… that.” Admittedly, he's been involved in worse during his missions. He chose the plastic cup by pushing it slowly towards the male and introduced himself as a form of respect. “I'm Daehyun,” Shrugging casually to his words, Dae didn't find anything weird about it, it's like racism, but more to specism. It's been going on for centuries. “It's sad. But it's becoming a norm, unfortunately. Nothing is weird to see species hating each other anymore.”

As a Human, Ha-Joon knew he was weak compared to others. Things didn't help when his whole family kept the supernatural away from him. How does it even help him understand the world around him? When the day his old friend Megan told him the truth and the supernatural, he saw the world differently. Ha-Joon felt betrayed. He is more opened minded about people and their bloodlines. All Ha-Joon has to do is just being friendly and hope they don't judge him like he to others. Of course, he wants to live in a peaceful world. There will always be bad apples who can't handle the truth. Some bad apples just happened to want to bring out their emotions to the surface.

Ha-Joon always told himself to take classes on protecting. Sadly in his world, he didn't have time. Taking care of his older sister, Hana, while she is in school take up more of his time more than anything. Ha-Joon does not mind it since it's family and since she has an illness, he doesn't want Hana to overwork herself. One thing he learned about people if they can bring all their emotions to the surface they have no reason to bring the same up again. If the group of three felt better, they won't be back. If they do come back, it's just them being bored and wasting their free time away. In a way, it was just plain sad. Ha-Joon knew the bigger person is always the one on top and he didn't plan to fight with anyone.

When the white hair male asked if he is a barista, Ha-Joon nodded with a smiled along with understanding his order and starts to make his coffee along with making his Iced Coffee. When the other spoke about it's not his first-time Ha-Joon could not help but feel he is a burden to someone he didn't even know.   Ha-Joon could tell the other was one of the supernatural species with no knowledge of which one. Ha-Joon is not going to ask either,  it wasn't his business to know, "Alright, Ice Americano with two Espressos," Ha-Joon called out the other's order. He had no reason for it a habit. Ha-Joon is just happy he could replace the drink so the white hair male can drink his coffee finally. Ha-Joon started to make his iced coffee as the other told him their name. Daehyung, what a cool name. "Yeah, I couldn't agree more. I knew this would happen, I didn't think it would be this fast though," Ha-Joon said laughing. "What you said earlier about them. Am sorry if I made things worst for you. I know not all supernatural is like that, am sure there is a bunch who does not mind Humans," Ha-Joon said as he finished his coffee and put it in a plastic to-go cup.

Ha-Joon took a sip of his coffee lending on the counter, "We can stay in here. I can handle everything in the morning." Ha-Joon smiled as he looked at his phone to see a messaged from his sister wondering where he is at and if he's alright. He quickly messages her back as he looked at the other. "Am sure I cause you problems so if you want I can leave you to drink your coffee in peace," Ha-Joon said, he didn't want to be a headache for the other if they don't want him around.

Despite not preferring to engage in any fights unless needed, which is saying a lot for Daehyun, who’s almost always impulsive enough to dive into such a situation whenever the circumstance presses. He’s not a self-righteous person, far from it actually, but he’s noble enough to know when to act, like for this instance. It was the very reason why he even helped the poor human who would never survive against 4 therians who didn’t even have to be supernatural to defeat anyone, not with that kind of brute strength level. They were built physically, though he couldn’t say the same regarding their head. Much like what he thought of them, they went straight into physical strength rather than using their heads to think about the situation before them.

Unlike Ha-Joon, Daehyun was far from being helpless with no other plans to back him up in case his usual one fails. And unlike most, the pale-haired male is not one to tolerate such misbehavior so outrightly. It just wasn’t in his nature to do so. It was a shame for them to pose such a bad example to the rest of the population in the city that was not supernatural in the slightest. He wondered if the human had any exposure to these kinds of occurrences before Evermore since it doesn’t seem like he’s a local. But Ha-Joon seems to take care of himself just fine, he wasn’t that shaken from the incident earlier which made Dae assume that the other male has supernatural knowledge, and his assumption was affirmed after he talked about the distant clashing between the two worlds. He wasn’t wrong either.

Supernaturals and humans alike have been at war with one another since the dawn of time, and sadly the streak seemed to continue until today’s generation. It’s a part of history that neither one of them could change easily. But with enough conviction and effort, perhaps they’ll be able to shape the world in a much better place than what their ancestors left it with. Daehyun knew he’s one of those who would love to see the world from a new perspective, not the one that he’s overly used to. During the past 40 years where he flew for recon missions to search for information and scout new niveis that didn’t have a clue about their newly deviant species, he’s stumbled across many people that didn’t fit into their shoes too. More enemies than friends, basically. Not that it ever bothered him, but who doesn’t want to sleep peacefully at night while also knowing no one else is going to stab you in your sleep?

Everyone thought Evermore is the place, obviously. It’s been slightly peaceful for a while now, and perhaps it would continue to do so in the long run, not that Dae had any hopes for it. But if it could serve as a safe haven that they all wished to have, why not, right? A place where both worlds could co-exist. “That’s the thing with living though, you always have to keep an eye out. You never know who’s going to strike you down and who’s going to stab you in the back as soon as you avert your gaze away. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer too. Always be wary of your surrounding, it’s a cruel world, you can only survive in it if you preserve yourself” he mumbled coolly, he could relate to it. Even in his state right now, he’s still searching for his purpose. It meant he kept his eyes open, perceptive enough to carry his whole self without amiss.

“I don’t mind humans,” he interjected. Dae really didn’t mind anyone or anything, honestly. He’s open-minded and that meant he is open to everything. “Sokay, I was just walking around to get my coffee, though admittedly, I was about to go back home after that. Luckily I didn’t have any pressing matters back home that requires my utmost attention, so you’re fine” he assured. Perhaps, tonight was slightly more interesting than his usual nights. Muttering a small thanks towards him, he took a sip of his coffee and a smile eventually adorn itself on his lips. Finally. “I think I’ll stay around for a little while, one, I’m too tired to bother myself on walking...or flying, whichever works” he shrugged and placed both hands on the table. “Are you new here?”

Ha-Joon didn't know happened in his past life to live in a life like how they are living at the moment. Ha-Joon didn't know much about what all species were and what to watch out. Guess that is the hardship you have to face when your whole family wanted to hide the very truth away from him for many years. It's very unfair to him. How was Ha-Joon supposed to live a good life without knowing the most important thing a single person is supposed to know. He wanted to know why they choose not to tell him. Was it that bed for him to know? It hurt him that almost his own life Ha-Joon was in the dark. 

Now living away from his family other than his older sister, Ha-Joon wants to learn more about the truth on his own with no one helping him but the species themselves. He did have a limit to learning about them, not ask unless they mention it.  He felt relaxed with the other with him. Ha-Joon knew he has to be on guard no matter what. Any time, place something could happen as Ha-Joon takes what Daehyung said as a mental note. When the white hair male said he didn't mind humans, Ha-Joon is shocked, looks like the other he is speaking to is supernatural. He should've seen this coming. It did prove his point. 

"That's comforting to hear you say that. By you saying that makes me think you are part of the supernatural? I won't tell I promise. I know the supernatural is cautious on who knows. Am not that type of person. You don't have to answer either it's none of my business to know anyway." Ha-Joon said looking at his drink. He listened to Daehyung as Ha-Joon nodded happily to know he didn't get in the way of anything. He did watch the other take a sip to make sure he got his coffee tight, the moment he said the smile told him what  Ha-Joon needed to know.  Ha-Joon didn't mind the other being around, waiting to get to know Daehyung would be inserting. One thing that stood out for Ha-Joon was how laid back Daehyung is being. Looks like someone who does not care but mess with him will make you regret everything. 

Ha-Joon understands what Daehyung said about being tired the other part answered his question. Flying? Ha-Joon looked at Daehyung more to try to guess without asking. He could be either an angel or another species he never heard of. Maybe a pheniox? Ha-Joon discarded that thinking he went too far really didn't know how close he really is. When Daehyung asked him if he was new, Ha-Joon got out of his mind. "Oh, yeah. Will, in short, it's been a few weeks of me living in the city. Long story I've been here for four years in America from South Korea. I still have my accent I know, it oddly still strong. Am sure it will get toned down whenever that will be." He-Joon smiled then laughed. When his phone went off with a text message. his dark brown hues looked as he laughed. " There she goes again. Don't you love to have a sister in your life that cares so much about you?" Ha-Joon said with a smile as he put it on vibrate. Looks like he will be scolded when he goes to their apartment. 


Daehyun didn't have anything against anyone or anything if it was nothing personal with him. The snowy-haired Niveis is both hard to offend and easy for tick, which evidently makes him to be quite unpredictable in plenty of ways. One minute, he's all calm and collected, poised in his own serene demeanor and stature that often tricked people into thinking that he doesn't mind anything that happens when in reality he does take not two every word they utter. The other, however, Dae was easy to tick off, you can do the bare minimum such as bumping against his shoulder accidentally and he would still click his tongue in annoyance, huffing in distress while complaining. Yes, he is that bipolar sometimes. It was no wonder that not one person knew how to read the elder Stormwind, where not even his younger sister could dig out, much less everyone else in his life.

When he revealed himself to be something other than human, Dae cursed internally for outing his own self. Normally, he wasn't that reckless or careless while maintaining his identity and keeping people in the dark, it was what he was good at, after all. Was it nervousness? No, that's not it. Dae didn't feel the slightest flighty around the other male, if anything it's the direct opposite of being aloof. Comfort, perhaps? He wasn't sure. But then again, he had probably given Ha-joon an indication that he wasn't really 'human' in plenty of outlooks. His skin was pale, contrasting even the dullest moonlight shone from the waning gibbous of the night. If you touched him, even the slightest brush against his own, it's icy cold, much like you were just touching ice. Sometimes you could even catch a brief glimpse of his dark hues glowing bright blue while he was using his abilities. Even under the breezy night, Daehyun had pretty much give off the vibe that he was more than what he appears to be.

"Yeah, I kinda forgot the code of not telling others your identity" he mumbled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly as he cleared his throat a few times and settled in his seat comfortably. Ha-joon said he wouldn't tell, Dae is just gonna have to trust him on that. It was a slip up. "I will hold you to your words, alright? I really don't want to have to come after you and kill you in your sleep because you decided to open that mouth of yours" he whispered coolly, until getting a brief glance of the somewhat alarmed look on his face which caused the Niveis to break into fits of laughter. "Kidding." Well, he actually may do that had the circumstances call for it, but not on this guy, he's an innocent. Leaning against his seat in comfort, he clasped his hands around the cup softly as he traced a finger around the rim of it absentmindedly. He didn't expect to meet anyone tonight, and honestly, he wasn't sure if this was a good occurrence. Daehyun was notoriously known for his distant and cold detached self, and it's easy enough to say that his reputation does precede him, in so many ways. So far Ha-Joon has proven himself to be a decent company, he wasn't annoyed with him yet, that's saying a lot since he's a typical grumpy cat who gets grumpy over almost everything.

Now that he's mentioned it, Dae did not a slight dialect and accent lacing his words. Huh, he didn't notice it before. "How are you liking America? And Evermore?" It was a decent attempt at trying to converse with the latter, mainly because he didn't want to leave an awkward lasting impression on first time basis. Contrary to many beliefs, Dae actually cares enough. He just doesn't show them. "Where are you from? In Korea?" Pardon him for wanting to know more about this guy, it's not every day he meets someone who exudes simplicity around themselves and that interests him. "Your pronunciation is fine, nobody would ask you to get rid of your accent, you know. You're a foreigner, after all. No one should have to conform to such confinements" he frowned momentarily, clearly not finding the logical explanation behind all of that.

He's not particularly a rule breaker but he doesn't always follow files 24/7 either, but even he knows when to bend and retract them when the situation calls for it. His dark hues fell on his phone vibrating and ringing, as he chuckled softly in response to his remark earlier. "Don't you know it, they're lovable… but sometimes they're always nagging even when there's really nothing to nag about" don't get him wrong, he loves Mirae, but god sometimes even he needed to fly away from her even if she's one of the people who is very considerate.

Going through school in Korea, he could be known to be someone who never stops talking. It could be annoying for people to always hear his voice or what he has to say. He knew not a lot of people took him seriously in serious situations but really if he how to interact with people with things being hidden from him maybe Ha-Joon would’ve been different. Him meeting his first supernatural or so he thinks Ha-Joon might find himself get better at situations like tonight. He does not blame others but his own unless it is proven otherwise. Even if it does not fault and it looks really bad they don’t deserve,  he would take the punishment for the other person with no questions asked. You can say Ha-Joon is just someone who can trust not to be two-sided in his personality, he is known to be very forward with it who do not want to sugar coat anything. It would be him lying to the world and to himself.

It looks like Ha-Joon caught something he was not supposed to hear adding to it he was too straightforward about it as well. “You don’t need to tell me honestly.” He said with a smile knowing deep down he cringed when said that knowing keeping things is how sees his family in a different way today. “I mean what I saw you did earlier was very impressive unlike me.” He said with laughing nervously. He might have to shut himself up right now before he made things worse. Ha-Joon might be a little hard on himself as a human there is only so little he could do and with the other, he can protect himself due to his powers the wise thing to do is to let the other handle it other than the human causing more problems. Now Ha-Joon is looking at the situation he could not help but look at himself in a hard way. What a way to be introduced to a new person.

When the white hair male spoke up he got out of his mind into the world hearing the words kill him, Ha-Joon looked at him like you know I was about to get killed earlier too soon man. “Honestly, it’s your identity and who you are it’s not in my place to tell people. You can trust me with your supernatural identity. Must be hard to find people you can truly trust then?” Ha-Joon said as he asked the question for himself. He didn’t mind the other’s company, ever since he left Korea Ha-Joon doesn't have many people he could talk to other than his sister but that can only go so far. Ha-Joon rarely talked to people which does not sound right when you see him out with many people. He brings the mood bright when he enters a room with many wondering if he ever has a bad day. Meeting Daehyun it’s was different he was not that bright more like trying to process things and somewhat nervous. If the other see him later on tomorrow or another time he would see a better side to Ha-Joon for right now he does not know if he can be positive and bright at the moment.

Ha-Joon got to cleaning the counter when the other asked him about America and the city. “Will, it’s different of course. Not like back home, I don’t have many people to talk or let alone friends. Am sure that will change soon when I meet more people and all. It might sound strange coming from someone with the talks of being good with his words and being a people person.” He said with a light chuckle. He put the small towel out so it can air dry. “Not like meeting new people would hurt after all we meet in a situation that not a lot would meet. Guess that makes us different in the meet part. Something tells me, you don’t get out much let alone meeting people. Not judging if you think I am. I don’t know how to properly talk with someone one on one in a long time. I am going to be really honest with you” Ha-Joon said with a slight smile.

When the other asked Korea Ha-Joon nodded, did the other male also come from Korea? Not many would guess that correctly other than saying it himself. “Daegu to be in fact. Are you from Korea as well?” Ha-Joon wondered if the other is why did he never seem him around before until now. Moved away maybe? “Thank you. To be honest, ever since coming to America, I feel insecure about my accent. I always worry for people to understand me a lot. It’s comforting to hear someone say that really. It might not mean much but really it makes me comfortable.” Ha-Joon got what the other is saying as he nodded. “ I got what you mean. Am sorry if I sound like am talking down about myself. I use to not be this way until events happened with the family that makes me look at myself and where I came from. Not from Korea but my family home.” He didn’t want to get into details if the other didn’t want to know so he just summarized it.

Ha-Joon for the first time out of their whole meet laugh genuinely. “You said it so perfectly. I can’t say much since my sister is older than me by a few years. She is very something I can tell you that much. Knowing am 25 and yet she still treats me like a child. She drives me crazy more than sometimes sadly. What about your sister?” Ha-Joon asked didn’t see a sister coming from him, the beauty learning someone new.


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