What a long day, this was one of the days the cafe got so many people come in. Ha-joon had the afternoon shift until 8 at night but the way things has been going, they were short staffed. Ha-joon didn't mind working overtime to get the stress out of the situation. It was rare for the cafe to get this many people all day until closing time. Which they opened longer that day. Who thought it was a good idea but beyond that it is a job and gets paid so it's nothing for Ha-joon to complain about.

The city folks has been good to him and understanding of him, there was no saw he was saying no and give back everything to his co workers. As it finally started to calm down around 9 pm it was a whole hour of relaxing and serving until the next hour of closing time. Mistakes were made but it was not that worst as he can simply look back and can say he can do better next time. " We so sorry for getting your order wrong. here is your order. if there is anything else I can do please let me know." Ha-joon said bowing after serving the right order for one of his co workers that was to embarrass so he accept the blow for her.

People always called him to friendly and kind for him own been but what can he do. Kill them with kindness. Someone of his coworkers always thought of the worst that some day he would be to blind to see something coming that will hurt Ha-joon or something completely worst. They could never be so wrong as that fear would be coming that very night. Ha-joon is only a human with the knowledge of the supernatural because of his once alive friend Meagan and soo later his older sister Hana. he was not one to make enemies or to make people dislike him for reasons but sometimes people does not like how there can be some good people also adding for the supernatural who dislikes humans.

"Joon, I will be going home. You are in charge of closing up." His co worker said as he was making coffee for the last customer of the night. Ha-joon nodded and wish her good night as he looked at the time to see it's 10:56. Time went by fast but it felt like forever. " Have a good night. Come again." Ha-joon watched the last person walk out and closed up and start cleaning the last tables, putting up the chairs and clocking out. Wondering if his Nuna got home safely, he didn't get to call her yet to tell her he was working late. He is so sure to get scold. 

Ha-joon got out his phone to text her as he pulled the door to make sure it locks and put the keys in his bag in the safest place he knows. Walking home he took in the landscape of the night sky and the lights from the cars, street lights and also the main sight the city lights. Ha-joon was to busy in his mind he didn't hear foot steps be hide him as he was punched in the back and then hit in the head as he feel to the floor. Everything happened so quickly he didn't know he was being attack. Ha-joon didn't have a chance to look around to see if anyone was around to help him. He thought could this be the end for him or they were people who wanted his money. Ha-joon was trying to force his eye sight knowing another hit will happen or else they had powers.

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Staring at the clock that was hung across the room, his gaze was unwavering as he too, was persistent in making it clear that he wasn't about to lose a battle with yet another useless variable. That's exactly his problem at hand, at the moment. Daehyun, as usual, had once again let the cool take over his head as his snark became much more everlasting than the previous mess, where he and one of the ‘prominent’ members of the tribe, did not go so well with each other. It wasn't that he didn't like the guy. Well, yes. He didn't actually like or prefer the lad, but that wasn't the point there. Yesterday, the older Niveis had no problem in making his point through with Caspian. It wasn't the first time he had a banter with the latter, but yesterday had particularly made his blood boil, cryptically.

 The male Stormwind preferred to keep his affairs in a rather impervious manner and subtlety. The title 'Evermore factions' was etched on the blind cover with a small note at the side saying 'proceed with caution'. It was supposed to be a lighthearted gesture, that clearly didn't send his way. It wasn't that the Niveis wasn't jolly at all, he smiles. Occasionally. But he does. He only preferred this type of attitude because he's naturally untrusting. After meeting his sister after so long, he felt a flicker of hope starting its engines again. The spot that had been frozen for some time was back on its feet to work the gears. He only pressed a small smile as to not make himself out to be too hostile, not to get him anywhere wrong to the human male, “There wasn’t anything else you could’ve done, you know…” he trailed off softly, his husky voice had enabled him to sound deeper than usual but that’s usually how people hear and view him anyway; cold and distant.

 “Being a human is not useless, Ha-Joon… I probably shouldn’t say this but I would trade a lot to be a human. Then I wouldn’t have to deal with the messy stuff in my head and what’s happening regularly every day, it gets exhausting to be a supernatural you know… even if we lead a normal life, as normal as normal goes anyway.” Not everyone is physically formidable for everyone, he knew that. He wasn’t that tall nor strong in any sense if they were to measure normally, he only received an extra pointer in being agile and fast because of his training when he served as a soldier during Coldren’s rule. Even then, he really wasn’t the strongest either. Take one guard down from the Niveis and he would be out faster than any light. “You don’t have to be physically challenging you know...you seem like you could outwit your opponents easily if you put your mind to it” he murmured, giving compliments had never been easy for him. 

Daehyun nodded absentmindedly, it was hard to find someone decent to actually divulge regarding his supernatural identity and status, though from the looks of it, Ha-Joon didn’t seem like he oozes trouble. “Don’t worry, I can read people occasionally when they let their guard down, aka you, right now. I know who to trust and who to not. One helpful tip,” he leaned closer and lowered his voice to an octave, “don’t let your guard down, man. Ever. It’s your weapon and you should know or at least learn how to wield it.” Dae wasn’t cold-hearted, not in a rhetorical sense anyway, he didn’t want to see the human get in trouble again. “You should know when and how to pick your opponent, Ha-Joon. Sometimes, it’s better to just run when you can. It’s not cowardice that way, it means you’re trying to survive and that’s all we can do in this cruel cruel world…” Dae always had a hard time looking away before, he may not look like he cares, but he actually does. A lot. Especially when it’s someone that could use help over time, here and there. 

When he said he didn’t have any friends or family to talk to ever since moving here in America, the elder Stormwind pursed his lips slightly and blinked a few times momentarily, it struck him, though he tried his best not to show it. “It’s always hard moving to a foreign place, let alone to a foreign country. I know the feeling. You can always make new friends here, no?” Perhaps it was him, the prospect of friends, it wasn’t something Daehyun treats with much thought, mostly due to the fact that he always leaves every once in a while anyway, leaving them while having formed an attachment would hurt the Niveis. He may not say it, but almost everyone can see that he is secretly sentimental, if they open their minds and see him carefully. He couldn’t lie whenever it comes to that, because he never wanted to. He had no reason to lie or hide, so why? “You can always talk to me, the coffee is good so I may drop by every once in a while, I’m as blunt as I come to be, I don’t let anything affect me so even if you mock me, I won’t get angry… though you may earn yourself mean frostbite. Nothing that will kill you, of course, enough to hurt a day or two only, I’m a considerate guy” he shrugged and smirked wryly. 

It was always hard to find him to smile but he would admit that the human male was particularly peculiar. He’s never found someone who could act like that and then be like this. To say he’s a bit mesmerized would be too much, but to say he got his interest piqued? Definitely. As soon as he heard Ha-Joon was from Daegu, Daehyun’s eyes lit up momentarily and a grin spread across his face, lips curving up into a smile, “Daegu huh? Yeah, I was from Korea. Born and bred there, until my teen years at least.” The look of confusion that masked over Ha-Joon’s face didn’t escape his notice, he was wondering why he didn’t come across him. Makes sense. Daegu is big but almost everyone knows everyone, for some weird reason. “You probably haven’t seen me because you’re not supposed to. I haven’t been back in Korea for decades. Unless you’d count those cherry blossoms sighting a ‘return’.” It wasn’t unusual to find someone like Ha-Joon in any of them, especially when they came from a conservative and strict household, it was only casual that way, but it didn’t mean Dae completely accepted the way of things. He didn’t like confinements nor anything that conforms one to only one. 

“It’s really like that huh? With people like us? Well… I guess I grew away from those ways of life a while ago… I can’t even remember the last time I’ve sat down properly and thought about it,” it was a slight indication that Daehyun was older than he looks. Sister talk, something Dae could relate to anyone. “But that’s how older siblings are, you’ll want to protect your younger siblings. It’s just the way it is, my sister is only 2 years younger and she’s a lot older than you, but I would never be able to just let go,” when asked about how Mirae was, he paused briefly and smiled, “She drives me crazy but… she’s my sister. She can cause an earthquake and I’d still love her and chastise her like she’s a 5-year-old. She’s caring, funny… outgoing, the opposite of what her big brother is. If you see both of us side by side, you’d think that she is the day and I’m the night.”

The human can beat himself down more than what a single person can be. He does not like showing his weak side to other than his sister. It does bother Ha-Joon that someone who he just meet to see him in that state but it looked like the other does not be bothered by it at all. The male spoke Ha-Joon nodded knowing he is right. "Am not going to say you are wrong due to your not. I guess it's bothering me meeting someone new from the situation if I'm going, to be honest."  

Another sentence the other said took him back. " You... want to be Human?" he asked very shock but he knew it is a choice if the other. "To be normal gets exhausting too. I guess there is no true balance in fulling a person's life. Looking at the positives in things is what we call can do. We all have a purpose but we call have choices we can make as well. Living a normal life I don't think it's any different then a supernatural's life then again I don't know much of your past to say it's completely true."Ha-Joon can't read minds or to be a know it all. Finding words to fit into the conversation is tricky so choosing words carefully is the best way.

Ha-Joon looked at the other when he heard the compliment, the human smiled as she looked down. " I mean it's something I have to practice on but Thank you." Ha-Joon sighed looked at the time as he took a sip off his Ice coffee. One thing Ha-Joon is not is a backstabber. No matter how many people hurt him he would still protect them. For the other's life that is their secret, not his. "That's helpful. One thing about me, am no kiss and tell the type of guy. Am too loyal so I keep everything in myself. You might read me but I want to say that out loud you can trust me inside and out." Ha-Joon said after his advice about his guard. How does one know how to wield a shield from within? He nodded to make sure to answer the other. What the Nivies said after made the human take a breath of relief, it was like a breath of fresh air. "I will remember that next time but not for a long time from now." Ha-Joon chuckled a little, he really didn't want to get into the trouble once again due to he might not be so lucky. 

Ha-Joon smiled listening to the other male as he nodded. "I don't mind making friends. It might just be me but I love meeting new faces. The beauty meeting new people is hearing their story, some might not want to tell it and that is alright. 
Everyone is special to this world no matter how dangerous or kind they show. Even you Daehyun. You are just as special to people you might show persona that you want people to see you but deep down you can be soft and selfless. Supernatural or not you are cool and I don't see you any different in me standing here." Ha-Joon said with meaning. Ha-Joon smiled more as he took a sip of his coffee. " Thank you, this is only my second job at a coffee shop I should know how to make good coffee. Really I don't need to be in here to make good coffee. If you ever need coffee I don't mind making it anywhere." he said as he spoke up again. "If you want we can be friends? Am rushing you into anything am just laying it out there. I don't mind your company." Ha-Joon did admit the other grew on him after getting away from how they meet. Maybe just maybe it was meant to for them to be like that.

When Ha-Joon heard the other is from Korea as well it made the human a lot better and somewhat not that homesick. He had not met a lot of people from their home country. When the other explained why he never seem him Ha-Joon nodded. "That's understandable. We are meeting now that's all it matters right?" Ha-Joon knew most people who were in Daegu are now in different places, moved to Seoul, Busan, or even him moving to America. People who are there now are new and repeating the same cycle. 

Ha-Joon never thought about the species age until Daehyun started to say how old they are. His old friend who passed away from the comet landing was her house was told him some species can be older then what they look. 'Never ask their ages unless they bring it up or they want you to know.' What she told the human.  Ha-Joon smiled when the others talked about his sister. "Day and night. Sounds like me and my sister but we were close now it's broken if you want to say that. Your sister sound like a beautiful person. I may not know what she looks like but I can get a good guess." Ha-Joon might never get to get what his sister would look like until much later or never. "My sister is a handful. She is independent but she has a weakness to herself an illness what makes me scared to lose her." Ha-Joon cleared his throat knowing he gets shocked up sometimes when he talks about losing his own sister.

Daehyun don't usually held any high hopes regarding any single thing in life. He never expected much neither did he expected any less of any person or anything, Dae is enough with whatever is shown to him. So long as they keep themselves as realistic as possible because that was what mattered to the elder Stormwind. It's fine to show him your weaknesses or strengths because he believes in real, so long as they keep themselves real that's enough for him. That's why he found Ha-Joon to be quite the peculiar case, he's met plenty of humans standing up to themselves as soon as they were pushed down, cockily, unfortunately. But this guy, he's different. Something about him drew him in, in a weird sense of way. He concluded one thing from their random meeting; Ha-Joon is your regular human who strived to crack himself out of his own shell in hopes to find something better for his future. At least, that's the vibe Daehyun got from him. 

"Well, that's something you'll always go through whenever you meet someone new, Ha-Joon. Saying hi or hello to someone alone can spark an interaction between one another. Judgement also doesn't fly away from that." It was a complex thing to think about but it's not realistic to expect everyone to be kind and nice to them at first glance. When he asked him if he really wanted to be a human, Dae found himself shrugging with both hands held up in the thin air, "Why not? Then I don't have to worry as much. Half of my worry pile would disappear. Poof. Just like that" The idea of being mortal didn't sound too bad either. "You're right, you don't know anything about my past, if you do you would understand why I want to be human." Unfortunately, Dae is not close enough with this human to be sharing his past and secrets. He couldn't fathom how being normal would be tiring but perhaps it was because he hasn't experienced what Ha-Joon did. 

He does appreciate his good baristas though, the Americano Ha-Joon brewed for him earlier was a little to no less of perfection. Not the worst for sure. And because the snowy-haired male can be quite picky with what he likes and what he dislikes, it was a compliment. "A lot of people tend to say that, you know…" he pointed out wryly upon hearing the human male's statement about being a very loyal person who wouldn't tell a soul regarding any matter that was shared or divulged to him, "Don't get me wrong, I'm sure you are being truthfully honest there on your part. But if I got a dime for everytime I hear someone say that to me, I'd be filthy rich now" Considering how rarely he interacts with people in general, that was saying something. "Not that I could really fault them for doing that, sometimes things got out. Life goes on, I guess." What an ironic phrase.

 "You don't strike me as a scheming person, though. So you're good" he grinned dryly, a small smirk quirking his lips making it turn slightly upwards mischievously, "For now." It was clear from hearing how this person talks, he had the passion somewhere inside him, for something. Dae could respect that. It meant they do think they have a purpose in their life. That's admirable. "Would you befriend me? If you know I did a few… questionable things?" He was curious to see his reaction to that hence why he even asked him in the first place. A part of him wondered if he was just his usual pessimistic self or he's just being realistic. Perhaps a little bit of both. "Careful though, Ha-Joon… I may not be as soft and selfless as you may think. It could be an act… A facade for all we know" Okay, not true. He can be… soft around certain others. "I don't mind your company either… to be honest, you are a bit of a fluff ball that exudes positivity… god knows how much I need that, in my life or so my sister Mirae, says."

Meeting another Korean born straight from the native land itself did impose a few thoughts to the Niveis, this guy is fine. All Daehyun could see on Ha-Joon is how willful and passionate he is. Surely he's fine to befriend with, right? So Ha-joon's relationship is the same with his and Mirae. Well, what used to be their relationship. Dae would like to think they're better now. "She is beautiful. One of the most beautiful women there is… I may be biased though." Nothing wrong with that either. "You're a good guy, Ha-joon" he placed one hand on his shoulder reassuringly, giving him a small smile, "I'd be lucky to have you as a friend right?"

"When you up to it that way is the sad truth." The Human said a slight smile came upon his lips. "Nothing can be perfected or planned if that does happen then they might be cheating death or expectations." Ha-Joon nodded what he said. It's true he hated the way they meet but if they changed it might not even happen and they will be strangers. Maybe there was a different reason. " When with me being Human I have a worry pile. Then again more a lot of people has a sick sister who does not seem to take a break than her limit comes to the surface." Ha-Joon said now wondering why the other wants to be a Human so much. For him, he does not know-how grateful for being Human without thinking about what could happen in the future. The biggest flaw of his mindset. He respected what the other is talking about maybe one day he would understand but for now, he will be left with many questions than answers. 

Looks like he said a phrase not a lot of people take seriously. "I can tell you do not take that phrase lightly. In time you can see I am being truthful. Not saying am being right but regardless we just meet so am not shocked for you to say that." The human can understand where the other is coming from, people easily betray people if it will benefit themselves. Guess that is why there are so many problems in the world, no respect for others unless they are on the same side.  "The the hatred toward both sides of the species I think it's about time someone stayed in the middle. Not like people would care about others like most would but really no matter who we are we have feelings and we can control our behaviors. it's sad to hear someone being loyal is laid out to easily these days." Ha-Joon spoke his mind with genuine respect for both of them. Like Daehyung said Live goes on and it always does regardless. 

Ha-Joon smiled and chuckled. "You got that right of me. I don't have an evil or selfish bone in my body and that is the truth in plain sight." The human does not like turning his back on people, he would die protecting the people he cares about family, friends even do someone who wants to be in his life. He knew he has one life but what will it be good for if he goes beyond the standards. Ha-Joon never once thought of himself as a Hero but a shoulder to lead on, a helping hand. Ha-Joon was very soft-hearted for man but that is the road of life he chooses to take. "Of course.  We do things that are questions at one point in time. That is what it means to be Supernatural or Human. Am not a judgemental person Daehyun. Everything has a reason even if it's the harsh truth we got to do what we have to do." Ha-Joon is always against killing but sometime he can't be helped. This life is a game of survival play by the rules you are safe rebel once you are going against all odds.  

"If you are acting then it's really believable. Even thought tough guys have soft spots for certain things." Ha-Joon knew it can go both ways but being for sure is him jumping into conclusions. Ha-Joon smiled hearing what the other thinks of him. "Fluffball? That's new. Sounds like your sister really looks out for you." He said with his smile once bright now was a little sad. he would not be this way if his history with his own sister was not as dark and painful. 

The Human stayed as he listening to the other male talking about his sister. Ha-Joon can try to imagine his sister in his mind nodding if he is saying she is beautiful he believes him. "I think we are a brother can be biased when it comes to our sisters. They are the very thing we want to protect against the world. Younger or Older." When the male asked about being lucky to befriend him Ha-Joon only smiled and nodded. "That is up for you. I can be biased to say yes but really it depends if you are comfortable being around me and want to tolerate me." Ha-Joon laughed at what he said.  Ha-Joon is not a trouble maker but too much positive can get annoying to some people.  "Being friends is your choice. I don't mind it at all you are very mysterious and sounds like you can be fun to get to know. Not in a bad way. There is no rush, you can think about it can tell me later." Ha-Joon said knowing rushing something is not what a lot of people like. he does not like pushing people into things they don't want.  

He could see some potentials lying underneath that vessel of his, Ha-joon’s. It wasn’t often for Daehyun to be analyzing every person he met, that would’ve been such a chore and not mention, a bore. He simply did not have the energy nor the will to execute either one. “Well, one can try to evade or prevent themselves from getting into a tricky situation, like the one earlier. You would have escaped the situation, or simply just… leave it by so you can leave with your life intact. Even if your pride would be slightly tarnished” he shrugged absentmindedly and crossed his legs as he leaned against the seat while placing his arms on the surface, “At the end of the day, survival is what’s important, Ha-joon. It’ll do you good to be wary of your surroundings, who you trust and who you mingled with, be very careful of your actions. Sometimes being mindful is not cowardice, it’s just an act of self-preservation.” Maybe he was being incredibly tactless about it but that’s the way Dae had lived his life. 

After Anivia sent the scouts out 40 years ago, that’s the kind of principle he held onto. It was the only thing keeping him sane, basically. This wasn’t the first time he heard of it, Ha-joon saying his sister is sick. “How sick is she? Your sister, I mean. Is it a chronic illness? Treatable?” It was amazing, the way he bombarded him with questions almost made it seem as if he actually cared, okay perhaps he did. But the human didn’t need to know that. They’re still very much strangers, right? “I don’t take many things lightly” he quipped, “It’s better to be careful than to be reckless. I mean if you wanna let loose, then that’s fine, nobody’s about to stop you if you still wish to do that. But be sure to at least be ready with a backup plan somewhere. That’s very important.” It wasn’t surprising to hear that small fragment of advice from Daehyun, especially seeing as he’s been calculating in nature. He does agree that it was upsetting to see the news between species clashing. But that’s the reality of it. 

“I like that Evermore is trying to be that better city and give a good example to others but it’s not as easy, unfortunately. It’s admirable to say the least.” There was no denying that he does respect that mission and vision of theirs. Raising his eyebrows in amusement, a snicker escaped the reins of his mouth, Ha-joon sure was one peculiar case, he was humorous, albeit perhaps a bit naive but hey, he’s good. “Look at you go” he shot playfully, "You're quite humorous and confident, aren't you? Definitely not the kind who would cower down, not sure if that's fortunate or unfortunate, honestly. Some would say you'd be too daring and that could be… trouble" he pressed his lips together into a thin line and sighed, "Keep yourself out of trouble, Ha-joon. Some things may seem like it's worth it but in reality, if it ends up with your head on a pike, then why bother?" Dae respected him for sure, but he would also like for that kind of person to stay alive for more years to come, it would be such a shame to let him go so easily under the grounds where he could prevent. Take it as someone who wanted to look after an innocent. 

Ha-joon is definitely that. "Supernatural… human. They're all the same really. What differentiates us is the primal instinct some of us have. Emotions prove to be the deficit then" he mused lightly, rake it from him, emotions are either your biggest downfall or your greatest weapon. At the moment? Dae wasn't sure which is which for his case. Perhaps, he was currently stuck in the middle. Was it for the better though? Was it better to be neutral or in the middle rather than any other sides of the plane? A small smile adorned his lips as he tried to stifle that gummy smile of his that comes naturally whenever he's giddy or happy, well someone found him nice, that's good. It means he wasn't utterly hopeless there. Maybe he wasn't as cold as he thought he was. "Perhaps you're right, but most tough guys don't say they have soft spots. It doesn't really work well with their" he gestured to his face and scrunched his nose up, "You know." 

The mention of Mirae struck a wider grin on his proud self, "She does. She looks out for me very well. I'm not sure if I really deserve her, to be honest. She's the opposite of me you will never thought we're siblings. Most of the time people actually thought we were lovers." And every time they heard that, the two of them would accompany each other with the same reaction, a frown of confusion then followed by a scrunched up nose as they dismiss the statement. That was something the two of them could relate to; their sisters. They love and care for them very much. It was clear that both Daehyun and Ha-joon would do literally anything for the sake of their siblings. "I think I found a common ground here with you when it comes to our understanding, but you know me, I don't think I'll openly flaunt the title friend around while prancing happily" he jested, a half-hearted chuckle escaped him as he spared the human a reassuring smile, "I would love to be your friend, though." And he means it. Truly. "How long are you going to stay here anyway? Is your stay permanent? Don't you miss home?"

The Human watched the other as he listened, not know life as long at the other Ha-Joon couldn't say much.  Life is full of twists and turns no one can't see the future. There is no true balance in life more like do or die. He is not one to back down but sometimes he does overstep and that will be his fault and whatever comes after a flaw he didn't see. Ha-Joon nodded taking the advice from the other. 

As the question of his sister's sickness came to light Ha-Joon didn't expect the other to ask but it is the thought that counts. "Hana has Respiratory Syncytial Virus or RSV. When she was born, told from our parents, she has been sick ever since she was two years old. Some can grow out of it but some like my sister have to live with it for the rest of her life. it's nothing life-threatening that good but it does affect her lungs so she can't do as much. I've been working to bring money in as she goes to college. I don't mind working to make sure she lives a great life until she marries or moves out. Am always scared one day she will be in the hospital for her not keeping track of her limits. "Ha-Joon held on to his phone. Every hour he does look at his phone to make sure she is alright. Shocked himself to bring everything out at once, It's hard to talk about Hana's Illness out loud sometimes. 

"it's true to always have a backup plan which is always smart. Something I go into things without thinking. Ok maybe sometimes is a lie it's more then I can count.it's not smart I know. it's something I have to break or one day I might not see it. " The Human admitted which shows even people who are so positive needs self-improvements. 

When the other male talks about the efforts of Evermore Ha-Joon nodded. "It's the thought that counts  I guess you can see it that way." The Human listened when the other spoke up once again as she sighed. "You can say I try despite how I feel and my mood. I guess I got that from my sister, not showing our emotional state for the sack of others. it's not healthy which is was I show them on my sleeve it's better out than in. facing problem out in the open sometimes works out but that is my problem that I welcome. " When the other said about keeping out of trouble he chuckled softly with a nodded. "Funny to hear someone tell me the very same time I always tell my sister who does not listen half the time. I for one do try to stay out of trouble it comes to me regardless. That is me not being a coward but me not getting involved with situations." Ha-Joon said stating what he means. ha-Joon would like to have his head on his body than on a pike. 

"It can go both ways, depends on the tough guy. What most wants to forget is what make them weak or they want to keep it away if it's there love ones they want to protect. I can agree it does not work well for them at the end. " Ha-Joon nodded.  Seeing the other smile wider as he talks about his sister looks like they are both the same. "Really? I can imagine how awkward can be lovers." Ha-Joon admits he does wonder if he will eve meet his sister and to really see how different they are in real-time. He can agree that is something they both have in common. 

As he pulled the cap to put on some chapstick a smile came on to his face as he put the cap back on putting it in his apron's front pocket. When the human heard the other would like to be friends made Ha-Joon very happy to finally made a friend one that he will never forget how they meet. "As far as I know it's permanent?" he said. " Am not that sure since my sister does not let me talk to other parents. Hana had this thing to treat me like a child whenever I ask. All I know when we were at the airport our mother went into the hospital due to felling sick at the last minute. I wanted to stay but our parents pushed us out of Korea. it might not be that but it felt that way. " Ha-Joon sighed wishing he knew if his brother is alright. " I do miss Korea yes. I do have to say being in Daegu was more fun than staying in Gwanju were I was born. I like small-town more than bigger which does not make sense since Evermore is a big city. I know the more I get used to it here I will be alright. I can't live in the past forever. What about you?  Do you miss Korea?' 

He parted his lips in awe upon hearing from Ha-joon regarding his sister’s illness, he’s not exactly one to be so familiarized with such medical terminology but it doesn’t take a genius to know what RSV meant. One can simply google what it meant and from what the human pulled out from the abbreviation, it was clear that while it may not be life-threatening, it’s not a state anyone would want to be in for the rest of their life. Especially for someone who is mortal, Ha-joon is a human so it meant his sister is one too. Sometimes Dae felt grateful that he didn’t need to worry if Mirae would contract any illness or disease that wasn’t inflicted. “I’m sorry to hear that, Ha-joon. It sounds serious. Perhaps not as much chronically inflicted as a life-threatening one but still, it’s an illness at the end of the day. I can’t imagine how restless and worried you must be to know that your sister could fall down sick at any time.”

 If he had to picture Mirae fainting from her respiratory system failure, he was positive he would’ve gotten a heart attack. And that wasn’t even considered anywhere near to a joke. “I do applaud you for your strength, though. Talking about your sister’s illness out in the open to a mere stranger such as me could not have been an easy feat.” Certainly, the applause was owed to the other male for speaking out with such conviction. Daehyun could relate when he mentioned rushing into something impulsively without thinking of the consequences that would eventually follow and bite him in the ass. Too late for him to undo his mistakes then too. “I won’t lie and say I haven’t done that, I have. In fact, more times than I could probably count, to be honest. But I also didn’t have the time or chance to amend my mistakes. It’s only by a stroke of luck that my sister and I happen to be immortals.”

 Immortality wasn’t something the snowy-haired Niveis liked to flaunt around, it wasn’t pleasant when he had to remember all the things that happened that also gave him that privilege. Sometimes, you just don’t want to go back down to memory lane, fearing that you’ll stumble across a piece you did not want to reminisce in any way. “Time is precious, after all. It’s golden. You don’t want to miss it, at all” he murmured softly, how he wished he would have noticed it before everything went to hell. But what’s done is done. “That’s good, then. Keep up the good attitude, Ha-joon. You never know who’s the friend or foe. Not in a world like this” he shook his head, that was what he truly believed. That the world is balanced between good and bad but most of what people would end up stumbling upon is bad, rotten apples of the barrel. It wasn’t every day you see someone who actually is genuine and real.

 Dae chuckled at the other male when he talked about being stubborn, “Then I’m guessing it flows in the blood? Is she impulsive too?” His sister sounds like a genuine person and if there was anyone that Daehyun Stormwind preferred to be in the vicinity of, it was those kinds of people. “At least carry something with you if you’re going to be reckless, dude. Any weapon or whistle… something.” He didn’t know why he felt the need to care for this guy but he just does. Perhaps it was his usual tendency of being insanely protective over helpless individuals. “Oh yeah, sometimes we would end up posing as couples just so we could see the reaction on people. It’s humorous, gives us some sort of entertainment by the very least, you know” Mirae would end up clinging over him and Dae would surprisingly play along because why not? 

When he heard the mild complaint from Ha-joon about his sister treating him like a child, he snickered because he could understand the same sentiment his sister probably had, they can be one minute younger and the older ones would still be compelled to protect them. “As an older brother, I can understand why she did what she did. She’s just trying to keep you away from all the disastrous misfortunes.” When asked if he missed Korea, Dae pressed his lips together and shrugged absentmindedly, “I would be lying if I said no. I miss the weather there, I used to go and watch cherry blossoms during the spring season and from where I came from, it was beautiful. So yeah, maybe I do miss being able to go back to my origin.” But can he really? “Well… if you’re gonna be here permanently, you really should be careful, Ha-joon. Do you take any martial arts or defense lessons?” 

He never told anyone about her illness in full as when some hear she is sick no one asked what Hana has. One thing that shocked the human but he didn't mind telling someone who asked. "Am grateful it's not life-threatening but at the end of the day, it hurts knowing she is reminded by me to go slow. I hate doing that to Hana. It's worse to know she hates I have to do some much really am doing everything without no one asking. This is all out of love. She has one life and I want her to live it to the fullest. She always wants me to capture my dreams but what about her?" Ha-Joon sighed with a sigh trying not to let the sad emotions take control of him. 

It's his number one worry every day he wakes up sometime he does open his sister's door to make sure she is doing right. Ha-Joon will never tell anyone along with Hana he does cry under pressure or when he sees her kneeled down with our moving a few minutes. This is one of his fears but he knew to control his emotions due to he is the stronger person his sister has.  "It's hard really. I never talked to anyone about it ever. You can say it's my first time talking about it like a subject like this before." Ha-Joon said he can feel a lot of weight he has been keeping to himself was lifted. "She is the most important thing to me. I grew up very fast because my sister has done so many things that could've put her into the hospital but ignored it to make sure am fine. Since am the only man in her life I promised to protect her and be the man she can rely on no matter if am younger or older then her. To be honest, for you want to ask about it make me happy. Thank you for listening and having thought to ask. It means a lot to me." Ha-Joon really means it as tears came down lightly without him knowing as he got a napkin and dried his tears away. He felt so lightweight Ha-Joon was scared he would fall over as he lends on to the corner to get his balance back. 

As the human heard the other say he does the same thing makes him happy a bit but it's not good someone to do so as sometimes luck will never be in there favor and might end the person's life. It's true some can be very lucky but Humans like himself have only one life and if that ends he will be wiped off the face of the world would never know if he will be missed or will leave his mark on the world. One thing the human never likes to think about as it does want him to lead all those parts of his life he wants to be daring. Ha-Joon never wants to be a hero he wants to live a life like what most will. "I agree completely. That's what I always try to tell Hana. Do something you want to do never do what someone tells you to do. Only living once is scarier when you think about the real meaning but it's the real reality." Ha-Joon said. It's not new news to hear you can't trust anyone even those who you know first hand from his parents and sister as a whole. Trusting is a whole new meaning to a single person, one mess up will leave a mark which you can say it's like the phrase you only live once. You only have one chance if you break it you have no hope.

As the conversation got light-hearted the human soon got his strength back to talk somewhat normally. "I mean from what I know she might. I would not know since our relationship is complicated. it's hard to describe as were done along with words were said. Among how harsh things got between me and her I will always love her." When the nivies said about carrying something it's something that never crossed his mind but he thinks it is about time for him to carry something.  The human didn't know why the other was tell him so many things as protection to advice but Ha-Joon will carry it as long as he is still alive. Everything Daehyung said is the right words he needs to hear and make so much sense to him. "How often does that happen if you don't mind me asking?" Ha-Joon asked wondering making a note if he does end up knowing both of them he will keep it as a mental note. 

Ha-Joon knew what Daehyung is talking about it's something he heard her say before. After what he learned about his sister and his parents keeping things that could've made his life and knowledge easier. It still hurt him thinking how close they were something of the truth would've come easier than pushing him away every time he asked and want to put some burden on himself.  Ha-Joon knew what the other is talking about as he sighed nodded. "Now you say that I can understand why. They are really beautiful and to watch." When the nivies said about self-defense he heard Hana once again all over again. "Trust me, Hana wants to do take some classes.  I have not had time to go and take some classes since I work late and when am off am cleaning the house and visiting her on the campus for a while. I might have to force the classes since what happened tonight." 

He could understand why Hana, Ha-joon's sister, felt berated by all the constant reminders from her own younger sibling. Imagine being reprimanded by your younger one telling you to sit tight and be well while they were the ones who would eventually go and work instead. Having your pride as the older sibling that had to provide for your younger ones crushed is one thing. But having to watch them as you can do nothing else to even refute their points is also another. So in a way, Daehyun couldn't understand why Hana would feel upset. If he was in her spot, he would too. "I know how she feels. But it's for her own good, at the end of the day, right?" he mused lightly, "Eventually, she'll understand. She'll see that, if she hasn't already." 

The elder Niveis was positive that there were stuff that Ha-joon as a younger sibling, would not know. Honestly, even he kept a few things away from Mirae. Just because he could, and because it would not do her much better even if she knew, anyway. "I think she has her own dreams and that she will get to that soon enough. It's not nearly impossible, you know… maybe she can still reach it?" Or, maybe that's just his wishful thinking. Nothing bad can come out of that, right? It's fine to think like that when you're in need of hope. At least, that's his own philosophy. Daehyun's philosophy is always so questionable. "Ha-joon" he placed a hold on his shoulder and stared at him with a soft gaze, "It's fine. You are not obligated to share or talk about your personal life with anyone, especially not to a stranger you barely even know and just met what-30 minutes ago? Don't worry about it."

 Dae wasn't exactly someone who would want to pry into someone else's life anyway, he couldn't even sort out his own. He could understand exactly why he said she is the most important person to him, sometimes a sibling's bond is just something you can never recreate with another. It's there for a reason and it's not going to appear every single time hence sibling banters. Dae has always been a better listener than a speaker, if he had to pick one for himself. That's just the way he is. When Ha-joon said things could get harsh, Dae arched his brow at him curiously, "Not to pry or anything… do you fight with your sister or something?" Ha-joon sometimes seemed wise beyond his peers but there were also times when Dae could pinpoint his recklessness, it was a refreshing thought that the guy before him is actually real and raw instead of someone superficial. Not that the Niveis had anything against those people, he's just glad inclined to talk to them.

 "You only live once. Isn't that what YOLO stands for?" God knows him and the usage of modern terminology these days, he'll never truly get it. "How long does what happen?" They talked about a lot of things as of late so he wasn't sure which Ha-joon was trying to ask him on. "Are you asking about my sister? If we stand out more as couples rather than siblings?" he asked gently, his tone dropping considerably to draw every syllable out. "If you want me to teach you, I can... " he offered, "I mean, I'm not that good but I'm a formidable opponent. I've been a soldier my entire life, and I rely more on my nimble movements, speed and agility rather than brute strength. It's up to you, of course."

"That is what am trying to get her to notice before you know. She is just as stubborn as me.' Ha-Joon said which did annoy him but knowing the real reason why she is the way she is, the presser form their parents. He didn't know what was said between since they kick him out before they can even start but he wants to know.  The human knew if he was the oldest Hana would be like him right now want to know everything, what is going on, what happened why this and that. It's never easy no matter what people can look at it. " One day is what I am hoping for." the human said, looking at his phone one last time before putting it face down. 

He knew she had dreams or even wishful think but Ha-Joon wanted to give her that push Hana did with him. "I believe in her, she can make anything work. I think all she needs is motivation in order for her to do something. I know she always asks me on things but I don't think anything is set for her just yet. As he calmed himself down he felt the other put his hand on his shoulder as he looked up to the male. Thank you..... but really it was nice to tell someone that is not only in my mind.  Really I have not had a talk with anyone ever since my friend passed away which was years ago. Thank you for listening even though I might have annoyed you at this point." he said with a sigh still think he was a bother but he feels like that it will go away.

The question came up as the other sighed and nodded. "it's been rocky. One moment she is nice and loving and then the moment I ask about how our parents or if they are coming she turns another coin and be a mother like. "Don't ask questions." or "Don't worry about" When we left Korea out mother had to go to the hospital out of the blew but told me and Hana to go get on the plane. I don't even know how she is. That's not the real reason, however. there has been something going on that does not add up. Whenever I ask about something she always lies to me. it's like that for a few years to the point I can't have a normal conversation. I don't know if you follow or not. it's really hard to explain without giving out every detail." Him saying a summery still hurts him to open up about him and Hana. he knew it was their parents but what bother them was what was said and why they are making Hana be alone in doing whatever they want her to do. The Human nodded when the other asked if that is what it means. 

"Like how often do you guys hear you're a couple I mean," he asked restarting what he asked. When the other male offered to train him Ha-Joon was shocked but it made sense to him understanding the other's background. "After tonight and how I saw you reacted  I would never think of you as a soldier. If it would not be that much trouble I would love to take the offer. 

"Don't be too disheartened by it" he placed a reassuring hold on the human's shoulder and patted him gently, it was a gesture he used a lot on his dhampir best friend, as it seemingly calms people down. "Stubbornness is inevitable. I think everyone is stubborn so we can't even change that even if we want to, that one day will come, I'm sure of it. Just don't give up just yet" Which was ironic considering the Niveis had thought about giving up more times than he could actually count with both hands. He doesn't take his advice as well as others would. Whenever he tries to, something will happen and he was back go square one and sometimes Dae just wanted to give it a rest. He wanted to rest. When Ha-joon thanked him for his company and also apologized if he was being annoying, the elder Stormwind chuckled and shook his head as a sign to assure the other male he's fine with it, "Don't worry about it. If you need someone to vent to, mentally or physically, I'm here. If you need someone to beat up? I'm here. It's not shameful to lean onto someone, Ha-joon. It's a natural thing." 

While Dae may not make himself available for such an option, he's not the worst. Dae pressed his lips together and bit his bottom lip briefly until he extended his hand out, as if he was asking something from the human, "You know what? Give me your phone, I'll put my number in and you can contact me whenever you want to vent healthily" It wouldn't be the first time he's done this either. He did the same with Jae, assuring the younger male that he'll be there for him whenever he needed him. And so far, Daehyun still has yet to break his promises. "Talking to someone is better than nothing." The story about Ha-joon and his sister, Hana, made Dae ponder if the female was hiding something from her own brother, "Do you reckon she's hiding or keeping something away from your knowledge? She couldn't shut you out like that for no reason, not if the two of you don't have any reason for beef." 

The case with him and Mirae was different, Mirae resented him for a good few years after he forced her to leave with him for her own safety, but after he became a Niveis, any contact was forbidden under the rules of Coldren who didn't want to lose his soldier. Everyone knew Mirae was everything to Daehyun. If she leaves, then he would leave without saying a word or do so much as blink. When asked how often he hears them being mistaken as a couple, Dae shrugged and leaned against the counter by his side, "Plenty of times. I didn't count. We don't have any physical features that's alike aside from our pale complexion and attitude. Even then, her personality is a contrast to mine. If you think I'm the cold ice block, then she's the sun." Though, admittedly, Mirae can be scary when she wants to be.

 "So yes, people mistake us to be a couple and she doesn't even try to deny it, I guess it was fun for her" And he didn't complain because it meant no other males would approach her. A small grin played around the corners of his lips when Ha-joon accepted the offer, "Don't worry, I'm not going to break you. Do you work daily? Any days in your schedule that may be free?"

Ha-Joon knew it was for the best not to be that worried, she is older than him so he had no say so in her choices. "Thank you. You don't know how happy I am to hear that from someone other than myself." The human could not help but feel like he was giving the other a problem that was not his in the first place.  What Ha-Joon didn't know is that this attack was in the works of the stalker hitman that was hired by his parents to make sure Ha-Joon does not know about the supernatural like it's planned from the beginning. Looks like it's now finally broken and the human has no idea about what is happening behind the scenes. Ha-Joon smiled feeling happy to have this chance to meet the other in the way they did. "I believe you on the beating up part. It's true it's nothing to be shameful about, it's only part of being who we are human or not." Ha-Joon said with a smile. 

When the Niveis asked for the human's phone Ha-Joon was shocked but reached his phone from his pocket and put the phone into the other's hand. he knew the other didn't have to but it made Ha-Joon happy to have someone to talk to other than keeping to himself in his room wishing for a change. "Thank you," Ha-Joon said as he soon laughed at himself. "Looks like I need to stop saying those two words." Ha-Joon knows how grateful he really is. The human looked at the other with a sigh. "I remember before leaving Korea. it felt strange like no matter what was going on our parents always shut me out. I never told Hana this but I overheard my father telling her she has to marry someone in order for us to come here. I am not sure if that's the reason but I feel deep down it something to do with the Supernatural." The human said trying to think. 

Saying everything knew he made everything sound confusing. "I don't know why the supernatural is so important but that what it looks like it the main subject. It's honestly weird if you think about it. Not like we had we secret older siblings or anything. Something felt shady to me. I am not sure if you follow what am saying I don't myself. " Ha-Joon said looking at his cup. Nothing added up for him and he was not expecting the other to peace together either. "We never fought before our parents stepped in," he said moving his head lightly to the side and then straight. "Nothing is making any sense. The only thing I can thank of they didn't want me to know about the supernatural." All Ha-Joon can say it is the truth on what he kinda knows to everything.  

The more Ha-Joon hears about Mirae made he really wants to meet her as he tried to picture her in his mind. "She sounds like an amazing woman. Does she have a boyfriend? Anyone would be lucky to be in her eyes." Ha-Joon said truly. "You don't seem like an ice block but that is just me saying this by looking at your and your personality. You are more level minded and straightforward. There is nothing wrong with that. Describing an ice block to you does not sound like it would fit." Ha-Joon said. 

"She sounds like a fun-loving person who is also a free spirit." Ha-Joon liked people like that, no matter what happens they will always find a way to smile and look at things in a better light even if it's impossible. One thing the human is not scared of the other even he saw what Daehyun could do. "I believe you by seeing tonight I know I can trust you on your word as well." the human said. "I always free on the weekends. It's rare for me not to come in during that time. So Saturday or Sunday and sometimes Wednesdays." Ha-Joon hoped it can work for the other male.  


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