Since coming to Evermore, Ahri wanted to see her brothers after seeing her older brother she knew Jaesung was next. She didn't want to make a fool of herself as she made her way to the Evermore College front desk to ask first if Jae was attending the school. 'Am sorry miss I can't disclose a student's information. Ahri smiled as sighed. "What do to. Can you not tell me and Jae are siblings? Am his older sister." As she brought out her information the lady did understand and apologize to her, Ahri can't really be mad since it's the protection of their students is their first priority which made her feel happier to know he does go to the school. "I am not sure if he is in but if you walk to his roommate he might tell you more." Ahri smiled and said thank you as she wrote down the number and everything and went to the dorm area.

It felt weird for her to go into the boy's dorm but she went to the front desk and talked to see if they can all Jaesung down or his roommate. After a few minutes, later her brother's roommate came down telling Ahri he is not in but at a guy name Hanseol's house. It took her back for a moment as Ahri asked if he knew the address, "Since your his sister I will give it to you make sure you tell him you came to me for it." Ahri nodded saying thank you. Something in her felt bad she is getting into Jae's personal life as when she got into her rent car looking at the address she didn't know if she wanted to go in case if there is something he does not want no one to see then again if it's just friends house then why would she have to be scared to go over? There were so many thoughts in her mind about what she can do or not to do. 

In the end, Ahri chooses to go and if Jaesung wanted her to leave and to talk with her later about not getting into his privacy then she can go and not look back. Ahri is naturally protective over her younger brother but one thing she will never do is to cross lines Jaesung does not want no one to cross. She was wondering about this friend he is staying with, someone inside her hopes his friend is taking care of Jae. 

Coming into the West of the city with her GPS guiding her, Ahri was wowed how nice this part of the city is. She had not much knowledge of Celestials but it does not mean she is a judging person. "Turn left two blocked and go straight." Ahri heard her GPS say as she got nervous coming close to the house. When she drove up, unbelting her seatbelt and got out of the car, Ahri didn't know what to even say to her own brother when she sees him. Knowing how shocked to her see after many years, wonder if he is a writer or coming close to his dream hoping their father didn't ruin it for Jae. For her sane to be hopeful Kaesung did want he wanted to do and pulled his own way. 

Looking at the car and walked up to the door, Ahri took her time to knock. If his friend opened the door then she but be calm and open mind, if her brother opens to the door then she gets his first reaction to see her or it can go both ways. She knew when it comes to her new supervisor job she will be meeting one male that everyone told her about is so passionate about his job and was not working when she went by for the first time. She believed his name was Hanseol? Ahri shook her head to focus as she knocked on the door hearing barking made her excited to hear a dog. Ahri took her time to look around the area, it looks like there is enough space for a dog which is always nice for dog owners. When she hears someone talk form the other side of the door and opened the dhampir turned around to see who she will be meeting first.

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It had been a lazy afternoon. Those were Jae’s favorites, when they didn’t have any place to be so they just curled up on the couch and stayed there for hours on end. The dhampir was laying on his side on the couch, one of his arms was under Han, wrapping around his shoulders while the other rested on his side, every so often he would play with Han’s hair, twirling the strands around his fingers while they watched whatever movie or TV show they were currently watching. Jae wasn’t paying much attention to what was on the screen right now though, instead, his head was buried into the nook of Han’s neck where he rested comfortably.

After bringing Sunmin home the two of them had gotten even closer again, despite both their busy schedules the Dhampir just enjoyed every moment they got to spend together, whether it was a few hours in the evenings or an entire weekend like today. Jae didn’t know where the brat was today and frankly he didn’t care much, all he needed right now was the boy resting in his arms and the two fluffballs who were tangled around their feet. He’d had to tell Yeontan off a few times for trying to climb up and sit on top of the two of them “Do you think the world would miss us if we just stayed here forever?” he asked it in a soft voice not moving from their comfortable embrace as he did so.

“It feels like nothing can get to me” he spoke it softly as he stroked softly against his arm, of course as soon as he said that though, the dogs jumped off of the couch and ran for the door, Yeontan yapping loudly in his usual excitement for a new person being at the house. He grumbled slightly against Han’s neck “Can you get it? It’s never for me and I’m tired of being called your name or people asking me if I’m your brother” of course that would be the first thing people would assume rather than them being two happy together.

It was a regular day for Han, it's a Saturday so that meant it was an off day for the Celestial who's been working nonstop lately. There were times when he needed to go to the clinic so he could finish his paper but today wasn't one of those days. It also meant that he was finally free to spend it again with his most beloved and cherished person; his boyfriend, Jae. Their anniversary passing over. And he knew that he planned a few things, enough to make the eventful day a rather memorable one for both of them. Truth be told, just having the entire day and Jaesung Moon all to himself was more than enough for a gift. 

After the whole searching for Sunmin affair was resolved, he was back to spoiling the dhampir with his overly affectionate self. Be it gestures or words, Han never ceased to play it around. He owed it to Jae, who's been handling and coping with him all this while. To say that Hanseol was grateful would be the massive understatement of the century. They didn't have any plans of going out today because Han had been complaining about his shoulders aching since last week. He wasn't sure if it was due to the pressure or not but it was definitely bruising himself down there. Jae had taken the liberty to massage him in return, and it was getting bearable. 

Once again, there wasn't something that the doe-eyed male couldn't resolve with the help of his wonderful person. These things were one of the many firsts, he looks forward to displaying their life in the future. A future with him. With his legs sprawled on the couch and head leaning against Jae's body, he was positive he was laying down on the best position he could ever ask for. Jae's fingers were threading his dark locks and then dhampir was burying his face in the nook of his neck per usual, it felt like the domesticated life they led so far has finally shown its effectiveness. In reality, Han was trying to pay attention to the movie displayed on the screen of their TV but it was increasingly hard to do so when Jae was breathing down against his neck and had his lips pressed against it. It had made his breath hitch a few times. 

Han loves his brother, of course he does, but boy was he glad when Sunmin said he's going out today. It gave him the excuse to have Jae spoon him on the couch. They could be as lovey dovey as ever. "I don't know about the world but I know I'd miss you whatever you do or wherever you are" he mused wryly and gripped his hand gently, "You have me all to yourself Jae, as always. If there's anything you want, tell me and we'll do it." He was about to say something else but Yeontan's enthusiastic yapping diverted his attention away, "Oh please, Jae. You know I always make sure to kiss you in front of them when I introduce you as my boyfriend, I'll kiss you again this time" he teased and forced himself to break from the embrace so he could go see who it was. But not before Han pressed his lips against the dhampir's own to give him one big kiss before sauntering away. 

When he opened the door, however, he was greeted with a rather unfamiliar face; a petite female standing before him, "Oh, hello there… are you looking for me?" 

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