Since coming to Evermore, Ahri wanted to see her brothers after seeing her older brother she knew Jaesung was next. She didn't want to make a fool of herself as she made her way to the Evermore College front desk to ask first if Jae was attending the school. 'Am sorry miss I can't disclose a student's information. Ahri smiled as sighed. "What do to. Can you not tell me and Jae are siblings? Am his older sister." As she brought out her information the lady did understand and apologize to her, Ahri can't really be mad since it's the protection of their students is their first priority which made her feel happier to know he does go to the school. "I am not sure if he is in but if you walk to his roommate he might tell you more." Ahri smiled and said thank you as she wrote down the number and everything and went to the dorm area.

It felt weird for her to go into the boy's dorm but she went to the front desk and talked to see if they can all Jaesung down or his roommate. After a few minutes, later her brother's roommate came down telling Ahri he is not in but at a guy name Hanseol's house. It took her back for a moment as Ahri asked if he knew the address, "Since your his sister I will give it to you make sure you tell him you came to me for it." Ahri nodded saying thank you. Something in her felt bad she is getting into Jae's personal life as when she got into her rent car looking at the address she didn't know if she wanted to go in case if there is something he does not want no one to see then again if it's just friends house then why would she have to be scared to go over? There were so many thoughts in her mind about what she can do or not to do. 

In the end, Ahri chooses to go and if Jaesung wanted her to leave and to talk with her later about not getting into his privacy then she can go and not look back. Ahri is naturally protective over her younger brother but one thing she will never do is to cross lines Jaesung does not want no one to cross. She was wondering about this friend he is staying with, someone inside her hopes his friend is taking care of Jae. 

Coming into the West of the city with her GPS guiding her, Ahri was wowed how nice this part of the city is. She had not much knowledge of Celestials but it does not mean she is a judging person. "Turn left two blocked and go straight." Ahri heard her GPS say as she got nervous coming close to the house. When she drove up, unbelting her seatbelt and got out of the car, Ahri didn't know what to even say to her own brother when she sees him. Knowing how shocked to her see after many years, wonder if he is a writer or coming close to his dream hoping their father didn't ruin it for Jae. For her sane to be hopeful Kaesung did want he wanted to do and pulled his own way. 

Looking at the car and walked up to the door, Ahri took her time to knock. If his friend opened the door then she but be calm and open mind, if her brother opens to the door then she gets his first reaction to see her or it can go both ways. She knew when it comes to her new supervisor job she will be meeting one male that everyone told her about is so passionate about his job and was not working when she went by for the first time. She believed his name was Hanseol? Ahri shook her head to focus as she knocked on the door hearing barking made her excited to hear a dog. Ahri took her time to look around the area, it looks like there is enough space for a dog which is always nice for dog owners. When she hears someone talk form the other side of the door and opened the dhampir turned around to see who she will be meeting first.

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It had been a lazy afternoon. Those were Jae’s favorites, when they didn’t have any place to be so they just curled up on the couch and stayed there for hours on end. The dhampir was laying on his side on the couch, one of his arms was under Han, wrapping around his shoulders while the other rested on his side, every so often he would play with Han’s hair, twirling the strands around his fingers while they watched whatever movie or TV show they were currently watching. Jae wasn’t paying much attention to what was on the screen right now though, instead, his head was buried into the nook of Han’s neck where he rested comfortably.

After bringing Sunmin home the two of them had gotten even closer again, despite both their busy schedules the Dhampir just enjoyed every moment they got to spend together, whether it was a few hours in the evenings or an entire weekend like today. Jae didn’t know where the brat was today and frankly he didn’t care much, all he needed right now was the boy resting in his arms and the two fluffballs who were tangled around their feet. He’d had to tell Yeontan off a few times for trying to climb up and sit on top of the two of them “Do you think the world would miss us if we just stayed here forever?” he asked it in a soft voice not moving from their comfortable embrace as he did so.

“It feels like nothing can get to me” he spoke it softly as he stroked softly against his arm, of course as soon as he said that though, the dogs jumped off of the couch and ran for the door, Yeontan yapping loudly in his usual excitement for a new person being at the house. He grumbled slightly against Han’s neck “Can you get it? It’s never for me and I’m tired of being called your name or people asking me if I’m your brother” of course that would be the first thing people would assume rather than them being two happy together.

It was a regular day for Han, it's a Saturday so that meant it was an off day for the Celestial who's been working nonstop lately. There were times when he needed to go to the clinic so he could finish his paper but today wasn't one of those days. It also meant that he was finally free to spend it again with his most beloved and cherished person; his boyfriend, Jae. Their anniversary passing over. And he knew that he planned a few things, enough to make the eventful day a rather memorable one for both of them. Truth be told, just having the entire day and Jaesung Moon all to himself was more than enough for a gift. 

After the whole searching for Sunmin affair was resolved, he was back to spoiling the dhampir with his overly affectionate self. Be it gestures or words, Han never ceased to play it around. He owed it to Jae, who's been handling and coping with him all this while. To say that Hanseol was grateful would be the massive understatement of the century. They didn't have any plans of going out today because Han had been complaining about his shoulders aching since last week. He wasn't sure if it was due to the pressure or not but it was definitely bruising himself down there. Jae had taken the liberty to massage him in return, and it was getting bearable. 

Once again, there wasn't something that the doe-eyed male couldn't resolve with the help of his wonderful person. These things were one of the many firsts, he looks forward to displaying their life in the future. A future with him. With his legs sprawled on the couch and head leaning against Jae's body, he was positive he was laying down on the best position he could ever ask for. Jae's fingers were threading his dark locks and then dhampir was burying his face in the nook of his neck per usual, it felt like the domesticated life they led so far has finally shown its effectiveness. In reality, Han was trying to pay attention to the movie displayed on the screen of their TV but it was increasingly hard to do so when Jae was breathing down against his neck and had his lips pressed against it. It had made his breath hitch a few times. 

Han loves his brother, of course he does, but boy was he glad when Sunmin said he's going out today. It gave him the excuse to have Jae spoon him on the couch. They could be as lovey dovey as ever. "I don't know about the world but I know I'd miss you whatever you do or wherever you are" he mused wryly and gripped his hand gently, "You have me all to yourself Jae, as always. If there's anything you want, tell me and we'll do it." He was about to say something else but Yeontan's enthusiastic yapping diverted his attention away, "Oh please, Jae. You know I always make sure to kiss you in front of them when I introduce you as my boyfriend, I'll kiss you again this time" he teased and forced himself to break from the embrace so he could go see who it was. But not before Han pressed his lips against the dhampir's own to give him one big kiss before sauntering away. 

When he opened the door, however, he was greeted with a rather unfamiliar face; a petite female standing before him, "Oh, hello there… are you looking for me?" 

The Dhampir will never forget that day she finally had enough and left the family home. Ahri didn't even know the day was Saturday which could be the reason for her being so forced to get to Evermore for a better life and her sane. Never recommend being the only child out of four to stay at home. So far things have been good with no problems but she can never run away from remeeting her brothers even if she was not wanted by one of them knowing the fate of their father.  

Ahri didn't know if her coming around unannounced was the best idea due to plans and what they are doing at the given moment. Turning to who opened the door was someone else who is not her brother, why would she think this will be easy? Ahri smiled politely hearing the questions that were towards her. "Hey, I am sorry if this is out of the blew but I heard Jaesung was here. Could he be around?" Ahri asked nervously, this much he Jaesung's friend the roommate was talking about. Ahri reached her hand to give her right wrist a little circle that is a sign of how nervous she is. 

The blonde stood there as she realized something, "Oh my am so sorry, My name is Ahri. I was told to keep this address classified so I am no stacker." she said brightly but trying to lighten the mood around both of them. The male did look familiar when she looked at him, there was no way she could meet a coworker already but that was none of her business unless it's in the Clinic itself. She pulled the thought to the back of her mind reminding why she is really here for. There are a lot of things Ahri does not know about her brother Jaesung but she didn't hope he will allow her to know. She has always been close with Jae so where was the wrong in asking? 

"if this is a bad time, of course, I can just come back at another time," Ahri said trying not to push the meeting if her brother was relaxing from school or something like that. With that thought, the dhampir can also see the male in front of her is very tired so her butting in mind not that the best timing for the moment. She did hear little barks of protection down at her feet as Ahri crouched down putting her hand out for them to smell her along with showing she is no threat to their owners. "Hey, you know you can't be out here. It's a big dangerous world out there. Please be careful I hate to see something happen to that beautiful handsome face you have. So cute." Her aura changed from nervous to loving really quickly showing her love of animals which always made her feel calm no matter what situation it is. 

“Well then it’s a good thing that I’d be keeping you with me” he teased back in response to Han’s words about missing him wherever he went, his boyfriend could be incredibly sappy at times but that was one of the things Jae liked most about him, how he wasn’t afraid to show his feelings towards the Dhampir. Jae couldn’t always say the same, he still got nervous whenever the idea of bringing up their relationship to his parents came up. Probably because he knew exactly how his father would react and he was afraid to face that, it was easy for him to say he disliked his father’s ways from a distance but when faced with him, Jae was afraid of seeing that disappointed look on his face. “You have no tact Han” he called out after returning the Celestial’s kiss, watching him as he headed to the door before leaning back against the couch.

He was lost in thought for a moment by what had come to mind before, about how he was supposed to tell his family about this relationship he’d had for over a year now, one which was really important to him and honestly became such a large portion of his life. Of course, telling Eun had been difficult but the two of them were close and kept in constant contact, Jae had no doubt in his mind when he told his brother he had a boyfriend he would be okay with it. But the rest of his family were more complicated, his brother Hyunsik had always been the closest to following their father’s rules, Jae rarely saw him stray the line and honestly, he worried his brother might relay the information straight back to his father.

Just as he was pulled out of his thoughts he caught the sound of the female voice coming from the doorstep, they were talking to Han and he froze for a moment. He knew that voice. Perhaps he was just imagining things because he had been thinking about his family but Jae could almost swear that was his elder sister’s voice talking about the constant yapping from Yeontan. He swallowed, feeling his heart rate begin to increase in his chest as he listened closer, there was no mistaking the voice was his sister. What the hell did he tell her? He’d been thinking about what to tell his siblings lately but he didn’t expect to have yet another one quite literally show up on the doorstep.

Before long he got to his feet, nervously shuffling his way through the hallway, needing to confirm that he wasn’t just making things up and she really was here in Evermore, before long Jae came out to the front entrance, seeing Han standing in the doorway and past him, his sister. “Ahri?” he questioned, still stunned by the surprise visit and the fact she was even in Evermore at all “You didn’t tell me you were coming” he spoke in a confused voice but headed closer towards the two of them.

"If that's the case then maybe you should try keeping me in your pocket like Doraemon, baby" he winked playfully, mimicking the gesture in which Doraemon would take out stuff from his pocket before skipping off to get the door, whoever it was. "I don't have to have tact when it comes to you" he cooed from afar and stared at the Pomeranian barking happily next to him as he made his way to the entrance, "You're never this excited to find newcomers, I'm not sure whether I should he concerned or not" he mused wryly and shook his head before placing his hand on the doorknob, twisting it clockwise so he could open it. He didn't expect to be greeted with a female, especially a face he wasn't familiar with. It wasn't until the name Jaesung rang the bell for him, Jae? "Yeah, he's inside." 

Why would this lady be searching for Jae? Was she his classmate or something? That wasn't possible considering Jae always told him about his classmates or at least his groupmates, and he knew them fairly well. When she suddenly introduced herself, Han decided to return the same gesture as it was only polite to do so, "That's okay. I'm Hanseol." The Celestial quickly shook his head when she attempted to leave, fearing it was a bad time, how could he send her away when she was searching for Jae who was inside sitting at the couch? "No, no, it's not a bad time. I was just taken aback since I wasn't expecting any visitor but if you were looking for Jae, he's here. I can go call him for you" but before he could even turn around to call his boyfriend, Jae was already peeking from behind, the timber in his voice traveling outwards, causing the male to tilt his head slightly in confusion. Jae seemed to know her.

 Ahri. Ahri. Of course. The dhampir boyfriend of his had told him about his siblings, he had 3 older siblings; Eun being the eldest, Hyunsik the second eldest and an elder sister Jae said he would get along with because she's a veterinarian too. His doe eyes lit up in realization as he stared back at the two of them, "It's chilly outside, please, come in" he ushered Yeontan back in and invited Ahri inside before closing the door behind them. "I'll… uh, Jae can you lead her to the living room? I'll make us some coffee. Or do you prefer tea?" His dark hues darted over to Ahri, since he didn't know what he preferred. 

Ahri in her mind is screaming hoping her coming to Evermore was not a regretful choice with her brother's happy to see her. Hearing Jaesung was in the house-made her very happy she is at the right place but she did wonder who the male is in front of her. Hearing the male tell her his name is Hanseol a smile came on her face. "Nice to meet you hanseol. I swear why do I feel like I heard that name before?" Ahri said the last part to herself. 

The Dhampir was not one to step into someone's private time which is what was going on before she came knowing on the door of the house. "Are you sure? Really I don't want to be a bother," she said with her hands in the air. "if you say it's alright then I am happy to stay. Sorry for me an unexpected visit, you see no one does not know am hear but my older brother which he got what I am doing right now." Ahri said shyly with a light chuckle or nervousness. It was short-lived when she heard her name from a voice she is familiar with. 

Ahri looked up to see someone already in the hallway, she knew who is it as a bright smile came on her face. "Well, I'm here!" she said brightly. Ahri smiled as she walked in as she chuckled at Yeontan coming into the house. "The world is too big for you little guy. " Ahri said gently before she looked up at her brother and Hanseol. " Decaf would be nice if you don't mind of course," Ahri said not wanting to be any trouble. There were so many questions she wanted to try to answer all of them as she looked over at her brother knowing he deserves an answer. "I know what you're going to say Jae and you do deserve to know why>" following Jae to the living room and sit down. 

"Ok so for starters and to make this clear. Dad didn't send me here. Well, I made the choice he wanted to make a little something for himself." Ahri said knowing she just saw Sungeun who she knew would not be happy to see her for one reason not like he never wanted to see her ever or else she hope that was the case. "I'm living in Evermore now! I got the transfer so you can say my job got me here. I wanted to be with my brothers then living in a cage." Ahri didn't want to tell Jaesung about their father just yet after all both Eun and Jae got away in time but to tell them the reality to Jae this quick will hurt her. She never wanted to be a messenger but warning her brother is another way of trying not to hurt them.  "So, if you are going to ask your roommate at your college told me the address. I promise I will not give it to anyone else. I was told it's classified like I told Hanseol at the door. So I know this is not my business but why you have two roommates?" Maybe asking straightforward was not an ideal thing to do.

Jae had to admit of all the things he expected to happen today, this was definitely not even on the realm of possibility for him, he was staring back at Ahri in complete shock because he truly had no idea why this was happening. Of course, Han wasn’t frozen with the same surprise the younger Dhampir was and invited Ahri inside, Jae fidgeted a little on the spot trying to search his mind for what to say, how to explain the turns his life had taken and why he hadn’t said anything sooner but instead, nothing came “Uh yeah...this way” he spoke softly as he lead the way towards the living room and pointed out the couch “Make yourself at home” he commented softly before sitting down on the chair.

How much had his roommates back at the dorm told her about his life? She seemed to be in good spirits so he couldn’t say for sure what might have happened, as Han headed off to the kitchen he was alone with his sister. He was torn, one part of him just simply wanted to be glad that she was here and she had managed to get out from their father’s clutches but then the other worried for the reason behind her visit and words weren’t coming to him “Yeontan doesn’t take to strangers well, but I guess you smell like I do” he commented with a sheepish smile, she moment he sat down the puppy came along and hopped into his lap, curling up as though he owned it.

He twiddled with his fingers in his lap as he listened to Ahri speak, he had to admit he was glad that she said their father didn’t send her here but her presence was a reminder to him that eventually, he was going to come here if he and Eun didn’t return home and frankly, he was scared of what he would say and think. He also knew how close Ahri could be with their father at times and the last thing he wanted to do was put her in a position where she had to lie to him. He was shocked by her revelation “Oh! Congratulations” he responded and nodded his head slightly “Father has become overbearing since me and Eun left?” he knew the answer to that, no doubt his brother had the same requests to return home he had.

When she mentioned Han being his roommate, he swallowed, part of him wanted to tell her that he was so much more than his roommate but being caught off guard like this and feeling completely tongue-tied, he feared he would say something wrong and she wouldn’t understand what he was trying to confess to her so he simply went along with her assumption “I didn’t really get along with my roommates and they were making it hard for me to study and Hanseol offered me a place to stay” he stumbled over Han’s name making the second syllable almost sound separated because he wasn’t used to saying it.

Han wouldn't usually invite strangers in simply because he didn't know who they were and had no idea what they had in mind. So to preserve his survival and be understandably cautious, Han would leave the door ringing after closing it once he gave them a polite smile before returning to his comfort. But not today, today he was greeted with an unfamiliar face that turns out to be Jae's older sister, Ahri. Jae's told him about his siblings plenty of times and Han would often hear him intently. It was his boyfriend's family, after all. Of course, he would pay attention. Unlike Eun, who he's met and like, Ahri was a whole enigma to him. He wonders what she'd think about him? Would he be considered good enough for her baby brother? "I would say it's a common name but it's not really that" he grinned politely, Hanseol wasn't a common name and people rarely used it. 

"Don't worry about it, you're not a bother. Any friend of Jae's is my friend. Or in this case, you're his sister, I would be impolite and rude if I didn't invite you in." So when Jae came and took the reins to show her where to sit, he stayed a bit to hear what Ahri thought about refreshments before heading off to the kitchen to prepare them. He saw how Yeontan took a liking to Ahri too and it made him amused considering the Pomeranian puppy doesn't like strangers or new people all that much. Maybe it's the Moon family thing? Yeontan loves Jae to the brim, after all. He opened the cabinet and got out the decaf coffee jar, and poured a few scoops into the cup before following with hot water from the thermos. He was ready with two cups of coffee and a glass of the lemonade both of them liked because Jae doesn't drink coffee as much. 

He was about to bring the tray to the living room but halted on his steps briefly when he heard what Jae said about him. Hanseol. He called him Hanseol, it felt a bit weird since Jae was so used to calling Han, Han. He didn't pay any mind to it because Ahri didn't know him so it was understandable for Jae to introduce him like that. But when he said he had offered him a place to stay in line with his roommates instead of introducing him as his boyfriend, Han blinked a few times in confusion. Why did that sentence sound so… wrong? He could almost detect the tremor and nervousness in Jae's voice. He came back with drinks and placed the tray on the glass table before taking a seat right next to Jae, closing their non-existent gap together as his knees touched the dhampir's. It was how they were, there wasn't suppose to be any distance. "What were you two talking about? Sorry to interrupt, it's just that I heard about you before. Welcome to Evermore." 

When Hanseol spoke about him name Ahri smiled and nodded. "I like it. It's not too often you hear a unique name," she said bring friendly like always. She couldn't pinpoint where she heard his name before but it really was not important at the moment so she can think over that in her mind later. Ahri smiled as she listened to Hanseol and lightly looked at Jaesung at times. "You are very kind Hanseol. I am sure if Jaesung talked about me I hope are good things." Ahri said with a light laugh as she followed her brother to the living room. 

The dhampir watched Yeonton hopped into her brother's lap she couldn't help to smile widely. "I guess he feels a familiar presence between you and me. The family trait could be the reason but I can't before sure. I wouldn't ever have believed you since he is so happy and friendly. I guess I have to see it for myself one day." Ahri said wondering how much of a change it really is. 

Ahri knew her being in Evermore was a harsh reality to both of her brothers but was it really selfish to be with family? Their father can't control them for the rest of their life Ahri knows how overbearing their father was really when she was the last, she could never want to go back to feeling like that ever again. The reality of her is, Ahri is the favorite because of her looks, the princess of the family that's all she will never be to her family members. Maybe being in Evermore that can change, be a normal girl with a normal job and maybe a love life but that last part is the lease of her concern. Ahri knew the last part is on her brother's shoulders even now which makes her sick to think about. They have the right to love who they want to love, by their choice and it does not matter if it's female or male. 

"Overbearing is not the word I will use but yes. Honestly, am happy you both got out in time, I couldn't stay there without feeling my head is about to explode."Ahri said with a sigh, just thinking about it make Ahri feel uncomfortable. "I guess you can say I saw what you both you can Sungeun were talking about. "Jae, If I had the power I would want you and our older brother to stay here but we know our father too well. It's sad and makes me sick a little." She is not one to lie other than stretching the truth sometimes. 

Hearing about Jaesung's roommate she talked with at the dorms made her nodding knowing what dorm life was like during her time. "I can understand that it's hard when you live in a dorm, all the noise and yelling can make anyone's grades to go down. I am happy he took care of you when you needed it." Ahri smiled, she did feel something was not true but it was her not going to overstep. When she watches Hanseol come back she said thank you and sipped her coffee with a smile of satisfaction. "You don't need to be sorry at all," she said with a smile. "Thank you, Jaesung was telling me that you been taking care of him from his dorm troubles," Ahri said with a smile looking at the male. "Thank you for taking care of him. It made me very happy someone like you is making sure he is healthy and comfortable to getaway. You too sound like you're very close." Ahri said looking between both of them. 

He nodded slightly, Yeontan was one of those dogs whose trust was hard to gain but after you had it he was the most loyal and sweet companion, he had always wanted a dog of his own and while the process of him getting Yeontan had been far from your conventional means, he definitely felt like he was Jae’s name “Oh speaking of dogs, how is Bomi doing?” Bomi was their family dog but she had always been Ahri’s best friend and if he recalled correctly, the reason she wanted to be a vet.

Jae fiddled with his hands in his lap a little nervously as they talked about their father, honestly, being away from him for so long now, it felt like a scary reminder that he couldn’t just forget about the expectations placed on him. Every time he thought about working up the courage to tell his father what was really going on in his life he ended up bailing out. Hell, he couldn’t even tell Ahri the truth right now and she was much more likely to understand than he was “I guess the more it feels like me and Sangeun are slipping away, the more he is holding on tight to what was left” truthfully he was terrified that he would come here and try to force Eun to go back and get married and who even knows what he might try to make Jae do.

“That’s the most frustrating feels like we have no power” but he was glad that she had managed to get her transfer because there was very little their father could do to make her go back, no doubt it had come with a pay rise and he could boast about how his daughter got a placement in a really high profile company. He bit his lip slightly as Han came back into the room, Jae could feel the nerves panging in his chest and he just didn’t know what to say, it wasn’t the kind of thing you could just feel ready for because someone showed up on the doorstep, he wanted to tell her, of course he did, he’d written out what he would say to her about 20 times over but none of those words were coming to him right now and all he could do was play the avoidance game.

Jae nodded his head slightly when she said she was glad Han had taken care of him when he needs it “Yeah…I’ve been very lucky when it comes to the people I’ve met in this city” he hated himself for it, but when Han sidled up so close to him that it would cause Ahri to believe they were more than friends he shuffled away slightly, much to Yeontan’s annoyance because he had just gotten himself comfortable. His eyes remained on his lip. Why couldn’t he just say it? He was trying to piece words together in his mind but everything sounded wrong or complicated and he didn’t want it to be complicated “We are...we really well, he takes care of the cooking and me the dishes” Ahri would remember how absolutely horrible at cooking Jae was.

The younger Dhampir attempted to change the subject because he had accepted for now that he wasn’t going to be able to say it “So which clinic are you working at? When do you start?” there weren’t all that many vet clinics in Evermore so he was sure he would have heard of it at least.

He would lie if he said he wasn't curious to see why Ahri came to visit Jae today. He knew that Eun was in town, but that's because the eldest Moon was here for a job initially, and has been here for months to grade. But Jae's sister, had no reason to be here, right? Well, actually she could come just to visit her baby brother but still, he couldn't help but to sigh heavily in worry when his chest feels constricted. It was as if something was about to happen. Stop being so pessimistic, Han, he told himself. He's always been the pessimist of the two and often had Jae reassuring him that it's not all bad. "Don't worry, he's never really talked bad about his siblings" Even though he understood that things were rocky between him and his father, Jae's relationship with his siblings was maintained. He was glad that the dhampir wasn't alone in that. The entire time he spent staring outside the window from the sink while mixing the coffee Ahri requested, he couldn't help but to purse his lips in contempt, why did he feel like there was sadness looming over him? 

It was an emotion that he couldn't quite describe and it bothers him to no end because Hanseol has always been one to rely on his emotions. Why did he suddenly feel like something was going to happen? Once he poured both the coffee and tea into their respective cups and placed it on the tray, he glanced over to the two siblings sitting in the living room, talking or discussing what seems to be family business. Perhaps he shouldn't pry, but still… it's fine to stay unless Jae told him it's not needed, right? Besides, that's Ahri, Han wanted to get to know his siblings and befriend them. By the time he came back and took a seat right next to Jae, he heard that the dhampir was very grateful to have met good people in the city, which made the Celestial beam on delight, always the person with good manners and humility to match, his boyfriend. 

But when he saw how Jae suddenly shuffled away as if he had just scorched him with hot water, his lips were upturned with a pout with a frown creasing his features, did he do something wrong? What happened? Why did Jae scoot away? He noticed Yeontan groaning in annoyance due to the sudden shift and it only made Han wonder what was going on. Jae's never scooted away before… he's always embraced him, the two had been hard to even separate themselves. Even when Jae told him sister that they divided chores, he couldn't help but to worry at this tug against his heartstrings, surely there was nothing wrong right? But if so, why did Jae look apprehensive and nervous? Han remained quiet for a bit. Until he realized that this exact situation reminded him of that time Eun came to visit Jae at his dorm. What caused that? Him. Was Jae embarrassed of their relationship? 

But they've just celebrated their first anniversary together a while ago… surely that can't be it. Right? You two sound like you're very close, those words kept ringing in his ears, "Yeah we're very close. Which is a given hahaha... "Han had a tendency to over think and that's when his horrid case of paranoia strikes in. When he was busy over thinking, he would often fiddle with the helm of his shirt which was exactly what he was doing. Old habits die hard. Han tried to ignore this feeling and avert his gaze to Ahri instead of Jae, wanting to participate in this conversation because he had to pretend… that he was fine. "Jae told me you're a veterinarian. Are you transferring here? I'm one too. Well, I'm still a student but I'm currently on my placement year. I heard that I'll have a new supervisor soon." He tried to see if he was right, and like an instinct, Han placed his hand over Jae's hand. 

Sitting in front of her younger brother was like a long time waiting even if it's only been a few years. Animals are just something she is very passionate about. When the topic turned to the Moon family dog Ahri smiled brightly, "She is doing good. I mean when if you want to come by and see her I think she would enjoy seeing you again." Ahri said knowing she had permission to bring the dog from their father. "Am sure she would love to have some friends to play with." Thinking about Bomi who is at her apartment waiting for her to come home, she is happy to leave food out with water in case the visit might take longer. 

Ahri smiled lightly with a nod, "You can say that. In all honesty, am so happy both of you left. You can see the true colors came out and I don't think I will be returning home." Ahri said knowing it a bold statement but she can't just lie to her own family. "I agree, which is makes me sad am finally seeing it as it's way too late," she said knowing she is disappointed herself. Getting her transfer was her key to escape but how long will that freedom last she will never know. Ahri wanted to do so much for her brothers but what could she do, what could she change? Jaesung said it better then she could even describe it. 

Love is always something Ahri never have a problem with, there should never be a limit. She is not someone to point out of obvious but she can tell something was not right as the air was very heavy the moment Hanseol walked in. Did she really interrupt something? Their body language told her a lot to but she will not ask since it's not her business. When Jaesung mentioned about his cooking Ahri nodded understanding, she remembers the first time she tried his cooking, she never was mean about it since it's something her brother wanted to do but it did bring her back when the family was together in the family home. Ahri pulled herself out of her mind knowing she had to say something. Well, um... am happy everything is doing great for the both of you. Life in the city can be tiring and it's always nice to know someone has each other backs. I meet a woman who got my back within a short time but is very grateful." Ahri said trying to find a way to make the subject comfortable enough for all of them to talk. It did worry Ahri to see her brother like this, it's been a long time to see him nervous. 

"Ah yes," Ahri said knowing the subject will be entering more talks in hopes the situation will clear up and be lighter. "Yes I am, funny both of you would ask about it since I already went by the clinic and got to know some who were on the clock that day." hearing what Hanseol had to say brought a bright smile on her face. "I would be working at the Evermore Clinic as" she stopped midway as she looked at Hanseol. "As a supervisor. Oh my goodness, that's where I heard your name before. Hanseol Park am I right?" she asked snapping her fingers. "Well, I sure was not expecting to meet you this early, I heard good things about you when I was there to check out the clinic. I would be starting I believe on Monday but it might be sooner. Knowing me it would be sooner due to all the work along with meeting new faces." Ahri said with a light laugh. She never stops thinking about work and animals who need help. The Dhampir didn't notice their hands together. 

"Anyways, how has your day been going, you know before I knocked with a surprise. I am surely catching up will be a long road so I am not expecting to know everything within one visit." Ahri said knowing she has so many questions but withholding them became hard. "Do you mind me asking if I can know a little about yourself Hanseol? Am sure you will be knowing my face more. never be scared to talk with me about anything, am just an open book who never wants to stop talking unless I fall on my face." Ahri hit herself within her mind telling her to shut up and let both of the male's talk. 

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