Since coming to Evermore, Ahri wanted to see her brothers after seeing her older brother she knew Jaesung was next. She didn't want to make a fool of herself as she made her way to the Evermore College front desk to ask first if Jae was attending the school. 'Am sorry miss I can't disclose a student's information. Ahri smiled as sighed. "What do to. Can you not tell me and Jae are siblings? Am his older sister." As she brought out her information the lady did understand and apologize to her, Ahri can't really be mad since it's the protection of their students is their first priority which made her feel happier to know he does go to the school. "I am not sure if he is in but if you walk to his roommate he might tell you more." Ahri smiled and said thank you as she wrote down the number and everything and went to the dorm area.

It felt weird for her to go into the boy's dorm but she went to the front desk and talked to see if they can all Jaesung down or his roommate. After a few minutes, later her brother's roommate came down telling Ahri he is not in but at a guy name Hanseol's house. It took her back for a moment as Ahri asked if he knew the address, "Since your his sister I will give it to you make sure you tell him you came to me for it." Ahri nodded saying thank you. Something in her felt bad she is getting into Jae's personal life as when she got into her rent car looking at the address she didn't know if she wanted to go in case if there is something he does not want no one to see then again if it's just friends house then why would she have to be scared to go over? There were so many thoughts in her mind about what she can do or not to do. 

In the end, Ahri chooses to go and if Jaesung wanted her to leave and to talk with her later about not getting into his privacy then she can go and not look back. Ahri is naturally protective over her younger brother but one thing she will never do is to cross lines Jaesung does not want no one to cross. She was wondering about this friend he is staying with, someone inside her hopes his friend is taking care of Jae. 

Coming into the West of the city with her GPS guiding her, Ahri was wowed how nice this part of the city is. She had not much knowledge of Celestials but it does not mean she is a judging person. "Turn left two blocked and go straight." Ahri heard her GPS say as she got nervous coming close to the house. When she drove up, unbelting her seatbelt and got out of the car, Ahri didn't know what to even say to her own brother when she sees him. Knowing how shocked to her see after many years, wonder if he is a writer or coming close to his dream hoping their father didn't ruin it for Jae. For her sane to be hopeful Kaesung did want he wanted to do and pulled his own way. 

Looking at the car and walked up to the door, Ahri took her time to knock. If his friend opened the door then she but be calm and open mind, if her brother opens to the door then she gets his first reaction to see her or it can go both ways. She knew when it comes to her new supervisor job she will be meeting one male that everyone told her about is so passionate about his job and was not working when she went by for the first time. She believed his name was Hanseol? Ahri shook her head to focus as she knocked on the door hearing barking made her excited to hear a dog. Ahri took her time to look around the area, it looks like there is enough space for a dog which is always nice for dog owners. When she hears someone talk form the other side of the door and opened the dhampir turned around to see who she will be meeting first.

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Jae smiled softly as she talked about Bomi, she always seemed to light up whenever she was talking about animals but especially their family dog “You brought her here?” he spoke with wide eyes suddenly feeling the excitement bubbling up in his chest because getting to see her again sounded really special, he had been missing many things from home and their dog was definitely one of them, though Yeontan also had a spot in his heart now too. “Maybe we can bring her and Yeontan for a playdate sometime” he mused, brightening up a little and managing to push aside his worries and nerves just a little.

His eyes softened a little when she said she was happy that he and Eun left when they did and how she didn’t intend on going back home “But mom…” he spoke it softly, he had been worried about their mom since he got the call last year that she’d been taken to the hospital, he had been here in Evermore so he couldn’t do much and everyone had assured him she was okay but he was still worried, having not seen her himself. “It’s hard to be away and...not knowing” he admitted with a somewhat sheepish grin, but having some of his family here in Evermore did help. What he was worried about was the moment their father lost patience and decided to come here to Evermore too, Jae feared that day might not be too far away now.

“Moving to a big new city is hard, even harder when they don’t speak your native language” he spoke softly, twiddling his thumbs in his lap as he thought about the journey he had gone through and how different he imagined it would be if he hadn’t met Han “But now feels like home to me, I don’t want to go back to Korea” he confessed, pressing his lips together for a moment, he had started to find his feet here, he had a job, he had friends, he enjoyed his study, he got to make his own choices. Jae had to admit he was shocked as he looked between them, especially when Ahri made a connection between her and Han and he realized his sister was going to be the new supervisor at Han’s work. He widened his eyes as the two of them talked “Oh two are…coworkers” it was clear his nerves were getting the best of him because he couldn’t really get a whole sentence out now matter how hard he was trying.

It was at that moment he felt the soft touch of Han’s hand against his, which made him bite his lip for a moment before taking a long deep breath, he didn’t move his hand away, inside his thumb brushed slowly over the back of his hand and then Jae glanced over at him with a look which could only be described as ‘I’m scared’ by now he hoped Han would understand him well enough to know he was struggling. Still, holding onto his hand was helping so Jae didn’t let go as he let the conversation drift, Ahri was asking about Han “Han’s really smart and hardworking, he brings the animals home whenever he’s worried over them, he likes watching really cliche movies that I always guess the ending of before they finish” yes, he was Han to him, not Hanseol “He likes running and sometimes he sings in the shower louder than he thinks he does” the more he talked the calmer he seemed to feel but he still wasn’t quite there yet.

He didn’t feel as anxious around her compared to others, but perhaps that was just because Jae was in the same room as he was in. The dhampir does give him a confidence boost from time to time, which Han was eternally grateful for. Ahri feels so familiar yet so unfamiliar at the same time and he wasn’t sure why. Aside from the fact that she was the elder sister of his boyfriend and her interest in the veterinary field, what else would the two have in common? The Celestial was excited to find someone he could talk to about animals though, having a second opinion on the same field would be reassuring and there were only so many of those people back at the clinic since they work in different sectors of the same field. He was the only one studying further about the development of vaccines while the others focused solely on the existing medicines.

 So when the two Moon siblings talked about another dog, a potential playmate for Yeontan, his eyes lit up almost instantaneously, “Bomi?” It seems like she also had the same thoughts about Eun and Jae leaving Korea to come here, he wondered if the siblings were really just trying to find a way out. He knew about Jae’s mother’s condition since the dhampir told him about her, and a part of him wished Ahri brought with her some good news to ease her brother’s worries. “Your English is better than most native speakers, Jae” he chuckled, the other male’s studies had improved greatly and he was proud to see him being so studious. Honestly, who wouldn’t like to sit and have such a marvelous view at that male studying with his glasses perched on the bridge of his nose, right hand skimming over the book’s pages while trying to mumble a few words to himself? 

“Are you here to stay, Ahri?” he asked, Eun had been here the last time using the excuse of work but the elder Moon had probably found more of his home here, especially after the Celestial saw the bond he had with a certain kitsune friend of theirs. When she suddenly connected the two bridges and told him she was there to assume the role of his supervisor, he blinked a few times and gaped, “Oh wow…” Being co-workers with his boyfriend’s sister? That sounds like something that just jumped out from a k-drama. But it was really the reality. “It’s nice to see you too, the position has been empty for about a week and we all heard there would be a new person taking over but we had no idea who it would be.” What a coincidence. 

Han was just about to answer a few of her questions but Jae had beaten him to it, spilling like he knew the Celestial better than anyone, which was the truth. The dhampir does know him better than anyone. It was a given when you’ve lived with him for a while. Jae not moving from the spot and only taking his hand in response made Han stare at the dhampir from the side, he didn’t push him away like he thought he would. The look he sent his way made him frown as he clasped the dhampir's hand, squeezing them a bit and rubbed his thumb against his knuckle. It felt right to have his hand in his. His lips were jutted out slightly in a pout as if to ask if Jae's fine. “I did?” he murmured softly, he didn’t know he sang louder than he thought. “You never told me that before… I assumed it was fine” Of course, he knew Jae wouldn’t complain but right now, he was really taken aback by how the dhampir answered for him. “Exactly like what he said, I’m shy and could be in a daze sometimes, so much you would probably need to call my name twice before I actually pay attention. And you, Ahri? Where are you staying at the moment?”

The Dhampir knew to bring Bomi to Evermore would be a big change for both of them but she knew to protect her is everything in life. No one can't argue with a family dog bring everyone to a smile on there face, seeing her younger brother's excitement brought her a smile to her face with a nodded. "She misses you and Eun, Is not that mean to keep her away. I would've brought her but the poor girl was very tired so I have someone watching her at the moment." Ahri said knowing Bomi's health is important. "I was hoping you would say that!" she said in excitement. "She would hate me right now if she knew I'm with you right now," she said caring about Bomi's feelings but she is sure Bomi will forgive her. When she looked at Hanseol when she heard him say Bomi, she brought out her phone and show him a video of their family dog. "Dog has always been with the family for as long as adopting her," Ahri said laughing at how cute Bomi is in the video. 

The topic went down quickly within a matter of time when Jaesung spoke about their mother. She didn't know what to say, Ahri closed her eyes away from Jaesung. "I wish I knew how she is, I wanted to see her before coming here but someone was in the room. She was talking soI guess things are looking good on her side." Ahri said looking at her hands. Thinking about their mother brought bittersweet feelings to her. Deep down she wishes not to lose anyone in the family but she always wished their family was better to understand other's dreams and what they want to do. "Am sure she's doing better now. You know her," she said looking up at Jaesung knowing she might be the right person to ask or to give an answer. Ahri nodded understanding he wanted to know. 

Ahri was not one too worried about things that didn't happen but she couldn't hide she is scared to cause harm to her brother because she is here. Would it be wrong for her to ask if her coming her is a horrible idea? Was it selfish? She got out of her mind to catch up on the conversation with Hanseol and Jaesung. Ahri can see how they both get along which puts a smile on her face one again, she knew to hold a confident face not to worry her brother, today might not be the best time yet. Pushing it for the time to be right or maybe telling both Sungeun and Jaesung both together might be easier for her. "You don't know how happy I am to hear you say that. You deserve this life more than anything. Freedom is hard to come by in Korea, I am sure Eun would agree. Both of you deserve this." As the younger and older sister, Ahri wants the best for her siblings after the hard life they came from. "Am sure Evermore would have that effect on me soon, having family here makes it less scary."

The dhampir nodded with a smile, "Yes I am." The only reason Ahri knew about Hanseol was her going to the Clinic the moment she got to Evermore to get a headstart and knowing names and the building itself. Ahri never thought to meet a coworker this early, it looks like her surprise took a turn in events. "That's what everyone told me at the Clinic as well. I am just so surprised, two in one day will you know what they say good things come in three so  I wonder what will be the third surprise." Ahri said she got more than she thought. "I hope to work well."

The blonde looked at Jaesung in surprise as she looked at Haeseol with her eyes. "Noted. You two must be really close." Ahri said. "Thanks for the warning, I will make sure to remember that. If you ever have any questions or anything that is on your mind. Don't be shy to ask." Ahri said hoping it would give Hanseol at ease and not be scared to talk with her on the job. "I have an apartment that allows dogs which are were Bomi is right now. I had to buy it not only for Bomi but increase the worst situation comes to an animal in need on the street. People are so cruel, an animal is people just like us." she said with a little pout remembering what Hana told her about how people kick her brother's dog, Mickey. She pulled out her notepad and pen to write down the address handing it to one of them. "Come by anytime. I would love to have company over when everything gets calmed down and the apartment looks liveable," she said making a joke.

Jae smiled at the topic of their family dog because he had missed her for a long time now, after moving to Evermore and living in the dorms everything had felt strange without a dog because he was so used to her being there. Now he had Yeontan and even Byul of course but that didn’t mean he missed Bomi any less “Well then I look forward to them being friends” he commented with a sheepish smile looking between Han and the screen as they watched the video of her. Jae twidled his hands in his lap as Ahri spoke about their mother though, he was pretty sure their father was hiding most of the truth about her health from them and honestly, he was worried, worried they might lose her “Yeah I do” he knew that she was the type to tell others not to worry over her and to push aside her own health to look after others “I’m sure Hyunsik is doing everything he can” he spoke softly, though it was clear the topic was still bothering him.

The way she assured him that she thought he deserved this life was relieving, he was sure that none of them by now were happy with the life they were asked to lead back in Seoul. Eun was made to go into law regardless of his own passions at the time, his parents were basically treating his love for writing as a phase he was going to get over and he was sure before long they would come up with a husband for Ahri too. “The problem with the taste of freedom is that I’m not sure I want to let it go” he commented softly, glancing over at Han for a moment because a lot of that was not wanting to let the celestial go “You know father is still expecting me to come home at the end of my degree and I know he’s been on Eun’s case to go through with the wedding” he sighed under his breath, everything was so difficult and complicated it seemed.

He was still a little surprised as he listened to the two of them talk about the fact they were going to be working together, honestly he didn’t see that coming even though he probably should have connected the dots the moment that Ahri got here. You could say he was pretty overwhelmed right now, to say the least. He was glad though because that meant that Han’s studies and work was going to be managed by someone who cares and would act in his interests. He was sure the two of them would get along well because they both loved animals over everything and were very passionate about their work.

Jae found himself blushing when he realized how personal he had gone with the details of Han and he glanced over to the star, he could feel the way Han was comforting him from the way he squeezed his hand and that little pout of questioning. Jae still felt lost for words but he was trying to steady himself and figure out what to say “Your singing is amazing” he commented softly in response to him questioning whether it was fine “I uh…” his throat felt dry again as he trying to figure out what was the right thing to say. Before he managed to decide Ahri was already talking about where she live, Jae shuffled in his seat, leaning a little closer to Han once more. He reached out to take the paper she wrote her address on and smiled, he could feel his hands getting sweaty from the nerves he was feeling “Han and I are dating” he just said it, in the most direct, shocking way he probably could have and immediately after he said it he widened his eyes in shock at himself.

Han had to admit, for a bit there, he felt like he was a big intrusion to the two who were trying to reunite and share their love for one another. He felt so out of place. Jae was talking with his sister, and there was him, sitting right next to the younger male, holding back from fidgeting because the tension that filled the room was making him uneasy. But it was really just between him and Jae, Ahri seemed to not notice what was going on with the two of them, which made the Celestial wonder if Jae was ever going to tell her regarding their relationship. Whatever decision Jae takes, he’ll respect it. He had to understand that it wasn’t easy for the dhampir. The video of the dog named Bomi, who was the Moon siblings’ family dog was playing, to which it managed to put a fond smile on the star’s lips, “How cute.” He could feel the distress energy Jae was emitting, he was worried about his mother’s health that seemed to have gradually gotten worse from what the two of them heard from Eun the last time the elder Moon came to visit. 

Being halfway across the world and so far from his mother’s embrace, it must’ve devastated Jae greatly. Han didn’t know what he could do to help aside from comforting and reassuring the dhampir that all bad things must come to an end, eventually. “You should bring Bomi the next time, maybe she can look after Yeontan while I’m working” he nudged Jae gently, as an effort to cheer him up, it was minimal but it was there. He didn’t want him to be sad. Han decided not to talk anything about their mother’s condition, simply because the Celestial felt like it wasn’t his place to give his opinion on something so personal such as that. The look Jae spared him when talking about how he doesn’t want to let go of the taste of freedom he’s had, and perhaps that included him too, made his heart swell as the Celestial squeezed his hand tighter, as if saying he was there for him. 

“Evermore has an effect to intimidate most of the newcomers” he quipped shyly, “But not to worry, it welcomes you the same way too. Before long, you would feel like you’re home, Ahri” He couldn’t see another place as his home aside from the eternal city anymore. But then again, wherever Jae would go, he would follow too because he matters the most. “I think you’ll do just fine, we’re a bunch of good people, don’t worry” he winked playfully, there weren’t many of his colleagues there left, because most of them were also students, hell even he wasn’t supposed to stay longer than he should but he had a certain attachment to the clinic here in Evermore. He was tempted to reply with a ‘you have no idea’ when Ahri regarded their relationship to be close, very close indeed.

 “Thank you” he exclaimed softly and sent a rather soft look towards the dhampir, his eyes forming a crescent-like shape that Jae could usually detect whenever Han was feeling particularly happy that day, clearly the compliment was more than enough to get him going. What the fallen star did not expect was the sudden confession Jae had blurted out, rendering him speechless, his eyes were widened and his lips formed an o, “Jae…” he didn’t think the dhampir would confess right now but he was truly taken aback, and perhaps, touched. “Baby…” He felt like Jae could flaunt him around proudly now and the look on his face was more than enough to portray how touched the Celestial felt.

Ahri smiled with a giggle, "I can already see them running around and playing. I hope they be great friends." Ahri said. When Jaesung mentioned Hyunsik she was taken back, it's been like forever since she last heard his name. "Am sure he is doing everything he can." Their oldest brother is one she could never get in connect before living Seoul but she hopes he is in good health and not overworking himself. Looking at Hanseol and nodded. "Oh that would be perfect!" she said never thought of that option unless it was pointed out. 

The Dhampir knew freedom is everything the Moon siblings craved the most in life but the real question was what does it feel to be happy, what does it mean to be happy. There was one thing she got to choose which was her ex-boyfriend who proposes to her but with freedom and her dream she didn't feel ready for a commitment at that time but she knew one day it would happen with or without her choice. Ahri came to Evermore without their father's approval but her own. Time is now short.  "Freedom feels like that," Ahri said knowing by the way Jaesung looked at Hanseol she knew everything will change within a moment. Ahri looked down knowing she had to tell Jaesung. "I know but sadly am scared to say I think the time is not on our side anymore," Ahri said hoping Jaesung will get the hint of what she is talking about, she didn't want to scared Hanseol. 

A smile came back on Ahri's face hearing about how Evermore welcomes you before you know it. "I will keep that in mind." She nodded confidently, it would explain why there were three in the clinic when she came around. Looks like it will easier in the beginning then she thought but that is only for the moment when more come in to work. Within the moment the air changed as Ahri sit there taking another sip of her coffee to see if it's still warm before taking a drink then setting it back down on the coffee table. 

Before she can have a chance to think of something else they all can talk about, Ahri heard Jaesung's confession about they are both dating. Ahri looked at both of them before smiling widely, "Wait, Wait. Oh My goodness, Really!" Ahri said excitedly. "Ok, tell me how you first meet,  was it romantic? Am sure it was, I have to know." She said wanting to know how it happened. Looks like the third surprise is her younger brother and his boyfriend. The dhampir looked at Hanseol with a bright smile, "You are the luckiest guy to have my brother in your life. Always make sure to treat him like a king and never let go." Ahri said in approval of the relationship. "Now it makes sense for your body languages. I'm sorry you feel scared not to tell me. Oh wow, I am so happy to hear this news." Ahri is speechless and happy, she didn't mind to be overwhelmed knowing her brother found love by his own choice. 

Jae laughed softly when she talked about the dogs playing around one another “Yeontan may look innocent but he’s a troublemaker, he might annoy her pretty fast” he chuckled slightly, he was always looking for something new to do and usually it involved him picking up something he shouldn’t or barking a lot “I’ve been calling it his rebellious teenager phase” he commented glancing over to Han with an amused grin because they had a lot of interesting stories involving Yeontan over the past year.

There was this strange balance when it came to their family, there was this sense of loyalty and duty to their father because he was the one who had provided them everything they had, it was him who trained them to fight, him who helped to push them into their respective careers. Not all Jae’s memories of his father were bad ones, there were a few times when the youngest Moon sibling had managed to make him smile. But then the other part of him hated having his future mapped out for him with no room for changes “It really does” he commented nodding his head slowly “I know” he spoke it softly as he looked up at her “Feels like a ticking alarm hanging over my head” he grumbled slightly because he just wished he could move on and just do the things which made him happy, but it wasn’t that simple.

He was holding his breath the moment he said the words and the first sound he heard was Han speaking to him, he looked over the star his expression showing the nerves he was feeling before returning to Ahri, when she smiled he breathed a sigh of relief before blinking a few times in surprise at her reaction because she was suddenly so excitable “Ah...well I did my usual thing, I was walking through the park in the dark and I tripped over Han’s leg” he laughed softly under his breath “Not really romantic but memorable for sure” he nodded a few times, he felt so much better for saying it, like he wasn’t shading over a certain part of himself and hiding it anymore.

“Ahri” he chided softly when she told Han how lucky he was to have him “You uh….you can’t tell father...I haven’t had the chance to...think all of that over” honestly he was dreading it and his mind kept going over the worst-case scenarios over and over again “I just want to figure out how to be happy here...that’s why I don’t want to go home” he squeezed against Han’s hand in his, glad to finally have said it.

Yeontan rarely gets along with anyone new, much less strangers. He doesn’t even socialize himself with his colleagues and that was saying something, considering he’s brought him over more than a few times before. With Jae, he hit it off quite well, the dhampir seemed to have charmed the Pomeranian, so the idea of the devilish puppy receiving a playmate was a suggestion he would very much like to entertain. “Perhaps he’ll learn something new” he murmured under his breath, learning how to behave, most likely. The situation with Jae’s mother is so tense, so much that Han was actually worried that he might have said something that would offend him, or anything that didn’t fit the scenario in hand. “Please, I’ve been trying to discipline that devilish brat for months and I’m even lucky enough to see him doing his litter train with no problem. I can’t possibly ask more of him”  He was quite possibly the puppy that he had a hard time taming. Perhaps, he’s been spoiling him too much? 

Watching the exchange between the two siblings back and forth, he finally understood the similarities they held as well as the differences. The Moon siblings are indeed, different from one another. He could see the contrast Eun had too. But at the end of the day, they were still bound by blood. “I’m not sure if Bomi could handle the devilish little prince but it’s worth a try, right?” Anything to keep him occupied, that’s for sure. Ahri said time is no longer on their side and that honestly scares the living hell out of him. What was going to happen? Will they need to prepare for the future soon? Jae didn’t have to return back until after his studies, but why does Han feel so antsy and anxious about this? His brows were furrowed as his lips formed a small pout, eyes averting over to Jae, as if he was pleading with the dhampir, wondering if things were going to change drastically and if this statement would affect their relationship. He knew that Jae’s father wasn’t about to be fond of them, especially him.

 Truthfully, Han did not expect that kind of reaction from Ahri but he was relieved to know that she was accepting of their relationship, that’s another obstacle down. And the fact that Jae himself had confessed out loud, it meant a lot to him. It meant everything to Han. “Not every first meeting had to be romantic, you know” he nudged him playfully, “I think our meeting was sweet. I was this wide-eyed guy who knew very little about the idea of love and then there’s you who came knocking on my doors, offering me the solace nobody else could.” Jae was his beacon, he was the source of his confidence and a lot of other things. There wasn’t a thing that didn’t come back to the dhampir, and it was all the good stuff. Jae influenced him to lead a better and healthier life compared to his previous one. That’s why I don’t want to go home, he said. “You don’t?” His voice made him sound like he was this timid boy asking for another’s validation, and pairing it up with the same pair of doe eyes, he looked the part. 

“We’ll get through this together, I’m sure we’ll find a way, won’t we?” he wrapped one arm around the other male and squeezed him lightly, “Love conquers all, right? Isn’t that what you sappy authors usually like to imply on?” A little tease won’t hurt. “Thank you for being open-minded about this, Ahri, I… you have no idea how relieved I am to hear this.”

The dhampir laughed, "This is true." Ahri smiled widely hearing the little conversation between the males. The topic of their mother is a touchy topic as it can change the mood of the conversation very quickly. Until Hanseol spoke up as she gave him a nod. "I shall see what she can do. I am sure between both of them nothing will go wrong. Well will never know until then." or that's what she wants to believe. Ahri did wonder about Yeontan's personality, she guesses she would know in the time since they will be seeing each other more often now.  

Ahri knew is the Princess of the family but she also knew what their father is capable of as well.  She bites her lower lip hearing Jaesung's thoughts, that is one she does not think she wants to know is if there are plans for her life. "It's hard to ignore and I understand that. I wish I can change all of the father's plans but it's impossible. All I can do is stand by your side, well in this case both sides." Ahri said looking between her brother and Hanseol. 

She sat there listening to both of them telling the story how they meet, her smile never left her face. "The timing was perfect and it's was support to happen. I am happy," she said with a nodded. Seeing a smile and seeing her brother looking at Hanseol made her happy and that is important. 

Listening to what Jaesung told her, Ahri nodded. "Trust me Jae, this wall between me and you. I will not ruin your happiness am not that evil." She turned to look at Hanseol now seeing how relaxed he is now that the news is out. "It's no one place to judge who someone wants to love. As all as you make Jaesung happy, that's all I care about, asking from an older sister of course." What she said is true, Ahri would be a hypocrite if she didn't approve of them, after all, she did have moments with females in the past after her ex-boyfriend. "Does Eun know?" Ahri asked Jaesung wondering if the news got to him already. The thought brought her back wondering if he found someone in the city. Love will always win at the end of the day. 

"Looks like the third surprise came to us," Ahri said with a light laugh. "So, anything else I should know about?" she asked giving Jaesung and Hanseol to talk about what they want. She wondered how much her brother grew along with getting to know her now co-worker and brother's boyfriend. 

Jae couldn’t help but smile at the thought of Bomi meeting Yeontan, though honestly, he wasn’t sure how that would even go, Yeontan wasn’t aggressive with other dogs but he could be very dismissive of some or annoying to others, he was a finicky one and it was hard to predict him sometimes “He’s a temperamental one” usually with no good reason “I blame Han for spoiling him so much” he jested and nudged the other male with his elbow.

Jae fiddled with the sleeve of his sweater as Ahri talked, even she recognized the fact that their father wasn’t going to be okay with this. Their father was a very rigid and closed-minded man who did the things he thought was right without much thought or concern for what others might want. The dhampir had attempted to reason with him in the past only to be shut down or told to mind his place. In a society where age meant authority, Jae had no choice but to stay quiet “I try not to think too much about what he might do or say” because whenever he did, he became anxious and sad.

He laughed blushing a little as Han and he recounted their first meeting “Things just kinda happened from there...we never even realized we were falling until..well it hit us in the face...or kicked us in the stomach I guess” he laughed giving Han a knowing look for a moment and grinning to himself. He smiled and nodded when Ahri promised to keep it a secret for now “One day we will figure out how to break the news but until then…” he pressed his lips together and forced a smile.

“Yeah...he’d have to be seriously blind not to know considering how long he’s been in the city” he laughed under his breath and smiled. He felt a sense of relief to be able to tell her and have it accepted but he still felt like his heart was racing in his chest from the experience. He’d never thought he would need to explain a part of himself to his family but here he was. He felt more at ease now though, now that the words were said and he didn’t need to lie. Much like Han, Jae was terrible at lying and it stressed him out greatly.

“Nope, it’s just us and the two dogs” he teased and laughed tilting his head slightly “Though if you ever show up here and find two other guys, that’s Dae and Yeon, they like to hijack the place a lot” sometimes they even showed up when they were out and made themselves at home, much to Jae’s dismay. Jae tucked in closer to Han’s shoulder and smiled at Ahri “So when do you start at the clinic? Are you two going to have to pretend you don’t know each other?” he laughed.

A whine escaped the reins of his mouth when Jae said he's been spoiling the Pomeranian too much, resulting in its devilish behavior that seemingly often land them in trouble, most of the time with Han ending the day with a sigh and a massage to his temple grumbling about Yeontan. Yeah, that seems to be just right. "I've been cutting that kind of special treatment down lately though, I'm doing better Jae" he grumbled defensively, before Jae's arrival, admittedly the Celestial spoiled him a lot more often. Once the dhampir moved in, however, that's when he left his custody to him and Jae was more of his owner than him despite the title of their co-ownership. "I'm sure Yeontan will find himself behaving around Bomi. He may not look like it but he's a secret sweetheart and gentleman." And maybe, with another dog figure that wasn't Byul around to chastise him, he'd learn to behave better. Byul wasn't the kind to get jealous either so it works for both parties. 

The problem regarding their father has been weighing on his mind, he wasn't going to lie. Truthfully, it made him wonder the alternatives that they could take to make things… better. But every time they turn to another corner, they would be greeted with a stump or dead end. It became a bit frustrating at some point. He wanted to voice out his concern but this was between Ahri and Jae and Eun, it's their family business and he had no right to jump in. Unfortunately, all Han could do is stand by the sidelines and comfort Jae when something from it upsets him. So all he did was take Jae's hand into his and squeezed them reassuringly, sparing the dhampir a smile because he wanted to tell him that he was there for him. That he will try to help him through the problems he may face in the future. 

His eyes widened almost instantly when Jae outlined what happened, especially the part about kicking him in the stomach, "Jae baby I already apologized… you're gonna make it sound as if I abused you in front of your sister." Naturally the whiney tone came out and Han was already shaking the other male's arm vigorously. "I did not use him as a physical punching bag, I swear Ahri… it was just that one time I got so aggravated and… that was before we even dated-" now he was babbling again and it took him awhile to realize what was going on, "I'm gonna shut up now." That's probably wise. He did however, have a smile on his lips when he saw how visibly calm Jae was acting after knowing he didn't have to hide his relationship from his own sister, who would also be Han's superior or boss at the clinic. It would help extremely uncomfortable if that would continue. 

"Sometimes I wanna say that it's all consensual and that they came here with an invitation but I swear their definition of invitation spreads out wide" he chuckled, not that he actually minded, though it wouldn't be nice to have a warning beforehand to know if they're gonna come crashing. Han had his arm wrapped around his waist almost instinctively and grinned, "That's going to be hard. To pretend we don't know each other. Because I'm dating her baby brother." 

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