The night was very wild as she dealt with a Celestial she didn’t know the species about. Zandra wanted to relax and go to bed, very tired from running around and dealing with problems that end up not only her but another Guard she was there to support.Coming up to the door of the manor she took off her heels with the pain shooting up from the balls of her feet up her legs. “ I hope I don’t have to go to a Gala anytime soon. At least not one with matter needs to be resolved and running with heels.” Zandra said with a sign as she entered the manor. It there was still light with the thought that came within Zandra’s mind was there was a time for them to turn off the lights and it’s past that time.  

Letting her hair come down from it being up all night with her hand going through her hair as she went to check out the light problem. “ If someone broken in I don’t know if I can fight anymore tonight.” The darker women let her brown hues look around for any sign on break in or kidnapping, to her relief there was nothing out of the ordinary. She was going to turn off the light until she heard footsteps. She never heard those footsteps before. Heavy but with power within each step made Zandra frozen as if she was under a spell. “ I-If you broke in I would advise you to step out of this manor now.”

Her guard went up once again not caring about the pain, no one but Aspects and Guards. The dark women held her heels and went into the direction. “You are either brave or stupid to think you don’t have to speak to me.” Zandra spoke up again as she got to the main room as he eyes went wide. “ Oh no am in trouble.” she said under her breath as she was looking at one of the Aspects. Not one put the only Aureus Ailward. “ Am so sorry to talk to you like that. The light was on and I thought someone broken in. Did something happen for you to come all this way?” Zandra said quickly putting herself in place.

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Aureus had felt a Celestial using their power and it had placed the Aspect on edge. Even more so when he had come to realize who was at the scene of the incident. The Celestials after all should have been a more secretive species, especially around any of the Ailward whether Guard or Aspect. How or why this has occurred he didn’t know and he very much wanted the answers which was why he was still up with the lights shining on him as he tapped his fingers against the arm rest of the chair he was seated in. 

The Aspect had expected at least a call but one never came and it seemed the amount of those sympathetic to the Celestials was growing. Yes he was haunted over guilt by his idea and actions which had caused them to be locked up but it was the best of the worst solutions and now more than ever the Celestials were vulnerable. That though alone troubled the Aspect since despite the Peace Treaty in place in the city, the Celestials weren’t a part of it and a species could kill one which would be catastrophic. There were too many Celestials which weren’t skilled with their abilities or fighting and that made them targets.

He heard the main entrance door open and so he waited, specifically for a Guard who now owed him a report whether she wanted to give it to him or not. After all the Celestials were under surveillance which was better than being in cages since they still maintained their freedom. Waiting he the guard call out but didn’t bother to answer, after all it would be unwise for someone to break into the manor who didn’t belong. “Perhaps I’m both of those things.” He answered as she stepped into the room the shock evident on her features. “The lights tend be on when I’m waiting up for someone or more importantly information about an events tonight involving a Celestials.”  

The presence of the Aspect given Zandra time to herself to get in check. Listening to what he had to say knowing it was about the event she just came back from. A Guard being into the Celestials time freeze she guessed to herself it didn't happened before let alone for a guard or two. Everything made sense to her but it does not excuse her for not reporting what happened. Its was hours ago as it took so long for her to back to the manor. Relaxing is something she will not be doing for a few minutes or hours.

"Sir I can assure you no one got hurt and everything was in control. I was not aware of the species until tonight if I may be honest. " Zandra is telling the truth, when everything happened with the Celestials came to Evermore and locked up she was with her father who is now in Evermore City. " I will tell you everything truthful but to tell you the truth it's hard to put my mind around everything that happened." Just getting back and instead of writing a report she he to tell the report to the family. 

"What happened was, tonight was a Art Gala event and I went to support a fellow guard. Seconds after I got a call from my father telling me things I need to know. Beside all the the beginning of what happened, I never know anything was frozen in time until the girl touched me. Being within the moment of that everything stopped. I was able to move as everything didn't move. I know am a human but am not slow to understand things that goes on. Like I said no one got hurt as this was a Celestial personal problem. She was like running from someone, a vampire am guessing. I didn't look at who she was running from but to follow her to make sure she does not do anything else. The safety of others came first. I just came back from the event at the Gala and going after to Celestial."

Aureus was used to Tatiana keeping things close to the chest but incidents with the Celestials had to be reported. For the protection of the world and the Celestials themselves despite what everyone thought of him. The nervousness in the younger guard was clear but Reus wasn’t going anywhere until he was told what happened.

Many of the younger guards had never actually met the Celestials since most had been gathered over the past century and were only freed within the last two years when the Isle fell. “The Celestials don’t often harm people Zandra, I fear them being harmed more than harming others. They aren’t a dark species, they’re pure light with an energy many want to get their hands on.” Which was were the true issue was. The first time he had experienced the power of a Celestial it had been unexplainable to his mind until he had time to process it. “It’s not something easily explained and even when it’s explained it’s still rather unbelievable.”

The Aspect listened to the story that Zandra had to tell knowing the gala was Tatiana’s. “The Celestial was running from someone?” He inquired while reaching up to rub his chin in thought since the Celestials weren’t covered by the peace treaty so another species hunting or killing them wasn’t necessarily against any of the new laws. “As far as you know she left safe?” He asked since he knew the Celestial must have survived since he felt no other shifts in time, unbalance or hole. "If you ever see a Celestial in trouble again your job is to make sure nothing happens to them. Protecting them protects us." He said speaking of all the Aspects since one death could potentially affected them all. 

 Zandra wanted to be completely honest she didn't like being on sidelines looking into something she does not understand. She knew something was going on with out her understanding which made thing for her complicated, clueless and confused.Listing the the other's explaining about the star species made a lot more things cleared up, she could understand why people would hunt them for their power. " Sir, I was here when the Isle of the Skies was still here in Evermore and went away but approve to help my father move here. Coming back it was not here anymore and everything before what I knew was gone. I'm sure you understand my confusion and asking for information about what happened." 

After telling her story, she watched the other as something to him was not expected. " Yeah Within the crowd she knew to get away along with the lines of touching both me and the other guard." Zandra said in the full truth. "I never saw who she was running from but the gender of the person. She looked scared." Zandra explained and she nodded. " There was tension between the other guard and her. She wanted to go on her own but I knew it was not a good idea if a person is after her." Zandra said trying to remember everything after the information about what the species was from the other male in front of her. " Sir I was going to write a report I swear to it. I just need to wrap my mind around what happened. I can understand this  information should not be kept. " Zandra nodded at his words understand what if something happened and she didn't try to protect the star species it would not be in the right hands. " I understand sir. Please forgive me on my lack of action on my part. I will be better next time...... if there is a next time for me." Zandra said hoping he does not see her as a let down.

There was so much about the Celestials which still baffled most but those who knew what they could gain from killing a Celestial didn’t care about the consequences. Evermore was safe for many species thanks to the peace treaty which was in place but when it came to the Celestials they didn’t fall under that protection. Anyone could hunt them down without repercussion. Or at least without the repercussions of the treaty, he knew the vampires had made an alliance with the Celestials and that was probably one of their only saving graces at the moment. “No one’s really clear on what happened to the Isle of Skye Zandra, the boundary spell fell and Ophelia freed her people, and then the Isle itself fell that’s all we ever able to figure out. Obviously the fall and the Celestials go hand and hand but they put themselves at great risk by running.” Reus was still livid over the fall of the Isle and lose of life but he also knew the body count could rise and rise fast if the Celestials were hunted down and killed.

The common misconception was that Reus hated the Celestials but hate was a very strong emotion and it wasn’t what he felt for the Celestials, he feared them and he feared for them. “So the Celestial didn’t fear either of you or she seemed to know you would help.” It was an odd concept for Reus to even try to follow since most of the Celestials hated the Ailwards for obvious reasons. “It’s fine Zandra, things are just escalating faster than I anticipated, likely faster than the Celestials expected either.” He responded momentarily lost in thought, “Write up the report when you can, I know it can be a lot to take in and process. You aren’t being reprimanded and you aren’t in trouble.” He stated knowing that was likely what it felt like due to his intensity. “If there is a next time…remember that the state of the world itself is tied to the lives of the Celestials, if one dies all order is thrown into chaos and many of us may cease to exist.” He knew that was a lot to put on someone but that was the reality of what the Celestials meant to the world order and to life itself.

Everything was made clear of the reason why everything changes from then to now.  Zandra could still arruge to herself she should not have left if something like that would've happened. Her own flaw she made from the beginning. All it matters now to Zandra is what is going on right now and what she needs to. This would be news to everyone if the word got out so she understood why it is important. " Am sorry if I brought up flashbacks, it must have been hard on everyone during that time." Zandra finally spoke as she knew why what the other said sounds horrible but to live through it must have been more hard then she could process. The past use to live they can get better to have that event not to be relieved. 

" Yes and no. She had a big thing towards the other am guessing it was during the imprisonment? She didn't like to see the other am guessing but of course I can;t speak for the other.  I could not speak a lot since the other has more information but my gut told me the celestial would not be safe or to go off herself. Am guessing my gut is right from the things you told me about them. I think the celestial was not that hard on me due to I didn't know much about what happen. Am not saying excuse but the truth." Zandra explained wondering what more she could learn but on a later date.  As the other spoke she got happy he is letting her still write the report when she could which would not be longer than a few hours after writing all the times lines of what happened and nodded. "Thank you sir, I will try to write every detail the best I can. Trust me now I know information it will be a better next time, like you said if there is a next time. I will keep it in mind and what happened tonight will never happened again I can promise you that." she said with a light smile knowing the world can be switched from peaceful to mayhem within a black of an eye. 

The fall of the Isle was something Aureus truly hated to talk about or think about. It was a reminder of the people he had failed and the mistakes he made with the Celestials. Too many good lives were lost and he really wanted to know why. There was something much deeper going on but he didn’t know what and didn’t want to scare or put the Guards on edge if it could be avoided. “The fall of the Isle is going to take a long time to move past from, it’s still pretty fresh. I’m not sure we’ll ever be how or what we were then.”

The weariness in the expression of the Aspect was clear. There was so much going on and bad blood was seeping back in but he was trying his best not to latch onto it. “Most of the Celestials have no love lost towards the Ailward for very obvious and well founded reasons. Not many tend to care for those who hold them captive for close to a hundred years.” There was something stirring within the city and with the other species as well, an unrest and a sense that something was on it’s way or already here. “Hopefully the Celestials can find safety soon since despite popular belief it would put my mind somewhat at ease. I look forward to reading the report and I’ll let you get back to the rest of your evening.” He responded before slowly standing knowing he still had other things to attend to.

Her Hazel eyes could see the pain of the subject on the other as she looked down knowing she might have said something wrong. “Am sorry for bringing it up. Am trying to figure everything out. I will be careful what am asking in the future.” Zandra said, she could not imagine how it felt to be there in the moment when everything happened. “I can feel it from you it was harder than anyone could ever imagine and I feel so bad to ask about that event. Zandra herself didn’t find anything dangerous about the star species she knew one before being part of the guards now. She could not shake the feeling there are more things but she didn’t want to dare to ask. Keeping the other away from things and the report is more important then to ask more questions. Guess that’s her habit from being a blogger, research and get to the full story that is hidden in between the lines.

Zandra listened to the other not messing any word. Those who were captured? That information was the same from another guard who spoke about the species. That will explain why she didn’t see one person for many years thinking he didn’t want her around and skipped town. Zandra didn’t know what to say or think in her mind, she lied to herself thinking it was the best no she mad bad blood on herself. Zandra could feel something was not right ever since she came back but could not pinpoint what it was. “Yes, Am sorry for keeping you away from what you were doing. The report will be done in the morning.” Zandra said as she closed her eyes before she walked back to her room to write the report and with many thoughts in her mind that was still lurking. She got more answers than questions.


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