The bright yellow sun was setting behind the buildings of Evermore City, the sunshine streaming through the white fluffy clouds as it finally went down, the light blue sky washed over the city as twilight came. Javier was standing in his apartment watching out the window as it went down the horizon. He always liked to watch the sunsets as it bought him a sense of peace to his mind. It’s indicating that he survived another day, even though he was immortal, he still often thinks back when he was being turned into something he never thought it existed. A Valkyr, almost similar to vampire traits, he was able to physically do things that he was sure he was living in actual fantasy dream but yes, it was reality now and it has taken him a long time to accept what he was. 

Being alone has its perks, he didn’t need to have responsibility over anyone and he was able to be free. Able to do whatever he wanted, drank, eat anything he wanted, didn’t need to buy things for another. He’s never been the one to have commitment to another person, he was always on the move or the fact he was more introverted than he has ever been over the past centuries, he has been alone, he didn’t want to feel betrayed like he had been when a fellow member of his gang shot him in the back, as if he was indeed, back stabbed. The stars finally started to come out and his senses heightened immediately, it never seize to amaze him the way his powers worked so well. Night time was always his favourite time of the day, he was a night owl mostly and this meant, heading into town and getting up to no good. 

Heading out of his apartment with a leather jacket on, his hair gelled to perfection and his boots clapped along the pavement flooring as he headed down. His senses picked up something rather odd, concentrating as he reached over to press the button of the elevator, his hearing picked up that someone was in trouble. His eyebrows creased together, confused on what and why someone would be in trouble. Quickly, the elevator came and he descended to the main floor. He could easily use his teleporting powers but instead, he tried to remain as humanly as possible. He preferred it that way even though he loved his powers however he wanted to remain normal. 

The elevator dinged indicating he had reached the bottom floor, as a few other valkyr’s came out along with him. Without further ado, he quickly used his superspeed to manage his timing a bit better, he could sense something was off. Hiding among the shadows in the distance, he picked up a small scream and headed towards the direction. It was near the lake of the city, hearing a human struggling as he was dealing with 3 other rogue valkyr’s. A small growl erupted from his throat as his eyes scanned each of the 3 rogue valkyr’s, not happy that they were disturbing the peace in the city, especially when it came to a harmless human.

Within the speed of lightning, he growled deeply at them, the three growled back, standing already in front of the defenseless human, he launched himself at one of the valkyries, cracking one of their arms before throwing them off himself. He then reached for the other two and quickly cracked both of their necks. Hissing violently as the other limped away as the valkyr sulked as he lost the fight, sped off in the distance, however, he followed suit and grabbed his head, twisted it and killed the single valkyr. Blood dripped from his body as he walked back over to the human, his eyebrow raising as he saw the man with a few marks on him. ‘’Why on earth are you in this territory? There are rogue valkyr’s everywhere.’’ He grunted as he came over to him to offer his hand. ‘’You could have died. You trying to test a valkyr’s patience?’’ He looked straight into the eyes of the human as he said that, something within him sparked but shrugged it off like it was nothing. ‘’Did they hurt you?’’ He asked a bit nicely this time, surprised that a human like himself was wandering alone in the valkyr territory. 

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Ash laughed, spewing blood from both his nose and lips. of course this wasn't funny, not in the slightest. But, he was sure he was about to die, and these bastards wouldn't see him die afraid. No. He wouldn't die like Tate did, the Therian who'd raised him. Blood dripped from his neck, after each of the three finished feeding on him - - Ash had grown weak. He knew that must have meant he'd lost to much blood. "If you're gonna kill me, just get on with it.." he said, breathing slower and slower, as his heartbeat went from rapid, to a faint murmur beneath his chest.

Before the Valkyr's could have their way with him though, and finish him off. Ash heard another approaching. Someone he had not anticipated on. A hero. Go figure, Ash knew his story would end up having a hero in it at some point. Never did he assume he'd nearly have to die first though. The gorgeous man was that of a blur to him. His features were striking though, even if he was passing out. Ash had somehow regained his ability to see straight however, and with that, came back his ability to hear the male more clearly.

Apparently all his wounds weren't visible to the others eye, or Ash wasn't as hurt as all the blood on his body indicated. "I don't know.. but i'm bleeding a whole fucking lot" he said, holding his neck, still breathing heavily. "I wasn't expecting to run into any of those blood sucking dick heads, so I wasn't thinking coming out here would end up with me being a chew toy tonight." he then said, sarcasm lacing his tone. He wasn't even aware that the man before him was the very same thing. A Valkyr. Even if he had known though, Ash had no filter to how he spoke, and he really was in pain.

"Who are you anyways? How did you get over here so fast?" he asked, one question aftr another alarmed Ash that this man wasn't human at all. "If you're gonna kill me, just do it.. seriously, or back the fuck off!" he yelled at the other, who had only just rushed over to save his life. But anyone in Ash's place, would have reacted the same way. "I can't even walk myself back home. So yeah, either kill me, or take me some where safe" Ash then said, locking eyes with the other man for the first time since he had rushed to his aid.

"Why do I feel like I know you?" Ash then asked, stumbling against the wall, groaning "fuck.." he muttered, before lifting his shirt to check just how damaged he was. The gashes along his body werent deep enough for him to bleed out, but his neck was still oozing like a running faucet. "I feel --" were the last two words Ash spoke before he found himself waking up somewhere he didn't recognize. As he woke, the human gasped for air. "What the hell. Where am I?" he shouted, kicking the covers away from his frame, thankful that he still had his clothes on. He had only then remembered the attack as seering pains coursed through his entire being.

Javier couldn’t believe his eyes when three rogue valkyr’s were going after the harmless human. No doubt that the three were blood crazies and probably need to be rehabilitated if Gideon were going to send them in. He could smell the human’s blood not too far from where he was standing before he intruded into the scene to save the human’s life. Typical humans that get up to no good. His hearing could pick up that the human could have easily died if it wasn’t for Javier to save his life - he made sure that the three rogue valkyr’s were dead and dead for good. As Javier killed the three in a matter of minutes since he was an elder valkyr, he was able to do with such ease. 

The elder valkyr came closer to the human and saw how much blood was spewing from the neck and how he was holding it indicated that he was in pain. His eyebrows raised as he heard the sarcasm lacing through the human’s voice, he cleared his throat and controlled his breathing as the blood was quite strong, stronger than he had anticipated. Those damn rogue valkyr’s, they can’t control themselves, he thought to himself. Javier watched with slight annoyance that the human thought he was going to kill him too, he scoffed slightly and shook his head. ‘’I’m not going to kill you, calm down, I just saved your life.’’ He explained but it wasn’t long that the human had passed out and that was when the Valkyr decided to take him back to his apartment. 

The elder Valkyr sighed as he walked over to picked him up into his arms, carrying him back to his place, he wasn’t too far away from where the rogue valkyr’s were. He made sure to lay him down on the sofa, attending to his wounds with bandages and medicine to help heal a bit faster. He cleaned his hands and grabbed a book, sitting on the window cell and waiting until the morning for the human to wake. Hours passed and the sun began to rise, moving away from the window cell, he made something to eat to stop his craving for blood. The smell was strong around his house and his stomach was growling for blood. He would drink soon, he hoped. 

His eyes looked over to see the human woke up, his eyebrows raised once more as he saw him slightly freaking out. ‘’For a matter of fact that you are at my place. Watch your mouth  boy,’’ he grunted as he came out of the kitchen into the lounge room to view the human, indicated he didn’t like swearing.. ‘’I’m Javier, I saved your life last night. You were getting attacked by rogue valkyr’s, I’ll be sending a report to Gideon for that.’’ The human would have no idea who Gideon was but he was sure about to know about it sooner or later. His eyes were somewhat darker than normal, his eyes scanned over the human. ‘’What is your name? Do you need something to eat or drink?’’ He asked, he continued to scan over him in case he was bleeding again. He remained distant though, he didn’t want to hurt the human, he was afraid that he was going to do so but he knew he was strong enough to hold off. 

Ash raised an eyebrow, chuckling as the other male told him to watch his mouth "Yes daddy" he nodded, sarcastically, but the faintest of smirks graced his bruised features. "What am I even doing here though?" the human then asked, shuffling around, feeling of his neck, then his ribs, becoming anxious with his movements, and heaving as he began breathing heavily. "What did you do to me?" he asked, stepping over in front of him, closing the distance between them. "I was sure I was bleeding to death.. how am I .. not dead?" he questioned and stared into his eyes, and for a short moment, finding himself stuck. Fuck. He thought silently. "I wish you had just let it be!" Ash then hissed out angrily, though he was happy to not be dead he guessed. 

"Who is Gideon?" Ash then asked, curious of this man, the things he said, and what would happen next. "I don't know what I need right now.. I have no apatite, but you seem to have one that only blood can fulfill" Ash said bluntly. "I know you're one of them" he added, and tore his gaze off of the male before him, deciding to step back a few inches, realizing he wasn't  comfortable that close to the male. "You look like you're falling apart there Javier. I bet you'd love a taste" Ash said, trailing  his finger tips past the wounds on his neck. 

"I know i come off like an ungrateful dick, but Ive never had an easy go of it with supernatural's. In fact, I hate them" he said bluntly, running a hand through his hair. "Why did you go out of your way to save me?" he then asked, before sitting on the couch, clutching his ribs, which seemed to hurt the most out of anything right now. "I guess I should say thank you though. Had you not appeared, i'd be dead" he added, dropping his gaze to the floor, and resting his face into the palms of his hands as he sat his elbows on his knees. After groaning into his hands, the human looked back over to Javier, a weary smile on his features before mustering up enough courage to lower his guard a little. 

"I guess I'll take a drink" he said, but waved his hand "anything alcoholic, whatever you have is fine" he added, wanting to dull the pain with booze, and frankly, wanting to forget that last night even happened. 

Javier raised an eyebrow when the younger man called him daddy, a small scoff left his throat as he leaned against the doorway. His blue eyes were darker than normal, feeling somewhat restless around the human. He knew he should have went out to feed but it was too late now, he was here in his home with a human in his apartment something Javier never thought would happen when coming to Evermore. As the human asked what Javier did to him, he made sure that his wounds were covered up with bandages and cream to soothe the pain. 

His body became stiff as the human came closer towards him, watching him closely as he moved around. He cleared his throat for a moment and tore his gaze away from the human for the meantime as he explained but remained in control of himself. ‘’I had supplies that could help you with your wounds. Be grateful at least you aren’t dead and I came in time to save you.’’ He grunted slightly as the two eyes met, he felt something strange within him, deep down but he pushed it aside. His hand leaned against the door frame of the kitchen eyeing the human as he became angry, rolling his eyes slightly. 

‘’A man I know that is none of your concern, not for now at least.’’ He explained bluntly before his movements froze slightly as he heard the man next. His nostrils flared for a moment and he tore his gaze once again from the man in front of him as he could see in the corner of his eye that the man was downright teasing him the way he tickled his fingers across his neck. ‘’Do not tempt me right now.’’ He said sharply, he was lucky that he didn’t hiss it out. 

The next thing he found out didn’t surprise him at all that most humans hated the supernatural beings across the world, everyone would be scared of them or trying to kill them themselves; trying to outrun the supernatural beings, hoping that he would never be in the case of one. His thoughts were interrupted as the human finally said thank you for saving his life, nodding his head once and his lips pursed for a moment. A sigh left his lips once he finally answered the human’s question.

‘’I saved your life because rogue valkyries are always a mess, no human deserves to die, especially if you are an innocent human who weren’t testing the valkyries.’’ He explained quite nicely to the other as his gaze wandered back over to him. ‘’I’ve seen far too many incidents where humans are killed because of us. I would rather save one than not.’’ He nodded as he swiftly moved to the kitchen and opened up a bottle of whiskey that he loved dearly, and poured the man a drink. ‘’Any ice?’’ He asked as his eyes kept upon the human in his living room. ‘’Can you at least tell me your name?’’ He asked once more as he grabbed the glass and headed back over to him with it. ‘’Here, it might dull the pain.’’ 

Ash held his hands up,  surrendering and finally deciding it was okay to turst the male before him when he explained what he did to him. "Fine."  he said simply, shaking his head, and chuckling.. amused with how unhinged the Valkyr seemed to be getting the longer Ash was there. It muse of been Ash's blood from earlier's wounds that'd done this to him, and for that, Ash felt a little bad. He did indeed come to Ash's rescue within the nick of time, and had he not, Ash would surely be dead right now. Those rogues wanted to make a meal out of Ash, and they had almost succeeded. So, gratitde was the least he could give at this point. He wasn't too sure how he'd ever repay the man that saved his life, but he wanted to try. His guard was still up, but he could feel it slowly lowering the longer he remained here. 

"A man you know.. awesome.. that tells me so much" he said sarcastically. Ash felt more tension build up just then. It seemed when the other male dismissed or brushed his questions off, that he became upset all over again. Ash was a guy who really did fear the unknown. Not knowing and wondering about things did something to his mind, and it wasn't pretty. He needed to know all things, especialyl in a situation where someone literally saved his life. He felt it was only fair to ask questions. 

Ash arched a brow, seeing a sudden flicker of anger in the others optics, but also a tone of seriousness that suggested Ash

 stopped his teasing. "It's not tempting, if it's a flat out offer" he nodded, and as crazy as that was for Ash to even say, he also had meant it just then. Was it the alcohol? he had no idea what was going on with him right now, but it was enough to question his judgement. "Well i'm surprised to even say this, but no. I wasn't testing them, wasn't bothering a soul" he cleared his throat, "that's a lie. im sure before that happened that i pissed someone off somewhere.. im hard to handle, and frankly not a very likable guy. But, as far as testing the patience of a being that could snap me like a twig in the blink of an eye.. not something i do" he expressed, using his hand to make small gestures to drive his point home. 

Ash offered him a faint smile when he said he'd rather save a human than not "So maybe there are decent ones out there" he mumbled to himself out loud, while eyeing the Valkyr. "So you sound like you've done that a few times to be honest" Ash chuckled. IT really did amuse him, even though he knew a matter like this shouldn't have any humor in it at all. "Nope" Ash answered about the ice, and sighed softly "It's Ash.. Ash Dunford" he introduced himself in a weary tone. After grabbing his glass, Ash made a toasting gesture to the other, smiling a little more genuinely, knowing if nothing else, he'd at least sustain some liquid courage now. 

"So Javier. What's the catch?" he then asked after downing one glass, and starting another. Ash's tolerance wasn't all that great, because he wasn't a drinker by any means. He was a forensic pathologist who adored his job.. an alcoholic never made it in fields of work like that. So, it was safe to say that the first glass he had done consumed, had already began working it's way to his brain cells, causing him to be loose-lipped. "I mean you did save my life and all. Surely you didn't do that just to keep an 'innocent human' from dying .. there's gotta be something" he added, glancing from his hand, back to Javier again. "Even if it's just a little...." he stopped himself from continuing, ready to offer himself up as some sort of snack. Ash had lost the rest of his mind. Yup. He was clearly derranged, or half way drunk now;. 

Javier knew that he was struggling around this human and he wasn’t sure what it was or why it is happening. He knew that the blood was getting to his head and cravings were beginning to happen but he had to remain in control unless Ash decides to offer him...No. He can’t think of that, he’s a stranger and surely a human wouldn’t offer him the blood. The elder valkyr was unsure of why he did want to save this man’s life, he had saved many other males before but that was a long time ago. As the human remained inside his apartment, he could feel himself getting protective over him. He didn’t want the man to be hurt. 

Hearing the sarcasm coming from the other, he felt a bit bad himself since he was being so closed off. He obviously could feel something deep down… He was still unsure of what it was and confused him to no end. He cleared his throat a little as his gaze settled back onto him. ‘’He’s the ambassador of the...Valkyries.’’ He muttered softly as his eyes remained on him, the more he wanted the man to stay around him. His eyebrows raised after he heard that it was an offer, part of him wanted it but part of him didn’t because he might kill the man and he didn’t want that. He listened as the human continued, nodding at his reasons. ‘’Perhaps it was the rogues fault,’’ he stated with a small disappointed sigh. The rogues around here were always a problem. 

He quickly heard what the other said as his senses were somewhat heightened but not as intense as they were through the night, a small smile appeared on his lips as well. He handed the glass towards the man before he finally said his name. Ash Dunford. He’ll remember that from now. He nodded his head once before turning away and heading towards the door frame, keeping his distance. A confused expression washed over his face as he heard the question next but he knew exactly what he meant but he played along. 

‘’Like I said, I saved you, those rogue Valkyries have no right to attack an innocent human being.’’ He murmured as he turned to his kitchen and grabbed his own glass of whiskey. Pouring himself his own before returning. A small cough left him as he heard the next offer, his eyebrows rose in curiosity. ‘’A little what?’’ He asked, intrigued as a small smirk played along his lips. ‘’Come on...Say it.’’ He said in a slight demanding tone, his glass resting his hand. ‘’I know you want to.’’ He said as he watched Ash, he could feel himself being amused now as he was finally starting to relax slightly. 


Ash gave a nod, appreciating him finally saying something. Something informative at least. He didn't feel so clueless now, but he also knew there was still a whole lot about this man that he didn't have the first clue about. Things he wanted to know. Firstly, like why he wanted to keep Ash safe. A perfect stranger whom he owed nothing too, yet, he'd saved his life, brought him back to his place, and cleaned him up. But Ash could tell the difference from back when he first woke up to now. Now the other seemed as if he were starving. 

"Perhaps nothing. It WAS their fault" Ash confirmed. He knew he came off as a dick most of the time, it probably played the biggest part of him never having any friends. But, it's how Ash preferred to live after having lost everything once already. Having friends meant having more to lose, and that's something he wasn't in the right mind space for. 

Ash watched curiously, smirking as the male walked back to the door frame, putting distance between them yet again. "This feels like some sort of game to me.. but if you say so. I suppose a persons true colors always show in the end anyhow. So, if you saved me just to save me, time will tell" he added, and guzzled down the rest of what was in his glass, shuttering at the bitter taste. "You know, you'll have to keep me if I get too drunk" the human chuckled, clearly already pretty  messed up by the slur in his tone, and how he seemingly laughed at things that weren't funny at all. 

Ash waved his hand around, "May I?" he asked, referring to his empty cup, "I mean I can get it. I wouldn't want you to come too close" he added, a little teasingly, but honestly, he didn't know what that was like, so maybe the Valkyr was struggling more than Ash would ever know anything about. Ash stood hesitantly, but walked onward to the cabinet where he had watched Javier grab the alcohol from earlier, and refilled his glass. After daring himself, Ash chugged over half of the second cup, and felt the sudden urge to sit back down as the room began to spin. 

"If I help you.. can you control yourself? I mean this isn't no bullshit where you start drinking and can't pull yourself away is it? Im only human after all, I don't know jack about a Valkyr's feeding habits" he started, and reach over to the end table to grab the small blade sitting on it, now he had clearly became tainted by the alcohol, but at the same time, he was perfectly aware of what he was doing. 

Ash sighed, and put the dagger back down "I don't wanna cut an artery... so just come do your thing" Ash expressed, and sat there more casually than you would expect a human to who was about to have a set of fangs plunged into his flesh. Ash had never imagined himself sitting in a Valkyr's home, becoming their food source for one minute, and he could guess that the alcohol had brought this on, and maybe even the fact that the other male was nice to look at. Who knew. What Ash could say he knew, is that he didn't wanna go home drunk like this. So for another night at the least, he would be here, where the tension in the air had now gotten so thick, you could practically cut it with a knife. 

The tension between the two was so thick that he could only imagine how the other must feel, he knew he was also coming off as a jerk and that could very much upset the other because of how confused things may seem. His body was screaming to attack the human right there and then but he knew he wasn’t going to do so; he had more control than over the blood craziness that was within him. Clearing his throat, he looked over to Ash and raised his eyebrow when he confirmed it was indeed their own fault - it could have been anything of why they were provoked. But deep down, he knew that Ash was telling the truth. It appeared the male before him felt uneasy because of how he was and what he was as well - he was a valkyr, of course every human would be uneasy. He leaned against the door frame to keep his distance from the other. He didn’t want to make things even worse. 

Hearing his words caused confusion within him, he knew for a fact that he saved him but there had been a reason and deep down, he knew what it may have been there was simply no way of him saying it, especially they were perfectly strangers and he knew nothing about Ash. He had to be crazy that...It was that… He was the one who never believed in it but...Surely… Would there be any other reason? Watching as the other guzzled down the rest of the whiskey in the glass, a small smirk lifted on his own lips, as he spoke. ‘’Oh don’t worry, I knew this was going to happen. I wouldn’t have let you out so easily because who knows, more rogue valkyr’s might be around the corner.’’ He didn’t want to scare the other male but it might have been true. ‘’But I wouldn’t let them touch you ever,’’ he confirmed with a firm voice; something within him stirred when he said that. Shrugging it off, he could the alcohol starting to take effect now and he was sure that Ash would be too drunk to even go home, so for now, he would let him be. 

His eyes wandered down to the empty glass and he left the whiskey on the counter beside his own glass, he smiled slightly and shook his head. ‘’I’m more than capable of getting it, I have more control than you think.’’ He explained quietly as he watched as Ash headed to the same cabinet where he kept his liquor, he had good memory at least. ‘’Whoa, slow down buddy, there’s plenty more for later…’’ He murmured as his darkened eyes wandered over to Ash. He froze slightly when he heard the sudden offer, he was about to get his own glass to sit next to Ash, he cleared his throat and turned to see him. He was surprised and almost speechless that so suddenly that Ash offered him to drink from, he didn’t know how he felt about it. Grabbing his glass, he turned and his eyebrows raised when he saw the blade, he didn’t know where he got that from. 

‘’I don’t want you to cut your artery, I know where the perfect spot is,’’ he muttered in reassurance to let the other know that Ash was in safe hands. ‘’Are you sure? You are intoxicated and I don’t want you to regret something later.’’ He said with some concern in his voice that the other may not know what he is saying. He blurred over to the two seated couch and he sat himself down, hopefully not scaring the other that he came by so quick. ‘’Ash, I appreciate the offer though, really.’’ He said rather gratefully as he slowly reached over to grab the others wrist, slowly turning it. ‘’Are you sure?’’ He didn’t want to proceed without confirmation of the other. ‘’You don’t have too,’’ he rubbed one of his thumbs over the others hand and he could feel something but he just wasn’t sure what it was. 

Ash could handle the fact that Javier was coming off as a complete jerk right now, and even that he looked starved, just like the rogues did who had attacked him. What he couldn't handle, was the way Javier had seemed to dismiss certain questions, assuming it would keep both of them safer if he just didn't answer, and feed Ash's curious mind. When Javier looked over to Ash, the human locked eyes with the Valkyr, arching his own brow. "Why does it feel like you don't believe me? Why would I do something to provoke a being who could snap me in half with their bare hands?!" he asked, in a drunken slurr, one that sounded like he was yelling. 

Ash rolled his eyes, unable to help the grin that plastered on his face upon the realization that he was what was making Javier so unstable. After piecing it together and coming to the understanding that his presence alone was causing Javier to come undone, Ash felt the urge to play with it a little, and see how far he could push the Valkyr. It was a dumb idea, even with as drunk as he felt, he knew this was a bad idea. Ash swallowed the bitter liquid he had so bravely tried chugging, wincing at the taste, before looking back to Javier once more. "This is amusing you huh?" he asked, deadpan. 

"Are you sure that's the reason you wouldn't let me out so easily? I feel like there may be something more, that you're not allowing yourself to give into right now" Ash said bluntly, and rose a brow, confused by the protectiveness that radiated from the other. "Why?" he asked simply. "What makes me special enough for your protection Javier?" he added, and not for a second did Ash gaze anywhere but Javier's eyes. Ash glanced over his shoulder, chuckling when Jabier told him to slow down, and that there was plenty more for later. "Is that right?" he asked, grinning sadistically "So that means you plan on spending this whole night keeping me company?" he asked, but then nodded as if he already knew the answer before flashing the Valkyr a wink. 

Ash felt crazy right now. As Javier sat beside him, asking if he was sure, it was as if his mouth said one thing, and his common sense said another. Yet, here Ash sat, nodding his head to say yes. "Oh I can't make promises about regret right now. No telling how i'll wake up feeling, but I know what I want right now" he said bluntly enough. When Javier blurred over to Ash, Ash's hair blew back a little, and he found himself inching away from the Valkyr "Dude, you can't do that!" he said in a loud tone of voice, as the human sat there heaving. The way he had then grabbed Ash's hand though, and flipped it over to reveal his wrist, eased Ash in a way he couldn't comprehend. All he knew was that it calmed him, and he couldn't even resist now if he wanted too. "I'm sure. I trust you" he whispered softly, and tensed himself a little, because while he knew what it felt like to have his neck ripped open, he wasn't sure how it felt to be fed on, in a consensual way. 

If the rogue valkyr’s were up to no good in the territory, surely something was up and that Gideon would have to be notified about it. Rogue’s were always a problem though and always caused drama. The blood was strong earlier and it took Javier a lot to cope with as he bought Ash back to his apartment, even now, he was still struggling with the smell of blood. He knew he could handle it though, he wasn’t like a newborn, he was able to control his thirst for blood thirst unlike some others that were turned immediately and including rogues who almost never could control their blood thirst. 

But another thing was that the Ash’s scent was overly empowering and it was something that he was unsure of, of why it was so strong. The smell of him was different compared to anything else he had encountered and it was almost addicting but overwhelming for Javier. It wasn’t just the blood that was making Javier so unstable; it was his scent. Ash continued to ask a few more questions thinking that he didn’t believe him, of course he believed him, the rogues were ruthless at times. His eyebrow perked up as his lips pursed in a thin line as Ash began to feel frustrated but he was also getting tipsy from the alcohol beverages he was drinking. 

His eyes blinked as the sudden questions bursted out of Ash, thinking that there was a possibility of something more. He could see how entertaining this could be for the other to see if he could break Javier, it was quite amusing nonetheless to think that the human was trying to trick him into answering the questions he was so unsure of. His eyebrow perked up once more, keeping his eyes on the other male in front of him as he continued to pester him with questions that started to slowly make him feel annoyed. The answer was unclear as of yet but he knew that he needed to protect him. He simply rolled his eyes as he walked over to grab the whiskey from his kitchen countertop, as he poured some into the crystal glass for himself. ‘’I’m not sure of the reason, Ash. But I know that I need to protect you.’’ He stated quite bluntly, unamused for now as he placed the crystal glass to his lips and threw back the bitter liquid. 

He slammed the crystal glass back on the counter as he turned back around to Ash, the scent was driving him almost crazy but he had to remain strong. ‘’I want you to stay here just in case something happens again and knowing that there is more rogues out there, your safety is better in my own hands.’’ He explained as to why he wanted to keep Ash here overnight. ‘’Plus, you are still not well enough to even step outside. You were bleeding quite a lot earlier,’’ he said softly, ‘’you aren’t as strong as you think.’’ He added as he pushed back his hair to remove the small strands from his eyes. 

As Javier blurred to where Ash sat on his two seater couch, he saw his hair blow back a little and he smirked a little before he sat down beside him. ‘’Calm down,’’ he muttered quietly to Ash as Javier reached over to hold his wrist, calmly stroking it. Once Ash said that he trusted him, he liked the way he said that, it was as if a wave washed over Javier with calmness and he slowly turned his wrist, bringing his wrist up to his mouth, making sure he was calm so Ash didn’t start to panic. Javier listened to Ash’s thumping heart as his eyes remained on Ash, he continued to be slow with his movements. His other hand stroked the others arm as his mouth opened, his fangs started to show before he slowly sunk them into the depths of his wrists vein. 

A grunt sound came from him as the blood started to come out and he began to suck away at the wrist, making sure not to do any harm. The blood was almost intoxicating to Javier, his eyes slowly closed as drank a bit more, making sure that he was releasing endorphins into the bloodstream so Ash could feel relaxed. After a couple of minutes, he released from the wrist and began to lick at the wound to ensure it would heal properly, his eyes opened and once he was fed, they were a piercing blue that reminded you of the ocean. ‘’Thank you,’’ he mumbled as he leaned down to lick at the small blood drop that came from the wrist. He reached over to grab a bandage from the coffee table and began to unwrap it. ‘’Are you feeling alright?’’ He asked, slightly concerned what Ash would say. 

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