Today was just like any other run of the mill day for Holland. Get up, get dressed, make breakfast and leave for work. Although it was a different time around this time, due to her getting a new room-mate. Which it was a big step for her, because the only person that was close to a ‘room-mate’ was her brother and well, he was lying in a hospital bed right now. So needless to say, it took her time to work her way up to accepting someone else as a room-mate. The two siblings always teased that once the brunette got old enough they were going to do everything together, such as: get their first apartment together. A lot of first really, but that was the ideal living style. However, here she was trying to cope with another room-mate.

“So.” the first word of the morning. “I have a few things we need to go over before I leave for work.” let’s just say that Holland was a little high maintenance when it came to living with and what needed to be done. “We’re having a chore will, which will be placed on the fridge. I’m not asking you do to them as soon as you get home from whatever you do, but..please have them done by the end of the day.” tucking a few brunette wavy locks behind her ear as she had placed her work bag on the table. “There are some nights where I don’t come home till the am, like tonight.. so don’t be alarmed.” opening the bag as she placed some papers in that were already placed on the table from the night before. “If you need anything. Call my cell, I’ll usually answer.” giving the new house-mate a smile before she headed towards the door.

Thankfully, work was literally only a block away. It was one of the many reasons why she chose an apartment within the city. To be closer to work, like every other American would. This was apart of her route on a daily. Although, she really didn’t mind because she enjoyed her life and what she did for a living. Well, despite her brother being up in the hospital. Her life was almost perfect, in her eyes anyway. Flashing everyone who she passed a smile as her black heels clicked against the pavement. Passing a few of her favorite shops along the way only to finally approach the work building. It wasn’t considered work if you truly enjoyed her job. Which that was the case for Holland these days, seeing as she pretty much grew up learning everything her job needed today.

Right foot in front of the other as she walked the steps only to see something out of the normal. Droplets of what seemed like blood. Up each step until she finally caught up to the top. Brows furrowing as she had found a body, lying their. Shirt torn to pieces. Blood scattered every wear. All the brunette human could do was open her mouth to let out a high pitched scream. “Oh my god. Tony?” it was even worse at the fact that she recognized him. “N-no. Tony. No.” throwing the bag down as she rushed to the top of the steps, sitting down next to him. Not really knowing what to do. Hands placing on either side of him only to move his head on her lap, not with ease. Tears started running down her cheeks like water-falls. “Why did you have to go and die on me.” letting out a loud sniffle. Granted, she only talked to the many every once in a while, but he was still considered a friend.

“Someone help him. Call 911, please!” outfit now covered in nothing but blood. Not that she really cared when her friend was lying there, completely dead. “Don’t worry. We’ll get you some help.” talking to him as if he was still alive. Chocolate brown hues wondered down his body, blinking a few times which only made the tears fall down her cheeks even faster. Attempting to see if there was any kind of sign what happened. “What did you get yourself into.” whispering to herself as a crowd of people started to surround the steps. not really paying attention as sirens started to go off in the background. This town was full of Supernaturals, so it could have really be anyone or anything. but the true question was. Who would want to go about killing a human? Lips pressing into a fine line. This was one heck of a way to start work. Holland handled a lot of things during work. A lot of things you wouldn't expect someone to do, but holding a dead body? That was now on her check list of things she's done while at work.

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Come on Queens, stop waiting time,” Budsworth ordered into the midnight colored Samsung cell phone. He paced back and forth on a walkway. A view of the river stretched the railing behind him. “I want to know more on the crackpot who killed my wife. Keep searching the police files in Denver for maulings. I'm keep looking for something here in Evermore. Got it… good.” Budsworth shut off his cell phone and shoved it into the pocket of his black dress pants. He knew his wife's killer couldn't have gone too far.

The hair on the back of his neck stood on end. He was being watched. His eyes surveyed the walkway, searching for even the slightest movement. Budsworth reached towards his pistol holster, ready for whatever or whoever that stalked him. “Hello, anyone there?” He called into the night. Fog lifted from his mouth. No one answered. He turned and hustled back to his black Buick car.

The city streets appeared dead. Not another pair of headlights dared to light the road. He continued driving till he pulled up into the parking lot of his cheap hotel room. Budsworth stepped out of the car, slamming the door closed behind him. The door to his motel room swayed open. Someone must've broken I while he was gone. His hand shot for his pistol, jerking it out of his holster. He aimed it for the guest room door. His strained ears didn't catch any sound from inside. He stepped up to the door and pushed it open. Bed sheets laid, sprawled across the floor. The scent of smoke of cigarettes poisoned the air. He flicked on the switch beside the door. The ceiling light above between the bed flickered on. He found no one. Whoever did it must've got what they wanted and left.

Budsworth holstered his pistol and proceeded into the bathroom. A light of a blue tint shined down on him. A man he resented stared him back in the mirror hanging above the pearl white sink.. He ripped off his tie after he untied it. The tie his wife gave him. It was the last thing she ever got from her eleven years. He made sure to take good care of it since then. He set it down behind the sink. A white envelope caught his eyes. He tore it open and pulled out a small piece of paper. It read, “Science Department” in blood red. The scent of human blood caught his nose. His eyes widened. This wasn't written with ink. Budsworth darted out of the bathroom, leaving his tie dangling from the edge of the sink.

He rushed outside and flung open the door. In moments he already sat in the driver's seat, shoved the car key into the ignition, and slammed on the gas. The light from his room still shined as he sped away. He headed for the denser part of town. The city lights flash by. Sirens of both an ambulance and police cars rang through the city streets. Budsworth slowed to a stop behind a line of halted vehicles. He parked it on the side of the road and stepped out of the car. Up ahead the traffic stopped before a yellow tape. A large group of people surrounded it. Budsworth slammed his car door and ran up. He squeezed through the mass of people until her reached the yellow tape.. Several policemen surrounded the scene. One Police officer stood guard in front of him. Budsworth pulled out his fake badge. “My name's FBI agent David Budsworth. I have reason to believe this maybe connected to another death recently.” The officer nodded and lifted the yellow tape for him. “Crime Scene; do not cross,” it repeated across in black letters.

A blue tarp covered the body. Blood oozed out from underneath. Another officer stood over the body. “Hello officer,” Budsworth interrupted. He turned him and cocked an eyebrow. Budsworth showed him the F.B.I. badge as well. “My names F.B.I. agent David Budsworth. We have reason to believe this incident is related to a killer we've been hunting down for years.” Budsworth knelt down over the blue tarp-covered body. He lifted a piece of it up. The stench of death filled his sinuses. Long claw marks stretched along the body along with various bite marks.

What do you think?” The officer asked. Budsworth glanced at him then back at the dead body.

Animal attack,” He admitted. He couldn't make an assumption on what type of animal would be savagely rip up a human being. “Who found him?” The officer pointed towards a women behind him. Budsworth nodded a thanks and stepped up to her. He flashed his badge at her. “Hello ma'am, I'm F.B.I. agent David Budsworth. I'm going to ask you a few questions about what happened here,” he explained. He watched her closely. She didn't do it. This death looked to be the work of a therianthrope, she was a human. He proceeded to asked her, “How did you find this man? Did you know him?”

Not wanting to let go of the man’s body. Holland was taking this harder than she thought. It was probably because she was freaking out inside at the fact that she held a dead human body and the only reaction that she could do was cry. - Finally, all the correct people had arrived. A cop nudged at her arm, bending down to the level she was on. ‘Ma’am. We need to bag us body up. We’ll put you somewhere safe.’ pulling herself out of the hole that she had dug herself in with emotions. She preferred to work with alive bodies compared to now dead, cold ones. “Oh... Yeah.” sniffling as she let out a sigh, blinking a few times as she gently picked the head up, lying it back down against the ground where she once found it. It took a little bit to adjust to her surroundings. Seeing one of her co-workers dead on the step. It wasn’t a sight someone saw every day.

Blood now stained her outfit, not that she was really worried about it. She was more worried about what happened to him. Why would anyone want to kill a human? Out of everyone and everything that was located in Evermore. A simple worker who had a wife and kids, now dead without any real reason. Probably wrong place and time. He had happened to be just in the way. It looked that way anyway. The police pushed her over to the side. Allowing others to come in to do their jobs, bagging him up. Arms crossed over her chest, trying to hard not to stare at what was going on. Letting out another sniffle as she wiped away the tear that was making it’s way down her cheekbone. That was a sight that she was never going to be able to unseen for the rest of her life. Such a tragic ending.

Do you mind if we ask you a few questions, Miss Emery?
It will only take a few minutes. We just have to get your statement.

Nodding in agreement with what the offers were saying.

When and how did you find him?” the officer asked, writing down in his little notebook.

“Well.. I...” choosing her words very carefully. Everything was still very raw, as it should be. “It was just another morning for me, you know?” allowing a shrug to roll off the base of her shoulders. Moving her right hand up to her mouth to nibble on her nail. It was a nervous habit that she had never really truly out grown from when she was a kid. “I was going into work when I just found him.. lying there.. his shirt clawed along with his skin. It looked like it was..” taking a second to grab a breather. “Whatever or whomever did this needs to be caught. He was a major help to the science department. I’ll help as much as I can.” giving a determined nod. It wasn’t every day a dead body appeared on the door-steps of the science department. As ironic as that was. It never happened before.

Before she was able to answer anymore questions, another man walked his way up. Showing his badge. “I was just telling the cops here, he worked for the Science department. He was valued here.” pushing eyebrows together. “I’ll show you his stuff and were he worked, if it helps any.” flashing the cops a friendly smile as she walked around them, making her way up the steps only to enter the building as she pulled one of the double doors open. The building was silent and empty. As the police requested for everyone to leave the building to let them do their job. Now walking down a long hall-way where she had entered the laboratory where everything took place. “Just... please, don’t touch anything.” some of the things were already bagged up and ready to go. “His office was the last one over there.” giving a nod to the see through glass. “If you need anything. Let me know.” she stated as she was finally able to set her stuff down.

Budsworth followed the women through the isolated hallways of the science department. Constant thoughts coursing through his mind. Who could've done this and way? Could it be connected to his wife's killer. Not a solve other soul occupied the hallways, only he and Miss Emery. Another question in his mind was why a scientist. This people knew who they were and excepted it, unless they were trying to turn the humans against the supernaturals. Budsworth remembered his fight with the ASA before Christmas among to Evermore. The shadowy organization made of humans who went to any legs to eliminate the supernatural kind. However, he thought the organization already died out. How could they be responsible for this besides the perfect motive, to bring more people to their team.

A chill curled up Budsworth spins at the idea of the organization so being alive. He still hasn't met the supposed leader of the group, but based on what he found they weren't really human, only a matter deceiver. Budsworth pulled out his phone and redialed his friend in Denver, Steven Queens. "Yes?" A Stern voiced asked on other end.

"Queens, it's me, David. I think I may have found a lead. Someone was just found dead outside a science facility. The markings look similar to that left by my wife's killer," Budsworth explained. Miss Emery lead him to a laboratory. "I'm on to something. Catch me later." Budsworth hung up and stuffed his phone into an inner suit pocket. The women directed him to the dead employee's office. "Thank you, stay here," he ordered. He stepped up to the last office in the end and searched the man's desk. Not much he could find, but he did find a phone  hidden in a small compartment inside the desk. He turned in the computer above. Quickly checking through the research and information provided. He found nothing of interest besides a few pages of different supernaturals.

He stepped away from computer and turned in the small phone. The words "PASSWORD?" Appeared on screen. "Damn, password protected," Budsworth cursed under his breath. He clicked it his own phone and redialed Queens. "Hello Queens, I need you to get to Evermore as fast as possible. I may have a clue as to what happened, but I need someone who knows how to hack." 

"I'll get there as soon as possible. And Budsworth, the same happened in Denver the years ago. I think it all stopped when the ASA started," Queens announced.

"Are you saying they killed him?"

"Maybe, or maybe we found their supernatural leader..." Budsworth's heart dropped at the sound of that. If it was true why would the killer form such an organization that Hunter's his own kind? Or did explain how he could truck others into believing he was normal. He was a master of deceit, he was a kitsune... "Budsworth, hello? You there?"

"What? Yeah, I gotta go. See you later, I'm staying at the Long Buck Inn outside of town," Budsworth explained. He hung up the phone and place in back into his inner suit pocket. There nothing left in the room that interested him. He headed out and returned to Miss Emery. "Miss Emery, how close were you to the victim? During the time that you've known him had he ever had any enemies? Have any of you heard of the organization of the ASA?"

Nodding as he told her to stay put. Not that she had really anywhere else to go. Cocking an eyebrow as she over-heard the conversations he was making on the phone. The door wasn’t shut and he was rather loud. Apparently this wasn’t the first time this had happened? It was linked to other killings? Why on earth would anyone go about killing someone? She never understood that when there was so much life to give, so much potential. Letting out a soft sigh. It was such a tragic thing to happen. No matter who got killed. It was still tragic. But no one close to Holland, or well a co-owner had gotten killed before. Out of the supernatural act. It was a new feeling inside that she didn’t know how to quite process just yet. Standing there with her arms crossed over each other as she allowed the man to do his job. However, she did feel a little bit uncomfortable that the man was just tearing through someones personal belongings like he was doing.

Lips pressing into a fine line as she approached the man when had called someone in for a hack. “You know.. I could easily hack the password for you.” taking the phone away from his hand. “I have to know at least some coding to build all these fancy gadgets, don’t you think?” turning around on the base of her heel as she made her way over to the computer. She learned a thing or two from Sariah back when the two were partners, to the point where all they’d do is stay up together and code things for whatever gadgets they were making. Granted, Sariah of course was better at coding. However, that didn’t mean Holland didn’t pick up a few tricks here and there. Hacking a password was probably one of the easiest things in the book. Now having her way made over towards the computer as she grabbed what looked like a charger and placing it into the port only to have a few things come up on the screen, sitting herself down.

Fingers starting to type away at the keyboard as a whole bunch of code started to come up. The phone staring to do it’s thing as Holland was working away around the password. “Close as I can be I suppose with a co-worker? Everyone would go out to drinks every once in a while when we completed something and he’d join, but that’s all the time I really spent outside of the lab with him besides seeing him every day when I came here.” allowing a shrug to roll off the base of her shoulders. Fingers starting to slow down. “I never thought I’d see one of my co-owners murdered on the steps. It’s not something you see every morning, you know?” laughing softly as those hues kept in contact with the computer.” she stated, starting to ramble. “As for enemies? I don’t think so. He had a wife and a kid. He wouldn’t dare to hurt a fly let alone have any enemies.” hearing a clicking sound as the phone turned on and unlocked. “Here ya go.” pushing the phone over towards him. “I’ve heard a few ramblings about the ASA but nothing of importance.” hues dashing over towards him.

Budsworth tucked his phone away and watched her at the computer. His placed his hands on his hips and listened to her answer his questions and ramble some. Something still told him the ASA was involved. These scisentist knew little about the organization. He supposed that was more than some people knew. Some didn't even know the terrorist organization existed. Truly, it shouldn't, Budsworth and Queens wiped out their weapons even before Budsworth reach Evermore. Which meant they had more somewhere.

They tried to blow up the hotel whilst he was in there when he first reached town. Now they were going around killing innocent people, but he supposed it was possible this had nothing to do with the ASA. He knew Evermore was infested with many different supernatural creatures. All he had to do was take a whiff and the odd scents of creature otherworldly flooded his nostrils.

Budsworth clenched his fist. They were getting no where, just this phone. She finally finished breaking the password and handed it to him. He nodded as a 'thank you' and  took the phone. He checked several apps and past called. Only hours before his death he made a phone call to a Mike Lounge. He didn't recognize it. It was new to him.  He asked anyway, "do you know a Mike Lounge. Family or friend? Co-worker?"

He checked the text messages and paused. a text from Mike arrived the exact minute of the recorded down. Budsworth tapped on the notification and the text appeare on screen. His eyes widened in shock. The latest message was a actually a photo. It was a photo of the victim's mangled body on the ground. Blood seeping out there rips and tears in the body. Under the photo read one word, "sorry."

Budsworth back straitened. Really? They had the nerve to such a thing and then apologize to the person he killed.

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