Running was something she was so used to doing. It was the only thing she knew how truthfully. Spending her life on the run not wanting to spend too long living on one place too long. Running from everything. From all life worries, hassle, responsibility. Now it was family. Kaelyn spent her life growing up thinking she was all alone in the world that she wasn’t wanted but now the one family she got left and she pushed him away. Coming to Evermore city, the Redhead wanted to make amends for it all. A fresh start. Along to find the answers for that she’s looking for. Believing that Evermore City would be the place with all the answers maybe she’s right. Or maybe she’s wrong. Who knows? For most of her life she’d moved from one place to another. It's just the life she’s always known. Along with how she’s found to fend for herself, a life with crime and theft. Making all the wrong choices and none of the right ones. After spending only a few days in Evermore Kaelyn's already found that its not like the last cities where’s she’s lived. Much preferring the life of Cuba or even the small Canadian town where she lived before coming her. Not seeing what all of the fascination was for Evermore city was all about.  Already seeing and sensing that something wasn’t all normal with this City, but she couldn’t place her finger on it yet. Soon she will…

Barely having anything in her apartment unpacked she choose rather than continue unpacking she’d rather spend the night in the Clubs of Evermore City. The redhead spent a lot of her time inside of clubs. Having gone to the best clubs in the world. Travelling the world just to visit the best places. Clubs, landmarks, cities, views, you name it and she’s mostly been. Kaelyn was a freespirit in some respects. Never having anything to tie her town, no friends, no family. Just herself. Enjoying the worlds pleasures. It's a lonely life to live and truthfully she was growing tired of it. Not wanting to run and spend her life living alone. Clubbing was a way that helped to take her mind off everything. To clear her head. Dancing and drinking till the early hours in the morning. Having many connections to the top clubs. It was her way of getting invited to the exclusive opening nights, VIP access, free drinks.

The Redhead looked back one last time in the long standing mirror. Checking her reflection as she finished applying her signature red lipstick. She tended to wear red clothes and red lipstick as it matched her hair and complexion very well. Kaelyn was wearing a Red Open Back Bandage Dress along with red stiletto high heels. A perfect outfit for a night out clubbing. She spent half of her time inside of clubs, where the lim-light was. After giving a one last check in the mirror she was ready to go. Picking up her clutch that hat her phone and a few pieces of makeup in it along with some money. It was all she needed. Knowing that the taxi was already outside waiting for her. Leaving behind all of the packed up boxes that cluttered her small apartment. Choosing to leave behind the packing until she felt the need to pack, only getting out the stuff she needs. Having a little feeling she won’t be spending too long in the city but who knows?

Leaving her apartment behind, Kaelyn got into the back of the taxi. Now on her way to the club strip in Evermore City. Each city had a stip of clubs along with some takeaways. Where the city life was at night and then abandoned during the day. The taxi journey didn’t take too long until it reached outside of one of the clubs. The Red head stepped out the taxi in front of her was one of Evermore City ‘notorious’ clubs. A sly smirk appeared on her lips almost as a way she knew that tonight she’d have some fun. She always did when clubbing. It was was a way of escapism for her. Drink and dance her worries aways. Flirting her ways into clubs, getting men to buy her a free drink and then walking away from them. Just like many other women like her did. Drunk men trying to hit on women were the easy target, you just needed to be good enough to turn them down at the end of it. One of the bouncers outside of the club saw her getting out of the taxi, already opening up the entrance barrier. Letting her in without a word she gave him a wink as she walked in. Knowing that the trick always worked. She wondered many times of how she was chosen by the Fae rather than Necromancer. There must be a reason behind it.

Walking inside of the club she was greeted by the loud music that was blaring through the speaks with the latest remixes of the biggest tunes for this year. The normal set up for clubs along with the flashing lights that filled the dark room. Making her way over the bar finding a spare spot to stand at. Waiting for the bartender to notice she was next to be served so she could get herself an alcoholic beverage. Starting off the night.

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Did she really think she was alone? Svetlana spending her life on the run was the only thing she'd ever known how to do correctly. Something she knew how to do without judgement or flaws, she was basically a professional at running and had found herself occupied with becoming buried at a professional hacker lately. Sure club promoiting and reaching out as a counsilor was for the Nephilim was great, but Svetlana wanted to follow in her footsteps, and hacking was where she'd started. Soon enough, Lana had planned on enlisting for the same Russian fallitary her father had been killed over. Since she was being hunted like a dog, why not right?

Lana and her father had moved to Evermore city; "a place where the supernatural co-existed" only to find out as soon as she got there, it was as bad as being back home in Russia. The supernatural in Evermore too wanted her dead, Therians and Vampires; the only exception of being away from those who hunted her were the Phoenix, one thing she was grateful. Very much like the redhead in question tonight, Lana too had spent her time with nothing to tie her down and never truly felt comfortable enough to unpack her belongings, and even though she lived in a mansion she'd gotten out of her fathers money, she still didn't feel the need to unpack and settle. Nothing was ever settling in the Nephilim's life except for the club scene, shortly after her best friend Aisling Griffin had been ran out of twon by heartbreak, she'd left Lana her club and Lana had made some adjustments with it. Ministry of Sound was now Sinister Sounds co-owned with Dominic Howlett.

It hadn't been long since Sinister Sounds had been opened that Svetlana had renamed and opened the club as Sinister Sounds, and Dominic had practically remodeled the whole place to give it a new vibe and to keep Aislings memory alived. The young Nephilim always smiled when the Diviner came to mind. Which brought another Diviner to mind. Kaelyn; and her signature style. She'd picked Sinister Sounds and had became the hottest attraction in the club aside from Lana herself, and she didn't mind beating the men off of her. She'd became one of the VIP exclusives and paid big money for her membership which meant Kae was a protected member of the club. The security which was mostly ran by Therians, made sure to keep their eyes on her, and they did a good job at that. Dom truly knew how to pick the right people for all the right things.

Svetlana had been sitting at the bar, taking a break. The night had been flowing by flawllessly, because Dom hadn't been called out to work on his only night off to beat the crap out of some douche bag for man handling Lana. Dominic had been her protector since the day they'd met, and after making the mistake of sleeping with him, they'd grew something a bit more close, but casual. Lana sighed, she missed her Alpha when he wasn't working. Their friendship had been strained by a series of bad choices Lana had made and lately she'd felt down and alone. The only exception had been the red head, which only brought the biggest grin to her features when she laid eyes on her. Ordering two Cosmopolitians she slid one Kaelyn's way. Smirking, Lana turned to face her. "You know. If you worked here as a drink carrier, we'd bring in a lot more guys. You'd look pretty hot in a pair of those skates" Lana said, smirking even wider.

"Nice to see you again though Kae. What brings you out tonight besides the obvious need to escape your burrdens?" the Nephilim questioned curiously. Kaelyn was edgy like Lana which had produced a potential friendship between the two strong willed females. In Lana's hopes and wishful thinking, she could actually make a friend for once, someone she knew that would understand her . Much like herself, Kaelyn was used to running, and spending every waking moment looking over her shoulder, feeling as though the club scenes were the safest way to blend in. "You look rather gorgeous tonight" Lana then said, flashing a wink towards the red head who sat on the opposite side, to her left. Brining her glass up to her lips, and finishing off her drink, Lana perked up. "Wooo!" she shouted in excitement before a loud thud was heard as she slammed her glass on the bar top, reaching out for Kaelyn's hand luring her to the dance floor as one of Lana's favorite songs began playing. Tonight Lana had different plans in mind; to have fun, and she wanted to give Kaelyn the same chance, and also wanted to get to know the Diviner.

Ever since arriving in Evermore the Redhead have found herself settling in the limelight of the clubs quite well. Well known for making each club her own almost. Managing to pry her way through past security as VIP. Most bouncers fell for her charms and good looks. The club called Sinister Sounds in Evermore was one her new favourites so to say. Although she can’t say yet it matches up to the bars and clubs in Cuba but it was still high up in her list. Kaelyn have already made a few friendships with the two owners. It's always good to make connections in places like this. Making it easier to get into and get drinks. Kaelyn was minding her own business standing at the bar waiting to get herself a drink. Normally how she starts each cub session waiting for something to happen. In front her slid Cosmopolitans her way, looking up she saw Svetlana one of the owners of the club standing next to her. A smirk appeared on the Redheads lips seeing that she knows when someone wants a drink. “Might have to, running out of money soon” She half joked but soon griminiced when she mentioned skates. “Heels yes but skates is is a no no” Many would agree with her.

It was true that Kaelyn spent most of time inside of clubs or bars. Living the life she’s only known. First she used it as a way of escapism from her troubles but now she doesn’t know why anymore. “It's nice to see you too Lana” She grinned a little before her smirking. “You know the usual escapism, boredom” It was no secret that she was running from reality which was slowly catching up with her. “I know right” She winked before flicking her perfectly curled hair a little. It was no secret that she full of herself at times but who wasn’t? Kaelyn picked up her glass, taking a sip of the alcoholic beverage. Starting off her night. Looking and seeing that Lana have already had a head start on drinking and was already dragging her to the dance floor. Kaelyn laughed following the dark haired onto the dance floor. 

Gazing to the redhead who had a lot in common with Svet, the Russian Nephilim returned a smirk, grinning as she knew all to well what it felt like to need an escape from the every day life that burdened people. Svet had gotten into the club business at first to remember Aisling who'd previously ran this very same club with a different name; Ministry of Sound,

Lana wanted to keep her name alive somehow and with that came Sinister Sounds; but it was no longer for just the sake of remembering her friend Aisling, it was now to escape and feeling as though the club was the only place she could be safe due to the security team Dom had hired.

"I can definitely relate, you know these doors are open  to you for your escape anytime" she stated before tipping her drink up to her lips, knocking the remaining contents in the glass back. Svet had ordered special drinks for Sinister Sounds, drinks that allowed supernaturals to get drunk as to where they normally had to consume bottles at a time for even a proper buzz.

Lana chuckled when the redhead flipped her flawless curls, cause Lana too was at times full of herself like that. Men and women both being attracted to the Russian Nephilim had boosted Lana's ego and she didn't mind flaunting it. So, she enjoyed Kaelyn's way of carrying herself.

Svet was a very outgoing free spirited person when she was around the right people, and for some reason, as she danced two-three-four, maybe even five songs away with Kaelyn, she realized that Kaelyn  brought a more fun and calming side out of her, when normally Svet being around other people was nothing less than awkward due to her being overly paranoid and cautious around them. But around this particular female, Svet felt a closeness, and she figured it was because they were similar in many ways and both had traumatic upbringings.

"So, Kaelyn. Who's the lucky man in your life; or your crush?" she asked, making an attempt to get to know her better without having to bring the serious stuff up,in hopes to enjoy the night.

In the past how many years Kaelyn felt that she spent more of her time inside of clubs than doing anything else. Dancing and drinking all the nights away. Escaping all that's happening. The truth was that she didn’t want to face reality. Which was slowly catching up to her. Kaelyn was soon running out of money. Having none left that kept locked up. Spending the most she had left of it on buying an new apartment here in the city and on the flight and shipping her belongings. Not knowing how much it all costed until she looked at the total costs. Knowing that she’d soon be looking to get a job of her own. The only thing she didn’t know what job to get, what she was really good at. She couldn’t exactly say to her future employer that she was good at conning and stealing money from people exactly. Or that she was good at drinking and partying? Adding onto why she was here tonight to get away from it all.

Kaelyn could see that Svetlana was already quite wasted even though it was still early. She still had a lot of drinks to go before she would be drunk enough maybe tipsy. Learning over the years to hold her alcohol. The two danced with each other for a number of songs until she needed another drink. Taking a sip of her cocktail she almost choked a little hearing Svetlana trying to cry into her love life. A bit too soon as the two weren’t close friends really. “I’ve only just moved here so i’m far from finding love” She laughed shaking her head. “What about you have you found love or a crush?” She asked turning the tables over to her instead.

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