As a star of the sky, he has seen and lives many years. Many centenary from the time he got to earths soil to now. Meeting people and seeing the same people die as he lived on its not something he would wish on anyone. The way it sounds mind will call him immortal because he is. One thing he never came up on is meeting the one, will because he never wanted to be tied down either did he believe in romance. He thought love is a waste of space and didn't understand why people need it or even want it. There was one girl who almost made him believe and her name was Serenity. A women of beauty that drove Lucius made, not because of her looks but they way she put her self out to get his attention. if there was a believer in someone want love and change it was her.

When Serenity passed away everything in his life went back how it was before, him being a jerk to everyone and not caring. Not like he changed when she was alive she just made it hard him to  to act this way. "Stop being mean. No girl like a jerk." she told him one day along with hitting him with a new paper to give off a playful hit. Lucius missed her even now that he think about those words. " Even though death you hunt me. Jeez women give me a break." he said under his breath as he got out of his house to walk around to get her off his mind. he was never in love with her, he was never sure what they were. It was the past and now it's the preset, moving on is what he can do.

There was nothing for him to do around the afternoon as he knew workers were getting food for lunch so he didn't want to bother with a crowed coffee shop. Lucius did need fresh air so the park is where he went. Sitting down on a bench with his tiny book he like to read when he needs it. Memories of the past lost to time lived in the book with photos, letters and little things he kept that brought him joy. Lucius made it clear to him no women would want him because of who he is so proclaim himself to be a bachelor as long at his life lives.

The moment he of Serenity out of his mind, fate of life bite him in the neck one more time. Lucius's brown hues looked up to see someone who looked just like her. he could not believe his eyes as he didn't know if this was krama or was this someone in the same family who looked just like her. Life has it's own way of playing life but this now annoyed Lucius. he wanted to be alone but nope looks like his past came back but why.

He got up and rushed the the women but not to touch her. "Hey. I may not know you but why you look like someone I use to know." he asked like he cared, why was he going mad again. Was there someone in him that wanted her or was it because of him he was actually lost without her. Their way he would outlive her anyways. Lucius was so confused he wanted answers.

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In all honesty, there was so much. That she didn’t know about her family’s heritage. About her ancestors, and the past; and how it all connected together to make the Lovett’s among the Supernatural. Her father had passed away a few years ago; in a house fire. So she couldn’t really ask him about their family’s history. And before that; he had failed to tell her and her baby brother what they were; until both of them had finally shifted. Being kept in the dark for so long. Elle-Mae was both furious, confused and full of questions. The questions still lingered. Tucked away in the back of her mind.

But it seemed like today of all days, fate would wear it’s crown and bring her face-to-face with someone; who might just have some answers to her questions.

Her usual morning routine was the same; getting ready for her day with a shower and something to eat. Before she spend a few hours working on the next few chapters of the book she was editing for her publishing company. Even though her job, at times sounded difficult. Elle-Mae was tasked with making sure that the book was sound; that the plot was intriguing enough throughout the book. Amending any errors and making suggestions what could be added and lost if something; gave things away too quickly. And in all honesty. She quiet loved her job really. It was one of her passions.

After working a few hours; she had decided to stop for lunch. But that particular afternoon; she chose to go outside, find a nice cafe or a restaurant to find. Elle-Mae had left her apartment; the fresh air hitting her. Inhaling it’s she made her way through town and the park; towards the city’s center where there were most of the restaurants and cafes on offer. Elle-Mae was enjoying the fresh air and the scenery around her. That she didn’t notice someone staring in her direction. The young Therian was consumed by her own thoughts; that she halted in confusion and shock; when a young man almost jumped in her way. Questioning why he looked like someone, he knew?

Elle-Mae stared at the Celestial stunned for a few moments. “Pardon?” Elle asked, clearly confused. It seemed like he was just as confused; if not not something else. But judging by his expression; he looked like he was staring at a ghost. Whom was it that she resembled? Looking at the stranger in front of her; Elle-Mae tried to recall if she had ever seen him before. But in all honesty, she didn’t think so. She would remember him; if she had. “I...maybe you might want to start from the beginning.” Elle suggested. “And tell me, whom I look like...because I honestly have no idea.” She said honestly. If anything; she was just as confused as him. Maybe even more.

Of all the conversations; she thought she would be having today. This was not one of them. That was for sure. Elle tried to wrap her head around this odd situation. It definitely was something, she wasn’t expecting. “Who are you?” The Therian questioned, when she realised she also didn’t know, whom he was. If he wanted answers; she in return wanted some answer also. It was fair that way.


As the female turned around to looked at his his brown hues looked shocked. The women looked just like Serenity but how. Why was never the question that came up as everything from his heart, bone a musculus could not find themselves to move. The other looked as confused as his mind was but he could be showing it with out knowing himself. When the other asked him to start from the beginning he could not come up with words, her voice almost sounded like hers as well. What did he do to her to make him suffer with no way out of her grasp. Stuck like glue but Lucius knew this women who looked like Serenity would not be Serenity.

"You just looked like someone I use to know and lost. You name is not Serenity is it?" he asked. Lucius knew the answer already it was not that name it was different. Out of his whole life he never felt this way and he hated it. He felt like he commit to someone to keep him tired down. he was no a man to love another and yet a women like Serenity turned his cold and rude matter to a hopeless man who went crazy over someone who looked like her. Was this is punishment? Lucius looked at his as he sighed. "Sorry for bothering you. Am a crazy guy right now. I don't think you want to remember a guy like me. Am no one important or else I harassed you in a way I didn't see."

Lucius was a stubborn man, it would talk her more tried to get him to tell her his name. he pulled him self not to look at the women not like her wanted to disrespect her but in a away he didn't know how think straight at that given moment. His whole world crashed down, more the many years no one but in his species would understand what he 
meant. he knew he can't have a connection with her or Serenity would win all over again. That's what she wanted him to fall in love with be a gentleman to a women. Not like he was not one already he didn't want to waste his time to fall in love. People break up and some get married and then divorce with a child to fight over. he was a lawyer he knew things.

Was there more things he had to say? All Lucius can do his closed his eyes and waiting for her to say something. Lucius knew this was a shock, someone who never seen before start to ask you why you look like someone and they wouldn't know what to do or say or have anything of knowledge to know what your talking about.

The situation had Elle-Mae quiet stumped and shocked to say the least. It’s not every day, some stranger goes up to you; questioning your looks/ confusing her with someone else. Listening to him, Elle noted the way he avoided her question. Keeping the focus only on her. Which made the young female slightly irritated. It wasn’t exactly a fair move on his behalf. ‘Serenity? Who on earth was this Serenity person?’ She thought to herself. Elle-Mae’s eyebrows still creased. “No, my name is Elle-Mae…..I don’t know a Serenity.” The Therian said shaking her head. As far as she knew, she could not recall anyone going by that name, related to her family either. But, she did note the sadness in his eyes; whomever this Serenity was. She must have had a great impact on the stranger, as he almost seemed disappointed and sad, that she was someone else. Hearing his apology, she lightly shook her head. “It’s not the usual, conversation a person typically has.”

Elle-Mae watched him in silence for a few moments. Raising an eyebrow. “Who said, you’re not important? You might be someone…..somewhere!” Elle pointed out. Just because, she didn’t know him and that he was confusing her right now; didn’t mean that he wasn’t important to someone.

“And you haven’t answered my question! Who are you?” Elle-Mae pressed, raising a slight eyebrow as she waited for an answer. “You cannot, just come up to a stranger, claiming she looks like someone you know...and then refuse to answer her questions. It doesn’t work like that!” Unknown to her; it was exactly something along the lines of, what her ancestor would have told Lucius. Not to mention, he sparked her curiosity. Didn’t she have a right to know? In her head, she thought she had a right to know. Anyone, in her position would have a right to know. It’s not something, one could avoid. Not after the facts, he just shared. Elle wasn’t planning on letting him escape, without her learning a few things. He at least, owed her that much now.

Whilst Elle-Mae was a very intelligent, dedicated young woman. She could also at times be incredibly stubborn. Sometimes at best and worst moments, her emotions got the better of her. Finding that sometimes, she felt a bit more emotional because of her species; struggling with certain emotions like irritation and anger. But other than that, people barely got on her bad side easily. It only ever happened; if they were being harsh about her family or making threats. Whilst, she may not have looked it. Elle was quiet strong and capable of being fierce; having learned to defend herself from a young age. Whilst there were a lot of similarities between her and Serenity, her their looks and feisty personality. There were also differences, like the fact that Elle-Mae wasn’t as fragile and breakable like Serenity was.

When Lucius heard her name is Elle -Mae, it finally hit him the women in front of him could be part of her family bloodline." Alright Elle-Mae. Tell me this. Is your Last name happened to be Lovette?" He asked watching and looking at her like he was trying to read her in between the lines wondering if his conclusion that just hit him is right. he was a lawyer, he knew how people work when they are being questioned.

Just like her, questioning what mean to him he sighed and then smirked. " Believe me, if you really knew me you would understand. Am not someone who is friendly to most and shocking am still alive right now. " There was the question again, Who is he? Stubborn one he is dealing with. " You really like to know who I am? It would leave you more questions if I answer." he said with a smirked looking at her with eyes that said your going to have to try harder then that. "If I do tell you, what will that matter to you anyways. What will you gain?" Lucius knew if she was like Serenity or anything like her, hell will be welcoming him along with her yelling at him telling him he is to harsh and a jerk who needs to stop acting like that in front of girls. Something told Lucius this would be more of a challenge.

Lucius now was interested in the other and with the knowing i Serenity did come back as another women in her family bloodline he can't just let her wonder off and not have protection. From what the celestial didn't know Serenity's bloodline were a proud spices of Therins, if he knew that there was nothing more him to help or even look after her. if it was not for talks and someone he knew told him about that species a little he would never knew they were alive and well. There could have been a change someone in the family was human, which again for Lucius being part of the supernatural he can't tell the other who is really is. He felt the other being very smart so she can figure things out on her own which is also a problem for himself as well. Why did he get the feeling this will not be the last of him seeing this women.

As the stranger guessed her surname. Elle’s brows creased. Her arms remaining crossed over her chest; as she took him in. Who was he? And how did he know her last name? She wasn’t sure, if she should be shocked or impressed, that he knew whom she was, at least by her surname. “Yes, I am a Lovett.” Seeing the way he was watching her, almost like he was trying to read her every single move. It was a bit intimidating if you ask her. But she was remaining strong and not letting it phase her. Her mind already going through the options. Serenity….Serenity Lovett. Was this Serenity a member of her family? That she didn’t know about?

“Aren’t you a little too young, to be complaining, being alive?” Elle tilted her head looking at him. She had no idea, what his problem was. “You should be enjoying life, be thankful you’re alive...not the latter.” But he should be lucky and happy to be alive. Life was previous. And at times, it slipped away too fast for some people. They didn’t realise, how precious it was, until it was too late. Groaning in annoyance, he was yet again avoiding the question.”You’re doing it again, avoiding the question! Let’s just sparked my curiosity by questioning me and who I am. So, I think it’s quiet fair that I learn, who you are...since you know who I am!”

Elle-Mae didn’t have time for a guessing game, or to beat around the bush. “Look, you can stop being a stubborn ass and tell me your name, and save us both a lot of time. Because, I am going to find out one way or another.” Obviously, her feisty side was coming out more. She didn’t have time for this either.

“If you guessed my last name...obviously, this Serenity person...she must have been a Lovett too. But it still doesn’t tell me, anything about who you are.” Elle-Mae came to a conclusion. It made her wonder, just how long ago this woman that supposedly looked like her, had been alive? And how long had this stranger known Serenity? Which probably also meant, that he was not human.

When Lucius said the current surname with the other's brows creased, he knew the answer is clear as day. Hello past his old friend. When the other commented about his age he chuckled, him young that's the first time he heard that from anyone. "Don't let looks fool you. Am someone you will never understand," he said in a cocky matter.  As a 168-year-old star, he can never imagine anyone trying to understand what the world is really like and how much he has seen.  Again, he thinks he knew the person he talked to but not Elle and Serenity. It was a weakness he may never know unless the truth is out. 

The moment Elle showed herself as feisty made Lucius stopped in his mind as the flashbacks to Serenity became crystal clear. Elle is now Serenity, a slit image of her. He swallowed as Lucius looked at her with his brown hues.  Serenity words came back to him, " If you don't clean your act I will come back and teach you a lesson. You hear me." very loud and clear. Boy was she did not fool around. One thing Elle told him made him confused, sparked her curiosity, should she already know about her family through her parents?  Was he the one to teach her? 

"You don't know about your family at all?" he asked confused. It explains the questioning. "Serenity Lovett is someone who lived three centuries ago. A dear friend of mine who almost changed the person I am. You don't even know your family?" Lucius questioned. It was not time for him to tell her who he is. There are strangers to each other, not by looks but as people. "I was a friend of the Lovette family. I can tell you are from Serenity's brother side of the family. She sadly never had kids." Lucius cleared this throat.

"Now, you want to know me that much. My name is Lucius, that's all you will now right now. Anything more you will like to add Miss. Lovette? Lucius asked feeling the Deja Vu. Lucius remembered the very day he met her and said that very line. She didn't take it lightly but later laughed about it as she learns it was not making fun of her. It was just Lucius.

Never. That was one word, that Elle found a cliche. And it kind of set her teeth on edge. His words more or less, kind of gave her the suspicions that the male in front of her wasn’t human. “Never, say never!” Elle told him, wth her arms still crossed over her chest. Elle was always a very determined, hard working girl in her family. And it was from both her father and elder brother; that she got taught to never give up. If one of the kids dared to utter, the words ‘I can’t...or I’ll never be able to.’ her father always put them straight. Telling them, there was no such thing as not being able to do something. All you had to do was set your mind to it.

The way, the male was looking at her. It was like he had seen a ghost. Was she really that much like her ancestor Serenity? The young Therian remained quiet, watching and waiting.

His question about her family, made her pause. Narrowing her eyes at him slightly. Was he being rude, or overly nosey with that question? “What a stupid question!” Elle huffed slightly. “Of course, I know about my family...not as much as I would like to, thanks to my father keeping secrets for longer than he should have, in my opinion.” But, she couldn’t change the past. And with her father being dead. She couldn’t ask him questions, since he knew more than anyone else; and her mother had been human and she was also sadly gone. Which just left her and her brothers.

Elle-Mae listened to him explain that Serenity had been alive, around 3 centuries ago. How old did that make him then? Now, that was a big give-away that he wasn’t human; if he knew Serenity in her life time. “Well, I wasn’t alive 3 centuries no...I didn’t know anything about Serenity.” This generation of Lovetts were quite young, compared to the others. And as far as she could remember; no one in her family had mentioned that particular name to her. “But looks like her attempts to change you, didn’t really work so well.”she said, commenting on his snarky, cocky attitude. “Like I said, I know my family...or at least, the bits that I found out about them myself...but a lot still remains a mys...…” she trailed off slightly. “You know, I don’t know why I am telling you this. You’re a stranger.” Elle shook her head. Was she going to spill her life-story, there and then? Probably not. But his questioning probably wouldn’t help the cause either.

Lucius. That was a name she would keep in mind. “Mhh, well Lucius. Try not to make the mistake, of thinking that me and Serenity are the same ‘person.’” Even though, She and her ancestor had few things in common to each other; Elle was her own person. And she didn’t take it lightly, being compared to others in her family; especially by strangers. It was daunting really, anyone wouldn’t like being compared to someone else-surely. Right now, she wasn’t even sure how to feel about the entire matter and his general attitude; shocked, curious, annoyed? Maybe, she was feeling a little bit of everything at the moment. And that certainly didn’t help-as she needed to keep her head clear. But no doubt, this meeting would probably keep distracting her mind from focusing on other things in the near future.

Daring, That's what Elle told Lucius about he actions and choices at that given moment. She had no falter that was for darn sure. One thing for sure he was not going to answer what his species is because does not know if their an Aliward Guard. Given that he thought Serenity was a human but regardless, he will never tell.  This was a shock for him, a big shock he does not know how to feel or even look in front of her at this moment. 

When Lucius heard her talking about her father he knew that was a trait th family shared. Secrets, why does it have to be secrets was the family bloodline that bad for the family. "Or course he kept it away from you. Why would i thought it would come easy and someone breaking that." He said in a sarcastic putting his hand on his hips.  The Lovette family love to give him a hard time. 

"Of course you didn't live that long. If you did you would be her right now.'" He asked with a sigh. "Bits is not the whole picture. Your family has does many things that were wonderful but yet they were always secret. She didn't everything Ij just didn't want to listen. Am not someone you can change 
easily. Serenity." he begin to say her name when he choked up. "Your telling me this because you want to find answers." he said clearing his voice looking at her with his brown hues.

Lucius didn't expect this to happen nor did he wanted to find out. It just happened so he guess fate was trying to hit him in the head to clean up his act. "Now I meet you, I know your not like her. You do have traits of her but your more daring and straightforward then she is. The difference is clear." Lucius said as he looked around. He has nothing more to say not. " Will if we are done I guess we can call it done and move on. I won't talk to you or get involved. Am sure you would like to see me off." Lucius said going back to him normal way. 

It was no secret, that Elle-Mae was quiet the opinionated young woman. If something got on her nerves, or someone was irritating her. She most often than not said it out loud. It was both a good thing and a bad thing. Some liked her voicing her opinions, others not so much. It just depended on how other people and her got along, with their various personalities. Sometimes, she clashed with certain personalities more than others. It seemed like the young Therian had shocked him though. And it wasn’t just because, she looked like Serenity. Her ancestor. There was probably something more to it.

Elle rose a slight eyebrow at his sarcastic tone. “You tell me, since you seem to know more about my family than I do.” the young woman retorted to his comment. It made her wonder, why her family was so full of secrets. Where they ashamed to come from a Therian line or something? Whatever it was, Elle-Mae wanted to know. And it wouldn’t give her mind a rest, until she would learn something more about it all.

The young female kept her arms crossed her chest. He sure did know how to push her buttons, yet stir her curiosity about the entire situation. “Well, whatever she was trying to do...I am sure, it was for your own good. But obviously your stubborn ass didn’t realise that.” Elle-Mae told him, as he claimed he wasn’t one that could be easily changed. Her face twitching as he called her Serenity. An annoyed look in her eyes. “Don’ me, that.” she reminded him. Just because, she looked like her. Didn’t mean she wanted to be called her name, or compared to the woman that was part of her family’s ancestry.

Elle sighed, as he said she wanted answers. Yes she did. “If you didn’t approach me, then you wouldn’t have stirred my curiosity about everything. But had to go and mistake me for my ancestor.” So could he blame her for now being curious and after answers? He was the one that came up to her, not the other way around. So right now, she wasn’t sure if she was more curious or frustrated about the entire matter.

It seemed like he indeed realised, how different she was to her ancestor. And she was glad, he took notice of the differences. His last few words surprised her, and she couldn’t help but end up laughing. “Wow, my ancestor really must have had guts to try and change a guy like you.” The Therian spoke “Just because you’re done, doesn’t mean I am!” Why did he even think, leaving this conversation unfinished and in the open, was a good idea? How it was it even possible, that one person could already get on her nerves, so quickly?

Looks like Lucius caught her attention with her bloodline it's going to be a long conversation.  "What would you have me say? You're not asking the right questions for me to if I wanted to. It's not my place to be a now it all with a family bloodline that can't get out of their secrets. "Lucius said looking at Elle. Lucius deep down thought it was sad for the family to do this to their own blood. He does not even remember his own life as a star when he was in the sky.  He didn't know better to speak about family or being part of a bloodline so who do Lucius think he is. 

The Moment Elle called him a stubborn ass Lucius could not help but chuckle. " There is a first to everything. You are right she did it for my own good. She almost did but got killed so there was no point. Am a dangerous person she knew that but she stuck around and I ended up watching her die. I wish every day I took her place, this world does not need people like me but look where I am.  Anything else you want to say." he said with annoyance in his voice.  

Elle is right of course. One thing that he knew is happening fate played the card to bring the one person who is almost fell for back in the world who now Elle. She called him stubborn. He is now dealing with a handful and a questioning seeker since her family is still being their typical selves. 

"As I said, ask the right questions and maybe you get somewhere. You have a chance now before a headache sets in. The time of your ancestor was a lot different then now I will watch what you say. I have seen things I know what happens." Lucius said crossing his arms looking at her. He gave her a gesture to ask. He didn't want to stand here all day waiting.

Elle-Mae narrowed her eyes, at the man in front of her. Not asking the right questions? Is he having a laugh? Were there even any right questions to ask, in a situation like this? Elle didn’t think so. He was just adding more to her frustration, with his behaviour. God, she didn’t need a complication like this. But, this situation couldn’t be avoided either, now that the cat was out of the bag, so to speak. “To be honest, I don’t even think...there’s such a thing, as the right question, in a situation like this. There are just questions!” And there were a lot of questions. But he was the stubborn and picky one, and needing the ‘right’ one’s as he put it. How did he expect her to react, after dropping such a bombshell? Cause, she sure as hell didn’t know.

The Therian couldn’t help but roll her eyes slightly, as he laughed at her. “Just because, she died...didn’t mean, there wasn’t a point.” It seemed like, he needed someone to give him a better perspective on things. And challenge him. And maybe, kick his ass once in awhile like Serenity might have done. “I’ve met my share of dangerous’re just highly irritating.” Stubborn, Irritating. Those seemed to be the first impression. Dangerous? No. But she wasn’t about to let her guard down. She didn’t know what he was, or what he was possibly capable off. “Look...I am sure, if she was here. She’d tell you to stop moaning and live your life, instead of wishing you were dead. Or she would have kicked your ass, while doing so. So, I would suggest, you stop moaning and be thankful you’re alive to live another day...unlike some people, whom didn’t get that choice.” Elle told him. As annoying as he was. She had no problem telling him, things from her perspective. Life was short; even for some Immortal and Supernatural creatures.

The young woman, narrowed her eyes at him slightly. “You getting a headache? Think it might be the other way around.” Elle huffed, in annoyance as he repeated the phrase, about her asking the right questions. She knew how the world worked too. She may not be as old as him, or lived in the time that her ancestors did. But she wasn’t stupid. “If you think, I don’t know how the world works. You’re wrong! I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences.” Elle pointed out. It just showed, he shouldn’t underestimate her or make assumptions.

It took her a few moments, to gather her thoughts. “Was Serenity human, or a Lycanthrope?” Elle asked, with a slight raised eyebrow. She knew, that not everyone always got the gene. So she was curious, if her ancestor got the gene or not. “You obviously, know a lot more about my family, than I do...thanks to Serenity. So, why all the secrets?” It had frustrated Elle to know ends, when she first found out what she truly was. And how her, father had kept the truth from her and her baby brother for so long. It was beyond irritating.  She needed some sort of a hint, a clue...anything as to why her family was so secretive.

The star watched the other as he knew there were right questions words were just not coming out the way he wants them too. “There are you just got to think before you ask them,” he said annoyed as Lucius sighed looking around. There is nothing for Lucius to say, this is no start to anything for him to talk. Lucius didn’t want to disrespect the family or the bloodline which is kinda way he is letting her do the talking. He knew it was unfair for Elle to be in this situation because one told her. It’s not her fault and he didn’t want to make her feel it is.

When the female said about a point to her death he already knew that answer was coming because there was more of a point. It was a promise. “Will it comes to the best of us really. I meet someone who is far worse than me. Sadly he didn’t tell his story but all that to the side I don’t think you want to know about me. I really don’t like to talk about myself but that’s how life as yeah?” Lucius said with a sigh, she called him irritating he could be blind to know she is very stubborn and does not know when to quit. Something he found instructing with a little impressed something could handle him for this long before they want to rip their hair out. “You are right of course. She could say the same thing.” Lucius said as he looked at the sky and sighed. “What are you going to do about it? If I don’t stop. You barely know me to even care about.” Lucius said.

“No, I think it’s not the other way around. I don’t know what is worst one who nags in a way I can’t tell them to stop or talking to someone or someone who does not know how to quit and very comforting someone is truly like that.” Lucius said in truth, he is telling the truth about both girls in traits he personally finds amazing on a woman but in a way of them using it on him annoys him. “Am not saying you don’t have bad days. Come on that is life, no one lives a perfect life.”

The star didn’t know how much he could handle hearing things that do not have him answer anything. That is until Elle asked a question that didn’t hurt his mind. “ Finally the right question. It’s not hard. Serenity was human. Very beautiful and pure. She saw the best in people including though who has darkness inside of them. Which is why she was always around me, something about me she said made her feel comfortable. She didn’t know who I am either like you do. I never told anyone because of the fear I’ve been running from. She made all that worry disappear.” Lucius said for the first time in the talk he smiled softly like he was remembering the old times.

 “As for the secrets, the family knew what to say and how to be careful with their words. I always thought they were hiding something dark. Something about the bloodline made me always feel to have my guard up all the time. If that does not tell you something I don’t know what will. One day, Serenity told me something she saw and ran away before people can see her watching. She told me it’s something that she couldn't get out of her mind. If you’re going to ask she never told me but she was scared. When I did say she’s pure I really meant it. She was a good part of the family.” Lucius said as he brought out his wallet and pulled out a photo of Serenity and handed the photo to the female.

“You look and act like her more then you realize. Am sure she is very proud to have a stronger side to her. All I can say about the family is that something about them made it seem like they were playing a dark game back in the day. Am not sure about how your father was but there was something always not right.” Lucius said making sure she can read him that he is telling the truth.


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