As a star of the sky, he has seen and lives many years. Many centenary from the time he got to earths soil to now. Meeting people and seeing the same people die as he lived on its not something he would wish on anyone. The way it sounds mind will call him immortal because he is. One thing he never came up on is meeting the one, will because he never wanted to be tied down either did he believe in romance. He thought love is a waste of space and didn't understand why people need it or even want it. There was one girl who almost made him believe and her name was Serenity. A women of beauty that drove Lucius made, not because of her looks but they way she put her self out to get his attention. if there was a believer in someone want love and change it was her.

When Serenity passed away everything in his life went back how it was before, him being a jerk to everyone and not caring. Not like he changed when she was alive she just made it hard him to  to act this way. "Stop being mean. No girl like a jerk." she told him one day along with hitting him with a new paper to give off a playful hit. Lucius missed her even now that he think about those words. " Even though death you hunt me. Jeez women give me a break." he said under his breath as he got out of his house to walk around to get her off his mind. he was never in love with her, he was never sure what they were. It was the past and now it's the preset, moving on is what he can do.

There was nothing for him to do around the afternoon as he knew workers were getting food for lunch so he didn't want to bother with a crowed coffee shop. Lucius did need fresh air so the park is where he went. Sitting down on a bench with his tiny book he like to read when he needs it. Memories of the past lost to time lived in the book with photos, letters and little things he kept that brought him joy. Lucius made it clear to him no women would want him because of who he is so proclaim himself to be a bachelor as long at his life lives.

The moment he of Serenity out of his mind, fate of life bite him in the neck one more time. Lucius's brown hues looked up to see someone who looked just like her. he could not believe his eyes as he didn't know if this was krama or was this someone in the same family who looked just like her. Life has it's own way of playing life but this now annoyed Lucius. he wanted to be alone but nope looks like his past came back but why.

He got up and rushed the the women but not to touch her. "Hey. I may not know you but why you look like someone I use to know." he asked like he cared, why was he going mad again. Was there someone in him that wanted her or was it because of him he was actually lost without her. Their way he would outlive her anyways. Lucius was so confused he wanted answers.

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Him telling her to think, made the young woman scowl slightly. It was starting to feel like some sort of a test, or something. What was so hard, about answering the questions she asked him before? It wasn’t rocket science? But no, he wanted to make it seem like it was, by telling her to ask the right one’s. She didn’t know, how much more patience she could have with him.

True, he might have been irritating and testing her patience. But there were probably far worse people out there. “You’re right, I don’t know you. But that doesn’t stop you, from irritating me any less.” Nor did it change her perspective on life, and his talk about life, death and being so miserable...well, it did set her teeth on edge a little bit. But she didn’t know his past, to know what made him think the way he did. But he certainly struck her, as a bit of a grump.

The perfect life, seemed like a myth. And she had to agree, with at that point there. Life was not perfect, she knew that. And certainly, had her fair share of bad experiences. Sometimes, it made her wish that things had been easier on her, both growing up and finding out whom she was. And now. But such was the life of Supernaturals. Hardship, curve-balls thrown at you, quite a lot of the time.

Biting her bottom lip. Elle listened to the stranger talk about her ancestor. In some ways, it seemed like a trait of Elle too. It was bit scary, how the two women seemed to be alike. In more ways than one. But the woman, didn’t have the Therian gene. Unlike her. Which made her more vulnerable. For a few moments, Elle was just silent. Listening to Lucius explain everything, in regards to her questions. Her eyes lingering on the Celestial. He seemed to be truthful. Not holding anything back. Which she appreciated. But it didn’t make her any less confused, about the family secrets.

Did Serenity, witnessed someone shifting and hurting someone? Maybe that is what scared her. But since she never confined in Lucius, what scared her. Elle didn’t ask that question. But somehow, him talking about her ancestor, brought out a more happier side to him, when he smiled. The moment, he handed her the phone. Elle-Mae stared at the photo in slight shock. Turning paler than a ghost. It was like, she was looking at a double of herself. A literal identical twin, expect of clothes Serenity was wearing; were very old fashioned. “That’s…..awkward..” Maybe Awkward, wasn’t even the right word for it. But she was speechless, lost for words. Creepy, Awkward, strange...those words came to mind right now. After a few more moments, of staring at the picture. Elle handed it back to him.

“Well, I suppose my father is like everyone else in the family. Keeping secrets. Me and my youngest brother, spent most of our life, not knowing what we were...until we first turned. It was a hard year. It was my first year away at College, our mother had been taken ill from a heart-disease...both me and Justice, around the time of our mother’s heart-breaking diagnosis.” Elle breathed out, with a sigh. Voice cracking a little bit. “My turn was unpleasant, I ended up hurting someone, in the process by accident. And couldn’t bare to go home, in fear of hurting my family..” Because of that, she never properly said goodbye to her dying mother, until the funeral a year later. Her heart clenching at the memory. Wether or not, her father wanted to protect her and her brother, from the truth. There should have been better ways to deal with it,than keeping them in the dark. Elle looked away from the stranger, after spilling out a part of her life story. Maybe without even meaning too. But that was her explanation, of her father’s side in the family and the role he played.

Lucius might be the last guy everyone would want to be stuck in a room with but he really didn't think anyone can handle him in that way. "That's not my attention doing so Elle or else you ask me to do something else which all I can say it good luck on doing so." This was not the star being like this unpurpose it was him being himself.  

The star watched the other knowing this must be shaken to her. “Am sorry if this is all a very big shock. Now you can see why I asked you about your name. I didn’t understand it myself how someone I used to know can still be alive. It’s not my job to scare you. Well, this is no courtroom so you have nothing to fear. You scared because you don’t know, you don’t understand because bloodline chose that for you regardless of what you believe in.” Lucius said, really he didn’t understand due to he never really knew where became from. If he told someone he was found in the middle of no were in an open field naked who would believe someone like him. He must have a family right? That is were everyone is wrong because he doesn’t.

When the female handed his phone back he put it in his pocket. “Turned?” he asked wondering what she meant as Lucius looked at her. “You're not human at all?” Lucius listened to what Elle went through thinking how can someone just leave her alone to go through all that pain. He shouldn’t ever imagine but he can like it’s clear as day. The star saw the true feelings from the women in front of him knowing this was a touchy subject.

“The Bloodline is very cruel to do such a thing as not telling you who you really are. Trust me I had my fair share with that knowledge not by family but hearing it from a stranger I never knew until the events that happened. It’s not fair and is sorry that happened to you.” He said with a small sigh. “Is there any other questions you want to ask or you want to process everything?” he asked not wanting to land everything on Elle on one go.

Elle had met plenty of people, the good, the bad, the irritating, the challenging, the weird and strange. And she wasn’t entirely sure what to think of Lucius just yet. But he did certainly know how to push her buttons. Whether or was luck, or on purpose. She wasn’t sure. But she was certainly stubborn enough, to handle him. Elle groaned slightly, at his words. “God, you really are stubborn.” Elle-Mae muttered to herself.

“I think, shock is a bit of an understatement.” There were no true words, as to what she felt right now. Being shocked, didn’t quite cover it just yet. But she could certainly see, why he had approached her; out of curiosity. “But, I am not her. I mean...I can’t be. She’s been dead, for centuries. I mean, I look freakishly a lot like her...but…” The young Therian, couldn’t understand the situation herself. How was it all possible? Life seemed to like throwing curve-balls in her way; that’s for sure. And right now, she didn’t need more personal drama added to her life. She didn’t know him, but he certainly knew a lot more about unexplained things in life, than she did.  “This...this is just...crazy.” Elle shook her head. Almost in denial. It’d take her some time to get used to it all. She needed time to let it all sink in. And it might take a while, that was for sure.

Now, it seemed like it was his turn to be slightly confused. Didn’t he know, her family came from a Therian bloodline? “Yes, Turned on the full moon.” Elle said, hoping it gave him some sort of a hint. “No, I am a Lycanthrope.It’s one of the Therianthrope branches.” The Therian looked at him. “But, I’d figured you’d already knew that? I mean, you know about my family and bloodline more than I do.” And yet, he was confused that she wasn’t human. If Serenity didn’t know either? Maybe he didn’t?

He was a stranger, she was a stranger to him. She had no reason to trust him? Yet here, she was spilling out things about herself. As he showed sympathy, for what she went through. Elle sighed slightly. “That’s life, I suppose.” Elle-Mae had somehow tried to make piece with that complication. But it didn’t make life any easier. The young Therian shook her head slightly. At the moment, she was lost for words. Let alone questions. “No...I think...I think, I need some time to process everything.” God knows, if he blurted out more family secret, things about Serenity, and things about this strange situation. Elle might go crazy. And right now, she didn’t think she could handle any more crazy than she was already dealing with in life. Elle, certainly needed a bit of a break.


Lucius has not met anyone as strong as her besides the fact she looks like a past connection under sure if it was a good thing or not. "I will take that as a compliment. Now are we going to talk about me or are we going to move on with new facts about yourself," he asked sarcastically. He is not one to stand around in one place for too long. Lucius didn't like guards can be watching him. 

The star didn't say anything knowing this is all news to her, looks like this is the begin of her journey to find her family past with more questions. A victim to a family bloodline who never asked for it, the star knew it's very unfair for the other to go through this but what can he do? "Looks like I did more than getting under someone's skin. This is a record for myself. I don't know why you look like her or why life did this but don't let this get over your mind. If you say your not her then your not. It's just a shock we both didn't expect." Lucius said as he looked around seeing no guards around for now as he sighed. 

This is the first time he heard about the family being part of the therian species. He thought about to Serenity on how she could not talk about what she witnessed with her words echoing in his mind. "What I saw is unbelievable, people would look at me like am crazy." Lucius sighed wishing he would've asked her more. "Elle, you guess you can say this is one of the secrets they never told me kept hidden. Serenity was a Human thinking everyone was also human unless someone married into that species. Guessed she was right about the family is unbelievable." 

The star didn't know what to think or what to say more, he only heard and seen what Serenity said and brought him into. There was something her father he couldn't pinpoint was he the therian of the family or was he the one started the secrets of the information that would impact Elle's life. Even though death the bloodline is affected. 

"Looks like I have time to think about and look through things at my apartment along with a road trip." Lucius respected she didn't want to hear more. he does not know if this is the end of their talk at this given moment "That fair enough. this is more for a person to process am guessing." Lucius said unsure after this talk when they would see each other again but it depends what he can find as well. The city is big so it will be a little chance to face each other again. 

The Therian rose a slight eyebrow at his sarcastic comment. “Take it, as you will. But it wasn’t a compliment.” Or, she didn’t think that her calling him so stubborn was a compliment. More of an observation. But two can play the stubborn game, as Elle was plenty of opinionated and stubborn herself. So this could most likely, carry on for a long time. And frankly, Elle didn’t want to argue with him for the rest of the day. She was sure, both of them had better things to do; than debate about whom was more stubborn and getting under each other’s skin.

Elle was trying to wrap her mind around everything, so far. She couldn’t get the image of her ancestor, out of her mind. It was almost like it was ingrained in her mind. Elle rubbed her hands, over her face with a slight sigh. “And how about I suppose to not let it get to my head? It’s not exactly, something I can forget, you know.” Elle told Lucius. It would no doubt, keep racking her mind with different possibilities about the situation. But all things, concerned. It indeed was a shock, she did not see coming. Nor something, she could easily get over.

The young Lycanthrope, was trying to figure out how everything was possible. If her ancestor, didn’t know about this. Then where did all the secrets and lies begin? With Serenity? Or even before hand? “Well, it might explain why she was so shocked and couldn’t tell you, what she saw.” Elle spoke, thinking out loud mainly. She knew, how painful a transformation on the full moon was, especially the first. But over time, it got easier with more experience. So, if Serenity saw someone under-go that change. It would no doubt have scared her. Like, it scared Elle; when she herself experienced it personally. “I guess, it could be either? If Serenity was human, she might have not gotten the gene...but maybe marrying into the blood-line, makes more sense.” And unless, she would do some digging into her family history. She wouldn’t know.

But where to even start? Both of her parents were dead. And if she didn’t know any of this, she doubted her baby brother would be any wiser, on the family history and where-abouts the Therian blood, truly began.

Elle nodded her head, as he mentioned he had some work to do. She didn’t pry into his business. “Indeed, it’s a big pill to swallow and a lot to wrap my head around.” If she heard anymore, she might end up with a panic attack, not being able to process it all. Elle, wasn’t sure where they would go from here. As strange as this encounter was. A part of her felt like the conversation wasn’t fully over yet. If they met again? Who knows? Yet, Elle wasn’t ready to discover, the rest of it. Not just yet. When time would come, and when she’d digest the current information, maybe then. “Well, I suppose. I better be going. Have a good day, Lucius.” Despite their shaky start. It was good manners at least.

Compliments and sarcastic remarks can never break his bones. Throughout his years, he has heard many different years so adding one to the list does faze him one bit. “I will take it as a compliment because am someone who is different. Lucius didn’t know why but he found Elle interesting and he kinda like she is not like other women. Lucius is complicated to most people so he was not shocked they are almost in an argument. Not a lot of people get out of one conversation without an argument so it was nothing new.

He looked at her as he watched. “I mean by is, not let what I said change your view of the world or who you are as a person. Jeez, am not that cold-hearted.” Lucius sighed. “Of course this will be something you will never forget. I don’t think I will ever see her face again but look where we are right now. Lucius can see now how different they are and if they crossed paths now what will stop it from happening again. They would meet again, that’s the feeling he got.

“I don’t know if she meant about that but it’s very easy to see something like that happening with your own eyes. If she did see it I wondered how she got out without being noticed or they let her go,” he answered the other as it made him think for a bit. Lucius put the memory that moment to see if there was anything he is missing. He knew if it was not though memory it would be the household of the Lovelette. He could look thought the whole house now no one lived in it. Whatever lies in the house is all the secrets that will answer the question for himself and possibly to the women in front of him. “That is true, the downside is that she never mentioned anything about marriage. There are so many questions and hardly any answers. This is making my head hurt.”

Lucius now for sure he had to go to the old household. The star didn’t know what he will find in there but one thing for sure everything out of the house will finally be out. The star wanted her to be in his memory only, let an old friend rest in peace. He guessed she wants the secrets out before she does so. 

Lucius nodded what she said about the information. Deep down the star hopes when the truth comes down the rest of Elle’s family who is alive will be alright. Brought him back with Serenity, he was always there when the downfalls in her life happened. He does not know how much history will reply in front of his eyes now she is back as Elle. Lucius heard the women’s voice as he nodded with a small smirk. “Yes, have a good day Elle,” Lucius said speaking her name for the first time as he walked off with many thought in his mind. Someday the answers will be answered.


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