One of the many things the young star never got to experience was being bullied. The only things Miyaza has ever seen or heard were hurtful words or just bring her self esteem down. She could not count how many times her self doubt almost made her not to do many things she really is passionate about but got through the bumps in the road. Now Miyaza has people around her who inspire her to follow her dream and a new life without worrying about anything.

Now that the star had gotten better at English it's time for her to get back into everyday life and start expanding her education. Miyaza has asked around what is a good college to check into and it was no shock everyone said Evermore Collage.  As the day came for her to look around the campus, she aims to get into the performance arts department. With her history of dance from her past dance group, Miyaza wants to expand that part of her life since 16 years was taken away from her. She did wonder if they didn't lock her away from where would she be right now.  The past is the past as the preset is the reality of struggle. 

Many things have changed for the young, learning her powers, with her past boyfriend came back into her life not sure where that will lead but with hopes, they can go back to normal. What was normal to Miyaza anymore. That is something she can never tell or even know what it means. 

As she walked around the campus with one of the tours, Miyaza really loves how everything looks and how they manage everything. Giving her a slip to show she is only a visitor the young star wanted to explore. The halls welcomed her every corner she turned as she stayed quiet know some could be 
studying. Out of the blew she heard some girls being loud and she hear talking. Miyaza followed the noisy group as it leads to the library. Funny as it's a place to be quiet. The star was about to walk off until she heard what they were saying clearly.   

The group was bullying someone, Miyaza stepped into the library very quietly to find who is the victim. No one should never be mean or disrespectful towards another. As she got slower Miyaza listened to hearing Mute and many ugly words were said the star knew it something she should not be involved with but deep down she can't let the dark hair female who is being targeted alone. Someone had to step in and help. Miyaza stood out of sight to see what the dark hair female would do.  

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Just like any other day in her schedule, if one couldn't locate her in the laboratory, they can find her attending her classes at Evermore University. Taealha was anything if not practical. Despite how spontaneous the girl can make of her day, she has a schedule planned out every time of the day, written down on the back page of her journal that she carries around with her every single moment of the day, so she wouldn't forget to do what she needed to do. Knowing the human, she was quite the reckless klutz that sometimes forgot to eat her own lunch because she was too focused on the task she was given on hand. Earlier this year, she had started her graduate studies in Biochemistry at the Evermore University. It didn't take her long to further her tertiary education to obtain her next milestone in her life; to go home with an M.Sc in Biochemistry. Every morning, she would wake up at 6 and spend at least 35 to 40 minutes with her plants growing exponentially in the balcony of her apartment before hopping off to do her morning exercises by jogging for a few rounds in the neighborhood. 

She was just living her life the same way any other humans would, only that she may have been divulging herself in the matters of supernatural because of where she stood. It's always fun to study about their biological system and Taealha remembered how she spent an entire month trying to rake why their cells were so responsive. Suffice to say, the human spent every second of her day perfectly, there was so wastage for she refuses to acknowledge that may even happen. Her classes usually starts at 10, which gives her enough time to get ready and walk to the subway so she could head over to her university located there. That's exactly what she did today, after spending 3 hours in her first class, she was already making her way to the library a few floors below because she still had a few more hours to spare before she was supposed to clock in at the laboratory.

 Despite being a student still, Taealha was offered the chance to work around her skills, four years ago. Having been recruited by the Organization that was responsible for making sure the supernatural world does not intercede with the human affairs here in Evermore, the raven-haired female was given the chance to delve better into her practical work by them. It was clear that as soon as she saw how advanced their technology, she wasn't about to leave. As soon as her class ended, she quickly kept her stuff away in her bag before making her exit so she could do more reading at the library. Taealha greeted the librarian with a small smile and headed over her favorite aisle; it was where all the biology books were kept at and she always ended up reading there instead of sitting at a table like any other students.

 It was the furthest aisle in the library, so it's a bit isolated and quiet. While she was busy trying to search for the book she wanted, the books on the other level of the shelf fell over and resulted the human cowering underneath the weight. It didn't take long until she crawled her way out of the pile, only to be greeted by the clicking sound of heels and 4 female figures towering above her. Not them again. Of course, Taealha wouldn't cry. It would take more than that to actually make her cry so she just stared at the one in the middle and tried to get up without saying a word, mostly because she was mute and they didn't understand sign language. The second because she couldn't be bothered to deal with bullies. But when she got up, she was pushed harshly by the one next to her, resulting in her wincing in pain because her head hit the wall behind quite hard. 

As someone who has had a language barrier when she came to Evermore, she has always been scared for her to be made fun of for looking different or people calling her names to know she didn't know English. Even without the barrier in her own town, she disliked bullies. Why should people feel little because they are different? That is one thing she will never understand.

As the star watched and seeing how they started to treat the other Miyaza knew she could not just stand there. Putting her stuff down knowing if anything she can tell the librarian of the school about what the four girls are doing. She knew that to be loud as her inside voice to her tone of voice. "Hey mean girls, what about you pick on someone else that is your size maybe?" Miyaza got the attention. "You know it's not nice to bully someone just because they don't talk. heard of picking up a book and learning how to talk?" Miyaza can be sassy when the moment calls for it. As expected the four girls moved away from the other female to her. This will give the other time to get up and get out of there if she wanted to tell on the girls. "What you just say to us, dumb bimbo?" Miyaza looked at the girl with not backing down. "You hear me Pick. Up. A. Book. Learning is an amazing thing. You did come here to do that." 

Girls like this bothered the star as they got into college not for it be a click but at the end of the day, it will come back to the girls. The next moment Miyaza knew she got slapped in the face by one of them. "Looks like your new so let me be nice, no one talks to me like what my family will bring down your very fast." Miyaza listened as she laughed. Funny for her to say that to someone who does not actually have family members but a Wayfinder to look up to. "Oh ouch, that really hurt. Let me know if you can find a creative way to hurt my feelings maybe you should be called babo sonyeo. You're being so childish right now."

"What did you just call me." as one of the girls raised their voices knowing it will get the librarian's attention. "You heard me I just did something you may never understand me. That is Karama, got read a book and stop bullying this girl." Miyaza was not going to back down but it looked like she was right as the librarian came to where all the girls were they kicked the girls out along with offering Miyaza an ice pack for her cheek. "It's alright Thank you." she said bowing a little bit as she turned to the girl and did sign language "Are you alright? I could just walk away sorry for getting into your business." Miyaza smiled. Looks like her curious for many years and culture reading came though. 

This wasn't her first time being confronted by a group of bullies, they'll never stop, Taealha knew that and she only knew to sleep it her motivation not to let it get to her because she was better than that. She wasn't petty and she's smart enough not to waste her time around girls like that. After all, the human did attend the university under one reason and one reason only; to obtain her Master's degree and finally finish her qualification as a biochemist after completing her thesis which was undergoing at half being done. However, she didn't expect for anyone to come to her rescue so when someone actually did, she was taken aback and wasn't sure what to go with what's going on before her. 

Judging from the taller silhouette of the female standing across the group of girls, it doesn't seem like anything was going to scare her. But really, Taealha didn't want any trouble and wanted to go about her day peacefully without inviting any fight. Taealha winced slightly when the girl was slapped across the face, with manicured nails like that, she was sure it hurts like a bitch. But what could she do? She couldn't even speak to defend herself and those girls wouldn't exactly understand sign language because they won't bother to listen to her. When the librarian cane and shooed them away, Taealha got up and bit her lip apologetically as she didn't mean to bring this stranger into a feud that wasn't even meant for her. 

The sign language took her off guard, but it also meant that she would be able to communicate with her easier, "I'm fine. It's just a minor bruise, nothing I couldn't heal from, don't worry. What I should be worried more is you, Miss?" she paused for a while, her hands gripping mid air because she had no idea what this girl's name is, "I'm Taealha. And thank you for helping me, even if you didn't have to. I'm grateful for it. Does my savior have a name to before her bravery?" Not everyone knew sign language so she was a bit impressed by the knowledge shown by this stranger. 

The star was not scared to stand up for others who are mistreated without their control. The group of girls has no reason to bully the smaller female. Feeling the slap on her cheek made Miyaza mad but she knew showing a reaction is what they wanted. She stopped herself from showing tears for the sake of herself. 

Miyaza smiled at the librarian along with her saying sorry for describing the quiet, a slap in the face could've echoed for someone to tell as well but it didn't matter now that the situation seemed to past by the females. Taking someone's pain made the star feel good in a way but with the pain, she didn't mind the stinging after a while but her eyes were watering from the aftershock.  She was no Wonderwomen.  

After so many hours looking into cultures, she found sign language as a helpful tool. Miyaza used to have a language barrier as she found sometimes sign helped her out. Never thinking she would meet someone who she would need it made Miyaza feel happy to give back to the female then what the girls couldn't. A smile grew on the other but it was light knowing her cheek was stinging. "I'm fine I had the worst things that happened to me." the star watched closely and nodded. "it's nice to meet you Taealha. My name is Miyaza, you don't need to thank me it should never happen in the first place." she said with her hands looking at the other.

'Were you studying, I can let you get back. I am only a visitor to the school so I don't want to pull you away from that the girls already have done."Miyaza knew college is important to people. She did wonder what she is missing from her tour. Since the star didn't know anyone it made her seem like she is a stranger to everyone even though it's the true facts.

The slap that was delivered towards the other girl who stepped up to help her in this embarrassing situation had her wincing internally, it really looks painful, especially with the girl's hand being adorned with a few rings that she probably didn't need to sport on more than she had to but did so for the sake of it. So when the librarian came to the rescue and shooed away those girls by kicking them out, she was eternally grateful, especially when the librarian also offered the other female an ice pack.  Taealha scurried over with a worried expression placed all over her face, her eyes drooped slightly as she formed a frown as she bit down on her lip while attempting to see if she was fine. And boy was she grateful that she could also communicate in sign language, it was rare, after all. 

At least it won't take her time while typing or writing for the stranger. "Just because you've had worse things happening to you doesn't make it fine" she pouted and tilted her head slightly to the side while bringing one hand up to touch her cheek, before wincing herself. "I should still thank you, Miyaza. Thankfully it won't leave much of a mark, but it'll bruise for a while depending on how well you take care of yourself" she moved to edge the ice pack carefully, "You should press it there since your circulation will flow properly then."

 When she was asked if she had been studying earlier, Taealha shook her head with a sheepish grin, "Don't worry about it, I was just looking for a few reading materials to help me with my thesis. But you weren't interrupting anything." She felt the guilt overtaking her and Taealha knew she couldn't just say goodbye like this. It doesn't feel right. "You're not a student here?" She said she was a visitor, "Can I at least buy you something? A coffee perhaps? It's the least I could do after you coming to save me like that." Her eyes were basically pleading with Miyaza. 

Miyaza didn't want to come to the college to start trouble, being slapped was not in the plans at all. She can feel what the hand of the female as Miyaza accepted the ice pack. She didn't know what was worst running away from a Hunter or being slapped with rings. Saying her thank-yous, she looked at the other human feeling how worried she is. Her eyes showed it all which made Miyaza try to give the other a smile. The human didn't need to worry but she can see how it caring hs is so the star didn't want to say anything to make her more upset.  

Miyaza really didn't have a lot of friends, after she was captured for 16 years of her life Miyaza forgot the most caring people will be hard to find. It looks like she got one of those small chances.  "I..." Miyaza stopped at the beginning of her sentences before she started to think of something else. "Not a lot of people are nice to me. I don't like to make people worry about me either but Thank you." Miyaza said with a trying smile, ever since she came out of the Isle with a language barrier people laughed at her, talked about her know she can't understand. Only a few who were willing to help her even one helped her get a phone to learn more English. Miyaza could understand the other as sad to know the other is muted. 

The star stood there without move as she watched the other. Miyaza nodded as she pressed the ice bag in the way the other said. "Am sorry they are doing that to do. They have no reason at all, how long have you been dealing with them?" Miyaza asked wondering how long the other had been bullied by the group, how long they couldn't fight back with no voice. 

She felt happy to know she didn't interrupt anything the human was done. Miyaza was about to talk off as she turned around shaking her head no. "Am on a campus tour. Thinking about going back to school since I miss so much in my life," she said it's true she didn't miss a lot of her schooling back in Korea but there is still time for her. Miyaza looked at the other seeing her eyes knew she couldn't say no. " I.. Sure I don't mind at all. Maybe you can show me more of the campus and what is here like subjects and whatnots?" Miyaza can tell the other is very friendly which made her felt comfortable. 

Taealha was all too used to bullies, they didn't come easy, sure, but she's had plenty of years spent over trying to beat them off. Every single one ended up futile. So she opted to be the smarter and better person by ignoring them. There was nothing she could gain from a fight, especially as petty as a cat fight. "The last time those girls picked a fight with me, it was over a boy. Just some guy who's been leaving me flowers, chocolates and such. You know… those cheesy admire stuff? Yeah. I didn't even know he's been leaving those because I didn't attend class as much... " The human had every right to be upset too seeing as she was mostly occupied at the lab so when she does attend her classes at the university, she expected a peaceful concept of time. Clearly, it didn't work out for her.

 "People are nice and they're not nice. You just have to meet the right people first if not, try to find the good in them." Taealha still hasn't given up on mankind just yet. Not yet. There are still good in everyone. She's positive of that. When asked how long she's been dealing with them, Taealha shrugged casually, "I mean, them specifically? Since my 2nd year of degree, but the others? Basically since high school." It's upsetting to see how casual she was on all of that but that's the reality of her life. One she has accepted for long. "You should come back to school if that's what you want. What course so you think you'd be majoring in?" She was glad to show her around, she's been here for years, so why not?

 "Come on, let's go to the cafe first. I know there's a good cafe nearby that serves the best coffee. I can explain to you more about the university." She beckoned for the Celestial to follow her as she picked up her stuff, she wasn't bold enough to drag her using the hand so. "Are you new in Evermore? I don't think I've seen you around before." 

Bulling is wrong no matter what people see it Miyaza does not like it to happy longer than a minute or so. Watched the girl's hands to tell her the last time Miyaza shook her head knowing it's very common to run into those types of people in schools no matter where you go they will always be there." he must be very sweet to do that for you. You are pretty so I can understand. They might be jealous you are getting attention from them.  I can see why they don't they are kinda annoying and loud if you ask me." Miyaza said knowing she does not know how the girls are normally. Something told the star Taealha might not be interested in dating since studying is important to all students. Which is fine, Miyaza would be the same but since she already had someone she uses to date and might go back to him Miyaza can't say anything, 

A smile came on the young star's face, she wished a lot of people would be like the human. The world would be a better place. The smiled faded to see how long the other has been dealing with the group. "Am sorry you have to go through them." Miyaza hoped the other does not have to see them after today. Which what the human told her before the star has to fate the other sees the brighter side of things. 

"I have an open mind in whatever that wants to call out to me. Do they have a dance department? if not that is fine. Like I said am open to anything." Miyaza smiled. She didn't think meeting someone on her first visit would be possible but she is happy the chance is there.  Watching the other pack her stuff before leaving, Miyaza followed behind. Coffee does sound really good that the moment. "Maybe I can learn about the campus in a different way. Are there places I should remember?" she asked. 

Miyaza watched the other's hands for her questions, the young star shook her head no. "Around the school year, not the city. it's been four or five years now. In the first few years, I didn't want to adventure out due to personal things. You can say hiding from the world other then people I knew were close and safe." Miyaza paused to think about what she can say. "Something happened, it was really bad and traumatizing. it took a while for me to face reality and the world if that makes sense." Miyaza got these questions a lot but telling the whole story she didn't know if the other wanted to know or if she knew the supernatural so a summary would be the better then nothing. 

Taealha understood that whilst all of this was normal as such a routine for her, it may not be the same for others. But then again, she wasn't used to bystanders doing more. They've always just been there as bystanders, nothing more and nothing less. So when Miyaza suddenly reached out to help her, she was taken aback and grimaced internally for she had forgotten what it feels like to get a good and nice treatment from someone. Not everyone is bad, Taealha, she reminded herself. She knew that truth but sometimes she forgets them. For instance, now. The sudden mention of being pretty had her ears going red and so did her cheeks, she was flushed all over because it was still a compliment, "Now way they'd be jealous of me… over that." 

Now, she's had jealousy over her brain but that's about it, she's never truly heard about people being jealous of her over her looks. "What's the point of looking pretty if you can't even communicate with her properly, right" she sighed heavily, yeah, that's the biggest disadvantage she's ever had. Well, she's been very good at hiding it. "I can't say they're loud because then everyone's loud" she tapped her ears with a gentle smile, "Sensitive hearing." Due to her selective mutism, Taealha grew up to have a rather sensitive hearing. Nosebleeds are common to humans but ear bleeds? Not as much. "Don't be sorry, some people can be quite intolerant but if I let that put me down then I'll never get to evolve and grow up." It's just another chapter of her life that she chose to keep it away because it doesn't affect her entire life as a whole. Why let others pull you down?

 When Miyaza enquired if they had a dance department, Taealha nodded, "I'm not all that versed in all the faculties here but we do contemporary dance and art, I can give you the university's brochure and book later. You can read all about it there." For someone who's studied there for almost 5 years, Taealha does have an entire book that circulated around the faculties in the university. It's always good to be knowledgeable anyway. "The place is not that confusing, at first you may think it's a maze but once you get used to it, everywhere is totally easy to get to. I've seen plenty of freshmen losing their way though" Not everyone is a good navigator. She could understand why Miyaza felt the need to hide, something tells her that she wasn't as ordinary as the human her. 

Whilst she didn't have her supernatural detector device on her, Taealha's a biochemist who was currently working on cell engineering from supernaturals, she could probably have a small instinctual sense to know if someone is one. "I'm glad you're better now. The world can be scary but if you don't venture it, you'll find yourself regretting some of the things you could've enjoyed. Do you have any friends?" That's basically a message that resonated I want to be your friend. Not long after, they arrived at the cafe by the 2nd floor, the same floor as the library, Taealha took a seat and beckoned for the other female to take hers. 

Miyaza is not one to be a bystander, not when she can step in and have a say so. She can understand that others are scared to protect someone and will backfire on them. It should never be like that, to begin with, why should people have to be so mean in order to feel better about themselves it does nothing to their image but be the talk of the school. When it turns back around no one will not help them. Miyaza was not scared to speak her mind or even tell another person how pretty they are, really Taealha is just stunning to the young star. If it was not for today, she might’ve been to scare to talk to the other due to how pretty the human is. Miyaza looked at the other like really? “You are stunning and so beautiful. Don’t sell your self short.” Miyaza smile to show how genuine she is to tell her. “You can be surprised, the little things can trigger someone when you never would think it would.”

The young star kept her smile, “You don’t have to be pretty to talk with people. Really you being you is more than enough. If people can’t respect you then they have a problem.” Miyaza did wonder if the other had friends, she can’t judge someone about their life it would be rude of her. It broke her heart to hear the other had sensitive hearing but it did make sense for the young star. Miyaza smiled widely at how the female see the world around her, it’s inspiring to her if Miyaza is honest. “You are right, I never thought of it in that way.  I will keep that in mind in situations.” Miyaza stopped thinking about her problem but shock her head forgetting about it. “Don’t worry about why I stopped it’s nothing,” Miyaza said knowing she didn’t want the other to be wondering why she did stop. 

When Taealha told her about their program they had her, the young star eyes shined. “Really. Can you tell me about the other programs here? I will never know if am strong in another program.” Miyaza wondered where her talents will lead her. Watching the other’s hands telling her about the campus and the freshmen’s, Miyaza can imagine that. “Good thing I meet someone who knows the campus from corner to corner.” Miyaza knew she can’t tell anyone who does not know the supernatural but sometimes it makes her feel just a human before everything happened. Telling someone what happened to her makes her heartache. She never wanted to look at herself as special because everyone is in their own way.

Miyaza could not him but to smile what the human told her, Taealha is someone special and it was not hard for Miayza to see it. When the female asked the star about her friends Miyaza smiled more. “I only have a few. I don’t mind making more if you were asking to by friends with me. To be honest, I was going to ask you the same thing. I really like to get to know you.” Miyaza told her before they walked into the cafe, looking around the star couldn’t help but think how clean it is. Catching up, Miyaza sits down across from the other. “What do you like to get here?” the star asked wondering what of the other’s likes.

She’s been a resident to Evermore since she moved here as a child to the local orphanage managed by the two sisters, Arianna and Talia. She grew up as a teenager there, she went to school and graduated, hell the fact that she’s currently trying to finish her Masters Degree tells her that she has also finished her undergraduate studies. Time feels fleeting and yet Taealha was still here, living and functioning just like any normal human being. Being bullied shouldn’t be tolerated but what could she do? Was she going to run away in tears because of them? No. But it’s nice to see someone standing up to her once in a while, reminding her that she doesn’t necessarily have to endure all of this with silence alone. Once complimented again for her physical appearance, Taealha covered her mouth in attempts to stifle the giggle from escaping, gosh, “Thank you, it really means a lot to hear it.”

 Being complimented like this hits differently. Hoots from the male students and the gifts she received, paled in comparison to a genuine wish such as that. “Jealousy is such a flawed trait” she shook her head, she had no idea how one could be so envious of another when it’s really just temporary. But then again, she couldn’t expect herself to understand nor fathom how a human’s mind works, she’s not a psychologist, but a biochemist. She studies their biology, that’s all. It’s not the first time she’s met someone so open-minded but Miyaza was really leaving a lasting impression on her, for sure. “I do wonder if you would do the same to others but judging from how you carry yourself, it seems that you do.” 

It’s rare to find people who are just genuine with what they do without expecting anything in return. Taealha wasn’t even sure what she could offer even if things go down that way. Miyaza’s charitable acts would not be forgotten by the human. She intends to make up for it hence why she invited the Celestial to the nearby cafe to have coffee together. Who knows, maybe she could even make a new friend out of this. “If I’m to list down every program available here, I’m afraid a day is not enough” she chuckled but wondered how she could narrow things down for the other female, “Well, let me put it this way, we have different faculties and usually one faculty is comprised of 5 to 6 different programs, I think? It could be more. Dance is probably under contemporary and art, we have the science department though, that’s where I’m from. I’m studying in the biochemistry program. There’s also IT, Sports, Education, Language, you name it. It’s quite vast.”

 Evermore may not be as large as the other metropolitan cities but they sure have a number. A smile was etched on her lips when Miyaza mentioned she knows someone who knew her way around, “If you need a guide whenever, you can call me. If I don’t have my classes, I’m usually working at the lab.” She pursed her lips lightly and held out her hand, as if asking for her phone, “I’ll give you my phone number for anything.” Considering Taealha was giving her phone number even though she doesn’t usually do that despite liking when it comes down to helping people, says a lot. Once they entered the cafe, Miyaza was already asking her what she likes and she feels appreciated, “I am a sucker for sweet caramel macchiatos. I usually get myself lattes but maybe today’s a day to treat myself, how about you?”

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