Rashesh should be kicking himself, he shouldn’t have enjoyed every time they had been together and yet the more time he spent with Cora the more it became clear that this was something that neither of them could explain. As weeks had passed her was finally able to start packing up Emily things. Shipping most of the stuff off to her parents so they could decide what they wanted and if she was ever found her stuff wasn’t just tossed away. He started to remove photos of her placing them in a box in his closet, even the one from his office. 

Cora seem to enjoy showing up at his job and bothering him while he was working. Not that he minded, he enjoyed her company that it made working around the dead seem bearable. The more time she was around him, he saw her darkness and how she looked like she wasn’t sure about what she was doing with him. Or maybe that was a reflection of himself in her eyes. He hadn’t admitted outloud neither of them could it seemed. He had a plan though to maybe admit that this was more to him than just messing around.

He texted her to meet him at his work and to dress up, and then his plan would start. He finished his shift early making his way to the shower room where he bathed and got dressed up in the best outfit he had. He made his way outside with a single red rose with black tips in his hand as he stood there waiting for her. Smiling as he saw her in the distant just as the sun was setting casting a beautiful purple in the sky. He took a few steps towards closing the gap between the pair. “So before you say anything.” the celestial said as he twirled the flower in his fingers nervously.

“I want to take you out on a real date, I have planned the whole evening. I want to take you out on my arm. I don’t want to keep you locked away in my apartment because I am not ashamed to be with you. I know that history is still there between our kind and can cause issues and to avoid that I planned our whole evening in the city over.” he knew word vomit was taking over so he holding the flower out to her. “Cora, Queen of Darkness will you go on a date with me?” He asked softly.

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