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Christmas time where the grounds where salted with snow and cold weather clothes where in style was considered one of the best times of year for many around the world. The statement was true even in Evermore. Walking down the street to the festival grounds Giselle found herself with a spring in her step, a gift in her bag, a hot chocolate in her hand, and a big smile on her face. The annual winterfest was kicking off that evening.  Carnival rides, Fair food, Ice rink, Alcohol, and the Annual lighting of the massive Christmas tree was what the evening held for the Mayor of Evermore.

 As the frosty air nipped at her face making the end of her nose slightly red not that she minded. She enjoyed Winterfest, well maybe she just had a thing for all festivals as for many years she was the one who planned them.As she came upon the Fairground watching the line of people waiting to get in she smiled going in the back entrance and walked to the christmas tree looking up to it in awe. It was the first time she would be lighting it as the official mayor of the city and it felt like such an honor. Walking on to the stage she moved to the mic that was attached to the stand where the music would be played life for everyone. 

“Welcome to Winterfest everyone.” she spoke into the mic and smiled. “As your newly elected Mayor I just wanted to say what an honor it is to be here in front of you enjoy the events of the evening alongside all of you. Christmas tree lighting will be at eight this evening. Till then we will have live music going and rides. I can’t wait to go on the Ferris wheel myself.” she gave a soft laugh. “With that I officially declare this the first day of winterfest!” she took the bottle her assistant was handing to her and popped the cork off causing the champagne to overflow as the band walked behind her and began to fill the area with music. Giselle walked off the stage and began to wander around.

Rowan never realized quite how crazy a mayor’s schedule was like, from meetings here there and everywhere to organizing parties and charity events, Giselle was pretty much always busy. Which was both a good thing and a bad thing, for the one side, she seemed to enjoy always having some new project to do but on the other, it made it tough to actually spend time with her. Which he knew he probably shouldn’t be worried about considering their relationship was fake and all but it did. So when she said she got the night off to enjoy the party for the Winterfest opening he had jumped at the chance to go.

So here he was, standing in the crowd, bundled up with a coat, hat and gloves and watching the brunette as she excitedly proclaimed the festivities as begun. He grinned brightly because he did really enjoy Christmas, it was always the time his family actual spent acting like a family when he was younger so he had fond memories of presents and silly board games after a massive roast dinner. Never really celebrated it the same since he came to America but he enjoyed the holiday music and giving gifts to his work colleagues and the likes.

Avoiding the champagne spray he headed towards the back of the stage, flashing his access pass to the security guys there so he could find the mayor herself when she came down from it. When he saw her his smile brightened a little and waved to her a little sheepishly as he shuffled towards her “I swear at this rate it’s going to be a white tree lighting” he teased with a nod, it was so cold he could see his breath in the air “So are you ready to get your Christmas on?” he wasn’t sure how all this mayor thing worked honestly but he was looking forward to having the chance to spend the evening with her. Plus it was perfect for media opportunity to show everyone their relationship.

Christmas. There wasn’t a Christmas Jae could remember where he hadn’t spent it surrounded by his siblings, he always looked forward to it and generally loved to get involved in the festivities. He remembered playing a wise man in the nativity play when he was younger and it always made him laugh to see the photos because the costume was far too big for him and he was pulling strange expressions most of the way through. And the other day Han had admitted to the Dhampir that he’d never really experienced a real Christmas. Which had set out a list to tick off in Jae’s mind, he was going to give Han the full Christmas experience.

So he’d bought a bunch of decorations for the house which he had hidden until December, slowly adding more to it, he hadn’t showed Han that yet but he had made plans around it all, tonight was the tree lighting night in the city, he was going to take him to enjoy the evening then tomorrow they would go and get their first Christmas tree together and take out the massive box of decorations and spend the whole weekend making their house look festive, Jae had even dyed his hair red to get into the Christmas spirit. Their house...when did it become their house in his mind?

So here they were in the Uber over to the city center, his hand wrapped tightly around Han’s even though they were both wearing gloves and admiring how cute the star looked with his reddened cheeks from the cold. When the driver pulled up he hopped out and opened his mouth agape because there were decorations quite literally everywhere, along with a giant inflatable snowglobe next to them which people were getting their photos taken inside “Well you said you’ve never celebrated Christmas properly so we’ll start today and tick off everything on the list” he laughed softly pulling a santa-style list out of his pocket and held it out to Han, it had things like decorate the house, pick a tree, drink Christmas themed hot cocoa, go Christmas caroling on it, he bit his lip apprehensively waiting for Han’s reaction.

Eun had to admit, he didn't think he would actually take the chance to go out today with someone. It was supposed to be a hangout, one he had specifically promised his friend that he would go to. While going through his documents a week ago, he saw the small flyer in between the files, somehow it had managed to stick itself somewhere in the stack of papers. Admittedly, he did leave the windows open the last time and the flyer probably invited itself in. His day had been filled with dreadful news from back home stating that his former client that passed away a few weeks ago would be his last straw to stay in Evermore; meaning he had no other excuse to stay. At least, not a valid one. He hasn't told anyone regarding that yet, fearing that Jae would worry. The last thing he wanted was for his brother to feel upset because it might mean he would not be staying as long as he initially thought he would. 

Aside from that, another particular person would also be visibly upset with the news and that was why Eun had decided to take him out today. To spend some quality time together and utilize the time he still had to tick off his bucket list that he had shown Leigh via a message, a few nights ago. Staring at the reflection in the mirror before him,  Eun checked the coat to make sure there were no faulty zip or anything torn, after making sure he was fine, the dhampir snatched a bandana and made his way out. It was an unusual choice to wear a bandana when it's winter, but he forgot he had no snow caps either. 

Before long, his legs carried himself to his destination. It was held in the center of the city, where his hotel is also located at, so it wasn't as far on foot. Eun had also sent a message to Leigh, stating that he'll wait at the ice rink for him. The lights were bright, he could already see them twinkling from afar, Eun quickly took a seat at the nearest bench near the ice rink and tried to warm himself up by breathing evenly. 

Leigh wasn’t the kind of person who went all that crazy over Christmas but that didn’t mean he didn’t have a soft spot for the holidays. Every year he would dig out the ornaments he’d collected over the years and put up the tree in the window of his apartment for people to see. Every year he alternated with going back home for Christmas and his parents coming to visit. He enjoyed the festivities though and because he lived in the center of Evermore he got to see the place slowly getting more and more decorated the closer to the day they got.

He didn’t normally go out and actually experience it though because it felt kinda awkward to go to a big gathering like that alone. But this year Eun had sent him a text a few days before essentially pleading to go. Had it been anyone he probably would have come up with some excuse as to why he couldn’t go but this was Eun, plus Leigh had promised to help the Dhampir cross off a few things on his bucket list before he went home and he was insistent this was one. So he was dressed in a warm coat and one of those woolen hats which came down and covered his ears.

He heard the sound of the festive music echoing as he walked the distance between his apartment and the plaza where everything was taking place, rubbing his hands together to keep warm and wandering through the rows of market stalls and games around him until he reached the middle. There was a big unlit tree in the middle with a stage behind and then different activities around either side. Eun had told him he’d meet him by the ice rink so he made his way there, looking around for a while before he eventually spotted the other male. He was also bundled up but something new he noticed was the other male was wearing a bandana today and it really suited him. He gave a wave and a sheepish grin as he made his way to him “You managed to get me out of my house, you must be really special on such a cold day” he smiled in the Dhampir’s direction “So what item are we checking off today?” he tilted his head curiously.

In the past Kaelyn used to be one of those people who used to go and crash any christmas parties or events. Even the ones that she weren’t invited to. To enjoy the expensive free champagne and food handed out. Plus those types of events were always perfect opportunities to use her skill sets of conning and stealing. With how by towards the end of the nights, many rich people were too drunk to notice that their price valuables were missing. Then in the morning they would have no memory of what happened. Yet Kaelyn knew that this year would be a lot different knowing that she’d have to stay on the more legal and proper way of things. With her still nearly appointed leadership. Trying to keep up her clean repulation with how no one but few in her inner circle knew of her old and still going habits. Kaelyn was curious to see how the christmas event would be set up having heard that the city likes to go all out with these type of events. With how it was hosted by the city. This event she knew was going to be special because she knew she’d be going to it with the woman who she loves. Having pestered Riley to go with her this year to it. Wanting to show her how a city hosts christmas events. Since Kaelyn knew that Riley had never been to events or places like these with how she was brought up in the woods. Unfamiliar with how others live. 

Along with how she’s been trying to introduce Riley to her second christmas here in Evermore. Soon as it reached the 1st of December, Kaelyn already had the whole house decorated up in bright lights and all beauty decorated for christmas. Somehow she managed to say yes to the idea for them to chop down their own christmas tree in the woods. With Riley’s idea but it meant that they had to drag it all the way back to her place and decorate it. Both of them being covered in dirt for days but Kaelyn was happy to see that Riley was starting to get into the Christmas spirit. The two of them travelled to where Winterfest was being hosted. Soon as they arrived Kaelyn was amazed how it was all lit up for christmas. There being a carnival, ice rink, food markets, many different things. Very different from what she was used to it. “Wow this all looks amazing, what do you think Babe?” She beamed still amazed by all of the decorations and everything. Waiting to see what Riley would think if it was all worth the pestering. “You ready to feel like a child again?” Shooting her a teasing smile but she knew Riley was already like a child, very clumsy one at that.

To start off, Han was the least sociable of anyone in the world, he would go that far to say that he was that shy to actually interact or communicate with any other living being that wasn’t an animal. Given his profession in being a vet student and working as one, he was surely going to be better with animals but the Celestial had been very shy, to begin with, it was a miracle he even set a foot anywhere near another event after the Halloween event the last time. But Han knew after he told Jae that he’s never had any celebration of any sort when it comes down to any festivity held annually, the dhampir was going to drag him out every chance he gets. That’s precisely the reason why he was dressed warmly, as warm as a person could get. The weather was slowly setting in a harsh cold wintery day because the tip of his nose was as red as his ears.

After spending almost an hour trying to tell Jae that it was fine, how he didn’t need to attend anything or do anything on such a festive season just to make himself feel slightly better because he had everything he needed; which was the dhampir himself. But even his sappy mode and cheesy lines wouldn’t work on the other male who was already determined to share the winter miracles with the fallen star. And who was he to deny him, really? After being busy with the search of yet another Celestial, he knew he hasn’t been giving Jae the attention and affection a partner should, this was one of his many ways to make up to him. So whatever the dhampir wants, he’ll go along with it. “You know, I have to admit, I almost had a heart attack when you came out of the showers with red hair… not that it doesn’t look good on you, of course, it does. Anything looks good on you but what’s the occasion? Christmas spirit?” he asked curiously and tilted his head slightly to the side to examine the look Jae sported today; a bandana, one of his favorite accessories he liked to see on the dhampir.

“Are you trying to look like a Santa helper? Not sure if you’ve been nice this year, though” he gave a teasing jab using the hand they had intertwined together and giggled softly, pulling the coat around him tighter because the breeze was slowly blowing him away. His eyes widened upon seeing the list Jae made, his lips parted in awe because he never expected Jae to invest his time on such a trivial matter, though he was sure it wasn’t as trivial to the dhampir, “When did you even have the time to do… that?” he pointed towards the list on the other male’s grasp, peeking from the side so he could have a look.

Crowds. Arkens least favorite thing, mixed with his second least favorite thing...Christmas. A heavy sigh left his lips as he began turning to and fro in the mirror. Arken didn't own winter clothes, he was used to wearing clothes that accentuated his heavily tattooed frame, he'd had his years of hiding, now were his years of showing them off no matter how many people stared.

He'd dressed in his usual attire, black combat boots, black skinny jeans and a black short sleeved shirt with only a few buttons done up. He then added his grey cotton trench coat over the top and sighed heaving. He'd approached the subject of the event with Carmen, but he wasn't sure she would attend with work. He did hope so.

Winterfest had been advertised as a party of sorts, Carnival rides, Ice skating, stalls, the sort of place to take someone too, not go alone...But Arken wanted to begin getting out into Evermore and introduce himself to new people.

Even now, it felt strange for Ilyas to be attending such an event; of course, it wasn’t much different to those that he attended before he and his family went into hiding, but there were significant differences also. Either way, he was settling in the City, and it was a great way to improve his English, improve his lifestyle in such a weird but wonderful society; and it also meant that he could spend some more time with Anivia, away from a more business setting where she was teaching him English, and vice versa with him teaching her Turkish. This time, he was glad that it was not a formal event, he found those suits very uncomfortable and it simply was not needed; thus, when he could where his typical clothing - jeans and some form of tatted jacket above a simple t-shirt, he was happy. 

Ilyas glanced at the position of the sun which told him the time of day, and it was just about reaching the time where he had agreed to go and meet Anivia; still somewhat surprised that she had agreed to go with him as his date. Yet, he was more surprised by the fact that he had even asked her, as it was somewhat out of character for him; the Niveis shook his head and headed towards the park which rested in the center of the city - the venue of the Winterfest not far from there. Thankful that it was fairly empty with everyone now at this Wonderland which was set up, Ilyas placed himself upon one of the swings, and began to sway back and forth ever so slightly; all the while, his gaze flickering around in front of him - taking in the many different festive lights which had decorated the city. It truly was a sight to behold; and certainly a lot brighter and more beautiful than how his people celebrated in many years ago. 

This was now her second Christmas in Evermore, and her second Christmas in over a decade where she was spending it with someone else; it was still a bizarre concept to overcome - much like other things. She was so used to doing things alone, and perhaps not celebrating the normal holidays, such as Easter and Christmas, then although it was now foriegn to her - she still couldn’t help but act like a big child when it came to it. Most families, waited until the second week in December to put their decorations up, but on the last night of November, Riley had made Kaelyn come out with her to knock down one of the trees in the forest; if they were going to decorate, they were going to do it properly. Once the lights and other decorations were up, Riley went straight out to grab the Baileys and grabbed a list of Christmas films she needed to watch for the second time. 

Riley grinned at the very idea of going out to the Winterfest which was being held in the heart of the city; it was different from her normal shenanigans, and helped her ignore the constant threat at the back of her mind, of her brothers hunting her. Her chocolate hues widened at the very sight of the winter festival - the city sure knew how to party; in fact, she was surprised that Kaelyn hadn’t tried to get involved with the organisation and decoration of the place. With her slender fingers filling the gaps that Kae’s provided, she walked hand in hand with her Girlfriend through the crowds; the different smells of the amazing food as well as the alcohol teased her nostrils and made her sigh in pleasure. It was no lie that she now craved one of those large German beers as well as some sweet foods. “Our house is much better” She grinned before tugging at Kae’s arm towards one of the food stalls. “Lets eat, before we attempt some of the fairground rides” She wriggled her brows in a challenging manner. 

Christmas. A holiday where family time was expected, and hearts were aglow with love. A time of laughter, a time of joy and most importantly a time where everybody could be together. Adelaide loved this time of year and would be bustling around the apartment baking things or putting up the Christmas tree with Shinwon and Mingyu's help since she was tiny and petite and couldn't reach the top of the tree to put the star on. It was always a tradition for the boys who worked at the bar with them to come over and have Christmas dinner with them. It was a happy time and she really treasured it.

The bar was decorated wonderfully, and she was very proud of her work. Sparkly tinsel covered the arches of the ceiling, which she hadn't put up there. Must've been Mingyu because he was like a tree with his height. Ornaments hung off the bar and tinsel ran the length of it. Lights were hooked everywhere and were artfully thrown over the stairs to look like it was a Christmas party in a mansion. Mistletoe was the last touch and it hung off every door, just waiting to catch a couple.

Today was the day that Adelaide was finally going to relax from her busy nature and walk to the square where the mayor of Evermore; Giselle Stark, was throwing an event. It was truly her favorite thing of each year. Bundling up Cai in her warmest clothes and calling for Shinwon and Mingyu, she walked out into the crisp winter air. Shinwon wrapped his arm around her and they walked towards the square, taking in the beautiful decorations and how the beautiful Christmas tree twinkled in its own special place. She was glad that she had begged Shinwon and Mingyu and even Yanan (who had appeared some days ago and had apologized for scaring her half to death all those years ago) to wear warm clothes. She herself had on a soft cashmere sweater with skinny jeans and heeled boots. A scarf wrapped around her neck and a coat draped over her slender shoulders. Mingyu, Shinwon, and Yanan were dressed basically the same in sweaters, jeans and boots. It truly was the most beautiful time of the year. 

Christmas. There was just something about that time of year that the Celestial loved the most. Maybe it was the white blanket of snow, or being warm and snug by the fireplace, with hot cocoa, good food, Christmas movies, loved one’s and decorating the place up. Artemis had loved helping make the Celestial Castle, all set up for Christmas. She always arranged the Stockings by the fireplace, in a certain order. Mainly because she didn’t want it to look jumbo mumbo. But this year, she was attending the Winterfest for the first time. As previous years; she spent the Christmas celebrations at home.

Artemitra was still trying to persuade Ophelia to come with her. Thinking that her closest friend and Wayfinder had been working way too much; she needed a bit of fun. The Brunette was dressed up warmly, to venture outside. Poking her head around the door to Phe’s bedroom door; after kindly knocking. “You sure,you don’t want to come with me?” Artemis asked, with a slight hopeful glint in her eyes; that she changed her mind. “Hot Cocoa...Mulled Wine, Mince Pies….Music...Ice-Skating…” The Celestial sneakily named all of the good things, that would be at the Winterfest, in hopes of changing Ophelia’s mind. Giving her a warm smile. “You know, you really deserve a break from all the ambassador duties.” She pointed out.


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