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There were many things that Leigh was humble about but never his academics, he had worked himself to the bone in his college years to perform the best he could in the program and graduated with a very high score. His parents had been incredibly proud and so had he, this was something he had earned entirely for himself, he paid for his own college education, funded his own research and committed himself entirely to doing well “Exactly, besides you seem like a great teacher” though Eun said his brother would be better, Leigh got the feeling that Eun’s patience and calm demeanor would make him very easy to learn from. He had to laugh a little when Eun pointed out the two fruits he picked “I know they’re not very similar but they’re especially good when you eat them together too” he nodded enthusiastically, the sweetness of the watermelon worked well with the sharp tangy taste of the pineapple. “I like honeydew, though it’s very sweet, I can’t eat too much of it” though that was the case with most sweets for him, it would make his stomach hurt if he ate too much of them.

“I have tried both kinds, though I feel like to make an accurate judgment I’d need to try Korean barbeque in Korea” he laughed softly “But I’d say both are pretty great, you can’t really go wrong with smoked meat” he nodded a few times as though to affirm what he was saying. Leigh had to laugh when Eun applauded him for liking sushi “Oh but how can you not love sushi, it’s simply deliciousness wrapped up into a tiny bitesize piece” he could eat so much of it because it was so small though. He nodded when Eun said they’d make it to that restaurant one day “Yes we will” he grinned slightly meeting Eun’s eyes as though to affirm that it was a promise that they’d make it one day.

He smiled softly when Eun talked about skating when he was younger “Did she come and skate with you or did she watch and cheer you on from the sidelines?” his parents weren’t very active and preferred to relax on the weekends which he was sure was reflected in him but he had fond memories of some of the things they did when he was younger, specifically all the times they would go on roadtrips. Leigh had to admit the fall was embarrassing but he couldn’t help but feel touched by how concerned Eun had seemed to be for his safety “Yeah I hit my head a lot don’t I?” he chuckled under his breath rubbing against the back of his head gently “I was more surprised than anything, one minute you’re standing, the next” he clapped so demonstrate himself falling and grinned. He took Eun’s hand and they started to skate again, though they didn’t get far at all until he heard someone call out to the Dhampir. He glanced over to spot Jae across the rink and grinned “That is indeed your brother” he commented softly and then looked down to their joined hands which he saw the younger male eyeing. He blushed slightly as he watched Jae heading over wondering if he would say anything strange.

Jae had to laugh when Han admitted that he used Google to learn most of the lines he used on him, it wasn’t surprising considering how cliche they were but it was cute thinking of Han wanting to impress him so much that he ended searching up lines he could use to make him smile, though he wrinkled his nose at the mention of less pleasant websites “You know you could literally say, ‘you look cute’ and that would impress me right?” he spoke it softly with a soft look on his face. He chuckled when Han argued Jae couldn’t be the luckiest man because he took that title himself “I might have to fight you for that one” he commented with a wry grin on his lips while he squeezed the star’s hand gently.

It made him happy that there were times Han could remember his parents and have a smile on his face, they had brought a lot of good to his life in the short time he got to know them, he was sure of that much “You were lucky to find each other I’m sure and now you get to make them incredibly proud, I’m sure they would be impressed to see you went to veterinary school, that you got a home of your own” more things Han should be able to look back on and remember with a smile on his face. Just because he never had a childhood and lost a portion of his time didn’t mean it was too late to make good memories. “You always insist on sitting in the spot you know Byul likes to sleep, of course she’ll interrupt” he chuckled, he didn’t have any excuse for Yeontan though, the Pomeranian was just needy for attention more of the time.

The Dhampir couldn’t stop smiling at Han as he responded to the fall because he was so sweet and caring and it just made him need to take a moment to take in how sweet it was and how lucky he was to have someone who cared for him so deeply “You’re making me smile with your very endearing but very slightly overdramatic reactions” he commented with a chuckle stroking against Han’s cheek gently. He did slip a little when Han slapped his shoulder though which made him laugh even more. Just as they were about to skate off though Jae spotted Eun in the corner of his eye and raised his brow, glancing at his brother in the distance holding hands with none other than Leigh Kingsman. He glanced at Han and shook his head “The guy who owns the bookstore on the city square” he noted before he tugged Han’s hand so they could skate over to where the two of them were, wobbling a little as they went “Hyung, I thought you were working tonight?” he commented with a raise of his brows and then smiled at Leigh “Hey Leigh” he grinned slightly “So you’re the friend Eun has told me so much about huh?” Oh yes, this was interesting indeed.

If someone like Leigh was able to stay humble, then he should be able to do the same. "I seem like a great teacher? Oh Leigh, don't let my calm demeanor fool you, Foxxy" he retorted wryly, there was a hint of mischievousness accentuating the tone, "I may look like this but who knows if I'll flip on you for pronouncing my own name wrong" he teased, and beckoned for the therian to start off by pronouncing his name, "Go ahead, prove me wrong. Say my name." He tried to picture eating both watermelon and pineapple, "Now I can't seem to forget about combining those two, thanks a lot, Leigh. Now I'll have to try." Honeydew is sweet, and Eun often mixed it with sour sweets because he was generally a big fan of sour things. "I always eat honeydew with pickles. I know it's a weird combination but it's actually good, I saw my mother eating both while she was pregnant with my younger brother and she told she did the same while she was pregnant with me so that must be it." His eating choices can be surprisingly weird, Eun mixed plenty of things that probably shouldn't be mixed or has never been done by anyone else but at the end of the day, his stomach would win the war.

 "You really should try Korean barbeque in Korea, they're so different in Korean restaurants in other countries, I swear. But… there is that restaurant that serves good shrimp that my brother suggested to me when I first came." When asked if his mother skated with him or maybe cheered for him like his personal cheerleader from the sidelines, Eun surpassed his lips together and form a small smile, "A bit of both. I mean, at least she used to, once upon a time ago" Things were no longer the same now, even his mother was adamant and delighted with the prospect of his marriage. Though, he was sure she only wanted the best for him. "I was the eldest among all my siblings and that meant I rarely get the chance to complain because that's not something I should be doing. But every kid must have their sulking days, no? When I'm sulking, my mother used to bribe me with sweets and take me out to skate or really just do anything that would make me visibly happier." Unfortunately, it didn't last as long as he thought it would because he was quickly sent to a private boarding school afterwards, which meant dormitory life was a stale case for the elder Moon. 

He was so worried that Leigh may have hit his head too hard and injured himself but thankfully that didn't seem to be the case. Before he could even attempt to skate around with the therian who insisted for another lap, his attention was quickly diverted towards his youngest brother who was standing not far from where they were. What is Jae doing here? Upon seeing his brother's boyfriend at his side, he realized that they were probably out for a date. His hand was still intertwined with Leigh's and it felt so natural he didn't feel the need to release it as Jae approached them. Right, he was supposed to be working tonight, or at least that was what he told Jae to avoid having to go out. Well, that's totally not making things awkward for him right now. "Uh, something came up. I finished it early... " he murmured faintly, yeah, he probably shouldn't have lied to Jae, of all people. "I assume you're here for your date?" he asked and eyed the way the Celestial was holding onto Jae, "Right, I forgot to introduce you. Leigh, meet my brother, Jae, and Jae… meet Leigh, my friend."

When Jae laughed at him as soon as he admitted using Google to find all those cheesy pickup lines, Han could feel his cheeks warming up in retaliation, and it was as pink as his nose earlier. "You look cute" he was so quick to use it when Jae told him he could do the bare minimum on that and the dhampir would still be impressed, "Did it work?" He rolled his eyes at the other male when he insisted that he may fight him for that title, "You can try, sure. But you'll lose, dhampy" he shot and puffed his chest proudly. When it comes to showcasing their affection, the Celestial spares no minimal effort to make sure Jae knows just how much he loves him. He's that kind of guy. Besides, this is his very first relationship and love, after all. He may as well make it memorable. Hearing Jae listing out his achievements etched a smile on his face, "You're right. I think they'd be proud of the person I am today. They've always taught me to be kind and considerate… I wish to keep reminding myself of their teachings" Perhaps, he may have turned out to be more bitter than he once was, if it wasn't due to his memory lane with them. 

"I always envied people who get to grow up. Meanwhile I'm stuck like this forever… I am still grateful that I was able to do a few things but sometimes it's not the same, you know?" How would he know? He had no recollection of his past before he fell, only what came afterwards. He didn't hide that he was jealous that Jae had Eun too. "Excuse you, in my defense, she would usually tell me to get off instead of plopping her heavy self on my lap when I was cuddling you... " Byul knew exactly what she was doing when she settled in his lap then, and what could the Celestial do? Han couldn't wake her up, his heart wouldn't allow him to. "I'm not overdramatic…" he grumbled and huffed, clearly dissatisfied by his response but didn't make any attempt to move away when Jae stroked his cheek. 

He wasn't about to say no to affection. Truthfully, Han was a bit surprised to find Eun holding hands with someone else, as far as he knew, the elder dhampir had close to no feelings or attraction to anyone else but here he was, looking unfazed other than the fact that Jae called him out. He followed Jae and waved sheepishly towards the two of them but said nothing while still holding onto Jae, "Would you care to join us for hot chocolate after this?" He wanted to befriend whoever Eun's friend is and making a good impression while maintaining the stability of his relationship with Jae's brother is high on his list. He stretched out his hand as he introduced himself to the other male, "Hi, I'm Hanseol."

He chuckled slightly when Eun said he wasn’t a good teacher because he could get frustrated by little mistakes, lucky for Leigh, the challenge he gave him wasn’t hard because the Kitsune had rehearsed saying his name by listening to pronunciation sound clips, it was important to him not to get his name wrong “Sangeun Moon” he spoke softly with a grin “Though in Korea it would be said Moon Sang-eun” he raised his brows slightly kinda hoping he managed to impress the other male. Research mattered to Leigh, especially when it came to being respectful to others. Leigh shrugged almost nonchalantly to his words “I’m not sorry, they taste so good together” though he definitely pulled a face at the thought of melon and pickles together “That sounds like two things I would never even put in the range of going together” though he did like both individually so maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as he imagined “My friend dared me to put sherbert in hot cocoa once, that was nasty” he wrinkled his nose, okay it was fun combining things to see how they would taste together.

“I’d love to, I have a whole list of places I wanna see but Korea is definitely near the top, I guess I wanna see where I could have come from” not that he wanted a life different to the one he got or anything like that but he had to admit he was curious to know more about the place he came from, the place no doubt some of his family he never even knew lived. Hearing Eun talk about his childhood was nice, from what he gathered so far the other male often had so much pressure placed upon his shoulders that he wasn’t really able to stop and enjoy things “You must have really looked forward to those days” he nodded slightly remembering whenever his parents would take him out for a treat he would treasure whatever it was, usually he came home with a new book to read. He did think it was unfair that Eun never got a break but it didn’t seem like the time to get into a deep conversation about the Dhampir’s past, which seemed complicated to say the least.

Leigh had to admit as Jae came across the distance to greet them he expected Eun to let go of his hand and yet it remained there, wrapped firmly around the Therian’s as they greeted the other two boys who looked like they were here on a Christmassy date. Leigh knew Jae from the store as he’d come in to pick up a few books before but the other guy he’d never met before “Hey Jae” he responded with a bashful grin to his greeting before looking between the two brothers for a moment. Leigh bit his lip for a moment wondering if Eun had lied about them hanging out and wondered the reasons why...was he embarrassed to be seen with him? Leigh didn’t think so considering Eun was holding his hand so tightly. “We met before” he spoke with a nod, though the family resemblance didn’t occur to him at first. He smiled when the other male greeted him and he reached out to take his hand and shake it, though he slipped a little when he did so, when he just about managed to steady himself he smiled sheepishly “Leigh” he returned the greeting “And hot cocoa sounds amazing, preferably before I fall yet again” he chuckled softly.

Jae had to laugh at the way Han immediately said the line and the way he delivered it without any emotion of conviction “Of course it worked” he responded with a wry grin, he didn’t need Han to always tell him the ways he cared for him because it was evident in the way he acted and how thoughtful he could be around the Dhampir. Silly little things like how he always made sure Jae’s glasses were on the bedside table so he could see when he had to get up early for class in the morning or making sure some of Jae’s favorite treats were in the fridge in case he was in the mood for them. It felt like a big step for Han to say his parents would be proud of what he achieved considering how the other male always put himself down, more so before they met “And that is how you take care of their memory, knowing there will always be a part of them here” he poked gently against the spot on Han’s chest where his heart laid.

He nodded a little when Han expressed his sadness for not being able to have a normal childhood like everyone else got to experience “I guess it can’t be easy feeling like you’re always the odd one out in the world” to Jae that was what made Han stand out so brightly, how different he was so the Dhampir didn’t want him to change but he did empathize with the fact Han probably felt like he missed a lot “There are special things about being a Celestial too though right? I’ve seen you when you gaze up at the stars sometimes you look so connected with them, almost like you can talk to them” the way Han would stare up in wonder with those eyes that carried a whole universe in them definitely made the Dhampir pause for breath as he watched him. He snickered as they talked about Byul, it was evident they both loved the dogs very much “She’s just a little jealous and missing your attention” before Jae came along she had had the Celestial’s full attention pretty much constantly after all.

As he moved over to greet his brother and his ‘friend’ the younger Dhampir raised his brows “Really, I thought you said you had a mountain of paperwork to get through, you must have really rushed to have the chance to come out” of course he knew his brother had fobbed him off because he didn’t want to come now. He smiled softly at Leigh and then glanced back over at Eun “Yeah I wanted Han to experience his first tree lighting” he grinned slightly and squeezed the Celestial’s hand that was still holding his “Hot chocolate sounds great, though I think you’re using it as an excuse to escape skating a full lap” he laughed softly as he gave his brother a questioning look before glancing down to his and Leigh’s joined hands and then back to his gaze. Jae had never seen his brother hold hands with anyone but their sister before.

He didn't know what it was about it but God did hearing his name from Leigh sounded so much different. He's heard plenty of people bunching his name, even people back home, honestly. Sometimes, they misspelled it too hence why the dhampir insists people calling him Eun even in a formal setting. His clients all call him Eun and so did his superiors and colleagues. When Leigh pronounced it using the Korean form, Eun found himself grinning widely, "Okay Leighton Kingsman, you got me." Was he surprised that Leigh got it right? No, he just wanted a reason to hear how he pronounced his full name. He snickered when the therian said pickles and melon are the combination he will never be able to go through, "You say that now, who knows… I may be able to change your mind once I put myself to it" he wiggled his eyebrows together teasingly. But sherbet in hot cocoa? That was one nasty combination, it made him shook his head in disgust, the look was evident on his face that says no.

 "I feel like we'll end up getting a stomach ache if we mix those two together, "So I do have to wonder if you escaped it completely unscathed?" By that, he meant to ask if the therian was fine the next day after consuming such a thing. "Hey, maybe one day when you go to Korea, you can ring me up" It sounded so wrong yet so right, and knowing Eun, it was probably practical. "I'll be your tour guide" Despite not having the chance to travel much even within his own home country, he was sure he could make a good tour guide for the capital city, at least. He nodded gently to his remark, he really did look forward to those days and he loved every second of it, though it did make the dhampir crave for more of it when he was distressed, "I did. It was fun while it lasted. I actually wish to do this at least one last time with her, though. She hasn't been all that well lately…" Eun didn't tell Leigh regarding his mother's state. Not yet. But with how close they were going at this rate, such a thing will surely be spilled very soon. His mind was busy raking of what answer he could possibly provide his youngest brother when asked why he was there and not working. 

Due to his nervousness, his grip around the therian's hand tightened considerably and he stiffened slightly but managed to maintain a cool composure, but from what he knew before, the two of them knew each other. Jae and Leigh, at least. When Leigh went forward to shake Han's hand, he slipped slightly and Eun was quick to jump into an alarmed state by holding onto him tightly, "Be careful" he murmured softly and shrugged casually when Jae said he had a mountain of paperwork to do, "Technically, I did have those. Still lying somewhere back at the suite, but I thought in the last minute, why not come out for some fresh air? Besides, I finished half of them in motivation." Motivation to see Leigh? Yeah, his brother did not need to know the specifics. Leigh wanted hot chocolate and while he wanted to do nothing less but to escape his brother right now, Leigh matters more. He was there to spend their time together, after all. "Hot chocolate it is, then."

Han never saw kissing up to his dhampir as a chore or a duty, it was what he likes to do, more of a hobby, really. He would always make sure everything was ready for the other male, even if it was the smallest gesture ever like preparing a simple breakfast for him before his class, or ironing his clothes before Han himself goes to work because he was already ironing his own clothes so why not? Giving him his well-deserved hug as a form of greeting every time Jae comes back from his classes. He had a proud smile upon hearing Jae telling him it was the way to preserve their memory in him, "I hope they're watching. Somewhere… I hope they know I'm no longer miserable and lonely, I have someone to take care of me and love me" he then stared at Jae and grinned sheepishly, "And I thank the universe every night." Especially when Jae poked his chest, it caused his chest to rumble with laughter. 

When Jae told him there were times when Han felt like he was talking to the stars whenever they stargazed, the Celestial grinned, "They're my family. I am one of them but my time came when I suddenly fell. Still got no idea if that's a punishment or the opposite but I intend to make the best of my life while I still can" No wonder he was already thinking of their future already. "I feel a bit accomplished though, you're right." His lips pursed slightly when Jae talked about Byul, before he met Jae, Byul was definitely the one who always got his attention 25/7. "I think that's probably why you had to win her over for a while some time ago, right? She doesn't like you initially because you stole her position. Before you came, Byul was basically my wife. And Yeontan is probably having the biggest fun of his life when she finally gets pushed to number 2." His dogs seemingly had this rivalry which always ends up with them snuggling one another.

 He could sense the tension between the two brothers who was seemingly staring at one another like one was daring the other, that was why he tried to pull the tension filling the atmosphere by outstretching his hand out to Leigh, "Hey, I feel like I'm about to freeze here. You really about to let your boyfriend freeze just so you could humiliate me into another lap? Cruel, Jae. Cruel." One, he really wants some hot chocolate. Two, he wants to divert the tension away. Three, okay fine maybe he was trying to get out of skating another lap. "Come on, let's get that hot chocolate hm?" he tugged on Jae while sparing a big smile towards Leigh. "We can talk more there." He had to admit though, he was curious to see who Leigh was to Eun who is pretty much one guy who has never been attracted to anyone ever. 

Leigh had to admit, he felt a rush in his chest when he heard the other male speak his full name in response “Ah, you missed a part though” he grinned slightly “I have a middle name” he commented and wiggled his brow as though it was some kind of important secret he had been keeping, he knew that Koreans didn’t have middle names though so he didn’t really expect Eun to assume he would have one. He had to chuckle as Eun insisted his combination was a winner and that it wasn’t to be turned down until actually trying “I mean I’m not sure you would be able to convince me, it would all come down to the taste” Leigh definitely had a strong sense of taste and he often disliked extremes of flavors, which was why he didn’t get along with coffee as well as most and also why he avoided spicy stuff where possible. “It was ...thankfully only a small amount” he commented with a laugh “More of a dare than a serious combination we thought would work but I haven’t been able to look at sherbet the same way since then” though there were worse things to be put off he supposed.

Leigh smiled and nodded slightly when Eun said he should call him when he came to Korea so that he could show him around, it was kinda bittersweet for him to hear that because on the one side he would love to see Eun show him the country and culture he came from in person but on the other, that would mean him going back home and not being here with the Kitsune anymore “That would be nice, maybe you can show me a good barbeque place that will allow me to complete my comparison” his smile was genuine though a little sad, sometimes he let his imagination run away with him a little and wonder what might happen if the Dhampir stayed here. Leigh’s expression softened a little when Eun said that his mother hadn’t been well but the way he had said ‘one last time’ made his heart clench a little “You should tell her” he spoke softly, he didn’t know the situation and truthfully, he didn’t want to pry more but he felt like the other male might want some encouragement “If she enjoyed watching you skating back then, maybe she would want to now too” it did strike him that Eun’s parents seemed very important to him.

Leigh noticed the way that Eun’s grip only seemed to get tighter around his hand, honestly, he was expecting the Dhampir to let go the moment that someone recognized them but instead the two of them had remained there in some strange solidarity. He laughed a little sheepishly when Eun told him to be careful “I’m always careful, the world is just out for me” he teased with a soft smile and listened to Eun explain that he had essentially ditched his paperwork to come spend time with him which made the Kitsune blush and feel the urge to change the subject “Then we’re settled” he commented as he edged towards the exit to the ice much like a penguin waddling and then hopped up onto the sturdier surface, he squeezed Eun’s hand gently before letting go so that he could go collect his shoes and then set himself on the bench to swap out of the skates. It wasn’t long before they were ready to go and explore more of the festivities.

Jae shared that sentiment with Han about wanting his parents, wherever they were, to know that he had found some kind of happiness, he was sure that was all they ever hoped for him “Me too” he spoke softly “You know there are some religions that believe people return to the stars after they pass?” he smiled softly “I kinda like the idea of that, that we’d be up there able to look down on the earth and see the people that meant most to us” which opened some interesting thoughts about Celestials and reincarnation he had to admit but Jae was an open-minded “I’m not sure what I believe when it comes to all that, but I like the idea of that” he squeezed Han’s hand softly as he glanced over at him for a moment and gave a soft, loving smile, he felt incredibly lucky to love the star the way he did. 

Hearing Han talk about the stars as his family made the Dhampir smile, he had always known they were special to Han and he felt some kind of connection to them, it was so evident in those quiet moments where he just sat there taking in the view of the sky above them, which they did a lot from the little swing on the back porch of Han’s house, overlooking the garden. So many nights were spent there, book in hand and drink on the table next to them, talking anything and everything and sometimes nothing at all. “Good” he spoke softly “I can’t tell you what it all means because I don’t think any of us understand or can even fathom the idea of what bigger plans might be out there but” he pressed his lips together “I know my world got a little brighter the moment you walked into it and that has to mean something” and he intended on holding onto the star for as long as time would allow. He chuckled when Han reminded Jae that he had to win Byul over “I remember, she’s a tough nut to crack that one but I won her over eventually” he chuckled softly, she enjoyed his company now too, though she would always choose to cuddle with Han instead given the option. 

Jae’s looks definitely served enough purpose to tell Eun this wouldn’t be the last he heard of this topic, the younger Dhampir remembered how much his brother had gushed over Leigh when they first talked about him and now seeing them holding hands Jae had to wonder if perhaps his elder brother was being swayed. Han was doing well at diffusing the conversation though so he nodded when he said he wanted to leave the ice rink “Well you gave it a try, I think that’s credit enough” he commented as he followed Eun and Leigh off the ice, still holding tightly onto Han to make sure he didn’t fall again. Before long he had traded in his skates back for his trainers and they were heading off towards the hot chocolate booth just across the way. He sidled up to his brother for just a moment while he was away from Leigh “You know you could have just told me you had a date right?” he commented in a soft breath wondering if it was supposed the be some secret. 

He really looked like a deer caught in the headlights when Leigh mentioned he missed a part, a part of him was already frowning in confusion, wondering just what he actually did miss and the other part of him was pretty much embarrassed. Until Leigh mentioned it was a middle name was when Eun let out a relieved sigh that he wasn't even aware that he was holding, "Oh my god I really thought I got your name wrong… way to make a guy jittery, Leigh" he shook his head and chuckled, leaning forward slightly with a curious gaze, "What's your middle name?" They never talked about it considering neither one felt the need to do so, but now Eun really wants to know. Honestly, he wanted to know everything about Leighton Kingsman, he just does. When the therian still said that the combination may not work in the end, the dhampir had his arms crossed and pouted, "True. It all comes down to the taste, in the end. So, let's try. I promise you it won't turn out to be too bad" He actually sounded like a wounded puppy begging its owner, which was ironic seeing as Eun was already staring at Leigh with the same look of conviction and his lips jutted out in a slight pout that somehow felt natural to the elder Moon. A whole baby inside a grown man's vessel. 

He shuddered at the thought of mixing sherbet with hot cocoa and shook his head vigorously, "Don't corrupt my head, Foxxy… I don't want to despise sherbet." When he said he would be more than happy and honored to be Leigh's tour guide once he comes to visit Korea, he didn't think of how sad it may have sounded and only realized after he'd said it. Korea. That's his home, right? But why does it sound so foreign to him right now? Eun was in no way someone who would forget his roots but the idea of going back home doesn't even feel much like home anymore. Was it because he's already felt comfortable and accepted here in Evermore? Surrounded by good friends? "I have a favorite place near my workplace, I'll definitely bring you there at a certain hour because it's always bustling with people. It is pretty famous for people in the working sector, I'm guessing. I always see my colleagues there alongside others from another section of the city." He remembered he used to eat alone there, being alone didn't have to be a bad thing when you wanted space to yourself and for Eun, the thought of drinking with his colleagues and spilling his secrets wasn't something he wanted to look forward to. 

He lifted his gaze to meet the therian's when he told him to tell her, "I should, shouldn't I? I'll make sure to do that once I get back home" he nodded softly, it was hard to think about his parents when they were the ones that laid out this impossible path in front of him that he couldn't even go back even if he wanted to. But god does he love them with all of his heart. It was clear that the elder Moon was a bit annoyed by the sudden intervention of their quality time well spent together, he didn't even let go of the other male's hand and stood his ground without cowering even when his brother is right in front of him. He didn't want to go get hot chocolate now, not really. He wanted to talk with Leigh a while longer but the therian seemed to be in tune with the idea so who was he to say no? Eun watched as Leigh hurried over to change his skates for his shoes while walking with Jae at the back, "Date? This… this isn't a date-" he spluttered and stared at the younger male before clearing his throat awkwardly, "I… It's not?" But why does it sound like a question? 

He blinked a few times and heard what Jae was telling him intently, people return to the skies and become stars? He's never heard of that, but then again, it's a person's belief and humans themselves don't even know there are actually stars like him that exists, so he couldn't be surprised. "People really believe in that?" he asked quietly, his pupils dilating twice the usual size as he found the fascination in the topic they were talking about, "Do you? Do you believe in that too? That people are up there watching over you?" It was such a pure belief, it was a pretty thing to look over too. Perhaps, his parents were up there, scattered amongst others, looking down on him with a proud smile. "I never knew where we originated from, other than the sky. What if we were once people, and after we die… we went up there?" Jae always knew how to make him feel good about himself, it was practically impossible for the fallen star not to fawn over him every time. 

He swore his heart may as well leap out and run away because at this moment, the Celestial wasn't sure how he could calm his heart that was current beating rapidly upon hearing the dhampir's words. "If your world got brighter… you have no idea what you did to my world, Jae." The world is too small to contain his love for the dhampir and he was not ashamed to show it every chance he was given. At first, Han was a bit disappointed that Byul didn't run over to Jae the same way Yeontan seemed to behave but as time passes by, he realized Byul was insanely protective of him and was waiting for the time where Jae can provide her a reason to trust him and eventually, the husky was quick to fawn over him too. All Jae ever needed to do to win her over was stay strong. And Jae has proven himself to be resilient every time. "She wouldn't drop me for you the same way Yeontan would but… she loves you too, so I'd say you've pretty much gotten to her."

 A sheepish grin appeared as he went forward to follow Leigh so he could finally get out of the ice rink, he saw the way Jae went over to Eun and thought it was best for him to give them the privacy they needed. Besides, he had another person he wants to know about. He did glance back to see if the Moon brothers are behind them as he caught up with Leigh, he wondered what they were talking about. "How did you meet Eun?" he quipped, clearly Jae wasn't the only one curious about their relationship. "Is he your boyfriend?" 

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