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“You liked the mistletoe trick” he spoke in a low amused voice as he gazed back at the Celestial and shook his head in an amused manner. Jae really liked having someone that he noticed everything about, he enjoyed being able to listen to something Han really wanted and then make it a reality for him, even when it was something small and perhaps even silly. He grinned, shaking his head a little “Some would say that you’re pretty easy to please Han” he teased, just give the Celestial a kiss and he seemed to be pretty happy, Jae supposed Han had never really had much affection in his life, aside from those few years he spent with his parents he was alone and certainly when he was locked up he was isolated. Perhaps that’s what made him so responsive to it now, not that the Dhampir minded considering he was a pretty tactile person himself. Jae smirked as he looked back at Han when he said there was more that could give more points and he swatted at him playfully “You’re incorrigible” he clicked his tongue a couple of times as he glanced at him.

Han was definitely the one who liked to be taken care of most in the relationship and even the star wasn’t able to deny it “How about we settle for us taking care of one another” he counter proposed with a grin, they could both have their moments, after all, one of the main ones he remembered with Han was when he had gotten sick and Jae had insisted he stay in bed all day, the Dhampir had even braved the kitchen and cooked him soup that day. He chuckled and nodded slightly when Han asked him to clarify the reasons he wouldn’t leave him “Well that and he knows he is very very very lucky” he grinned sheepishly “So did you get to celebrate any holidays with your parents way back when” obviously not Christmas as it wasn’t a big holiday for most in Korea, though Jae had always had a soft spot for it, he had kinda dreamed of getting to see one properly celebrated in America.

“You’re right, I haven’t, because I’m not very good at it myself so then I’d be teaching you a flawed way” he chuckled, Han always tried to get him to dance and usually he would cave because he found it so hard to say no to the star when he only wanted simple things from him but that didn’t stop Jae from believing he was bad at it. “But thanks for the recognition” he spoke softly smiling because he knew Han was pointing out the things Jae was good at. Thankfully because he had been practicing skating he knew how to stay on his feet but it seemed Han wasn’t quite as graceful as Jae was expecting him to be. He tripped when the star started falling because he tugged on his hand and before he knew it he was landing slap bang next to him. He chuckled softly leaning on Han’s shoulder for a moment “I have spent a lot of time down here, don’t worry you get over the shock by about the third time” he giggled softly and then placed his skates against the ground so he could rather un-elegantly pull himself up onto his feet and then help to pull Han to his feet “Okay let’s try it like this” he placed his hands against Han’s arms holding firmly on his upper arm and facing him, he’d learned enough backward skating that he hoped this would help “You’ll just have to warn me if we’re about to bump into something” he giggled as he pulled Han towards him slightly while he focused on skating backward like he was taught.

The compliments from Leigh didn't fall short in his attention, he was trying. His best not to blush too much because it would have evidently given him away if that was the case. He's never been applauded from his English communication skills. Admittedly, while they were in law school, pretty much 90% of everything was conducted in the said language but most of them usually read and memorize rather than adapting it into their daily lives. It's a given truth in the society. The only reason why he had a decent grasp on communication skills were due to the classes and training he had for years before graduating, and it helps that he was always invited to charity fundraisers filled with plenty of politicians. It was where he even got into the arrangement of being engaged to the prominent Kim family back home. "Who knows, with enough practice, you may be able to hold a conversation in Korean with me someday? Then you'll get to laugh alongside me with all my stupid jokes" The idea of that does warm his heart.

 He was patient while waiting for Leigh to say those words slowly, perhaps it wasn't near to accuracy but it was good enough for Eun, the effort Leigh poured in was what made him grin proudly, "I need to be careful or you'll be better than me at this rate." He scrunched up his nose in retaliation when Leigh seemingly rejected the idea of having salads, "Psssh, I need to have a look at your diet chart then. Pretty sure you eat more meat than green" he poked against his side teasingly, "That sounds fun and relaxing. A time where you can just celebrate with your family." Chuseok was that time for them but lately they've been too busy making greetings and fulfilling traditions rather than doing it to spend some quality time together. "Don't worry, I won't expect you to whip up something a Michelin chef would. This isn't a competition, it's a giving session. I'll cook for you and you'll do the same for me. Win-win situation and we both get to enjoy ourselves." He was sure he couldn't wait to see where that'll take them, perhaps they'll turn out to enjoy this more than they expected.

 It was cute seeing Leigh trying to hold his balance properly but the effort he threw was what made the dhampir grin endlessly at his antics, he made sure to hold his arms firmly so the therian wouldn't slip, the entire time instead of focusing on his own skating, his eyes were busy eyeing the therian who seemed to be in his own world. Obviously, there was a good reason warranting his need to do so because the next thing he knew, Leigh did a misstep and Eun, trying to prevent him from falling face first, pushed him slightly to the slight and was prepared for the impact. It wouldn't save Leigh nor him from the fall but at least it'll minimize the impact because god knows falling on ice can make them sore. With him on top on Leigh, Eun blinked a few times and was quick to enquire if the therian was fine, "Are you okay?"

When Jae spoke in a much lower octave than usual while pointing out regarding the mistletoe trick, Han could feel his blush swirling around his cheeks, as if he wasn't already cold and shivering from the cold, his cheeks were pretty much flushed and making a prominent appearance amidst the situation they were having. "I do" he nodded proudly, not even trying to put any subtle hint that he doesn't like it because there was no point in lying to Jae anyway. It wasn't hard to please or impress the Celestial, the dhampir could do the bare minimum and he would still be elated, a kiss alone could seal the best Christmas gift he's ever received in his entire life, shoving the fact that he has never celebrated this festivity not once in his life. So when Jae suggested that they go out today to celebrate Christmas the 'proper way', he wasn't sure what to expect but seeing the preparation he had made for them beforehand warmed his heart to the point of no return. He will definitely appreciate today. "I know I am pretty easy to please, but not everyone can please me the same way you do, no? You can do anything and I would still grin." 

He nodded in agreement to the proposal given, the two of them pretty much took care of each other when needed anyway, like sleeping under Jae's embrace was his thing if he wanted to sleep peacefully without any hopes of waking up at midnight or 3 am in the morning due to night terrors. Or when Jae studies himself too much and pulled an all nighter to study for a test the next week, and Han eventually had to force him to close the book and sleep properly because it was affecting his health. The question about whether or not he's ever celebrated anything with his parents back then caused the fallen star to fall into a pregnant silence. He had his lips pressed together, forming a straight line as he cleared his throat awkwardly, "Unfortunately, I only lived with them for 3 months. And during those 3 months, we were not able to celebrate any festivity. My mother fell ill shortly after adopting me and my father was too busy searching for alternatives to save her." He didn't resent them for not spending enough time with him, of course, to him, it was fated to be that way and he accepted it, no matter how painful his life was. "I think it was around Chuseok that time, but we were a small family. And my parents were both busy with taking care of each other so I'm not surprised, that's why you bringing me out here to celebrate Christmas means everything to me, Jae" His eyes softened as his gaze fell on the red-haired male, "Thank you."

He shook his head and still couldn't see how humble Jae can come across as because he never bragged about anything, not even to Han, who he pretty much spent his time with all this while, "You're too humble, Jae. Your literary works are good, you know I like to read them and every time I hear you enunciate every word with a particular emotion, I get lost in the session" He particularly recalled that time when he forgot he was cooking something at the kitchen because he was too busy hearing Jae reread his pieces. Thankfully, the only collateral damage was a very roasted chicken. He was fascinated by how Jae was trying to skate backwards and held onto him firmly while following his steps. He may be able to do most things with ease but not this. Despite Jae's reassurances, it didn't stop the Celestial from whining slightly everytime he fell whenever he tried to get back to it. Getting back up wasn't a problem but everytime he tried to turn, he'd slip and fall. Eventually, Han growled in frustration and inhaled deeply before going for another try. This time, however, he was elated to see a tiny progress because he was able to skate longer, until he bumped into Jae's chest when he was trying to let him know, and fell alongside him. Well, specifically on top of him.

Leigh smiled enthusiastically back at Eun and nodded his head a few times “I’d like that” he responded with a slightly bashful smile, he’d downloaded one of those apps that let you learn a new language since he met Eun and he’d been trying to keep up with that, he also had a book but finding the time to learn an entire new language was going to be hard. He wrinkled his nose playfully when Eun said he would better than him at this rate “Watch out, you might never see me coming before I blaze in and overtake you” he chuckled softly as he met the Dhampir’s gaze. Leigh gave him a questioning gaze when he said he would need to check his diet “You do realize that literally half of me is a carnivore right? Of course I eat more meat than veg” he chuckled softly, that was all the fox ever wanted to eat and he had to make sure to balance it out with his own choices of foods “I like fruit a lot if that makes up for it?” he bit his lip softly wondering why he needed Eun’s approval so much.

He pressed a hand over his chest as though he was relieved when Eun said he wouldn’t be expecting of Michelin chef caliber and he shook his head slightly “I mean we’re more talking Sunday with grandma kinda level if we’re lucky” he commented with a sheepish grin looking down and then back up towards Eun “Okay we’ll do it, it’ll give me a reason to keep going back into the kitchen and improve” he smiled softly wondering what the Dhampir would make for the occasion which gave him a thought “What’s your favorite food?” he asked with a raised brow, they’d talked about food a lot and Eun pretty much seemed to like everything so that made the Kitsune wonder what he was biased towards.

Despite his nerves about skating and falling down in front of the Dhampir, he was actually having fun, it was nice to be able to hold hands with the Dhampir and it felt as natural as breathing while they both tried to make their way across the ice. Of course, the moment he let his guard down though he had tripped, the slip should have only crash-landed him onto his back but with the way Eun reached to try and stop him falling he ended up tripping the Dhampir too and before he knew it he hit the ice with a thud before making an ‘Oof’ sound and then widening his eyes as he looked up to see the Dhampir on top of him. He swore his breath just stopped for a moment as he stared into those deep brown hues which seemed so concern and completely focused on him. He wanted to respond he was fine but he couldn’t form any words as he looked back into his eyes. Eventually, he managed to avert his gaze and swallowed his emotions to muster up some words “Yeah, I think I just hit my head” the tone was soft and not entirely convincing but he gave a small smile “I want to try again” he spoke softly as he looked around trying to figure out how he was going to get up and pretty much everywhere but the Dhampir who was still leaned over him.

One thing that always got to Jae was how honestly Han could be, he would own up to his behavior whenever Jae teased him, it always seemed like the star was very proud of himself and his own actions which could often catch the Dhampir off guard, he supposed his boyfriend just didn’t have much shame in him “You are the cheesiest guy ever, you know that?” he commented shaking his head and grinning as Han said that Jae could do anything and it would still make him smile “So basically what you’re saying is you’re whipped” he giggled slightly and reached up to poke his nose gently. Han never really talked about his parents and Jae tended to avoid the topic, not because Han wouldn’t talk about because Jae knew he would but mostly because he hated to see that pained look in his eyes when he remembered them, probably because the time they got to spend together was so short “You must still very lucky to have gotten to know them” he spoke softly and let the topic go because he didn’t want tonight to be sad, tonight was supposed to be fun.

“I just” he pressed his lips together as he looked back “Wanted you to have a good memory of celebrating a holiday for once” he nodded slightly and since in America the biggest holidays were Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas he chose the one which he thought was the most special “With your family” he added to the end as he looked back into Han’s eyes, they were an unconventional one but he saw them as family, them and their two adorable fluffballs back home. Jae really liked how supportive Han was of his writing, when he had first come to Evermore he had been so nervous to share his work with anyone, even his peers in class but after Han had asked to read his manuscript the night they met he had gained a lot of confidence, now he would happily read out some of the lines he had written for the star whenever he asked for it and he remembered clearly the day they had accidentally let the chicken burn because they had gotten so wrapped up in a piece Jae was writing. You could say that Han was a major reason for the improvements Jae had made to date.

He was actually pretty proud of himself for being able to skate backward while he watched Han from across the distance of their joined hands, whenever the start started to wobble he did his best to help him steady while trying to keep his own balance, it was easier said than done he had to admit but he chuckled softly each time that they stumbled and shuffled their way across the ice. When Han hit his chest by accident though Jae was winded and caught off guard and so when the star fell so did he, pulling Han towards him so that he would cushion the fall for him, his arms wrapping around him as he felt himself hit the ice. He made a grunting sound before he started laughing into Han’s shoulder, cuddling closer to him before he eventually let him go “Baby you can’t rely on me for balance, I have none remember” he giggled as he looked up at him “You’re getting the hang of it, you were skating without stumbling for a while there” he grinned proudly because Han had fallen way fewer times than he did on his first attempt.

Zeus somewhat reminded Elle of herself. Both were alone; both were independent young women. And honestly, sometimes being alone sucked. Especially during the holidays. Most people came here with their other halves, or had some kind of company. But girls like her and Zeus; they mingled with the strangers in hopes of finding more connections in the city. “Funny, guess...I can be like that too I suppose.” Besides her brothers, and few small circle of friends. Elle was very much focused on her work; trying to get her mind off of dating and the likes. Having bad luck, in that area. Not wanting it to drag her down; so she focused on doing the things that made her happy.

“Pleasure to meet you Zeus.” Elle smiled, as she shook her hand. What an interesting name. She thought to herself. Unlike her baby brother Justice; Elle-Mae had pretty much lost her southern drawl; from living in cities most of her adult life. It only ever seemed to come back, every so often; and that was if she was visiting her home. “Texas Girl.” She answered Zeus. “But I’ve lived in cities since going to College, so I suppose the city life grew on compared to the farm life.” Sometimes she did miss the farm ways of life; the duties sometimes were hard and rewarding. But it was worth it. It was safe to say, that Elle-Mae was now truly a city girl; something about the life in the city, chasing after her dreams since college ect; it was hard to imagine herself elsewhere.

When another young woman seemed to be in their company. Elle-Mae gave Samira a soft smile. “Joining the single party?” she asked, with a soft laugh. “Elle-Mae.” she held out her hand towards the other young woman, to introduce herself also.

Eun would be more than happy to teach Leigh a little bit of Korean, he wondered if a day would come when the two of them were able to converse in his mother tongue, and it was glorious; the mere thought of it. "Well, consider me your Korean teacher then. Before you know it, you're going to be very good in it and you'll make me proud" he huffed with pride, showing the therian a wide grin with his pearly white teeth making an appearance. "Before you overtake me, huh? Oooh I feel threatened" he narrowed his dark hues towards the therian playfully and placed a hand over his chest where his heart lies, feigning the dramatics once again per usual, "But we'll see, Mr Kingsman" he made the gesture of 'I'm watching you' at him, his cheeks flushing slightly from the cold as he rubbed his nose a few times because the weather was slowly tickling his insides to sneeze. Again. "Yes, I know logically half of you is a carnivore, but a clarification never hurts. At least I now know your favorite food would be somewhere along the lines of meat" he teased, Eun too, is a big fan of meat, in general.

 The elder Moon would always take the chance to devour quite literally everything once given the chance though. He stress-eats. But by the time he realized he was on his third plate, he would always dismiss everything by saying he'd exercise later. "Fruits? What kind? What's your favorite fruit?" It was funny seeing how quick the conversation seemed to revolve around their interests and quirks while they were holding themselves on the ice rink, not knowing who was going to fall next. He grinned in delight when Leigh decided to accept that challenge, it would give him more reasons to spend his time with the other male too, and even though he's admitted it countless times, the dhampir does, indeed, like spending his time with Leigh. The therian just gives this calming aura that he didn't want to stray far from. When asked what his favorite food was, Eun paused momentarily and tried to rake his head to choose, "I like to eat so it's almost impossible for me to pick a favorite but… when it comes down the type of cuisines I prefer, I'm still very much a Korean native at heart and as Asian as an Asian can be, so rice is a must. Spicy food wins me over too, and seafood" It was why Eun became a big fan of sushi too. "You?" 

Holding Leigh's hand doesn't feel awkward, it was natural and Eun was always trying to pay attention to every step taken in order to prevent any unnecessary accidentals from happening. Alas, he couldn't save every moment so when Leigh fell, he only thought about minimizing the effect and went down with him. Once he fluttered his eyes open, he was greeted with a seemingly flustered Leigh, to which when he responded by saying he may have hit his head, caused the dhampir to scramble to get up quickly and examined the therian's head by placing his hand over to his forehead and side, "You're not bruising so that's a relief… does it hurt?" Of course, Eun leaned closer to make sure everything was fine. A frown creased his features when Leigh told him he wanted to have another go, "Are you sure? I don't want you to get hurt... " But he didn't want to stop him from doing anything either. 

"You told me that countless of times, Jae" he quipped sheepishly, he was fine with being cheesy if it meant he could get a smile out of Jae, god knows how much he Celestial lives on that smile alone. "Even cheesier than a literature major guy? I must be one of the kind." He nodded enthusiastically in response to Jae's 'conclusion', "Very whipped for a certain guy, yes. You can phrase it like that" he scrunched up his nose playfully in retaliation to Jae's action of poking his nose. Han didn't have many memories regarding his family, he wasn't sure if he had much of them to begin with when it involves his past. He didn't have a short term memory, no, the Celestial wouldn't put it like that. It was more of the fact that he didn't want to remember all the bad things that plagued his life for about 3 years prior to his years in captivity. He wasn't sure if he held a pained look when talking about his parents, because Han was aware of how socially expressive his eyes and body language could give away when he's feeling about something strongly. And Jae had always been able to pinpoint those emotions going through him by looking into his eyes.

 "I was" he nodded gently, he was very lucky. "They were very kind to me, who else would've taken in a kid who was lying unconscious by the river in the middle of the night? One wouldn't spare a glance much less go and offer any help but he did, my father did. And from there I was given the chance to get to know the kindest woman ever" Han had a smile on his lips, a serene look replacing his conflicted expression from earlier. Jae only wanted the best for him and after hearing that the dhampir wished to give him a good memory to remember by a celebration together, the doe-eyed Celestial instinctively took his hand into his while staring deep into his eyes, "And I love you for that. You're always trying to give me something to remember by and it's touching" If he would have it, he probably would've teared up from happiness because suffice to say, Hanseol Park was really touched. "With my family" he affirmed and pulled him close and planted a kiss to his forehead and cheek, "Our family." He could never forget the look on Jae whenever he gets home from his class, where the Celestial would greet him with a hug and lean against his shoulder while they lounged at the couch, so he could hear the dhampir complain about his lecturers or assignments. It matters. 

The backward skating skill shown by Jae was impressive, it made Han gape in awe and he was just following his steps until he got too ahead of himself and obviously forgot that Jae was quite possibly one of the most reckless people in this generation, which resulted in their fall. He was bracing for the impact when he knew he was going down, that was why he had his eyes closed shut. But when the hit didn't feel that bad, he fluttered them open and realized that Jae had possibly gotten the worst of it. With his arms wrapped around the Celestial, Jae was underneath him and Han felt as if he had just used Jae asked a shield to block his fall, which had him scurrying over to make sure his partner is fine. "Oh my god- I am so sorry! I forgot-" his words felt constricted as his pupils dilated in worry before pulling Jae up so they can stand properly and quickly examined for any injuries, "Are you okay? I'm so sorry, I forgot that I shouldn't hold you like that, Jae baby I'm so sorry" Teh thought of getting better at skating truly went out of the window as soon as his eyes fell on the dhampir, his hands were patting Jae gently to see if he was truly fine until he cupped his face and brushed his red locks away, "Did you have any bruises? No you don't… are you hurt? Does it hurt?" Oh, the worry in his eyes. 

Leigh lit up brightly when Eun said that he would teach him Korean, he wasn’t sure he was going to be the best student but it was nice to think about learning it from the person who had inspired him to want to know the language in the first place “You should be, I have a masters degree I’ll have you know, I am very smart” he laughed softly, okay his degree was in math though and he wasn’t sure that was going to directly translate to learning a new language but he was willing to try. The way Eun teased him as though he was keeping an eye on him made the Kitsune giggle softly, looking back at Eun noting how his face had gone a little red from the cold “It is” he responded with a chuckle “I’ve never been all that fussy with food but you can’t go wrong with meat” unless you were a vegetarian he supposed but he definitely wasn’t.

Leigh pressed his lips together as he tried to decide in his head which fruit he liked most, it was easy to narrow down to a few because he always got the same fruit salad whenever he went to the shop and he liked them all “I think it’s a toss-up between watermelon and pineapple” he admitted with a sheepish grin. The talk about food was definitely making him hungry so he was pretty sure they were going to find some after they finished skating, otherwise the Kitsune might get a little grumpy from the lack of food. He listened to the Dhampir’s choices for favorite foods noting that he skirted around choosing a single one and instead listing out several things he liked which made Leigh chuckled “Kinda a cheat answer but I’ll take it” he responded with a wry smile “Well I’m born and raised American so I definitely have a soft spot for Barbeque, my home town had the best brisket you would literally ever taste” probably no surprise that his choice was meat-related “Sushi is a close second” he added with a nod of his head.

Leigh had never really given much thought to ice skating before, he did roller skating when he was younger which was how he knew the basics of how skating worked and could just about figure out what he was doing but it was actually really fun in a silly, neither him or Eun were very good at it but that’s what kinda made it work. But this particular fall had definitely caught him off guard, especially with how close the dhampir was to him and how intently he was looking back at him. The way Eun inspected him for any damage made the Therianthrope blush a little “I’m fine Eun, I’m tougher than I look” he had been more affected by how close the other male was to him than anything. Which is exactly why he froze when the Dhampir leaned in closer to make sure for himself “I’m determined to make a full lap without falling” he spoke with a curt nod of his head “And then we’re getting food because all this talking has made me starving” he grinned slightly grabbing the Dhampir’s hand and beginning the next attempt.

“You really are” he jested when Han said he must really be one of a kind “I’m curious where you learned all these lines from though, did someone gift you a book of pickup lines one time?” he raised his brow curiously because surely they couldn’t all just naturally pop into his head. Jae definitely had to take longer to think about the things he wanted to say and that usually meant anything cheesy he thought of would be rehearsed in his head and before long he would realize how incredibly cringe-worthy it was. “Damn, he must be one really lucky guy” Jae teased in response to the statement about being whipped, truthfully they were both very caught up in one another, he was sure anyone could see that but they were both were happy and that’s what really mattered.

He saw the way Han changed as they talked about his parents, Jae had been a little worried he had upset the star when he brought up the topic but honestly he was so curious about Han’s past, he knew the Celestial found it hard to talk about those times because they didn’t have a lot of happiness in them and for the most part he did his best not to be over-curious, but there was always a part of him that would want to know more about how Han came to be the man he was today and he was sure his parents had an impact on that “Well even if they were only with you for a short time, I think they taught you a lot, they say a person’s temperament is heavily influenced by their upbringing, I think yours was by the first few months you had here” he reached for Han’s hand, rubbing his thumb softly against it. He bit his lip slightly, feeling his heart flutter when Han said he loved him for making the effort “I guess I just find it really hard to imagine not having these kinds of things in my memories to look back on and so I want you to have as many as possible now” so that in a year or even 5 or 10 years Han could look back and say ‘hey remember when’. Hearing the way Han said our family practically made Jae’s heart want to burst out of his chest and he couldn’t stop the bright boxy grin from appearing on his face.

The moment they started to slip the Dhampir had gone straight into his protective mode, wrapping his arms around Han and feeling himself hit the ice at full force but he was so used to falling on the ice by now that it almost felt like second nature, besides, he got an extra hug out of it so he couldn’t really complain. Han however, was panicking. He was still chuckling as he allowed Han to pull him to his feet and he reached out for the side of the rink to balance, it didn’t matter how many times he insisted he was fine, Han was in apologetic mode which made him smile cutely as he looked back at him while the Celestial inspected him for any injuries “I’m fine baby, not even a scratch” he assure with a giggle as he looked back into his eyes “I love that you worry over me though” he spoke softly with a wry smile offering his hand out to him “And now you have to do this, I’m not accepting giving up as an answer” but just as they were about to skate off and make another attempt of a lap he spotted his brother from across the way, holding hands with a guy “Eun?” he called out in a confused voice.

He gaped in awe when Leigh told him he had a masters degree, somehow he wasn't even surprised that Leigh had managed to obtain himself such an achievement considering how intellectually smart the therian is. Sometimes, it's not just from academic wise but Eun could see that there was something very particular about him that separates him from everyone he's met. Yes, suffice to say, Eun would admit he's met plenty of people who had their degrees and achievements held over their heads but none quite like Leigh. "Well, then I should have nothing to worry about" Was Leigh's achievement more prominent in mathematics rather than linguistics? Yes. Did he care to point it out? Not really. It was better this way than to put him down ever so lightly, who knows, maybe the therian will once again surprise him. "Meat is very good, I agree" As someone who was surrounded by BBQ places everywhere he goes, it was pretty much inevitable not to have them back home. Especially when he does need a few drinks once in a while and soju would do it for him since he didn't want to get wasted. "Watermelon and pineapple? Those are two very distinctive fruits, but I get why you like them, they're good. Mine is honeydew." 

He was so ready to whip up a funny joke about honeydew but decided to choke it down because it had a few Korean characters in it and for someone foreign to understand a Korean idiom so early in their learning space would make them travel into confusion mode. He could already feel himself salivating at the thought of BBQ, in general. Admittedly, Eun does miss those. "Now that you've said it, I wonder how different our BBQs are. Maybe I should try it out" Before he goes home, but the dhampir refrained himself from following through with those words, simply because it didn't feel right and maybe home isn't where home is. He wasn't even sure anymore. Eun's eyes lit up in delight upon hearing sushi as his close second though, "My seafood loving self is just applauding you for liking sushi right now. But then again, I think I got the memo because we talked about that sushi place sometime ago, which I admittedly haven't kept my words, but we'll get to it." He was determined to get them to that sushi place. One day. His busy schedule wouldn't allow him to go out as much nowadays but he's working around it. Ice skating wasn't a new thing to the elder Moon, though he was sure his skills were extra rustier because he hasn't had the chance to hone it after high school. 

"My mother used to bring me here when I was a kid and it became my spot until my second last year in high school. Well not here as in here in Evermore specifically, but you know… the ice rink" The statement was so out of the blue but it was a part of his past that he continues to share with the therian over time, symbolizing his comfort. Eun was so worried that the therian had sustained any injury that would be detrimental to his health but aside from the flushed state he saw Leigh to be in, the therian insisted that he was fine so he dropped his hands and pursed his lips, "Alright then. I'm not trying to say you're not tougher than you look because you've hit your head against the shelves without whining in pain, but… I was just worried" Yes, he could never truly forget that day when Leigh hit his head against four different bookshelves in the day. He grinned playfully at his remark about wanting to do a full lap and took his right hand, raising it up to their eye level so Leigh could see them, "Hold my hands then. And then we can get food to feed your fox. Go on" he beckoned and was about to guide Leigh when he heard a distinct voice calling his name, he figured it was because of the cold that his hearing was extra sensitive and when he turned to find the source, his gaze landed on someone very familiar, oh dear. "Am I hallucinating or is that my brother?" he asked out loud. 

"Trust me, I tried googling a lot of these pickup lines when we first got together. I had no experience in relationships or dating, I don't even know what it's like to like someone, much less love them, romantically. Google was pretty much my teacher though there were times it directed me to less… pleasant websites" Using internet during that time had been traumatizing for the fallen star, all the advertisement and promotional codes weren't making his search easier, for sure. "I do have one book I got from a local bookstore around few months ago" Was it bookmarked and used? Yes. But Jae didn't need to know that. "Mhmm, I'd argue the most luckiest guy ever but then I'd be lying because I feel like I'm the luckiest guy." Admittedly, Han does swoon over and stare at Jae every chance he was given. The past wasn't something they talked about often; especially his past. The two of them concluded that it brought more misery and pain more than anything so they never delved much into it. At least, it wasn't a topic they could talk about comfortably and freely without resulting one of the two, if not both, with a downcast look.

 "Maybe. I am so grateful for them, though. They're good people. Taken too early, no doubt" he mused sadly, he remembered that his mother had only been a little over the month of 39 when she passed away. It was saddening, even more so when it changed his father's reality. "I like the idea of looking back in my memory lane and see us doing all those cute stuff together. Honestly, even cuddling on the couch seemed probable. But then, we'd be interrupted by those two devilish beings... " Oh, Han loves the husky and the Pomeranian with his life, but god they do have terrible timing when they want to show their affection towards the Celestial who was busy wrapped up around his dhampir. The signature boxy grin displayed on Jae's face had made his grin grew wider instinctively, it was such a beautiful smile. His favorite smile, really. Had it been any other day, he may have felt like the gesture was romantic but right now, in this situation, it was clear that the Celestial was more worried than anything. 

While he was busy worrying over Jae, he noticed that the dhampir only smiled cutely without saying much, which definitely caused him to frown in confusion, "Jae? Why are you smiling?" He was really worried for a second that perhaps Jae had a concussion or something, "Did you hit your head? Oh my god…" Before he could fuss over it, Jae told him he was fine and Hanseol actually did let our a huge relieved sigh, "I really thought you suffered a concussion and your nerves were… you know" he murmured and slapped his shoulder harshly, "Don't do that again, you made me worried… you were just smiling without saying anything and while I am aware that you have a beautiful smile, this was not it" he had his lips jutted out in a pout and his arms crossed. Despite sulking, Han still wrapped his hand around Jae's when the dhampir offered it out to him, "Fine... " He was so ready to start again but realized Jae's attention was no longer on him, "Jae? Are you okay?" He followed the line to Jae's gaze and saw two males holding hands together, and when he heard the elder Moon's name from his boyfriend's lips, Han squinted his eyes to make the silhouette better. "What's your brother doing here? Who's that guy with him?"

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