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Leigh had to laugh when Eun expressed his panic thinking he’d somehow managed to forget Leigh’s name somehow “Don’t worry, I think we’ve already established you have the best memory out of the two of us considering you can recite law books in multiple languages on the fly” he grinned slightly as he met the other male’s eyes “It’s Seth, after my dad” he nodded a little, he was always proud whenever he got to tell someone that because his father was a really big role model to him and while he would never be one of those children who followed in their father’s footsteps, he often looked to his dad for guidance. “Maybe we should try some more strange combinations just to see how they taste, I heard they cover most things in chocolate nowadays” never the biggest sweet fan was Leigh but it did seem like fun to try and see what strange things might work together when it came to the overall taste.

He laughed softly and scrunched his nose up “I think everyone has that one food or drink that they had so much of that they put themselves off for life, mine is sherbet” which he was sure there could be worse things, at least your average meal didn’t typically consist of it. Leigh was definitely more of a takeout guy than he was a go out for dinner at a restaurant type though that might simply be because he never really had anyone to go with before. “Well in return you’ll have to come to my place sometime so you can try some of my favorite take out, since I’m terrible at the whole going out thing” he sheepishly reached up to scratch at the back of his neck and smiled “Besides I told Minha all about you and while she probably didn’t understand a word I said, I’m sure she’d dying to meet you” which was, of course, him referencing when they talked before about Eun trying to steal his dog away from him.

Leigh had to admit he was kinda hoping to get to spend tonight with just Eun, especially because it felt like there was some imaginary clock ticking down until the moment that the other male would have to return to his reality and Leigh wanted to make the most of their time together but he was also intrigued by the chance to get to know his brother too and it was only one hot chocolate, then they could continue their evening. When he came back over he noticed the two brothers were busy chatting away so he made his way over to Han with a grin, though it faltered when Han asked how he met Eun “Oh no we’re just friends, we met at my shop one night, he totally scared off a burglar trying to rob the place” which he would forever be thankful for “And how did you meet Jae?” he returned as he dug his hands into his pocket “So you like hot chocolate huh? I don’t like sweets much but that’s the one treat I get every Christmas, with the whipped cream and a little gingerbread cookie” he smiled hoping to get the younger looking male to open up a little as they made their way over and stopped by the booth, his eyes scanning over the menu for what he wanted before he spotted a gingerbread one and smiled brightly.

Jae gave an effortless smile taking in Han’s reaction to the theory he told him, it seemed like the star was completely enthralled by the idea of it which made the Dhampir happy “I mean if there’s anything I believe in, knowing that someone came from the sky and knew nothing about their life before that seems like pretty solid proof to me” he nodded slightly, it was comforting to believe that those you lost were up there able to watch over you and see all the good things you did, before you eventually returned to them in the sky. “And if we believe that to be true then maybe we believe that you fell for a reason, that somehow you were needed more here than you were back there” his expression was soft and he nodded a few times as he squeezed Han’s hand gently with his fingertips. 

Jae nodded slightly when Han said he had no idea what he did to his world “The funny thing is, I think I do” he smiled softly as he looked back at the other male, Han might be the cheesier one of the two of them but that didn’t mean Jae loved him any less, Jae’s love was quieter but constant, it was always texting Han good morning to the first thing he saw when he woke up made him smile, it was bringing back an extra chocolate bar when he knew Han had a bad day at work, it was running him a bath and insisting he take it when the Dhampir sensed he was stressed “I think that’s what makes us work, we bright light to one another” and that was how love was supposed to be right? Hearing Han talk about Byul made him smile “Believe me her fondness made the process of winning her over worth it, she’s a very special lady” so loyal and sweet to her owner she was always the one who followed Han whenever he went into the next room or laid her head in his lap when she sensed he was upset.

Jae could sense the annoyance coming off his brother, he always got this little crease in his forehead when he was scowling but trying not to show he was scowling and as someone who was raised alongside him and saw the way he was around their parents, he knew the look well “It’s totally a date Eun” he commented with a chuckle “I mean you were holding his hand pretty tight there, you never held hands with anyone when we were kids, only Ahri and that was cause she made you” as they made their way over to the hot chocolate stand he bit his lip slightly “All I’m saying is you don’t owe anyone anything until you go home and until then, you owe yourself happiness” he reached up and squeezed his shoulder before heading up to the counter so he could read the menu closer. 

"Reciting and memorizing law books in multiple languages is not the same… what use is it if I can't even remember someone who is very close to me?" Middle name? Even so, Eun made sure it was his duty to find out what it is and embed it in his head, enough to remember it for more days to come. Language is hardly his forte though, the elder Moon can probably memorize and recite on a whim but sometimes he couldn't even do Korean when his head was too mind wrapped. And Japanese when he's in the same situation? Totally incomprehensible. "Seth? That's a pretty name" Knowing that it was named after his father's name only made Eun grin wider, it fitted well. When Leigh gradually leaned over the idea of testing new things, Eun grinned sheepishly and nodded, "As long as it doesn't result in us suffering internally because I don't think I can handle that" he cleared his throat and snickered because he knew the last time he wailed and whined because of his stomachache that rendered him practically useless for three consecutive days. Eun couldn't fathom swearing himself off sherbet for the rest of his life and actually grimaced at the thought of it, poor Leigh.

 "Let's hope I won't suffer the same fate of swearing any food off. I like them too much to actually say no to them... " He could be lactose intolerant and the dhampir would still chug on the milk as if it were the last carton in earth simply because he was thirsty. "Oh, right. I would love to come by. I still have yet to steal your sugar gliders and dog, right? Chip & Dale… Minha? I'm coming" he puffed out his chest proudly and nodded knowingly, he was determined to sweep them off the floor. He only hoped that he will finally be able to come over amidst his busy schedule. He'll make time, he's sure of it. "What is your favorite takeout anyway? Chinese?" His gaze never left the therian's even when he was occupied with his younger brother while Leigh pranced off with Han, at least Leigh would be able to converse with someone else aside from him. Eun trusts Han that much to make the other comfortable.

 "I don't see anything wrong with holding one's hands... " he grumbled and grabbed ahold of Jae's hand just to make a point, only to drop it later because it didn't feel right, "Ugh... " Was he expecting for something different? Not really, but why does holding Leigh's hands feel so different compared to Jae's? Was it because he's his brother? Eun let out a heaved sigh before staring at the ground and back to Leigh's silhouette, "That sounds terrible… And ominous… it's like saying once I go back home, I won't be able to have any of this ever again." Eun quickly ordered himself a hot chocolate with whipped cream and salted caramel drizzle before taking a seat nearby, he didn't join Leigh and Han in their conversation, not yet. Honestly, the dhampir was pretty much content with just looking at how happy the therian seemed to interact with another, so much he wasn't even aware that he had been grinning softly the entire time. 

Now that Jae's said it, Han was slowly trying to work his mind about the theory, what if that's where they truly originated from? Maybe it was so far from the truth but then again, what is the truth? Neither one of the Celestials knew of where they came from, aside from the sky. How were they able to possess a vessel like this when they fell? Was there another world or universe that wasn't this world? The more he accepted himself as a Celestial, the more Hanseol found himself being generally curious about a lot of things regarding the species' identity. "That's very poetic… as expected from you" he chuckled lightly and tilted his head up to gaze at the sky above them. Maybe, that's the theory he wanted to go with; that they somehow had a life before this one. And whilst they may not be able to recall any detail connecting them to their past life, the thought alone was pretty in his head. His heart swelled significantly when Jae said those words, that he was needed here more than up there, that perhaps he wasn't thrown away, "You think so?" 

He noticed his glow grew lighter when he dropped his gaze to the hand Jae was holding, which said a lot about his current emotion. He was happy. "I can be your light" he murmured faintly, in a way, Jae was the beacon of his light. The dhampir was the one who pulled him out of his darkness that he had been dwelling around for far too long. Jae taught him that it was fine to be himself, because no expectations were above him and God does the fallen star love him for bringing out such qualities out of him. When he needed someone to pull him back to reality, Jae's always there. So was it really dramatic if the doe-eyed male reiterate that he was, indeed, his anchor? Before Jae, Byul had been his conduit, where he poured his feelings to, which was probably why the husky understood him well. "And she knows you're good for me, that's why she relented, in the end. Besides, it's not easy saying no to you." Bribing Byul was not as easy as Yeontan and he has seen how Jae poured extra determination into winning her over, months ago. 

"Eun scared off the burglar? Oh wow" he wasn't surprised, the Moon brothers are dhampirs, after all. They basically grew up in a household where they train around. When asked how he met Jae, Han grinned gleefully as he ordered his hot chocolate giddily, opting for the one with caramel and marshmallows, "He tripped on me while we were at the park, one night." God he could never forget that night. "I do like hot chocolate a lot. Jae sometimes make them at home when I'm distressed, it always calms me down. Better than tea, anyway. I have a sweet tooth." While waiting for their drinks to be ready, he glanced at the therian, "I may be wrong. But I know the stare when I see one" he murmured gently, he may be oblivious but he's had a fair share of affection with the younger Moon, and from the way Leigh stared at Eun was different in plenty of ways. 

Leigh gave him a pointed look when he said it wasn’t the same and shrugged slightly “I’m just saying you have pretty impressive memory” he chuckled slightly, Leigh had always liked his name, though most people pronounced it as Lay-ton rather than Lee-ton first try and he had to correct them. Leigh imagined back home Eun didn’t have much trouble with pronunciation but here in the States, it would be wrong almost always “I like it, though the only time I hear it really is when my mom is really mad” he chuckled slightly “Maybe one day my future husband will say it when he proposes to me” he had dreams about that kind of stuff, even if it seemed crazy to think so far ahead when he didn’t even have a partner. He grinned slightly at the mention of suffering internally and shook his head a few times “We’ll steer clear of the really weird stuff, but hey, peanut butter and jelly works right?” so there had to be other combinations people hadn’t thought of that did too.

“I think for most people it’s usually a certain kind of alcohol” he snickered slightly, he knew a lot of people back in college who would get sick just from smelling a certain kind of alcohol that they had too much one day and caused them to get really unwell. He chuckled softly when he said he was still planning on stealing his pets “Chinchillas” he correct and smiled “But they’re equally fluffy and troublesome so I’ll still give you points since you remembered their names” he shrugged slightly and when Eun asked his favorite takeaway he shook his head “It’s actually a really great Turkish place that does all kinds of different seasoned meats” which sounded predictable for the Therianthrope but it really was delicious.

His attention turned to the young-looking Celestial who seemed excited to talk to him, Leigh didn’t have all that much experience with people wanting to talk to him on his own so he was enjoying the moment “Yeah, didn’t even need a weapon, he talked the guy down with his lawyer voice” he grinned to himself, Eun was something, that was for sure. He laughed when Han admitted he met Jae after being tripped on “So you can literally say he came along and fell for you one night huh?” that was pretty cute, from what he had seen so far they seemed pretty lost in one another. He went up to the counter and ordered himself a cinnamon hot chocolate and waited for Han to order before offering to pay for his too as a treat. He was just taking a sip of his drink when Han commented on his staring and coughed a little as he choked on the drink before he swallowed, eyes drifting to Eun and then back to Han “Is it that obvious?” he sighed softly and looked down at his coffee cup “Doesn’t matter at the end of the day, he still has to go home and marry someone in a few months so” his fingers fiddled with the cup slightly.

Jae shrugged a little when Han said what he thought was pretty poetic “I feel like anyone’s beliefs about that are poetic in some way, we all like the idea that there is happiness or some kind of peace in the end” his idea of peace was being able to look back at everything he had made and achieved and see the little ways he changed the world, not necessarily as a whole but in the lives he touched. Jae paused for a moment before he nodded when Han asked him if he thought the reason he fell was because he was needed here, it kinda cycled back to the idea of destiny which Jae still believed was relative but he had definitely been doing some searching on the ‘whys’ lately. “They say a Wayfinder only ever falls one at a time, always one” he nodded slightly “They fall one after the next, because the world needs them, it’s not a big jump to believe the rest of you have your place to fill too” he smiled gently “So yes, I think so” that was how Jae had managed to make peace with the life of a Celestial which he honestly saw as somewhat harsh and cruel.

Jae felt a little breathless when he heard Han saying that, especially because he noticed the way the star’s skin illuminated just a little brighter before he said it. “And I can be yours” he spoke softly and nodded, he wanted to continue being a good influence on Han’s life just like the star was on his. Jae felt stronger and more confident in himself the longer they were together and that had a positive impact on his life in many ways, such as helping him to make new friends in what was an unfamiliar city, getting the confidence to share his work with others which got him vital feedback which helped him improve. “She couldn’t resist getting an extra walk most evenings because I get restless waiting for you to get home” he chuckled softly, he would always take the pups out for an extra stroll to while away the time until Han got home “But now we all get along” he grinned slightly “Well except for when Yeontan decides to go rogue” though they always ended up laughing so no real harm was done.

Jae looked over to his brother after he grabbed his hand and pressed his lips together “Of course there’s nothing wrong with it Eun, it’s just” he clicked his tongue “Here when people hold hands it’s normally a romantic thing” and he was implying the elder Dhampir might be giving Leigh a different impression than he thought. He sighed softly “You’ve made your decision that you’re gonna go back and play the martyr, you made it clear I can’t fight you on that one so” he shrugged slightly “I’m giving you the best advice I can with what you gave me to work with” but Jae wasn’t going to deny that he was saying his brother wouldn’t be able to have all this again when he got home because the way he saw it, he wouldn’t. Jae headed up to the counter and ordered himself a hot chocolate with marshmallows and spent some time waiting for them to melt so he could drink the froth, wondering whether he should interrupt Leigh and Han who seemed to be having a moment.

Since Korean and English are two very distinctive language to even be compared to one another, to hear any Korean have a good command and proficiency of English while not growing up in any English speaking countries was actually an amazing feat. If he wasn't mistaken, he heard it was because one was syllable-timed and the other was stress-timed. He had no idea what that meant but Jae may have a better understanding of it. He was a law student, he studies sociology but not so much on linguistics. "Parents usually use our full names when they're enraged huh? I can't remember the times my late grandma would tell me 'Moon Sangeun you-' when I forgot to clean the backyard as a kid" he chuckled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head awkwardly because it was such a lighthearted memory. God, he misses her. When Leigh said the next time would probably be when his future husband is proposing to him, he felt jealous. It's not hard to memorize one's name back home, but will he ever have the amount of significance a marriage proposal is supposed to accompany? No, he didn't even get to propose. It was like signed on a paper and that's about it. 

"And whoever that guy is, he will be one of the luckiest lad in the world to have you as his husband" he grinned brightly, "Do remember to invite me to your wedding though, I'd be very hurt if you don't." Speaking of which, has he even given the therian the invitation to his wedding? He couldn't recall, which meant he probably hasn't done that yet. Does he want to? Not really. "Mango and banana" It came out of nowhere, when talking about combinations, all Eun could think about was the two fruits he really wanted to try out. "Though if you're a good drinker, I guess we can try a few of those alcohols, under wraps of course because I'm not supposed to be encouraging you to do it but nobody has to know" he whispered coolly, it was clear that there were plenty of things that the elder Moon has yet to try out and wished he had enough time to venture into them. Eun swore his face was beet red from both the cold and embarrassment because she mistook chinchillas for sugar gliders, "Yeah… that's what I said" he coughed awkwardly and couldn't meet Leigh's gaze because the embarrassment was quite literally eating him up. "Maybe I'll finally be able to see the differences between those two animals when I see them" Aka please book an appointment to Leigh's place asap, Eun.

 His ears perked up instinctively at the sudden mention regarding such variety of meat, "You sold me. I need to know more for research, I need to plan that trip to your place soon then." He knew Jae was right but he couldn't admit it outloud, he just couldn't. The more he convinced himself that he could have a proper life here, the more he'll be closer to disappointing his parents. When Jae mentioned he was going to be a martyr, there was a deep scowl etched on his usually happy face as he glared at his younger brother sternly, clearly not amused by what he said. It was rare to find Eun like that, even for Jae. "And if I tell our parents? I'll benefit from it but will they? Mother is sick, the last thing I want to do is give her something she needs to worry her head off" he exclaimed flatly. But as soon as he got his drink and his gaze fell back on Leigh who seemed to have such a good time with the Celestial, his eyes softened and it was obvious that whilst the dhampir told himself nothing of it, he was very fond of Leigh. Perhaps, in more ways than one. He glanced back at Jae who was next to him and sighed, "Holding hands... Is a romantic gesture?" he asked curiously. 

"It gives the world a better picture to stare it, probably why it sounded so poetic every time we needed to describe something regarding it" Maybe it was to make themselves feel better? To calm oneself down is no easy feat, and to accomplish that will take plenty of patience and tolerance alike. One cannot stand on its own without the other, they said. Ironically, that's how he viewed him and Jae. They were almost inseparable now. Despite not spending as much time together as they used to use to time constraints and working as well as studying commitment, they still continued to work just like any other couples. Domestically, too. He stared at the dhampir carefully and gaped in awe when he referenced his Wayfinder, he never thought about it before but now that he's said it, there may be some truth to what Jae was saying. "Wow… you do have a way to make me feel better when I'm down, I swear that's a hidden talent I need to poke around to find" he nudged him teasingly and leaned close, their close proximity made him feel secure. 

"Falling may be hurting… but at least I know it's worth it because I would've never met you, right? I would've never learned things… study, or work." In plenty of ways, Hanseol found solace in the life he's leading now, it was far from perfect but the imperfections make up the progress and his character development. He would rather grow. "You are already my light, I would never be able to tap back into my energy without you, Jae, don't forget that. You were the one who triggered it" The need to protect him overpowered everything and before long, the Celestial found himself accepting the energy, which led to him conjuring a shield that night at the dojo. His life was falling back to what it was meant to be, exactly what he pictured in his dreams. "Thank you for walking them, I always forget to do that" he felt guilty that he wasn't able to do those things and was always so thankful that Jae would saddle up the duty to do that when he couldn't. "I'm glad they love you, they couldn't find a better person to cheat on me with" he teased, he had this small family that consisted of his dhampir boyfriend and two dogs, and it was perfect for Hanseol.

 "Damn, I heard that Eun is a lawyer but I never thought you could talk someone down using nothing else but your words... " He was fascinated but not surprised. A blush crept up as soon as Leigh asked if Jae fell for him, "I always tell him that. It's an inside joke between us both hahaha" He thinks it was cute. He was about to pay for his drink but the therian had best him to it, causing the Celestial to block a small whine in his throat as he thanked him, "You didn't have to... " he murmured softly but he wasn't about to downplay someone's act of kindness. In fact, he was glad to have met another person with such an affinity to that. When Leigh choked on his drink, Han looked up from his and quirked his eyebrows suggestively, a small smirk was curved on his lips because, jackpot, "His younger brother is my boyfriend and I've been with him close to a year, I know those stares because I give the same, there's no shame in it" he reassured and pursed his lips when Leigh said it didn't matter, "That doesn't have to be the endgame, though… you never know what date has in store for you. I've broken up with Jae once and we've argued plenty of times… but I'm still here and he's still here. Don't give up. Not just yet."

This world was upside down, upside down and completely foreign to him. There was no way that even in his wildest dreams would he have been able to think of half of the contraptions and contrivances that people were running around on or with. Devices that magically contacted anyone a person wished at the touch of a few buttons, huge machines that swallow people and delivered them to another locations before spitting them out, and all sorts of other gadgets that ran on electricity. Whatever that was. The entire world had become one giant topsy turvy exercise in avoiding death to an ever greater degree than his own time and the more he learned the less he liked the 21st century. 

Since winter had set in though things slowed down, with Yule Tide festivities rolling in and snow covering the towering buildings that made up the whole of the city Wade felt a little less like an alien on a strange planet. Something about snow and the cold made hings a little less intimidating. Ophelia had encouraged him to come to this Yule Tide Festival, encouraged him to get out among the world and try to find something that might allow him to connect. Gathering his cloak a little tighter around him the Celestial blew out an uncertain breath, skirting along the outside of the crowd and simply observing the goings-on. Some of the things were familiar to him while others he wasn't so certain of. With some gathering frustration the male bought a steaming cup of hot cocoa and continued strolling through the crowd, occasionally slipping some shiny bauble or other off of the original owner and relocating it to his pocket. 

Christmas had always been a rather painful time for Victoria, especially when the festive season reminded her of the precious time with her family. But instead of moping around by herself like every other year during Christmas, she has decided to visit the Winterfest. Victoria is no social butterfly, but she thought to herself that maybe, just maybe, it's time for a change. It was time she got out there. With that, she put on a bright coral jumper, some leather pants and a pair of heeled boots, she grabbed her bag and jacket and was headed for the door. 

Arriving at the festival, Victoria noticed how beautiful all the Christmas lights were. She could also see a big ice rink, various carnival rides and how awfully crowded it was. As soon as she thought it was a bad idea, she quickly shook her head and drew in a deep breath, muttering to herself, "Well, here goes nothing..."

Walking along the stalls, Victoria was just taking in the ambiance as much as possible, soaking it all in. After all the years of moping around, she had never realised how magical this time of the year can be. Everyone seemed to be having the best time yet. As she stopped at the chocolate stall, she decided to grab herself a cup of hot chocolate and proceeded to take a seat on one of the nearby benches. Sighing to herself, Victoria sipped on her cup of hot chocolate slowly. "Guess this isn't so bad after all..."

Click. Click. Click. Click. 

Though Ambrose would never admit it to anyone Christmas was and always had been his favorite time of year. The snow mixed with the colored lights in the trees, the carols, the smells that often filled the air, and the spirit of giving that could grip even the hardest of hearts. It was all very beautiful and one of his favorite subjects to photograph so when the city had announced the Winter Festival the male was all over that. From the moment the event had begun the Evermore Daily CEO had been there, snapping pictures of the denizens of Evermore in candid moments of bliss and merriment. The weather had been cooperating thus far, the drop in temperature that had plunged the city into the freezing range until about two days ago. A warm front had come through and the night was brisk but not so cold that the kids couldn't be out enjoying the games and ice skating. 

Sighing, Ambrose took a candid shot of a couple as the female tried to teach the male to ice skate the obvious love and adoration in their eyes when they looked at one another made his heart ached. Christmas was always bitter sweet for him, one the hand he loved the season and on the other it made his realize all the things he was missing in his life. By this time he had imagined being married and having two kids of his own, while his mother watched it all in a grandmotherly way. Instead his mother was missing and his fear of commitment and attitude often detracted women from wanting to be around him. Which was why he filled those voids in his life with other things, and drowning himself in his work. 

He laughed gently when Eun said that parents use the full name whenever they are really mad “You know you really crossed a line when they break out the full name” thankfully it only happened a few times to him, mostly because he was a pretty well-behaved kid. “Oh so you were a rebel then, forgetting to clean the yard when you promised to” he grinned slightly giving a slightly amused shake of his head “My most hated chore was the dishes but in the end, it trained me up well for living alone” he chuckled softly. When Eun said whoever his future husband was would be very lucky, it made the Kitsune’s heart pound a little in his chest, just from the compliment and sentiment alone though it was bright down when he asked for an invite to the wedding “You’ll be first on the list” he responded with a soft grin as he pressed his lips together “Well second behind my parents anyway” Leigh didn’t think he would have a very big wedding considering he didn’t have all that many friends.

“You could say that I am the worst drinker ever” he responded honestly and shrugged slightly “I don’t drink, though I would definitely be down for getting a bunch of ice creams and making the craziest milkshake we can think of” he chuckled slightly, he wasn’t the biggest fan of sweets honestly but he would definitely make an exception for ice cream because there were so many flavors he liked. He grinned slightly when Eun sheepishly acted like he knew his pets were Chinchillas and not Sugar Gliders “Believe me they’re very different” he chuckled slightly “We’ll make sure to plan something in the new year” and he meant that, they needed to start finding ways to follow through on their plans, especially if they were running out of time. Leigh laughed gently when Han talked about Eun being able to talk someone down “I swear he could convince a match to buy kerosene without even blinking” meaning he was very persuasive and it was very hard to tell him no, at least that was the case for Leigh.

Leigh scrunched his nose at the way Han gushed about his relationship a little “You guys look really cute together, I’m rooting for you” he smiled slightly, it wasn’t exactly a secret that the Kitsune loved the idea of love and while it didn’t seem to be on the cards for him, he couldn’t help but feel uplifted just seeing them together. “Oh I didn’t have to, but I wanted to, call it a really early Christmas gift” he grinned sheepishly. He listened to the other male as he talked about his own experience and saw the way he quirked his brows playfully “Hope is a dangerous thing to feed to a hopeless romantic you know” he commented under his breath as he sipped at his drink, he didn’t want to get attached only to have his heart broken again honestly “I’ve done the full breakup and no fix thing so” he gave a sad smile “It’s harder for me to think positively I guess” perhaps Han had a point though, he did get the feeling that perhaps it wasn’t what Eun actually wanted for himself. “We should probably get back to them, it does kind look like there’s a bit of tension” he pressed his lips together hoping they hadn’t done anything to cause it.

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