When it comes down to things that only one person witness themselves who would believe you? Being a guard granted her to see the craziest things but in her favor it makes me think of stories she can tell. Every story she ever wrote was made but true events that have a high fantasy so people wouldn't question anything. That is because she does it to find her being Guard and for not the knowledge to get out about the ranks at the same time. Zandra knew about a few guards who read her stories which came to a surprise. 

 Since she got hurt in the mission she was on, she had to let things go and relax. Zandra took this time to reflect on things that came from loyal to a single person.  What is the true balance between yourself and the people you care about or to protect them from danger?  That is the biggest question she never once got to ask her father. He had time to have a family, had a child and was being a guard just like her. None of it made sense to her or was it hard to give an answer? Zandra sits in a cafe she likes to be in, she needed to be away from the Manor so she can think clearly. The employees were very nice to her as they give her space for her to sit comfortably and her leg not to get hit by anyone. 

Being a human in the ranks was very hard for her to keep up, one thing she didn't want was the position she is in right now, Dumb Bear Trap that messed up her leg but she didn't get it out on her own. One male that help her was brave knowing everything that was wrong with him. He went out of his way to have her back.  Zandra needed to know how to balance everything with a broken leg. What will she do now? So by a question, people might ask how did someone with a broken leg get to a cafe alone? Well, the magic of people helping her on and off the bus. Good deeds made Zandra smile and happy in a simple silly way.

Zandra didn't like being treated the way she did at the moment since she likes to do everything herself. The human guard took a deep breath as she opened up her laptop bring up notepad on the screen and started to type. Zandra had been lost without going out she didn't know what to write about along with no one to interview either. She got nothing at all. 

There goes for keeping things real. One thing she can write about is struggling between things she does not understand. If there was a way to handle things in different was then talking to other people about it might help to find a clue. One little thing seems to always put things together but it's always the very thing to making people go insane at the same time. 

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It was life’s one of pleasures. And something, that the Celestial had gotten more into, in the modern century. Especially after 100 years of imprisonment. It had helped the Celestial learn a lot, about the things she missed out on, and how History had changed in those 100 years. It was a lot to learn about, but it certainly helped her adjust to the changes around. With the changes around, came technology.

That was something, that Artemitra was sometimes trying to figure out. There were lots of technical things, she still didn’t get. It had taken her a while to get the hang of using a laptop and a camera. But, she had mostly got the two technology devices under control. Mainly with the help of her friends. It had been one day, that she was searching on the web. That Artemis came across a blog, by a woman named Zandra Smoke. The stories and writing was compelling. The more the Celestial read, the more she came to love her work. And since that day few months ago. Artemis had been following her blog. Reading new updates, interviews, short stories that was posted on the blog.

One afternoon. The young Celestial had been in town. Finding herself in a small coffee shop. Due to the rainy weather;she was sheltered up. With her laptop, on the table in front of her. Artemis had been uploading new photos onto her laptop, from the camera. Whilst the process was bit slow. Artemis had loaded up the internet; browsing through the blog she followed. As she leaned against her seat, she took a sip of her coffee, that was sitting by her laptop. Her eyes fixated on the computer’s screen; as she was reading the latest blog entry.

As she typed her next stories she heard it started to rain as she sighed as she took a sip of her drink before one the staff came to her asking if she is alright. "Anything is alright. Can I order another drink?" Zandra asked as she ordered a Pumpkin spice latte. She needed something warm to fit the setting as something came up. Zandra was going to write about what is on her mind since ideas came up when the weather is cold a gloomy. 

Finishing up what she was typing about her last adventures in the woods she posted. The Guard smiled waiting to hear feedback, she found her blog is getting a lot more followers from the past days which means she might be getting somewhere and her words are getting out. It made her feel happy since her mother was writing who had a great gift as it came down to her other then her taking after her father more. Zandra thought to write about her mother and her passing as it made her stronger as a person. 

"It does not matter if you feel trapped or feel like the days goes by fast when you can't escape the feeling of being beat down everyone has those days and death is something not everyone is not ready but talking about the bright side they are out of the pain they were feeling." Zandra wrote as tears came to her eyes as she typed about cancer is harsh to a human but it worst how her mother was murdered on the bed she could've survived. "On this rainy of Evermore, never look back on the past that pain is waiting for you but to think of it as a lesson to get stronger and be the better person your past self couldn't." At the moment she thought about the celestial species and how much they went through knowing at the time she became a  guard.  Zandra read thought what she typed down as she made sure it would be a stronger message to make sure if one is reading they know they are not alone in the pain as everyone in life feeling caged up at one point or another.

The Guard never got to meet a star before if she does Zandra knew it would be rocky at the start if they knew she is a guard. She does not agree with what they choose to do back in the past but she had no control. She is one who is very glad to never be part of it. The guard smiled when she latte come as she took a sip as she finished her thoughts and posted. Turning to the window to watch the raindrops coming from the sky as people are trying to find cover from the tears of the sky. Zandra knew she will be here for a while but it's something she will not complain either.

Artemis didn’t notice, the young darker skinned woman, near by that was writing. The same woman that owned the blog, was sitting just a few tables over. The Celestial was too engrossed by the story, she was reading to pay attention to the others around her, in that given moment. The forest story was both intriguing; picturing everything clearly in her head. Some moments made her smile. The Celestial loved nature. And she had a feeling, that the writer did too. As she sipped on her coffee, she finished reading the newest adventures of the writer.

Pulling up a comment box, Artemis began to type up her small review of the article. ‘As always, your story has captured my interest. I love how you write, it just flows so naturally. I can almost picture, the exact spot where you had your adventures. I look forward to reading more. A.’ After she posted her mini response, she saw there was a newer post up. More sad and emotional. But the Celestial didn’t let that deter her, as emotional subjects brought up past baggage. Instead she began to read, what today’s later post was about.

The Celestial bit her bottom lip, reading the words. They spoke volume and wisdom. But the last few words, spoke something to her. The Celestial couldn’t help but think on the Isle of Skye. The Celestials had endured a lot during that time; and somehow, some of them were trying to come out stronger for it, move on. Just like she was. But it wasn’t the easiest. With a slight sigh, she tried not to linger on the memories of it.

As she finished her coffee, she set her cup down again. Glancing up to gather her thoughts. She saw a young woman, sitting near by. A laptop in front of her too. On the screen, was the same blog; she was reading. But Artemis didn’t get a clear view of the layout, to see if she was editing it or not. So she assumed, she was another reader.

Artemis smiled softly towards the other female. “I take it, you’re a fan of her blog too?” Artemis asked softly, as she gestured towards Zandra’s laptop screen.

After writing what she wanted to say, Zandra sighed and closed her eyes thinking about her past and her mother. Since the holidays are coming it made things worse on her. Zandra opened her eyes to hear a binge notifying her there is a comment, the human thought this was early. Then again she has gained fans which made her happy that some likes her stuff. As she clicked on the message and read but a smile on her face. She noticed this is her regular reader. Zandra always wanted to meet them to give her a thank you in person. Little did Zandra knew she would be meeting her. 

As she was about to write back Zandra heard a female's voice speaking to her as she talked about her blog. A fan? Zandra realized the female didn't know it was her."Oh yeah. I mean I do write good stuff or that's what I think" she said joking. Could she be a fan of her own work that could have to be possible? 

Zandra was not one to brag her work. As she sat there biting her upper lip. The human didn't know what to say but to sit there and wait for the other to say something or a reaction. There was something about the female that told her who she was. A Celestial. Zandra then looked down knowing one of these days she will end up meeting one but now to explain how she did know what happen or was not a part of what they did. She is one of the guards who was disappointed at the Aliwards and the guard to the choice of taking away the lives of all the stars. Erythreus and Aureus told her little about what happened but for her getting to know Erythreus more than the other she believed him and seen how he regretted what they did.

The Celestial didn’t think she would have the chance to meet the writer of the blog. But sometimes, Life had a funny way of bringing certain people together for a reason. This could certainly be one, of those situations. And no doubt, a surprising one. Unknown to her; the young woman in front of her was an Ailward Guard. Whilst, she was one of the Celestials that was still haunted by the events and trying to get over, resentment and hurt. Making for a bit of an awkward combination; given the history between their two factions.

Artemitra noticed, how her question seemed to confuse the woman in front of her for a few moments. When she heard her joking reply. Artemis’ eyes slightly widened in surprise. Her chocolate hues filled with a twinkle. “You’re the owner of this blog?” Yep, she sounded as shocked and surprised, as she looked. Artemis lips then broke into a warm smile. “I wow...I never thought, I’d run into the writer behind it. Big fan.” she spoke genuinely. “I am Artemis.” That was the name, she went under when commenting on Zandra’s blog. Using her nickname, rather than her full name which could be a mouthful for some people. Holding out her hand towards the other female, to properly greet her.

Besides the glow of Celestials. People could also tell them apart from others; by the constellations marking on their skin. In her case; it was more noticeable than others. As hers was etched on her right wrist. Other Celestial’s had their constellation markings; in more hidden areas.

Seeing how Zandra glanced down, almost like she was guilty for something had momentarily confused the Brunette. “Are you alright?” She asked softly. It was in her nature, to want to help people. In that moment, she had worried if something indeed was wrong and if she might have needed her help. Granted, trying to help people didn’t always work out so well; not when she had previously landed herself in sticky situations. So she was trying to be more cautious now-a-days. Especially after what she had recently endured; after being reunited with the Aspect of Death. The memories still fresh and awkward. Hopefully, it was a complication, she wouldn’t have to speak too much about. At least, not to strangers she had just met. Even if she was a fan of her work.

She only was on the Isle for a few weeks before it fell and disappeared. Zandra could remember the day she and her father Allen came back to Evermore seeing and feeling things were different. She was not part of the Guards who watched over the stars nor she didn't even know what the Aliwards did. Everything from the past is unsure and unknown but all Zandra knew is that she is disappointed with her about the event in brief.  

Watching the female react the way she did make the human giggle. "it's nice to meet you as well and you heard me right." Zandra said with a bright smile. The sparkle in the eyes of the other told Zandra she made the females day. " Artemis, that's a beautiful name. I would say who I am but looks like I don't need to. Thank you for being a fan it really means a lot." Zandra said with so much meaning in her voice. The Human shook the other's hands as something inside of her felt guilty, if the other knew she was part of the guards that captured and took most of her species lives it might not end well. 

Her hazel eyes didn't notice the other's marking until she pulled her hand away. Looks like it's calm before the storm. Zandra knew she has to explain herself which is something she is ready for every day waiting for this moment. How well she could before the other does something will tell her how the other will react. One thing she does not want others to know is the other is a celestial so for the female not to use her powers will be less problematic. Anything can happen.

As the star noticed her actions Zandra looked up at her with sorry eyes. "it's nothing, I am sorry to worry you. Please sit I would love to get to know you. Can I buy you anything?" Zandra said knowing to get thew other clams before telling her might be better then everyone getting hurt. Zandra does not know what a celestial is made of or seen what they can do but she heard stories from other Guards and Aureus himself. 

"Most of the Celestials have no love lost towards the Ailward for very obvious and well-founded reasons. Not many tend to care for those who hold them captive for close to a hundred years."

That is the very phrase that echoed in her mind from Aureus. She has to be careful not to upset the other.

The Isle of Skye had been one of the places; she had considered home back then. Before the Capture of the Celestials...she had lived there in peace, along side the Ailwards and her faction for a short while. Exploring all it had to offer. But of course, once the majority of the Celestial’s had trusted the Ailwards...and felt safe there. Things turned around and against them. 100 years in captivity, made them all bitter. She was one of the few, that was slowly working past it. Trying to move on; forget about the past. A fresh start, if you will. Fresh start was needed for all.

She supposed it was good luck, or fate that she run into the owner of the blog? Whatever it was. It had brought the girls together. As Zandra complimented her name, she smiled softly. “Why thank you. I know my full name is a bit of a mouthful. So pretty much most people opted to call me Artemis. So it stuck.” Her friends had given her plenty of nicknames. Maybe it was too long, that she forgot to count. But she would usually answer to any one of them. It often amused her, what her friends could come out with. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

The Celestial could feel the other young woman was bit tense. But about what? She had no idea. Artemis had known/seen plenty of Ailward guards around the Isle. But Zandra wasn’t a face she recognised, as being part of the faction. So she was oblivious to the fact; that Zandra worked for the Guard.

Her kind offer; made her smile softly. “That’s very sweet of you, thank you. I was just about to head for another Hazelnut Latte actually.” She said softly, as Zandra offered to buy her something. Taking a seat at her table. Artemis set her hands on her lap. Since Zandra’s table was occupied with her things...so she didn’t want to knock things off of it, by accident. “Have you always wanted to write a blog?” She asked curious. Artemis hadn’t known Zandra’s blog from the first moment it started...it was more of a recent months find. But she stuck with it ever since then. So of course, she was curious about what had gotten the other female in writing a blog and writing in general. Artemitra always thought, that she was quiet gifted in the way she wrote. It was probably why, she had stuck with Zandra’s blog to long. It had given her quiet a lot to read/exciting new things to look forward to on the blog. So it was worth it.

Zandra smiled looking at the female in front of her. "Artemis. It's a name for a strong woman that is for sure. The goodness of the hunt if I remember right." The Guard sound tells the female is a survivor which is good.  In the world they live in now girls really need to have a backbone and fight for what the belief in. Zandra is happening to see that spark in young women of today which will inspire others to do the same. 

When she heard what the other liked, Zandra, called over the waitress and ordered the drinks with a smile. hearing the other's question got her to look at the star in front of her. "Not really. Before all of this, I wanted to work in a newspaper. My mom uses to be a reporter in Louisiana. Guess you can say it's in the blood of the family. Going through school I wrote the truth about one of the teachers and they got fired. Writing what I am doing will not be accepted in newspapers these days am confident to say that at the least. Lies are everywhere." Zandra said knowing her past with people calling her a fake ended up they were talking about themself leaving her in the spotlight of I told you so. Zandra was not one to say that but to some people, it ends up being that way. 

"For me, if you want to truth to be heard you will do anything to get it out there which brought the blog that's today. Little story time without reading a post." Zandra said laughing at what she said. Maybe she needed a break from writing. 

When she started writing her blog in truth it was the same time she joined the Guards after what happened to her mom. Report everything she feels everyone needs to know as she stretched the truth knowing no one should not know about her being a Guard. it all started with her missions and now with her leg being what it is right now, there is nothing much she can write about other then what is on her mind. Not exciting as much as those stories. 

Artemitra smiled, at Zandra’s comment about the name. “My full name is Artemitra. But I suppose, both that and Artemis...are very similar strong names.” But Zandra was right. The nickname Artemis, was the name of the Goddess of the Hunt. So in a way, it was an honor; that most people called her by that nickname. Thinking, she was stronger. Maybe, more stronger than Artemis sometimes thought she was. With all the bad things that happened in her life; it was making her a stronger person for it. There was no doubt about that.

As the female guard; ordered the drinks for them. Artemis listened to her intently, as she explained wanting to work for the newspaper instead. “Well, I suppose in a way. You owning a blog, you are a bit of a news-reporter, in that sense.” After all, Zandra was sharing stories with the world; just in a different way. It came as a bit of a surprise, that Zandra had exposed one of her teachers at school. Whatever it was...must have been bad; if the teacher got fired for that. “That sounds like, an intense experience.” she said softly. But she supposed, every writer had that experience in one way or another. Something that got them noticed, whether the experience was intense or not. Especially if other people got affected.

When Zandra giggled at her own words. It seemed, like she was still in writing mode. “I suppose that’s true. Probably one of the reasons, why I like your blog. Even with the truth...it seems to have a breathe of fresh air and most people can relate to things.” At least, she found she could relate to some of the things, that Zandra wrote about.

Soon enough, the waitress came back to their table with their orders. Artemis thanked the waitress; taking a sip of her Hazelnut Latte. It was a bit of a guilty pleasure. Especially in the Winter Months. She liked the more festive, flavoured lattes. “Have you lived in Evermore long?” She gathered, the girl was from Louisiana, from what she had said earlier on about her mother.

Zandra always saw the best of people and stronger is one word that stood out to her about the star. "Well, Artemitra you just got a new nickname from me if people don't call you that already." Zandra can see where Artemis comes from in her name. Being a star and going through what she did on the Isle Zandra can say she is a great example of the goddess herself. 

 As Zandra listened to the other and what she said made the guard wondered and agreed it did end up like that. "Your right. In a way am shocked no one from the Evermore Paper has come up to me and try to shut me down or anything or else they don't do that anymore and just let people write freely." Zandra said knowing growing up the truth is always covered up no matter how many people try to expose the truth even if they do they no longer would have that job. "The treacher deserves it with no question of a doubt." She saved people's grades and graduations for her risky move which she is shocked she never got expelled from the school and go to a new school.  Zandra is a force to be reckoned with and she does it with nothing holding her back for sure.

Hearing Artemitra words made the human happy and giddy, she can see and feel how genuine the female is which makes everything worth it at the end. "Thank you. No one has never told me that before to talk about the truth in that way. I am sad that the truth is somewhat always covered up but there is a motto I always like to think. If you believe that the impossible can be possible then no one can't stand you corrected. There is never a wrong or right answer to the truth. It's a choice to preach it not the other way around." Zandra said knowing what she said can make it seem like she knows too much but really it's all nothing but her thinking common sense. 

Saying thank you to the lady giving her a sip for her extra service she listened to the the other questions. "I have been in Evermore for a few years. Well, at first the Isles was still around, left a few days to help my father moved back here since it was giving him time to move on from our family home. Came back here everything in the city changed like the flip of a coin." she said throwing her hands to each other side. Zandra still can't put her mind around it. " I might not have been born here but I don't think things like can change that fast. When proves my motto, well it's why my motto exists in away." Zandra said in truth. 

"So what about you? Where are you from?" Zandra said knowing she wanted Artemtira to have a few words being said. Knowing she didn't want to talk about the Isle but it's how she always knew her life from Lousianna came to be. How can a Guard like her wrap her mind around it all, Zandra wishes she knew that answer herself. 

As the old saying goes, what doesn’t kill you. Makes you stronger. And whilst the Brunette Celestial, had faced plenty of issues/challenges ect over her centuries of being alive. She always tried to deal with it; whether it was on her own...or with the help of those close to her. So it was personal growth, in a way; when she came out stronger from certain events. “I actually get called it a lot. But you’re still welcome to call me that.” It was the most frequent nickname, most people used. Unless others got more creative. As the star had quite a few nicknames from those close to her.

“I don’t think they do that.” Artemis spoke honestly. “Otherwise, no one would be allowed to write a blog, if newspapers went around doing that to people.” It wasn’t like the olden days; where people didn’t have freedom to express their views, like now-a-days. It was a different era after all. She took a sip of her freshly brought latte. Savoring the taste; whilst listening to Zandra talk. It seemed like the young woman really did everyone a favor. Or she was really brave to expose her ex teacher. “Well sometimes, truth is what’s needed to save people. And in that case, you did just that.” No matter how hard the truth was sometimes. It had to be heard. Now she was the one that sounded a bit poetic. Maybe some of her writing was rubbing off on her.

It seemed like the Celestial, had made her day with her compliments. And for that, she was glad. “You’re welcome.” she said softly. The warm smile still present on her lips. “Well, I suppose it depends on people’s perspectives. But I dare say, I’ve always been a believer…” And being a Celestial; she had seen a lot of things. Some which mortals would consider impossible. So she very much knew that nothing was impossible. Not in the Supernatural world anyways. Anything was possible, if you just believe.  It seemed like Zandra shared somewhat similar views; from what the other spoke.

When Zandra mentioned the Isles. Artemitra thought back to the Isle of Skye. Did Zandra live there too? “Isles? As in...the Isle of Skye?” The question slipped out, before she could stop herself. She didn’t remember seeing Zandra there; at least not when she and the other Celestial’s were free...not even when, they were behind bars. But she could understand, where the other one was coming from, when she talked about change. “Yeah, I only lived here the last few years...and I admit. The last few months, have been a bit of a drastic change...with odd things happening.” That was the best she could think to put it. It definitely was not normal. Here’s hoping, it’d end. One way or another.

Artemis knew she couldn’t exactly tell her she was from the sky. That would sound insane; to any mortal that didn’t know about supernaturals. So she opted to say, where she had fallen instead. “Spain, Asturias. But I’ve travelled around quite a lot.” Artemis said with a soft smile. It wasn’t just for the sake of seeing more of the world and learning about humanity, when she first fell. But because she needed to keep moving, when danger struck; despite her reckless nature.

The Human guard smiled happily to meet a new friend especially a star like the other herself. She knows it wouldn't be long before she has to talk lightly to the other about her facing the guards that locked everyone up. "Alright, Artemis.  Well, it means since I came up with a nickname for you can do the same for me." she smiled while saying that. Zandra might be good with writing but nicknames were not her thing though she likes the nickname due to the greeks of history.

Zandra looked and listen to the other with a little nod. " If something bad happened the news can't cover it up. Some truth as to be around to keep people sane and questions who is lying and who is not." Zandra said she believes she fights two ways physical and mentally. What she did in school was smaller than the life they live in today. "Sometimes the underdogs get things done then the top dogs. It's the truth that will either save us or break us it's other's choice to believe what they want. " Zandra knew she was headstrong when she believes in something. Sometimes that will drive people to do the good or the bad. It's not as black and white there is gray in the middle that no one wants to see it exists. 

Hearing the other is a believer made the human feel better about herself, she was not the only one who lives in the gray.  "That comforting to hear you say that," Zandra said with a light smile. She can tell the star is a fighter which is someone females like them has to be. 

When Zandra brought up her time before everything changed looked like her questioning to herself is right. "Yes, I did mean that." Zandra looked at the female. "Was you here in Evermore when it fell?" Zandra asked knowing the other species but something inside of her told her to prepare herself for the storm that is about to happen. "When I came here it was still around when to help my father to come to the city and the Isle is gone along with a change in the city that felt so different. It's hard to explain I thought it was nothing but I've been feeling it again. All I can say it not good at all." Zandra said knowing the dead Guard that felted a mark on the family that lives in the manor. She can't tell anyone due to anything can happen. 

The Guard would understand knowing she is facing a star, it's not the first star, however. "Spain? Wow, you're a long way from home. Everything here must seem strange." 

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