When it comes down to things that only one person witness themselves who would believe you? Being a guard granted her to see the craziest things but in her favor it makes me think of stories she can tell. Every story she ever wrote was made but true events that have a high fantasy so people wouldn't question anything. That is because she does it to find her being Guard and for not the knowledge to get out about the ranks at the same time. Zandra knew about a few guards who read her stories which came to a surprise. 

 Since she got hurt in the mission she was on, she had to let things go and relax. Zandra took this time to reflect on things that came from loyal to a single person.  What is the true balance between yourself and the people you care about or to protect them from danger?  That is the biggest question she never once got to ask her father. He had time to have a family, had a child and was being a guard just like her. None of it made sense to her or was it hard to give an answer? Zandra sits in a cafe she likes to be in, she needed to be away from the Manor so she can think clearly. The employees were very nice to her as they give her space for her to sit comfortably and her leg not to get hit by anyone. 

Being a human in the ranks was very hard for her to keep up, one thing she didn't want was the position she is in right now, Dumb Bear Trap that messed up her leg but she didn't get it out on her own. One male that help her was brave knowing everything that was wrong with him. He went out of his way to have her back.  Zandra needed to know how to balance everything with a broken leg. What will she do now? So by a question, people might ask how did someone with a broken leg get to a cafe alone? Well, the magic of people helping her on and off the bus. Good deeds made Zandra smile and happy in a simple silly way.

Zandra didn't like being treated the way she did at the moment since she likes to do everything herself. The human guard took a deep breath as she opened up her laptop bring up notepad on the screen and started to type. Zandra had been lost without going out she didn't know what to write about along with no one to interview either. She got nothing at all. 

There goes for keeping things real. One thing she can write about is struggling between things she does not understand. If there was a way to handle things in different was then talking to other people about it might help to find a clue. One little thing seems to always put things together but it's always the very thing to making people go insane at the same time. 

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“I might need a few moments to try and think of one for you.” The Celestial spoke softly, when she gave her permission to give her a nickname. Sometimes Nicknames came easily to her...other times, she needed a few moments to think. It depended on the name, and how easy it was for her to think of something unique; that’d suit the other person.

“I suppose it depends on the story.” The Celestial mused, deep in thought. Sometimes, the Media liked to keep certain truths wrapped up under the covers for a while. To cause speculations and rumors. But that was the Media for you. So it was refreshing, how Zandra’s approach was different. Open...truthful. Hence, why so many people would prefer to read a blog...over the news, when searching for truth in stories. Sipping on her coffee; she knew very well that the female before her, had a very good point. “I guess, it’s a bit of a tricky circle in the media.” Although, she had met plenty of people that were skeptical...or took the media lies to heart...a little too much. Believing lies, which sent people into a frenzy, was never a good idea.

At least the pair, had similar views. That was nice. It was always refreshing to be around someone; whom held similar views and beliefs. 

The Celestial grew confused; when Zandra mentioned living on the Isle. As she didn’t remember seeing her around there. “No...I escaped when…” she trailed off. Catching her breathe. Was this woman in front of her a guard? No...it can’t be possible? Right? Artemis felt like her mind was spinning on overload with the questions, rushing through her mind right now. There were only two Ailwards that Artemis was learning to trust again; and those were her past connections; Erythreus and Cora. The rest of the Ailwards and Guards; Artemis still held questionable views on. Despite attempting to get past the anger towards their faction; for their past actions.

“I suppose it is far in a way. But I’ve travelled over the years. So...I suppose...I am used to different scenery.” She said honestly. It made it bit more fun, than staying in one place for too long, she supposed. Despite the list of cons, there were always some pros.

“I know, this might sound crazy. But...but...are you an Ailward Guard?” Artemis asked. Her voice slightly trembled, as she posed the question. Swallowing a bit awkwardly. Unable to keep herself from finding out the truth, by asking that question.

The guard smiled as she nodded going to give the other time to come up with something. Zandra is not very good at nicknames and it's proven many times and times again. She didn't bother with it anymore. 

Zandra can agree with the other, not all stories are false it was more like what is in between the lines and what people tell others about what happened in a situation. For the Human, it was what she knew what happened due to she was there. Some don't want to get their hand dirty and trying to get others to it which is not far as they don't credit them even if they did it's not a lot. "It depends if the people they are working for are not corrupted or has done something to want to cover it up. It's a nasty place we all live in and it's not very fun when you think about it." 

Taking a sip of her coffee from the mug she nodded looking at the other going to tell her story. Here we go, Zandra thought to know the time has come. She knew it's a hard topic for all stars so Zandra didn't want to push it. Escape? That is something new. "Everyone has a story so don't push it if you don't want to talk about it. It means it's not the right time," she said calmly with a smile. 

Hearing the other's questions, Zandra can tell how scared. It must have been bad. Zandra sighed claiming herself down before answering. "Yes, I am. If you are going to ask me I was away when everything happened. My story because I know you are scared and I understand. During my short time, I never knew about your species until I came back. I am the youngest out of everyone so anyone to talk to me when I first started it was not time. I went back to my hometown to help my father move to Evermore. They allowed me knowing it would be a back trip and won't belong. Came back, The Isle is gone like poof." Zandra said making a blink with her hands. "Everything changed, with me now I am still unsure what happened or why. I am not proud but I can promise you are trustworthy." Zandra said with a light smile. It's true Zandra would not want to know what happened four years ago. 

"For what its worth, I am sorry for what happened." The human wanted the female to know her kind is thought about at least by someone. At least the other knew half of who Zandra is. 

Artemis always found the news to be rather tricky. Unless someone was there and knew the actual truth, you couldn’t believe every single thing that was written up in the papers and pamphlets. Most people just strived for a good story, to grip you. But more often than not, it as just lies to cover up something deeper, that was going on. “I don’t really follow the papers. I don’t like the propaganda most people involve.” She would much rather follow a blog, where people were being truthful. Like Zandra’s.

The Celestial had no idea, why she had began to open up about the Isle of Skye to Zandra. They barely knew each other. When the Guard stopped her, insisting it was okay if she didn’t want to carry on.There was almost a sense of relief. At least, she could understand the pain that most Celestial’s felt, concerning the matter. “I just don’t talk about it often….well...for various reasons.” Only a few people knew, what happened. Otherwise, she kept it to herself. But she was trying to move past the pain of it all. It was a slow process. But one had to try and move past it, as being stuck in the past, wouldn’t do anyone good. That much was clear.

It was as she had suspected. The female in front of her indeed was an Ailward Guard.  Before she could say something. Zandra began to explain herself. Letting the other female talk. Artemis looked a little surprised and confused, when she mentioned she was the youngest out of everyone. Okay, so maybe she wasn’t a Supernatural. “That would explain, why I don’t remember seeing you on the Isle, then.” Artemitra breathed out after a few moments. “I don’t think you’d really want to know, what happened. It’s….a bit of a mystery to everyone.” She said honestly. All Artemis knew from Ophelia, that the fall was linked to whomever was stirring up trouble in Evermore, at present.

Zandra surprised her, with her words of kindness. She was probably the first Guard that was sorry. She just knew few Aspects like Cora and Ery, had some regret over their past actions. But it was different coming from a Guard, she didn’t know. Artemis half smiled. “It’s not your fault. You shouldn’t feel sorry, for something you weren’t involved in.” It seemed like Zandra was innocent of having anything to do with the whole ordeal. So it made her feel a little cautious around the other female.

The truth should matter no matter what background your in, her firing a teacher was her having a student right, it would be different to have someone in the office to step down. There was so much corruption in the world no one can't be trusted each other. Propaganda is another story but Zandra hated that type of stuff so she can understand where the other female is coming from. 

The guard can see how the topic hurt her so she stopped it. Zandra wanted to be as gentle as possible. "Reason is valid always remember that. Whatever happened is no one's but your business." Zandra said wanted to make it clear. She can't say anything due to she was not there or was there for the order to go through. The world is different as people got colder than ten years ago. 

Explaining herself would become easier before the others do something she regrets. The storm finally hit both of them. It's true she joined the last days and weeks she had in the isle was more shorted then everyone who knew seen it everyday. She nodded with the others question of her not seeing Zandra or not remember. "I was never allowed or ready to see what the other guards did. I was new and still had a lot to learn. I am still in that cycle to this day. " Zandra said lightly. "I was told a little what happened but even with those points I do6nt want to know the details at all. No one does not want to talk about so it's best to keep it like that." She didn't want to sound cold but it was the truth. 

"You could be right but what happened still affects me since I am who I am. You're the second one I explained myself self along with a sorry." Zandra said taking a sip of her drink. "I joined without knowing what happened, but everyone has reasons to join a fight. Mine was because of my mother." Zandra never talks about her mom due to it's her business but it's the reason she chooses to be a guard in the first place. It's her joining made many people look down on her or even scared of her, even though she wasn't part of anything. It made her work hard to prove she is not just a week human, it was her and not scared to put her life on the line for what she is passionate about, to protect people and hope not to die in vain. 

For a guard, Zandra was surprisingly gentle about the whole topic. It was a nice change. Artemis gave her a grateful smile. “I know...which is probably why, I don’t tell a lot of people about my past. But for what it’s worth, I been trying to move past it all.” Being stuck in the past, wasn’t good. It was unhealthy. It would keep plaguing her mind and dreams. When she had enough issues with current nightmares, she didn’t need the old one’s coming back to haunt her.

Hearing things from Zandra, helped her understand her side of it. It was some relief,at least one guard was innocent in all of the chaos between their factions. “Ah, I suppose that makes sense. Being new, it probably wouldn’t be fair to drag you into the entire mess.” At least, that’s how Artemis saw Zandra. Being new, it made her innocent even if she was on the enemy side, so to speak. “I think, the views on it is mixed.” The Celestial said honestly. She knew, some Aspects felt guilt for locking up her kind for so long, others not so much. Whilst her kind mainly felt anger and hate towards the other faction. But Artemitra was trying to move past that anger and resentment. Living in the same city. They had to learn to live near each other.

“I appreciate it.” Artemis said softly. “Your the first guard, I’ve met in a long while.”She said honestly. “Whilst I been avoiding your people for few years. Only recently, I been trying to...well fix things with Ery and Cora. Mainly, because the pair were people I was once close to. I realised, I can’t hold onto anger and past forever. So it’s been a bit of a process. Being bitter towards everyone, won’t do anyone good. Even if the past events still haunt me every once in a while.” Sipping on her coffee, she listened to why Zandra joined the guard. She had a feeling, that something happened to her mother. “I am sorry, if something happened to her.” she said softly. That was sad. But she was right, everyone had their reasons for joining a fight. Whilst Zandra picked the Ailwards. Artemis stuck by her people.

The last thing Zandra wanted to be is to offend the Star. Listening to the female put a smile on the humans' faces, "It's great to hear you are putting it in the past. It's a hard thing to do and I understand that completely, I mean it's hard enough to live in today's world knowing your past can happen again at any given moment." the human said thinking about someone coming after her father. Zandra might know to understand the real pain and suffer a star felt but she could see how hurtful, scary and traumatizing it could've been. Guess you can say Zandra's human side is showing more than her guard side. 

 "It's was hard to hear from others around me who were there. If I knew what happened I wouldn't be one but now I am I want to try to make everything better. Not like I can be a superhero and change people's minds but putting it out peacefully is all I can do. I am no one special at the end of the day." Zandra said in truth. Even with her having nothing to do with what happened does not put her as innocent. At the end of the same, she is a guard and if she is told to be something she will obey. 

Staying strong on this topic made Zandra understand so much of the other's story. When she mentioned Erythreus Zandra nodded understanding, she yet has to meet Cora but that will be in time. "He is a good man regardless of what others will think. To be honest, if it was not for him I would be dead right now," she said pointing out her leg. Zandra knew what her role is and staying in place so she can get back is important to her right now. 

"Thank you, she was a good woman who was so strong. I hope am making her proud, that's all I can think about. Always do the right thing and follow your gut is what she will always tell me no matter what happens in your life." Zandra said speaking her mother words. "Just keep your head above water and fight is something I will tell someone in the hardest of times," she said with a smile taking a sip of her coffee. "Anyways, beyond everything, I am happy I meet someone like you who loves the blog. I have never met a fan until now. " 

“I suppose, nothing in life is ever easy.” Artemis mused, deep in thought still. “But being alive, for as long as I have, has taught me a few things. Including the fact, that being stuck in the past, is rather destructive. It’s not healthy.” She had to try and heal. And if she didn’t try and move on, forgive. Then she wouldn’t ever be free of that cycle, that kept her haunted and stuck in the past; like she felt for the past few years. But it wasn’t an easy thing. It would take some time, like anything else in life. But she was sure, Zandra already knew that.

As Zandra claimed, she wanted to make things better. Artemis could admire the human guard, for wanting to do such a thing. “You’re just one person. It’s an enormous load to take on, trying to fix everyone’s mistakes, by yourself.” she told her. Things being better, was a collective work. Not the work of one person. But knowing some guards were against the capture of her kind back then; made a slightest of changes. Hopefully it could be prevented, if something like this were to happen again. But the Brunette hoped it would not be the case.

Her comment about Ery, made the Celestial half smile. “I guess, you could say my views about him have been a bit mixed lately. But he has his good moments. His tongue gets him into an awful lot of trouble though.” She jested. But Artemis and the Aspect of Death, were slowly working to be on better terms. So at least, that was something. As Zandra pointed to her leg. Artemis glanced towards the place, where Zandra had been injured. “You’re lucky. Guess he had been there at the right time, to get you out of trouble.” No wonder, it had put the Aspect in Zandra’s good book.

“You’re welcome.” Artemis told her softly. She could tell how much the human had admired her mother, and wanted to make her proud. Being a Celestial, Artemis had no parents. The only parent figure she had in her life, was a Niveis. A man by the name of Mikaere Bennett.

“That’s a good saying to follow.” Artemis spoke, after a while of letting her words sink in. Repeating it to herself, mentally. “I never expected to meet you either.” Artemis admitted, as Zandra expressed how happy she was to meet a fan of her blog. “Guess life, has a funny way of working sometimes.” But in a way, it was a good thing she had met the human guard. Artemis quite liked Zandra’s company. Despite the fact, she was an Ailward Guard. And that indeed, was saying something by itself.

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