"How do you feel today mr Dunford?" the short blonde with a busty rack questioned; it was so cliche, that Ash couldn't help but laugh as a response to her question. "Really?" he then proceeded. "Why do all therapist start sessions with how are you feeling bullshit?" he added, crossing his arms before leaning back and sprawling out on the couch. Staring at the ceiling, Ash sighed. Nothing helped. He'd always be who he is now, no matter what professional help he sought. And half the time, he only did that to get the drugs they offered, not that anti psych meds provided a good high, but the little yellow round pills made him feel a little weightless. So he continued these sessions, even if he did mock the therapist for half of the hour he spent with her.

The only thing presentable about his therapist, were her boobs, and even those were a waste, more than a hand full or mouth full is a waste so he'd always heard. Ash indulged in more male on male activity. It was far less stressful than a bitchy woman nagging at him. "Mr Dunford, are you with me?" Dr Tracey asked, clicking her ink pen over and over again, causing Ash's gaze to avert to her. "Obviously." he stated before sitting up from his laying position. "The last time you were here, you expressed how much you'd like to snatch your Chief's tongue out over a case he suspended you from" she spoke almost as if she wee embarrassed to quote Ash.

Ash chuckled, before clearing his throat, giving her the nod of his head. "How come you don't wear your wedding ring around patients?" Ash questioned, staring straight through her with the most serious expression a persons face was capable of holding. "This isn't about me Mr. Dunford, it's about you" the therapist said, seeming pissed at him but she expressed it with a smile, "Maybe it should be about you" he added. Ash struggled to bring to light what his true issues were, especially to someone that was paid to have an opinion. That only meant that she didn't actually care. Ash supposed he could pretend to care too if it was for the right amount.

The therapist jotted a few things on paper before handing Ash his normal prescriptions. "Hopefully you'll talk a little more next week. You can call me Tracey, Ash. Anything that may help make you a little more comfortable, eventually mr Dunford you'll - - -" Ash held his hand up, cutting the dr off mid sentence as he got an alert with an address attached to it. The case he had been removed from, had turned up another dead body. Suspended or not, Ash made his way off the couch, hovering over the short blonde who doctored him back to sanity, or at least tried to. "We'll finish next time, I'll give more, promise" Ash stated, before storming out in a hurry. It only took a matter of minutes to arrive to a scene full of blue flashing lights, people crying hysterically, yellow tape and yellow cones. This was Ash's comfort zone, as bad as that sounded.

Ash wasted no time in walking to the lifeless body laid on the ground littered in stab wounds. His eyes widened and for a moment, he wallowed in the scene before him. Something about death had always lured Ash in. More than any sane human could say. But, to avoid drawing attention, he went ahead and knelt down to do the job he was paid for. "Shitty way to go.." he expressed, shaking hishead, before sliding a pair of latex gloves on. Reaching down, Ash swiped his hand over the victim's eyes, closing them, so he could proceed. "We have some abrasions here on the left of his neck, and in total 16 stab wounds. But..." he trailed off, lifting the man's neck a little carelessly, as he pulled his head back and fourth, realizing he hadn't died from the stab wounds scattered through out the majority of his flesh. He was dead, it wasn't like he'd feel Ash yanking him around. But,, it did get Ash a few mean looks from those watching, and a man suited up like a lawyer now hovering over him. "He could have possibly survived the stab wounds, if they hadn't hit any major arteries, either way; he died from suffocation" Ash stated, before standing to his feet.

Walking just below his feet, the human psthologist grabbed a piece of rope, dangling it in front of the idiots who'd overlooked it. "And you all grumble about me in the station? If I hadn't found this, I guess this man's death would have been chalked up to stab wounds killing him huh?" he questioned, before dropping the shirt, yet thick rope into an evidence bag. "Fucking morons" he added, before turning, colliding face first with the man he had just saw wearing a suit, hovering over him as he examined the corpse.  "Damn. Excuse you" Ash stated, before kneeling again. He liked giving the bodies a second, sometimes even a third look. There were times that the smallest lacerations led to much more than just a cut; if overlooked, families simply got no closure, only a fony ass story about how their loved on died. Ash wouldn't let that happen on his watch.

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In the many years of living, Lucius grew to be in love with his passion for being a lawyer. Something about it made him feel regrettable to be a jerk to everyone and no one can not get out of her word alive. What does it mean? Lucius in the bad got the reputation of being the unstoppable lawyer who never lost a case in his life. Be young the fact, he has been thinking about going back in to be a lawyer again but sadly times as changed as he had to know the new rules.

He felt like laughing at the more ridiculous laws they came up with wondering who wrote it while being drunk. Lucius had a good person to help him with his studies as he was the backup for him if he felt sick. The star helped one of his friends cases and became successful like he never retired or gotten rusty at his reputation. Will being a  substitute for his friend ended up a room for Lucius. As he was being the courts to see if he can apply which they have given him everything they needed when he got a call about his dear friend everything changed for Lucius as he rushed out to drive recklessly to the scene.

When he got there Lucius wanted it to be a joke as sick it sounds like but when his brown eyes saw the yellow tape told him it was true. "No No this is not happening." He said repeating over again. It was his mentor his friend, Lucius didn't care what the police said he wanted to see the body with his own eyes. He showed his training badge like that will do anything looking around when he found the body. Walking over he didn't see a man coming as face first they collided. "Your excuses sir," Lucius said when he turned to look at the body, sure enough, it was his friend. Everything around him stopped but not completely, he has been death on people he cared about dying so he tries not to have connections and be an asshole to everyone.

"Sir what is his cause of death?" He asked looking around, Lucius will find the person responsible. The day before his testing at the court this happens this was not the promise his friend made. Lucius rubbing his eyelids even everyone asking him to get behind the yellow line. The thing just could not get more annoying. "I'm his understudy the one who will become his place in the courthouse. Lawyer as of tomorrow.  I want answers now." He didn't notice her lawyer voice go wiped into his voice out of the blue. He didn't care when will he care, look after yourself and no one else. That's how he always looks at things.

It was true that Ash hated supernaturals. In fact, he despised them so much that he'd already met himself a Celestial who he had some pretty twisted intentions for. Whining and dining her first would allow him the advantage he needed. But, the human had found himself tangled up in some pretty conflicting feelings about the whole ordeal, enough that he knew he'd have trouble going through with the plans he had for her. While glancing down to the deceased, Ash grimaced. This was why he hated them. This man lost his life because of starved animal / Valkyr in other words. The two puncture wounds didn't kill him though, he hadn't been drained of blood; No, he had been strangled. Ash assumed it was a sense of fear that had washed over who ever did this, trying to cover up the fact that they'd been feeding on him, by strangling him instead.

Ash knew someone had been hovering over top of him, but he hadn't taken the time to look back as he thuroughly examined the corpse, making sure not to miss anything. The smallest things could have led to the biggest clues. And, Ash was one of their best forensics, he never let anything past him. Clearing his throat, Ash let the man's head go, causing it to make a small thud as it hit the concrete he as sprawled out on "whoopsie" he said before hopping to his feet and popping off his rubber gloves;  turning to face the male who had arrived demanding answers.  Wide eyed and speechless for a moment, Ash's jaw dropped. "Well hello to you" he smirked, before glancing from the lifeless body back over to the male who stood opposite side of him, unable to keep his tongue from pushing past his lips in a seductive manner as he licked his lower one. Like the dog that he was. "How'd you push your way past the cops? They're pretty anal about letting someone this close to a dead body unless of course... you had a connection with him didn't you?" he asked, but seeing the saddened, shocked, angered expression on the guy's face, Ash knew the answer already.

"Sorry for your loss" the human stated before placing his hands behind his back, shifting hyperly from one foot to the next. Death compelled Ash, so his job always made him feel right at him. Waiting for the crowd around them to disappear, the human eyed the other male from head to toe and back up again, "I'll tell you exactly what happened, over a drink" he purred. It probably sounded manipulative as hell, but Ash had yet to lay eyes on a male figure like this one. He made the tears that he shed look hot even. Ash knew his luck, that they'd get to some bar, or even Ash's apartment, and this man would end up being some supernatural being who could snap him like a twig, but that was a risk he loved taking; adrenaline seemed to burn right through him when he took chances like these.

"How well did you know the victim?" Ash then decided to ask, raising a suspicious brow at him before tilting his head, cocking a brow as he saw what appeared to be a wallet by the victims inner thigh that hadn't been picked up. "Do you idiots wanna take this or should you just leave this out to?!" he yelled to the cops who stood on the sidelines of the scene, most of them tangled up with young females young enough to be their daughters who had shown up to the scene just to be nosey. Shaking his head, Ash waited for them to bring an evidence bag over, and looked back to the guy who'd came there frantic. As he made his way back to him, the human stuck a hand out, "I'm Ash; forensic pathologist for the city, may as well say i'm the only one" he stated cockily, flashing another pearly while grin.

Living in the world the star is trying to get us to again is pretty hard already. Hell even with his brown eyes looked down on the other lifeless body of his mentor was not like he had seen death before. Broken. Lucius could not believe his friend is dead and for what? Will justice serve him right? The star might jot know a thing or two about the new world they live in today but he knew death is always the same. Lucius has seen countless of his friends, and others dead if it's not in front of his eyes is him finding their bodies. 

The star made his way to the body and jot to touch anything when he heard a voice. Trying around he found a Male "You think it's obvious why Am hear. I came from the courthouse after getting the call. His brown eyes looked at the other, human, very hot but it was not important, cocky? What a mix that he does not need in his life. Lucius didn't need to snap at the other, it killed him. A good person like many others is gone too soon who wanted to make a difference. Looks like it's up to Lucius once again. He looked at his friend as he sighed with anger. "Whoever did this to you I will find them and bring them to justice. Mark my words." 

As the human spoke the star nodded knowing it was a common thing to say to someone who lost someone, one saying he can never get used too. "He was a good man. Man of the law, a lawyer at his finest. He wanted to make the judicial system a better place for Humans and Supernatural alike. His vision was going to save more lives guess that's why he was targeted." Lucius sighed as he turned to look at the other once again. A drink? He had a questionable face as he soon realized that that meant. "Ah, I see. So you're making a bargain. Withholding information under the benefit of someone else's. Sneaky but if I can get answers then I will make a bargain myself. As a lawyer to be and this mans understudy I want to be the one to bring that person to justice. His family will be questioned and I know they would stand by me to be their lawyer." Lucius still knew how to play around his information. The star saw something in the man he knew the others want it was not about information at all. 

"He is my mentor like I said keep up. I've been working over him for the days few months. He didn't want to train others unless they are passionate and truthful, he saw that in me and … thought I deserved that chance." Lucius almost called out he was old and again going through the process one again. It didn't make him happy to it got him this far so he must be proving the new generation of the world right or wrong. Lucius watched the other people in the scene take the body away as the star hollowed his pride. This can't be happening. First, the guards locking them up for whatever reason the had… thanks to Malva talking to him that night. Now a murder. Things could not get any better for Lucius. 

When the star learned the others name he nodded. "Ash. Will your name fits the job." He made a sadistic joke know it was not the time for any at that moment. "The only one… what is this world we live in today?" He asked rubbing his face in annoyance. Back when he was working they had four to three on cases like this. Guessing people grew too weak to look at a dead body and call it a job. Whatever he guessed. By watching the man's behavior he called it Chucky. "Someone is very confident in how he is." The star said nothing the other smile. He is a charmer he could tell from that smile, what will they end up doing? Lucius knew what he stated before Ash is Hot he didn't believe in love to see that. Maybe the drinks will be a better chance for him to see what the other is really like.

Ash observed the other male for a moment, waiting for him to speak. But, when he did, Ash could only smirk. Popping each of his rubber gloves off, he shoved them into his pants pockets and walked closer to the other male. "Nothing's obvious to me. I ask questions. And questions deserve answers. But, with how you've been fighting back tears, i'm assuming you were close to this man" he expressed, and gestured down to the dead body before averting his gaze to look at the distraught male again. "Im sorry for your loss" he spoke after hearing the male make the deceased a promise to bring who ever did this, to justice. 

"Sadly, anyone who's not family, isn't supposed to be beyond the yellow tape." Ash then said, trying to keep the guy from an officer escorting him away. Ash surprisingly found himself intrigued by the male's explanation of the dead lawyer on the ground. "He wanted to make the judicial system better for both human and supernaturals?" he asked, swallowing harshly. Ash still had yet to encounter half the supernaturals that resided in this city. And with his hatred for most of them, he wasn't sure if the male he'd been checking out, was one or not. But, with the slight glow he'd seen around him when he'd gotten angry at first arrival, Ash thought he may of been a Celestial, just like the painter who'd disappeared from Ash's life. 

Amoura had left. Without so much as a go to hell. Ash had assumed he'd grown close to the star. But with the way she left, he figured she didn't give a shit about him. Oh well, no need in crying over losses when you had much more to gain in the end. "It's interesting. The way you explained. It sounds like maybe a supernatural did this to him. Why would supernaturals wanna make peace with humans? Humans are basically prey for most of them" he expressed. He knew he sounded narrow minded, because in this city, sups and humans were supposedily co-existing. 

Ash chuckled, and folded his arms across one another, gazing to the male with complete surprise. "Damn, you got me. I didn't expect for the tables to turn. So good job. I guess there are more people than myself who know how to be sly. But you got yourself a deal" Ash responded, flashing the other a wink. But, Ash did catch the way the other looked at him. It was in a way, Ash had always wanted a significant other to see him. So, he had planned on making that drink last. He wanted to get to know the guy he was talking to. 

Ash laid a hand on the male's shoulder when the coroners took the body away, and gestured to the road. "Wanna go get that drink?" he questioned, before withdrawing his touch. He didn't want the other male to become uncomfortable. "Seems like you could use it now" he added, before readying himself to get going. This had been one hell of a night so far, but it seemed to have gotten better the moment the other male arrived. Perhaps there was something else in store here. Ash couldn't help but let his curiosity nag at him. "I'm sure if he deemed you worthy of a chance, then you earned it. Loss is never easy, I lost everything.. but thats another story for another time" he expressed, knowing how full on details he could go, with how much damage Ash had endured in his life time so far. 

Ash raised a brow then, as the male made a sadistic dark joke. He couldn't help but smirk. That sort of joke was right up his alley, as dark as Ash was himself, he could always appreciate someone else with a dark sense of humor. "I get that often. Though It's refreshing to see someone else with a twisted sense of humor" he expressed, and rolled his tongue over his lips. Truth be told, Ash would have done had his hands all over the male by now had it been any other circumstance. Getting a drink, and getting to know someone first.. that was new for Ash, but he didn't see the harm in it either. 

Ash nodded when the male stated how confident he was. "Confidence has always been my thing. Is it working?" he asked, and gave the other a charming smile, just to see. "By the way.. I gave you my name.. whats yours?" he asked "otherwise ill just call you mancandy until you give it to me" he smirked, and began walking towards the parked cars. "Im assuming you drove yourself here?" he asked, deciding if he had, that Ash would just ride with him. 

The star didn't look at the male for the first part what the other said. When Lucius did he heard the rubber gloves as watched the other with a sigh. "Not like I've seen death before. You know asking questions sometimes bring trouble, answers can be the way if someone is not careful." Lucius said and he turned the other male. Am sorry for your loss, what a phrase that just loves to turn back to him. He lost count how many times he heard someone say that. 

"He has no family, his sister was murdered two years ago as his parents died to natural causes. Am the other one he thought is family. Let them take me away all I know is am not leaving unless I get answers. Same as you questions deserve answers." Lucius should not talk to anyone so lightly, it was his weakness at that given moment and it is a mistake he will never do again. " People who have good hearts. It's rare to see those people these days. Sadly those people are gone too soon." Lucius didn't know if the other knew supernatural or how good he is picking up things he needed to be careful.

As the other's voice came to his ears Lucius said and turned to the other. "Am not just saying that laying out like there is no reason. A Human trying to make a balance for both knowing the hatred towards both. Any little thing Human's try to make things better sometimes gets killed due to change is unwelcomed. It can be both who can very easily think about getting rid of him.  Humans can hate Humans as much as Supernatural can hate other Supernatural. There is no perfect balance at all. Change is the treat. It's true for that you said but not all supernaturals want to pray on Humans but again it can be vise vera on Human who can outsmart a supernatural. We can be here all day talking about this but I don't want to stand here and look pretty."  He said with him rolling his eyes with a sigh.  Why does every time something happens he has to meet and talk to someone? What is on him other then his good looks and hair make people want to talk to him.

Back in his time, no one couldn't fight with Lucius due to how good and hard-headed he is. Facts are facts as much as people's body language says a lot more than someone's words. In a way, you can say Lucius can read a person actions and read in between the lines. "Not like am being sly I got the vibe you might be flirting with me.  You look at him also told me if you ask to get me alone and then you give me the answers it would benefit both of use. Lucius never wanted love due to he knew it was a waste of time. Something goes wrong the breakups with bringing the arguments, guilt trips and the true colors of a single person. He saw it all but Lucius knows if someone like him that way he is hard to please. 

The star felt the other's hand on his shoulder as he looked with his brown eyes as he watched the hand withdrawal. Lucius didn't know why he likes the others hand there.  What was Lucius saying? The lone bachelor who wants to burn out alone who no one to be sad about him is not facing that fact right now. Lucius closed his eyes, he can't tell the other fall in love with him. The star can tell the other had to be Human which meant Lucus will watch another death once again if he does not pull apart from the other in his lifetime. 

"Yes, that drink will be nice." Lucius was numb to the death in front of his eyes but he does not mind a free drink at all. "This is only the beginning with me. Looks like am officially back to his own self and job." Lucius caught the part of the other said he lost everything. The star knew how the feeling felt. " Am sure that other time will come. For me to tell you about my story will be complicated so am not going to waste your time."  In truth, he didn't know how to tell the other he didn't know much from his time and how long he was captured and everything in between. Not like the other male would believe he is a star from the night sky. 

Lucius never meets another person who was sarcastic and with the same humor as him. Looks like Lucius met his match Ash. The star for once was interested in someone it was more like him wanting to know the male's story and how they can gain a relationship with each other.  "I mean it was there and I had to say it. Who knows there might be a crime scene with actual ash of someone. Just don't choke up when that does happen." Lucius said with a little bit of care in his voice. 

The star chuckled as Lucius looked at the male. " I mean I can ask the same about my looks and my charm. Confidence comes in all shapes and sizes Ash.  Depends on what your confidence means." The star stopped what he was thinking about when the other asked about his name. "Ok one names is Lucius and second Mancandy? Is that one of your flirty pick-up lines?" he asked knowing it was a nickname. Really he didn't know what to think about someone gives him a 'nickname'.  Lucius nodded as he brought his remote out to unlocked the car. The star looked back to the building where his dear friend got killed as he got in knowing the best thing for him was to get away.

Ash became fascinated with this guy, and rather quickly at that. His appearance was rewarding too, but Ash didn't aim for someone who had just a pretty face. Anyone who knew Ash Dunford, knew he was attracted to someone with a sharp tongue. After restraining himself from firing back with yet another smart asked comment, the human stepped a little closer to the male, who seemingly wasn't a human at all. Ash had met another Celestial before, and he knew for sure this guy had similar traits. The slight glow around him every time he got flustered gave it away. 

"You're right. Your questions deserve a few answers, and I will gladly give them to you.. but can't they wait?" he asked, eyeing the male next to him "I mean, we have all night" he added, before averting his gaze back to the body before them. Ash knew Lucius wasn't going anywhere, not until he watched the body get loaded up and hauled away. "There's nothing more you can do besides wait. They're not gonna want to ask you anything until after they have examined the body; so relax and join me for a drink" he said in a nonchalant manner. 

Ash arched a brow when Lucuis said that good people didn't exist anymore, and those who did, left the world too quickly "They still exist.. they're just rare and hard to find. But, if you look in the right places, trust me, they are there" he said in response. Ash was a wicked man who didn't do emotions, and he typically wasn't a people person. The entire ECPD knew Ash and knew better than to approach him for conversation. If it wasn't work related, they all steered clear of the human. But, he had for some reason made an exception when Lucius arrived to the scene tonight, and now he had to take this a little further to figure out why. 

Ash couldn't help but stare at the male absently when he began raising is tone a little, to explain how there wasn't a perfect balance between humans and supernaturals. "Okay okay, I got it, chill dude.. Ive just seen a lot of humans go down .. in this exact way. Same wounds, same everything.. it's not hard to pick out the deaths caused by supernaturals. Really" he expressed, using a tone of arrogance himself as he stood face to face with Lucius, never once breaking eye contact except for the moment he let his eyes roam the males body from head to toe and back again, with a sly smirk on his face. 

Ash smirked, and could only chuckle when Lucius boldly called him out on his own shit, finding it harder and harder to not want him. "Oh no you're not sly at all, just very blunt, but i kinda like that, just like I kind of like the way you called me out for flirting with you.. because yeah, I definitely was. You're hot, and you seem to know that" he expressed, shaking his head amused. Lucius had a natural confidence about him with how he carried himself, and that turned Ash on more than anything. 

Ash realized that the other enjoyed his touch, but when Lucius closed his eyes, Ash wasn't sure what'd happened just then. "Something wrong? you seem to have drifted off in thought there for a second" he pointed out, and assumed exactly what Lucius had on his mind. "Don't worry. No strings attached.. I mean I wouldn't mind, but i'm not pressuring you.. for tonight, we can just have a little fun, yeah?" he asked, biting his lower lip. Ash's urges were now running wild. He was sure that this all chalked up to lust .. at least for now anyways, since he didn't know Lucius well enough to want him for more than what he had in mind. 

"Good deal. I knew you'd agree anyways" he said sarcasitcally when Lucius said the drink would be nice. Ash could sense a pretty strong connection with him, but Ash was a jerk who loved sex .. so he wasn't sure if it was that, or if he actually saw something in Lucius that he wanted to hold onto. "Who say's youll be wasting my time if you tell me your story? It is my time isn't it? Its only wasted if I waste it myself, and I definitely ain't wasiting my time by getting to know you.. in my opinion, thats my time well spent" he said in response, flashing Luc a wink. When Lucius told Ash not to get choked up, the human raised a brow at him, "Be careful, starting to sound like you care a little" he teased jokingly, before climbing into Lucius's car as he unlocked it. 

When they both climbed in, the tension between them made Ash inhale sharply, and flex his hands into fists, though he did well enough to ignore it for the moment "I suppose you're right.. but you have a natural confidence, I like a man who knows how to carry himself.. and the way you carry yourself kind of excites me" he admitted, locking eyes with him, and waiting with anticipation to spend the rest of this night having shots with Luc and unwinding after a hard days work. The way Lucius looked back to the crime scene made Ash feel a little bad for him. Ash had been anything but comforting when they first approached each other, but now that he was about to have drinks with a man he was literally sitting there craving some attention from, he didn't figure it would be the worse thing, to try and take his mind off the departed. 

"I'm sorry for your loss, man" he started, and slid his hand over, resting his palm on his upper thigh, squeezing just barely. "Ive lost a lot of people, it's a shitty thing to go through.. maybe these drinks will take your mind off of it, and ill do my best to keep you distracted" he added, but found himself heaving a little, and had to slide his hand down Luc's leg, and away from his upper thigh, as it seemed to work the human up more than he cared to admit. As they drove, the ride was pretty silent, but when they finally came upon the bar, Ash grinned, and got out when the engine shut off, to open Lucius's door for him, waiting, so they could enter together. "One of my favorite spots here" he stated, and scanned the surroundings with a slight sense of paranoia nagging at him. 

The star watched the other male stare at him as he too is trying to figure out the other. Lucius didn't know if the other is supernatural or not but something deep down he felt like the other is human.  He is not one to look at someone to be like oh there is a pretty face he does not care about appearances or what the other male had in mind of thinking. 

Lucius looked at the other next to him as his brown eyes caught sight of the others. he didn't know what is doing on or anything but the star sighed. "Is there something better than telling me what I want to know at the moment?" he asked. Lucius didn't understand flirting at all so everything action the human did was not understand Lucius's understanding. When Ash talked real with him the star nodded and sighed. "Yeah, I guess.  I really need one." Lucius said to bring up his phone to see the time. Knowing it wouldn't hurt to have a drink or two. 

The male he rolled his eyes like he was not buying that at all. " If they are so rare then that means they don't exist to me that is. Unless you are saying you're that then I will stand corrected. Lucus has met a lot of shady people though out the years. The only person he has met who is nice is a woman by the name of Serenity. There was no hope for someone to change him and that is what Lucius believed.  Lucius knew no matter what happened to him he seems to help others than himself. Lucius didn't know why people want to talk to him but here the other male is doing. The only reason the star is talking to the other is to know what happened to him. Little does he know this very male might behave to have meaning later. 

The star didn't mean to go on his high horse to talk about what his dear friend wanted to or was trying to do. Lucius said as he put his hands in his jacket pockets. "I am chill am just saying that point. " Lucius never broke eye contact from the other as it seems to be the same with the other male. Seeing the other smirks made the star confused as to what is going on inside Ash's head. "What got you smirking?" he asked not sure if he wanted to answer or not. 

Lucius laughed as he knew he is right on point. "Considering me being daring to call you out noting I might not know what you are," Lucius said being blunt about the other's species but made sure it was only him and Ash. "You sure know how to pick your people to be attractive. I am not sure I am someone you want to mess with along with want to deal with.  Being hot is something I've been knowing so tell me something I don't know." Lucius said with a wink. 

"Everything is fine," he said clearing his throat. Lucius sighed knowing it would be his luck something would happen to Ash. "Wat fun do you mean?" Lucius asked not sure what the modern words are used these days. Looking at the other with his brown hues once again as he sighed. "A Pretty face like yours. It would not come into my mind you have anyone to call yours. That is something I can never relate to anyone. I never fell in love or been in that type of relationship." Lucius said that straightforward like it's something to layout easily.  He didn't care if anyone questions him like why not Lucius will not have a problem to say he didn't think they were worth the time. 

The other smirked her the other knew what the star would say. "Oh really then we might be needing more drinks to get thought the whole story then. I don't promise it will bore you am not that exciting." Lucius said knowing he will have the retell this story leaving out he is supernatural and then that will be another topic he does not want to get through tonight.  "if I do this then you have to do the same also a deal?" Lucius asked being serious he hated talking about himself without someone us being ego about themselves. It was no much for the star. 

"Caring is a dangerous word if that happens then the world is ending," Lucius said getting into the car and put his seat belt on. "What your seeing is the side I bring to the courtroom. When you fighting for the right cause toy have to stand tall and not give a care what will lead you into. I know am always right and is never proven wrong like ever. I am a force to be weakened with. You sound like your confidence in what you like and I like that." Lucius sighed as they pulled down not sure how he will continue these days but he knew he is very close to being a lawyer again so he is forced to move on.  Another goodbye Lucius could not help to protect. Another failer on his part to be a better person. 

As the other spoke up and feeling the other's hand on his upper thigh a new feeling when up how spine as he didn't know what is this feeling. He looked over at Ash as he let the other feel his leg, Lucius didn't know why the other is doing what he is doing but he kinda likes it.  He stayed quiet thinking within this mind thinking about what is really going on with them and what the other is doing may be the flirt really did work on his and Lucius didn't want to admit it. The star could not let himself or let the other get involved hearing the other talk about his loss didn't make Lucius feel any better.  Lucius got out of his mind went the other male opened the door for him as he stepped out and followed the male. "I can get the feeling way," Lucius said back as he looked around not looking at other people who were inside. 

Ash enjoyed being able to read people, which had been something he used to be pretty good at. Even still, but he couldn't read the male beside of him. And the unknown, was one of Ash's biggest fears. The human arched a brow in his direction when he sighed, trying to pick up on what it was he was even sighing about, to no avail.  Ash smirked at just how innocent Lucius seemed, while he also had a flare to him that Ash had witnessed the moment Luc approached him. "Well, I don't know. I could think of a few things better than what I wanna tell you" he chuckled, before flashing Lucius a playful wink. Lucius didn't come off as a male who had been through series of dating partners, in fact, Ash couldn't help but wonder if Lucius had ever even dated anyone. 

Ash nodded in agreement when he finally admitted he could use a drink. "I figured. I wasn't trying to make light of you losing someone you cared for back there either, I just know its harder if you let it cripple you like most people do.. like I did in my past" he expressed, dropping his head and grimacing at the ground. Ash seemingly dropped a line or two about his past every time he spoke to someone, which likely meant he was still crippled by his own series of traumatic events, therefor, he wasn't in any position to judge. The human smirked, "Well consider yourself corrected then. I am a good person, when I allow someone in. I'm probably the most loyal guy out there when it comes to romantic partners, and though ive had more than I can count, I know how to love someone" he admitted, giving Lucius a longing look for a moment. 

Ash nodded, giving him a faint smile when he said he was chill. Ash quirked a brow, enjoying how blunt Lucius's questions seemed to roll of his tongue. "What's got me smirking? Well, a number of things actually. But mostly, you in general. I like what I see, and so far I  like what I know about you"  he admitted, being just as blunt as the other, except on a more deeper, personal level. Ash sat back with his hands placed behind his head, finding comfort as he leaned against the chair, giving the other a side glance "Look at that ego, I think it's swelling by the seconds" Ash joked, grinning from ear to ear. But he loved a man who could keep up with him. A man who'd put him in check when he needed to be, and someone who wasn't afraid to give Ash a dose of his own medicine. Lucius seemed to be mr perfect from Ash's point of view. Maybe tonight would be the best night to happen to Ash Dunford. 

"As for you calling me out on what I am, that only confirms you're not human at all huh?" he asked, but already knew the answer. "So what are you then?"" Ash then questioned him curiously. Ash wasn't sure it was okay of him to ask something that blunt, nor did he know if he'd even get an answer, but it was worth a try. Besides, it seemed that the more they spoke, the more personal they got with one another.. exchanging one question after another, which had led Ash down this path of curiosity. 

Ash chuckled when Lucius asked him what kind of fun it was that he had in mind "Are you sure you're ready for that answer? It might blow your mind just hearing what I have in mind" he added, a sly smirk adorning the human's features. Ash didn't see Lucius as a man who would allow someone to treat him like a one night stand, but in all honesty, Ash had already seen him for something more than that. But, it had been a while, and Ash wouldn't have minded getting tangled up in the sheets with Lucius. Ash's face turned a bright red as those thoughts flustered him a little, and on top of that Lucius made him blush a little when he said 'with a pretty face like yours'., Damn it. Ash wasn't the type to blush. But, here he sat. He guessed there was a first for everything. 

It was as he then admitted something Ash already knew deep down, but still, Ash's eyes widened and his mouth dropped a little. "So, you've really never been in love before?' he questioned, frowning some. Ash hadn't either, but he had experienced what it was like for someone to love him instead. "What about relationships? you haven't been in any at all, or what?" he asked then, and shook his head, a little taken back by this revelation. "Well, you should try it. If it's with the right person, your whole world will change. I imagine it to be a happiness you can't find with anything else in life" he expressed before continuing "I haven't really been in love either, mostly because i just haven't found the right one... but things might be loking up after all" 

Ash nodded happily. "Ill buy us all the booze we can handle. And deal, a you show me yours, I show you mine type of deal" he smikred, being the king of innuendo's at all the right times it seemed, when he necessarily meant, that he would tell Lucius his story, after he shared his own. It was only fair. Ash looked out the window, sighing a little "Caring can become dangerous if you let it spiral out of control. I think caring about someone so much that you forget to care about yourself is when its dangerous. "Well what i'm seeing is something I really like Lucius. You're winning me over and you're probably not even trying to, thats a little scary" he chuckled, but the statement was serious. Ash was afraid to fall in love out of fear he might get his heart broken, or passed along the first time his partner found someone more sane, and stable than Ash is. 

"Im glad you like that, but im even more glad you noticed that i'm confident with what I want" he added, using his hand to make a small gesture towards Lucius himself, as if he was referring to Lucius being what he wanted. The drive over had been a much longer one than it actually took, because of Ash's boldness and how Lucius reacted to his hand moving up his leg, gripping gently at his thigh. He could see how much ot worked Lucius up though, and tthat was all he needed to know the other male was indeed into him just as much as Ash was into Lucius. Lucius however, was a harder person to get to, and Ash knew he wasn't going to admit how he felt anytime soon, so for now, Ash would enjoy this little game between them. Seeing who breaks who first.. not literally, but in a sense that would have each other tangled up in a bed, without a care in the world. He knew walking a line meant to fight temptation, but he didn't have that issue at all. Ash was already ready to give into that, it was Lucius he would wait for.. and no matter how long it took, he'd still be here waiting. 

Ash and Lucius had finally gotten inside the bar, where crowds of different cliques littered the seats and dance floor both, including the couple of people sitting near him and Ash. The people had began to whisper, point, stare, and laugh like teenagers. And while Ash knew they were drunk, he still wasn't having it. "Excuse you?! Don't you idiots have anything better to do? Have you not ever seen to males together? I mean we can put on a show for you, take a picture, and youll have something to look at for a life time!" he scolded them, sighing as he turned back to Lucius. "We will end up getting kicked out because of my temper. But I despise people who judge gay people. I've been gay for as long as I can remmber, and every time someone stares, points, whispers and laughs at me like that.. I just kind of lose it" the human admitted, and grabbed his drink as the bartender began sliding him and Lucius shots of whatever they were having back to back

Due to his status of being only a human, Ash knew he couldn't keep chugging the way he was, or he'd soon be passed out, and Lucius would have to carry him home, or leave him stranded. Plus, he wouldn't dare pass out on Lucius after confessing that he wanted him. That definitely wasn't a good first impression. Ash got a bit squirmy when the beat of a catchy song came on, unable tor restrain himself, "Show me how daring you are now" he smirked, and eyed the dance floor before looking back to Lucius, and standing to his feet. Ash danced in place, which was right up against Lucas as he tried to beckon him out to the dance floor, wanting to throw all his worries away for the night and just have fun with the other male. 

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