The first rays of dusk begun to cast their fingers of light around the evening, basking the world in orange and reds as the sun began to slowly sliver down past the horizon. Layers of sounds echoed in the cold evening air, the sounds of bass-music, pumping into the earth. The sounds of heavy, dragging footsteps as people filed from bar to bar. 
While all the humans were becoming too intoxicated to stay out, the supernatural members were getting ready for their evenings to truly begin. Charlie, a member of Evermore's Valkyr faction, was no different, he craved the time the humans went home, He marveled in the silence of the bars after they left, just before the more lively members of the supernatural world came out to show off.

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A frown pulled down his sculpted brows and the Valkyr had to take a glance around the room. The humans had mostly filed off and it was a few of the Supernatural left around the bar. The London-Born Valkyr slowly made his way towards the bar once again, sitting into one of the bar stools and resting his elbows onto the wooden top. 

"Whiskey." He stated simply, drumming his fingers onto the wood. "The bottle's fine." He added when the bartender tried to place some in a glass. After a pause, the tender set the bottle and a crystal glass in front of him before nodding his head.  Charlie often frequented this bar, like so many others did, to get so drunk he would forget what year it was, but tonight was slightly different, for the more Charlie seemed to drink, the more sober he became. 

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With a heavy sigh, the Valkyr wandered towards the exit, standing just outside the door and leaning his back again the wall, placing a cigarette between his lips and sparking it up with a long intake of breath, drawing the smoke from the cigarette. As he released the smoke, he let his eyes wander, eyeing up the passers by in the late hours of the evening...

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you know those things will kill you  know ' Rhydian  ticked off  the last of the supplies   he had to get as he looked down to the personal  items certain tribe members asked  for  * Rhydian stopped at the guy that was smoking * I'm looking at Pedros  you heard of it " he  remembered to keep his sleeves down  yo hide his markings even know  so they didn't become a convo   starter   as he walked into the bar  as he called out * if you can help I can buy you a few drinks  as repayment for your time 

Rhydian walked to the darkest corner of the bar as he waved his hand at the bartender for a drink as he turned and sat on the leather seat as he pulled out his cell and list as he began to flick through the tiny on-screen map as he looked up seeing the tender. place a bottle of scotch and a glass on the table " Do you know where any of these places  are "   the bartender shrugged  and walked away

Rhydian looked at the list    45 player and LPs for himself a crate of limited edition mint Guinness and a punch suit for the training room. He sighed as he sat back, pouring a glass of scotch into the glass as he watched a few unfamiliar Supernaturals go out there business hopefully. unaware of who he was  as he raised his glass to his lips taking a small gulp as he  looked back at the list 

In the light of the street lamp, the smoke from Charlie's cigarette turned amber, dancing towards the skies, twisting this way and that. Picked up by the smoke that blew from Charlies lungs, the Diviner twisted the cigarette between his fingers, morphing the smokes dance. A voice broke through the trance-like state the diviner was in and he raised his eyeline to spot a male before him. He didn't reply to the mans first question, but the offer intrigued him. 

After a beat, Charlie followed the male into the bar and cocked his head to the side slightly. Glancing at the map the male was showing the bartender, Charlie nodded. "I know most of those places." He said simply, his English accent snaking around his words like a vice. Settling himself into the seat beside the man, He plastered on a small smirk. "It all depends on what you're wanting to get from the stores." 

With that, Charlie raised his hand and made a motion to the bartender, before long the tender came with a bottle of Whiskey, Charlie gestured to the male beside him and smiled "Add this to his tab." Before opening the bottle and taking a quick drink. 

"Im Charlie by the way, You are?" 

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