Every now and then, Javier always thought back to when he had a small crush on a woman he dearly cared about.  Many years ago, the two once hung out with each other but since Javier was travelling around a lot, he never stayed connected with the lovely woman he met by a special chance. Javier was never the one who went out of his way to protect people but this woman was in deep trouble, he always had a feeling that she was in some kind of trouble until the day he saw the house burn in front of his eyes. The flames impacted into his memory and he could remember his heart breaking as soon as he saw the incident, accident or even on purpose that the house was caught on fire. 

He truly wanted to save her that day and thinking he had lost someone he dearly cared about. He was running an errand which he had to pass by through the Ailward territory, something he didn't feel very comfortable about. The stars were twinkling high in the sky as he walked through the Ailward territory, keeping his senses on high alert in case of anything suspicious or somehow threatened but he knew that Ailward's were more protectors than anything. Heading down a main street throughout the territory, heading towards his own territory but as he walked passed a shop that was filled with magic, he saw someone, someone whom he thought wasn't alive.

He froze his movements as he turned to see a woman he recognized; Bexley Dumont. Her features were still as pretty as ever, his mind was ticking thinking he was seeing a ghost of some kind, his eyes widened with shock as he realized that she was in fact real. Real enough that she was cleaning a window in her shop, it appeared to be some kind of magic shop. Hesitantly, he headed over to the door and opened it slowly, the small bell indicated that a customer was here. 

''Bexley...? You-You are alive?'' His voice came out soft and breathless, as if he had been running here but he was just in fact, surprised, surprised to see her that she was alive and well after all these years. 

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The day the brothel caught in flames was the day that Bexley left the life she had in that town for a different less dark path. She never looked back and rarely thought back upon people as she didn’t see the point most of them would be rather dead to that day anyways. Still there where a few gems she wondered about but never looked for as she had her hands filled with guard duty. After the Fall of Skye it only reminded her why she didn’t form attachments. Everyone she cared about their got hurt or ended up dead. That day Bexley turned in on herself shutting herself off from emotions avoiding guard duty and being around those who survived the fall.

As night fell over Evermore the Dark Diviner closed her shop, turning the sign but not locking the door just yet as she had a few more things to do and a customer still in the shop she chose to focus on removing the window displays to change them out for the  new months set of crystals and other items she hoped would draw people in. She climbed in the display window and began to wipe them down from the dust that forever seem to collect. If it wasn’t for the fact that she didn’t want to get caught using magic she would have cleaned it up. Humming to herself she heard the ding of the door. “I’m sorry but we are closed” She said as she turned around pausing for a moment.

She couldn’t recall the last time she had seen his face, it had to be before the fire of course but the moment escaped her. She jumped down from the window display she was standing in now shorter than him as she took him in. “Well if you are asking, if I am standing in front of you breathing then the term alive seems to be the one best suited for that.” She offered a faint chuckle as she moved closer for a moment when the customer who had still been in the shop cleared their throat and she made her way over to them and checked them out before walking to the door and waiting for them to leave to lock it.

“Well Javier, are you not a sight for my dark diviner eyes.” she said softly as she turned around and looked him over. “You are looking really well. Glad to see your gun sling days didn’t get the better of you.” She said as she walked closer and crossed her arms. “What brings you to my shop?” She asked as she tilted her head to the side her eyes moving along him for a moment. “Hope you are not here to rob me. Would be a shame to kick your ass.” She gave a slight playful smirk.

Javier couldn’t believe the brothel caught fire all these years ago and thought that his friend was truly dead but here she is, living and breathing...She’s alive. He was astonished how healthy she looked, the two had known each other for sometime now. Once Javier pushed the door opened, the bell rang throughout the store and as soon as she spoke, a small shiver went down his spine. He was never one to have attachments himself but he had grown so close to Bexley all those years ago and when he thought that she was dead...He was quite depressed for almost that year. He wanted so badly to go save her that night but he knew he was far too late to save her. 

He didn’t know how to respond in her presence, was he seeing things? Surely he was. Bexley was someone he deeply cared for back in the day - something in him sparked all those years and he thought he was truly falling for someone but those days are long gone now, and he knew for a fact that she had some explaining to do. Clearing his throat and snapping himself out of it. His blue eyes looked over to Bexley, a small smile then appeared on his lips, watching as she let another customer out of the door but he remained inside. ‘’How the hell did you-- I thought you were in the fire when the brothel got caught.’’ He said in a hoarse voice. His eyebrows rose for a moment as she spoke and a small chuckle also left his lips, thinking back to the cowboy days and gunslinger days was something he would remember forever. 

‘’Well, I was heading back home to the Valkyr territory until I saw you cleaning your window.’’ He murmured as his eyes remained on her, he still thought she was as gorgeous as ever. ‘’And here I am, thinking you were dead about 10 minutes ago and well, here you are!’’ He exclaimed with a small laugh at the end. ‘’I wasn’t going to rob you,’’ a small smirk thought back to the days where he actually robbed trains and gun stores. ‘’You appear to be well yourself… I guess you have some explaining to do and so do I?’’ A small grin appeared now and he checked his watch. ‘’It’s getting late however, but that doesn’t bother me. Shall we go for a walk?’’ He asked, the moon was bright and the stars were already out, night had fallen quickly. ‘’Or do you need help packing up?’’ Suggestions were there and he was eager to find out what had happened all those years ago. 

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