Most of his life he wanted to be one thing and that very thing everyone keeps him away from it. Nikolas does not want to be the sick card nor did he want to play the weak card. He wants to be a protector like everyone in his family. What the dhampir got in return, take some law classes and work for the family company by going so. Desk work is something he didn't want but has it. By the time he has proven himself was around 19 to his father but it was not enough. A change has to be made and it was not going to be approved by his family, it was a big decision for him. To Nikolas, it's something worth making. Moving to America was a very stressful time along with finishing Law School at the same time. Over time getting used to the city he finally felt he is wanted and equal but that is until he meets another Dhampir. One of his fears is not being accepted so he hopes everything in a mood mindset. 

The Dhampir got some training from his father before departing from New Zealand but with a little time, he is very grateful.   Even with a short time with that training he left like something is missing and it didn't help back then a lot still had doubts and looked down. You might've thought that would making someone stronger. Nikolas never got the motto as it made him lack his confidence. A dream so close but felt so far away. 

Among his busy days at work, Nikolas had an open morning to go to the gym. He was feeling good, trying to build his muscles, shape up his body shape. He does not like to look in the mirror, In his mind echos of him being weak, he is too weak reminds him of the harsh truth. Nikolas knew he is better than to think about those words and force on the positive. The question is where were they? Was there anything good to say about himself? 

As he put on his gray t-shirt getting ready to hit the equipment once again he heard his phone go off. His blue hues looked at the phone with a sigh coming out from the male's lips.  CALLER ID: MUM. The Dhampir didn't like the feeling he got. it was probably the same stuff he already heard and knows. She wants him to come home, the company needs him, he could die on them if he is not looking at his right. Nikolas closed his eyes to rub the libs as she picked up. "Hello, Mum." the regret of picking up came rushing like an ocean wave. Pulling him under hoping he can swim up to breathe. 

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