It was a nice cold day for the Human Guard to walk around with her laptop bag. Nothing much as happened for the past few months for her to report so it's been common for her to just write out what she is feeling and what the days getting closer to the holidays. The human walked to the bookstore she always loves to in seems to be packed, which does not come by as a surprise. It's Christmas time, perfect for blankets, good books, candles, fireplaces, and to be with people you love and also your boyfriends and girlfriends. Something she will be missing out for the second year being in the city. It's not like Zandra is bothered by it but it's something she sometimes thinks about. it was too dangerous for her to be in a relationship knowing one move she will be putting someone who should not be involved. 

As the human found a sit Zandra pulled out her laptop and get it set up as she looked around the store. The smell of books, dust, and cinnamon greeted her smelling as she thought about getting cinnamon hot chocolate after she writes a few drafts. It was harder to type at the Manor as there is always something going on and it's very easy to get distracted. As now she is not the only human guard in the ranks made things easier and a little more comfortable. Zandra can finally be open and less looked upon for being the only one. 

As her screen come up and log in she started to work her magic to write what is n her mind and create some stories that would be fun to read.  Zandra did felt bad she could not give people the most eventful things she started writing at the beginning but what can she do? Typing away on her keyboard she talked about loneliness and the holidays. Knowing her father won't be in town since he wanted to visit family in Lousianna as she had to stay here in case if something happens. With the thought of something dark is happening in the city Zandra didn't felt right to leave knowing anything can happen. 

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Hana had found herself struggling lately with her lungs. Now that Winter time had approached, she'd became much more sick than usual, and with that, she'd been limited to what she could actually do. With Jordan's unsettling goodbye to her, she had done nothing lately except for bury herself in guilt, refusing to even get out of bed unless it was to shower. Her apatite had fallen through the cracks as much as the motivation to get up and move on with her life had. Jordan had been a damn good teacher, but .. he had become more than that, and Hana knew what was in store for her, so she'd declined him many times, and the last time, was sadly the last time. She could still remembr the look in his eyes when he said goodbye. Though his face was graced by that beautiful smile, all he radiated that day was a broken heart, and to know she was the cause of it, made her sick to her stomach. She'd spent her time self loathing and asking what if.

While spending her time indoors glued to her laptop, Hana had found a new blogger to follow. Her stories were great, and often kept Hana up to speed with some of the things happening in the city. Something dark loomed around each and every faction; even Hana could feel it. She knew there was something in store for the whole city, and she prayed that the training her father ha dput her through, plus everything she had learned from Jordan, would prepare her for whatever it was. Frail and sick, she couldn't overpower many people, so if she wre to be attacked, she feared it would be the end for her.. Sighing softly, the human browsed through Zandra's recent blogs. At least she kept people informed. Hana had been leaning towards a couple different things for her career, but fashion was the one thing that tugged her the hardest, and it's what her heart had finallysettled on as she worked in the INN for Thaddeus, saving whatever she could until the time came for her to put her own label out there.

She figured a good approach would be to do a fashion blog, but having little knowledge about blogging, she wondered if Zandra could help her. She'd read her latest blog, and knew she would soon be at the bookstore. Hana decided to get dressed, after a long time of laying in her bed hating herself, and departing the silence for a little while. Whatever had happened with Jordan, where ever he had went,  she hoped he'd find happiness. As the human exited her apartment building, she walked the distance it took to get to the bookstore. Thankfully her and Ha-joon lived in a pretty convenient place and the bookstore wasn't far.

The smell of cinnamon greeted her upon her arrival, and the bells above the door chimed to alert the store owner that a new customer had arrived. Hana's doe eyes lit up when she saw the brunette she'd been following online, and after getting herself a cup of hot chocolate, she joined Zandra by the fireplace. "Zandra isn't it?" she asked just to confirm, and offered a friendly smile before sipping her drink. Hana gazed around, taking in the others around them before looking back to Zandra, who seemed pretty busy at what she ws doing on her own laptop. "I'm Hana. I follow your blogs, that's how I knew you'd be here. You put some pretty interesting stuff out there" she nodded in appreciation before continuing. "I'm interested in starting my own, but I figured I would come to the one and only, in hopes of getting some tips and advice on how to start" she finished off, sighing to herself as she glanced down to the bracelet around her wrist. It'd been given to her as a completion award, the day Hana finished her training with Jordan, along with framed certificates that now hung above her bed.

Typing away on her laptop as the human guard was very forced on the story that she is writing. She wanted to get as many things written as possible before going to her father's for Christmas along with the guards at the manor. This will be her first Christmas being busy. Ever since her leg got injured along with the healing process she could not do much of anything but the little easy things that might not seem much but makes a big difference. She can still remember the pain but this was not the season to worry about the hardships or struggles, it's for family, friends and to share and help one another. She didn't think she could be helping someone on a big project. 

Taking a sip of her hot chocolate she heard someone call her name as she turned around and nodded. her hazel hues looked at Hana. The female that checked her in at the Inn in the Valkyr area, she remembered her like it was yesterday. She thought of her as a sweet and friendly girl who wonders what she needed. "Yes it is I. Hana is it?" she asked to make sure it is Hana she is looking at. 

As the human looked at her more confirming who she is Zandra wondered if there was something wrong. "Oh thank you, I try every post." She didn't expect the female to like her work but the more she thought about it who has not seen her blog. For better or for worst she never claimed to be a real reporter other then her doing this as a hobby or maybe someone comes across it will reach other to her and bring her stories to more new outlets. 

As the guard listened as a shock came to her. "You want to start your own?" she asked Zandra gesture her to sit down next to her. Let me get done with what am typing out and you can tell me about what it is you want to do." No one has never come up to her asking for help for their own blog. Of course, Zandra knew tips and tricks and is willing to help but to know the bigger picture she needed to know everything the female wants to do.

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